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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday March 24, 1974 15ccollege chairman taking freshman course by Dave Owens Guilford College news Bureau when 340 Guilford College freshmen got started last september on their required a being human in the twentieth Century Quot course they found that some of their classmates were adults. One of them was introduced to his Section of about 18 students As Quot a retired insurance so Okay. No big Deal lots of adults take courses at Guilford and the semester rocked along. Toward the end of the term a freshman boy looked at the a retired insurance Man Quot and cocked his head. Quot your name is Rufus White right a the Man nodded yes. A Are you the Rufus White whose name i saw in the paper today announcing something about Guilford College Quot Quot that s right Quot a then you re the chairman of the Board of trustees of the College and taking a freshman course for gosh Sake a learning of White s High office Quot did t seem to make any difference to the freshmen Quot we went right on like before first name basis agreeing and disagreeing As strongly As Ever and saying Why Quot White related obviously pleased White had been intrigued by the course a originally called Quot Man in the twentieth Century Quot a Ever since he heard it described at a joint meeting of the College faculty and trustees. A i said to myself. Gee that sounds great i d like to take that course Quot he recalled adding that after he retired As chairman of the Board and chief executive of Pilot life insurance co. On july i 1973, he decided the time had come to do it. A i never Felt nor was made to feel any age Gap a White commented. Quot for the first meeting of our Section we gathered at the Home of our instructor Mel Keiser who directs the entire Quot being a one example was Shulamith Firestone a Quot the dialectic of her ideas about women were so far. Out not just to me either All of us agreed on that. But we also agreed that the woman s lib movement is bringing about justifiable changes As to the rights of women Quot he said. Chairman White did not find that his Wisdom As a mature person had to be brought into conversation to Quot set the teen agers Quot they re pretty Well up on things a he said. A in political theory for instance. We agreed that if there is something wrong with the government we need to have a solution before we throw it out and Are left with a at times there was disagreement. And when there was debate raged beautifully. Quot we All were deeply involved a students and teacher a discovering our own thinking on important ideas of the time finding out what it does mean to be human in the twentieth speaking As a student and As chairman of the Guilford College Board of trustees White said the a a being human Quot course is a very of supreme importance he pointed out is that the texts chosen for study and the Way classes Are handled by the instructor Quot must be right because the course can touch upon anything that touches a human he credits Mel Keiser with doing Quot a Fine Whites school Days Are far from Over. He intends to enrol in the second semester of the a being human course next year and that not All. Quot i want to get Back into More classes a he said a i want to get acquainted with the students. I want to get a better feel of the Campus. And i want to know course Content even if in a not associated with the just like a business executive who Quot takes his work Home with him a White took his school work Home with him. I would read Many of my assignments aloud to my wife and we d get into Long discussions about the subject matter a he said. A she feels she a had the course but mrs. White missed one of her husband s favorite parts a it was interesting to get to know the students. And when i see them on Campus now they throw up their hand and say Quot i Rufus Quot it was Plain that this pleases Rufus White student As Well As Rufus White trustee get rid of unsightly bulges lose inches from spic Iai formula human course by the Way. It was a warm september evening and we sat around on the Hack Lawn just talking and getting acquainted. Opening up a each of us was asked to come up with the one word that Best described ourselves. Mine was a curious the boy next to me said he was a this brought a chuckle from White. Quot he was anything but a quiet when discussions started. Good at it too a the Board chairman turned freshman admits that he. Too was talkative in class Quot i had told Mel that i had a lot to say. But that i did t want to talk too much. He told me not to hold Back and i did White s first Effort at writing a paper earned him a a plus. For which his children Rufus White in class now grown and married gave him a a rough time Quot teasingly they Quot admitted that was a pretty Good Grade Quot but they chided him with Quot you can do better than that. We expect you to bring Home a a from now on. And be sure to have the College Send us your grades As the Quot turnabout Quot turned out that was Whites last Grade the course represents 25 per cent of a freshman s work Load and White did t have the time to do it Justice Between Guilford College trustee and committee meetings trips to Long Beach and a 10-week course in navigation and boating safety White attended class about 85 per cent of the time while he did t write any More papers or take any exams he did read All the books and articles assigned. A i Felt there was no great difference in my thinking and the thinking of the Young people Quot he noted a now. One of the purposes of the course is to bring out extreme sides of a question to discuss it and see what Middle ground we d arrive at in our thinking. A sure some of the extremes shocked me. But they shocked others too. Mel would bring in the most extreme Points of View just for us to react to and say what we thought and Why. Cipp Corine. 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