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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 23, 1940, High Point, North Carolina He Enterprise Page of entertainment for the famil Cross word Puzzle a serial Story pugilistic Champion $15 week by Louise Holmes copyright. 140, Nea service. Inc horizontal i former pugilist pictured Here. 10 Cotton fabric. 11 artist Frame. 13 flock. 14 to exhaust. 15 musical note. 16 self. 17 drinking vessel. 18 vestment. 19 a alas 20 2000 pounds. 21 Booty. 22 congruous. 23 squared. 28 Long ago. 30 to restrain. 31 irascible. 32 crooked. 33 to Grieve Over. 34 recognized. 35 each. 36 difficult. 37 successful play. 38 Southeast. Answer to previous Puzzle 39 ethereal fluids. 41 animal food 42 ratites Bird. 43 High reputation. 44 i Naseous Trees. 45 conflict. 46 mental faculties. 47 not wild. 48 theater pathway. 49 he is now pm in vertical 2 poem of lamentation. 3 roman emperor. 4 finish. 5 Forward. 6 Low tide. 7 to scold constantly. 8 electric unit �?�9 screamed. 12 Mage. 13 he was Champion of the world. 14 merriment. 17 folding bed. 18 arabian. 20 Cravat 21 knitting stitch. 22 to Cook in fat. 23 cud. 24 god of War. 25 to dress Glove skins. 26 and. 27 he a a Jack Dempsey to win the title. 29 uttered revelation. 30 vehicles. 33 cautious. 34 Caress. 36 swarm. 37 Seraglio. 38 spirit. 40 venerable. 41 Clown. 42 Lichen. 44 Distant. 45 morsel. 47 Palm Lily. 48 form of the family doctor omens associated with the hands have no relationship to science Astop characters and Browne orphan daughter of a Gambler alone in an unfriendly City. Pai i. Hayden Stock room boy with ambition. Steve Ola v to i it n a a wealthy Playboy. Rara Brooks dime More counter girl. Temple a society Debutante. Yesterday Anne watch and Silver Are found. For a moment or. Temple suspects her of stealing. Then Ann shows him Hie inscription her watch contains a to Peter Temple or. Temple questions Ann Alum be father learns that vim is ii is own brother a child. Chapter xxviii or. Temple followed Ann to i the door and put an affectionate i Arm about her. A a this Means a lot to he said. Quot you see i loved he laughed Blank-1 in. A did someone say its a Small world it took two thieves and a suitcase full of jewels to bring j fete s Little girl there was a Mist of tears in Ann s eyes As she Saki. Quot in a so Happy to he a she j smiled a just the same. I m pulling this household out of the i kinks. It my Job and i love j i a do As you like my dear. I you re one of us Call yourself j Ann Temple will you a a i will a she opened the door j turning Back. A emr. Temple a a better make it Uncle a a Uncle John do you care if i i fire the Plunket outfit a a care a he roared. �?o111 help you kick pm i a a All on me if you get j Blake offered. Lit Iii in a Ann got rid of the servants1 without too much difficulty a few significant hints that the police would Iii j to know of their deeds turned the trick Ann prepared and served the dinner that night. Irene tried to help Sunsui tearfully. The next Day Ann interviewed applicant and filled the positions Eliot Nal intr one of the maids in a seeks time the machinery of the household was moving without a hitch. Irene returned the roil of Silver to Annas room. These spoons Are Lovely a she said. Quot Aren t you glad they re not engraved. Your initial is different she was delighted Over by do. Morkin Fishbein editor journal of lie duet lean medical \ aviation and of Hygeia he health Magazine there Are innumerable my parti it ions and beliefs concerning the hands. Lit the first place there Are the superstitions shout the left hand i a left handed person must work three Days for the Devil 12 of your left hand itches you will pay out Money he disappointed. Or expect company. 3 of you shake hands with your left hand. It will bring you bad Luck. A of with the Luck and Luck. The the omens associated right hand mean Good with the left hand bad be beliefs have not the in new hazards including the exposure of the vital Organ of the body thereto men protected the left Side the Side on which the heat t lies and turned the right Side toward t heir foes death removed those who could not make the adjustment so that the right hand became dominant one identical twin is Likely to lie right handed and the other left handed. Among the Dionne quintuplets three i Yvonne Annette and recite who were born separately Are right handed. The others t Emilio and Marie were born like twins so that Minilie is left handed and Marie is right handed. 44 slightest basis in fact hut Are wholly dependent on the failure of primitive people to appreciate the fact that a certain number of people incline to left handed nes. According to experts men were probably ambidextrous in the first Pla it e Able to use both hands with equal facility. It has been argued that the ancient hebrews and All the semitic people were left handed because they wrote from right to left. Then As civilization advanced. Men had to expose themselves to of the right is supposed to Ting Money ism of ail Down from the reason Palm itches to close the Palm itches one lie Lucky at get indeed the symbolic Bing Palm comes the earliest limes is that when the there is a tendency hand which is a the turn of event j Ann was equally pleased. A a in t it wonderful Irene a a i think Steve was not at ail impressed by the news. He merely said a was no to i the first to notice a family resemblance a Quot Well. Not quite the Ann told him maybe you la go out with me now a he suggested. A was hired help you were a hit too uppity. How about the Athens club Spring formal it coming off next week. I was planning to drag you there by the hair of your a is that so a a you bet that s Ann was not at ail sure that she wanted to attend the Athens club party. Since coming to the Temple House the bruised feeling in her heart had lessened just enough to make it endurable. She a trying gallantly to put Paul Hayden from her mind and the party might bring All the old memories to life. Not that they showed any inclination to die. They lingered on. Tormenting and embittered. Why Hadnot Paul loved her How could he have left her so casually so she said to Steve a will take your invitation under a did i say before that you Are the strangest girl that Ever passed my Way a he asked Zirri trebly. They were sitting on the Temple Dock. The fresh Spring Breeze loosened the Tendril of Annas hair. They were pure Gold. A Why Ani i strange a she asked gazing dreamily across the Lake. In a accustomed to having my invitations a fall right a she said impulsively. �?�1 wont lie the one to break an otherwise perfect record. Ill go to the dance with a thanks i suppose i should i feel i tone was edged with sarcasm. A not too Quot that a what i thought you re crazy about that Hayden Guy Aren t you a her. Hand covered the Silver Bracelet Quot a lady admits Noth she said lightly. The Little Bell hit into her flesh of Paul i a Paul 4 4 4 the Days slipped by on pleas i ant easy tread. Ann managed the Temple House efficiently and web. Although never taking adj Vantage of the relationship she was made to fee one of the i family. When or. Temple introduced her to i friends he said. Quot you remember that Scott a Drel. Pete this is hts daughter j Well have to give him credit for her if nothing Irene made much of her Ann j found herself being gradually absorbed by Irene crowd. She i wore Lovely clothes she lunched j and played contract and danced and swam she Learned to know the smart cocktail lounges and restaurants and night spots. She accepted Steve attention with reluctance she allowed him to be Conte part of her life. Once Irene said to her sort of taken the wind o sails. Ann Quot Ann a brushing bet hair. She turned Brush a what do you mean. Dei Quot i mean Steve i thought i could fail Bael when i got ready but not to sure a do von want Bim Irene a Well. For a Long time considered him my inevitable ture a she frowned a Little. A i must marry someone of you re in love with Steve. I la Start looking around a to not in love with him Irene a Ann thoughtfully pushed the Waves of her Hail into place a maybe not but he wild about you. You d be a f to marry him grind of Money social a Ann said. A i wont Way. Irene. Pm not be a what else is there to do a a ooh lots of thing a Irene leaned to press her not without other possibilities. Maybe we can have a double wedding. It would he Ann Felt that the conversation had been planned. And she suspected that Irene was More than mildly interested in Steve. However the matter seemed to have j been taken out of her hands. I Steve Xmas not to be juggled this Way and that he had a mind of his own and that mind had been definitely made up. As the weeks passed. Ann had to admit that she was restless and unhappy. The Athens club party had Heen just another evening nothing More. When she remembered the same evening with Paul she wondered what had become of the stardust and Glamour. She bad everything for which she had longed a family social position More clothes than she could Wear a reuse of absolute Security. Recalling her old dreams she laughed at them. Linen sheets silk bed coverings Sterling Silver and Wedgewood China perhaps it there was Geneva Weston a mysterious eyed languorous girl with Pale Blond hair. She affected bizarre cig Aret holders and moved with Lazy Grace. She had renounced family life and lived in Lier own apartment. The girls whispered that Geneva was most indiscreet they hinted at married Man. She was another Florabell without Florabelle a excuse for Folly. Elissa Faber was plump she giggled and talked too much. She might have been a better dressed better groomed Clara. And the Campbell sister they skated expertly Over the thin social ice. Incredibly audacious. Incredibly popular. Neddy and Teddy had held Sway in the West Side taverns the Campbell sister led in the night clubs. Anti noted another thing a it had been on Murray Street these girls had hut one aim and ambition. A suitable marriage. Their expensive clothes and coiffure their mannerisms and Clever Pat ter were hut weapons with which Jas Sid luf of democracy by Hendrik Van Loon copyright 1940, for the Enterprise by Nea service. Inc the Cycle begins again from feudalism democracy comes to a re birth was because they had Romp tool they stalked their men. The easily that their importance bad j luncheons and cocktail parties vanished perhaps the fun of hav-1 were merely time fillers in we hich ing Lovely things was working for f0 gather Force for the evening s them striving heating the Bud struggle. Love As it had been to Kef the 10-eent store girls was a Midsummer Irene minor consideration. A husband thing. One Day in gave a luncheon on the Terrace. Ann observed the girls speculatively. They differed from her friends in mrs. Collets Rooming House Only in background and Money. The types were identical. Was the i Ove in spirit Ann left the luncheon on the Terrace. Why had it been Given to her so Strong so cruel. To be continued Mckenney on Bridge Virginia reel makes you dizzy make every play and never win by we. E. Mckenney America s card authority Quot you be it of my shining in hand always on him sow i m fun Virginia Heel is an intricate solitaire played with two packs of .,2 cards. First take out a Delict a Trey and a four of different suit and place these three cards in a vertical line. Shuffle the rest of tile cards then Deal out 21 More cards face up. In three rows of seven at the right of the initial cards. These 2 4 form the tableau finally Row of eight cards face up a a a add a he i xxv comm the a Nee Tab the lean Talon t hese piles. Card foundations a tableau of not family lots i aground a get in your so eager to for a girl 2 3 c u r a a a a a Talon u i the three Intai cards Are foundations and May he built upon at Heek 1 once. There is no building other to Annas. They both smiled into the Mirror a go As far As you like with Steve Irene said a i m foundations Whit up in the same h must suit As gesture associated w it ii Mise Liness. One of the hardest superstitions to explain i the idea that cold hands mean a warm heart. Actually Obi hands mean nothing except thai the circulation in the hands is not As Good a in ought to he. Uncle Ray s Corner a Little saturday talk i 8, to. J. On s 6. 9, q neat toe Nail. Super it ions about Side glances since our stories about vitamins i have been receiving letters from Reader of All Ages on the subject. Among them is one from a South Dakota Farmer w to says that several of Ilia pig. Xxx High w Ere born last Spring have xxx a Hacks and he wonder what to do about it. The former said his pigs been kept inside through the to this boy i should Liki there is a Good Chance t will Quot sprout up within a two it often happens that a to say hat he year or growth in some ter. This Proha Bly they no Lack of animal gives a hint As to what is wrong with them doubt Are suffering from Sunshine. Unless Young have Sunshine or else t heir is Vitamin d in their food Bones will tend to soften it the same with human beings a letter has gone to the Farmer suggesting that he feed his i pigs Vitamin i in one form or another a of liver Oil contains this Vitamin and one Pound of it smoothly mixed with too pounds of Grain will make a Good Supply. Skimmed milk should he fed to pigs at least during Winter. Most of the Vitamin letters however Are about Factor Vav that Factor has something to do with growth and it seems that Ever so Many people want to know More about it. A 14-year-old boy writes Quot would it he Good for a boy of la who is Small in stature i can t have tin fun of other s of Nix is slowed Down More eases than in outliers. On the other hand he May not he Quot born to he of a per j son s parents and grandparents had i have All been Short it is not like win my that he will bet orc tall of i certain ancestors have been tall others Short it seems a matter of j Hance As to which children in a i family will he tall which Short. Factor Vav is a growth Vitamin j and this halt been proved by tests Jon dogs rats and chickens of any of these animal do not have it j i they will not grow so Well As those which obtain it in their food. Prof. A. Elvehjem who separated Factor Vav tells me he has not tested it on human beings to this Date. Factor by is to be found in milk., in yeast and in liver. All three of these Are Rich in vitamins. Of a boy has a Good daily Supply of milk. It is quite Likely that he will grow As tall As nature set out to make him. Liver says once a week is food of great i value. For those who do not mind the taste too much yeast has elements which make for Good health. Liver can do just about the same things As yeast Uncle Ray. A than on be built follows on 2 on 4 i aces Are dead cards. Any acc showing after a Talon Row is dealt May he it ast out of once. An Ace in the tableau May in cast out when its plate can he filled. Freya and fours foundations but not commence until been gotten Uto its proper Row As indicated by the three infill aids. Thus a Deuce dealt in the try Row is not yet a foundation it can be built upon Only after it has been Inov alld it will by building the card a tires a on e May has cd into the Row of the initial Deuce. The prime Rule of the tableau is that no card May be moved from its place unless the space can immediately be filled with a foundation card belonging in that Row thus suppose that the initial four spot is a Spade and that the Spade eight is dealt in the Deuce Row this eight May be built onto the four Only when the space a created May immediately be filled by another Deuce. Subject to this Rule All tableau Odar available for Transfer into spaces or into foundations. All top cards of Talon piles Are likewise available replacement for tableau space must of course ome from the Talon. But it is permitted to make certain shifts in the tableau without the use of spaces deuces. Treys and fours it finally dealt in the tableau May be exchanged in pairs of triplets if each card concerned in thereby brought into its proper Row and of no vacancy is left. Thus a Deuce dealt in the three Row May he exchanged with a three spot dealt in the two Row whenever play conies to a standstill Deal a new Row of eight aids face up on the Talon piles. You May go through the j pack Only once the game i won when All foundations have been. Built up. So that All court cards Are in sight in the tableau. Beware of reversals of order in j the Talon. Thus if a club ten is5 dealt on Fop of a club seven in a Talon pile this ten must be play a cd in the other club seven for of the second club ten is played Nuj instead tile game i blocked there is great scope for skill in anticipating and avoiding such j blocks playing on foundations at every Opportunity is a sure Way to lose deside w Hether to play i up a card or let it tie buried \ Only after analysis of the risk both ways. Chapter 18 the recuperative Power of the human race Lenis to be unlimited. No sooner had the roads once More become Safe for travel than that we can observe a return of commercial activities which had been absent for some Twenty generations. This did not mean International Trade in the modern sense of the word for in an age when the emperor s family travelled in Bullock i carts the Exchange of goods was j still so insignificant that paddlers with packs on their backs could easily take care of All the Peoples i needs. But after this Long period of hibernation any return to a Normal form of existence meant an enormous step Forward and at this Point it is necessary to give tile Devil his due and say a Good word for an institution which in nut modern America is usually regarded with profound disapproval. I refer to that interesting from of government known As feudalism. It is trite that from the Point of View of the year 1940 feudalism As an institution has very Little to recommend it. But if we want to be fair we should remember that j it was something absolutely avoidable. Feudalism during the Early Middle Ages was necessary As the ays tem of the vigilantes which sprang up All Over the far West during the earliest Day of it develop Menf. And As self appointed Polt Beemen these Feudal lords per-1 formed a most valuable service. Once More the merchant could j move from place to place without i the constant fear of losing Only his possessions but also life. 7 he Feudal lord of course did nothing for nothing. But As the recognized Man of violence he promptly eradicated the smaller it and no sooner had a modicum of safety returned to a much plagued world than behold com Mere and Trade once More made their triumphant entry among the people of Europe. Here and there such energetic individuals banded together and amidst the ruins of ancient roman town they re established in not Bis inc eyes. Tours Bing Don t much gents the movies bar facial Teeth and in another can to hang a and body invoices i by dub person. I next week. Clock solitaire. Harrison in Hollywood know Why studios go to so trouble to hire handsome and Beautiful gals. Air plane a Rbt Ink Demille St ene Mcmille epic is working at fort Carlton an outpost on the Paramount lot. The plate is swarming with indians. Half Breeds White Hunters and trap i per. Mounties in Scarlet tunics and dem he a yes men. A flock of visitors was on the set w Lien i watched a Acrite. Dem Illch a voice loomed Over the Public add has tem a will everyone please in quiet Quot a minute later Quot i asked you politely to be quiet. Now Settle Down i not her minute and his angry voice crackled Quot dammit i want this set quiet or Iii Char it of visitors Aud employee a Well of you can to understand that. Get an interpreter. Now i want jul i it a you almost could hear per-1 aspiration popping from visitors brows and every actor glued his attention to the old master instructions. Presently the camera j be an to turn. He yelled for action and just then an air plane buzzed out of a Distant Cloud and stopped the set ene in spite of Cecil Mcmille. I themselves As citizens of a for Community. Soon their numbers were i creased by those former serfs w by Means of their extraordinary ability at some particular Era had been Able to buy their person Al Liberty. And then came the twelfth Century when a Cor bin Tion of circumstances sudden rushed to their assistance in most unexpected fashion. The primitive agricultural met ods of the dark Ages had con Petely exhausted the soil. Sou there was not land enough to feed the multitudes. And at the precise moment the Victory in the. East of the Mohammedan a placed the holy shrines of can Tendon at the mercies of an a believing Sultan. The Church began to preach those crusades which were to i liver the holy land from the Yok of the infidel and soon it practically impossible for any Eli respecting country Squire not t take part in of least one of the great migrations. He was of course obliged travel in state and with a con Erable retinue of soldiers and be vants. For that purpose he need ready Money for the Shippin companies of Venice and Reno did not believe in credit. The Money he obtained by borrow ii Cash from the Only people w a had any from the merchant. The merchant not being under any particular obligation to do the fashionable thing could stay peacefully at Home. And when no interest a paid on their Loans they were Able t insist upon certain substitutes in the form of All sorts of rights and prerogatives that were to increase the Independence of their Little cities. And a this process continued for almost three centuries the same crusades were of he greatest importance in helping the growth of Europe s monies Middle classes. And since Quot City air meant air the spirit of Independent among the inhabitants of the by walled towns grew to a Poi where they Felt themselves Atren enough to act independently a any Over lord. That was the beginning of the City Republica which org mated Italy during the thirteenth it fury the crusades had Lait from i 09k until 127b and who were almost exact replicas of the old greek democracies in Raga to their political Structure and t their Devotion to the arts rut none of those Ever became a democracy in our modern sense of the word. They were ruled by and for the Well to do Clae. The average Man had no influence whatsoever time a the government. He worked. Paid his taxes and obeyed. His time was to come. But no. Until he had been Able to a strength through organization not until he had established Tho i Early unions which we know b the picturesque name of the Quot guilds. Ii next the the guilds As democracy. Rise and fall of a step toward state student lectures Kernersville. March 22 finest Durham. State Collen student Raleigh a graduate of Colfax St Bool near Here. Car guest speaker at a Chapel program for the High school department of the school Thia week. Or. Durham is one of a grou of twelve students of state col Lese who lecture in various schools of the state Walter Hampden learns ways of Holly Wood i changes his Gray eyes to Brown to get part flapper Fanny by Sylvia of. Ian a St sin vier it t v m ret in it join the new Hoo Uncle Hay scrapbook club to Uncle Ray care of the High High Point Nort ii Point Enterprise aeolian. A of Slop that Haw hawing every time i buy a new hat i have to Aew up your Vest a a dear i tide Ray i want to join the next duo Uncle Ray scrapbook club and i enclose a stamped envelope carefully addressed to my Elf. Please Send me a membership certificate. A leaflet telling How to make a Corner ,8crapl>ook of my of ii and a printed design to paste on the cover of my scrapbook. Name. Street or k. E. I. City. Stat or province by Pai l Harrison Hollywood March 22 a Walter Hampden. Who since 1901 Lias been playing hamlets and Maebeth and shylock in j the theatre i about to lend his lanky dignity to the role of chief j big Bear in Cecil de i lie j a North West mounted this is ill be the 60-year-old ac-1 torn second picture. After playing the Cardinal in a the Hunch Hack of notre Dame a few in o ii t h s j ago. Hampden asked Quot How Long a this been going on Quot and decided to i stay in Holly-1 Wood. But he j did no to want to be typed As a faddy Duddy character. And he did want to work for the vet Cran epic maker he had heard so much about so he stuck a Feather in his hair arid went around to do Miller office and said a How also ugh i am in a Jun chief Iii your Quot you d he said the pro Ducer director. Quot except that you be got Gray eyes and this1 colossal entertainment spectacle is to of Nicoloro. a few Days later Hampden re entered the office and said a a How again. Only this time he said a a How Doe big White thief Likum Brown Eye a the Miracle than of the Cinema looked and was astonished. He sent Hampden Over for a test and the eyes photographed Brown All Light. then asked a How a Hampden explained that lie had bad some Contact lense made from a Crystal Clear cellulose product. Contact lenses you probably recall arc thin lit in shells ordinarily of optical Glass xxx Bidi Are perfectly ground to fit under the lids and against tile eyeballs. They re invisible and Are worn without much discomfort by several actors whose vision is faulty i hah solution did the trick anyway Hampden had the lense hollowed out very slightly on the concave aide to leave a Little space next to the irises. A couple of Profis of Caramel coloured syrup Are put into each of the depression just before the lenses Are put in place. They adhere so closely that they move with Hampden eyes. The Brown fluid slightly obscure the Black pupils hut not enough to appear unnatural. And the actor can see through the sugar solution which incidentally was the filmed in glorious tech Kenly colouring he could find that in a afraid that lets you j did t irritate i eyes Well i enough to read coarse print. So now there Tuuu Jill a this neighbourhood a a got some pretty Tough kids but any time you need some help jus let us know they re All our

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