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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 23, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Thursday March 23, 1939the High Point Enterprise re Center of Industry Nikii Point North Carolina Page three Sec. R nazi swallowing of czech nation Points 0 greater Hitler influence Over Franco european correspondent ring Pflaum analyses future a iberian Peninsula latest farm Market report fruits and vegetables Ika Impi in m Nix service special Ltd Orres Powlett Madrid if Anil when Franco Pompieri All Spain and Consol hates in it International kill to l i t to r a 14 Iller o re iberian Peninsula let s examine to record. The War once ended will release the Radi it a i pro hit i toting fascists whose sainted Leader is the late i a it atm a Joso Antonin Primo de Rivera. The hatred Between 4,w h i t e so and Quot reds Quot in Loyal Tat Spain is less me brr than that he tween t h e s. A Francois est and a t i v e s. T h e i have never in or out of Spain heard Franco referred to As Irvine Pflaum Tongue but not even his friends Bink of him As a great Leader. During the most bitter part of he War he was Able with con a durable assistance to keep the balance Between two sharply distinct groups in nationalist Spain. Existence of a common enemy helped his cause just As it did in the Case of Madrid s anarchists and communists. Historically. Spain cannot ignore the British Empire any More than can Portugal. The a on a natives have inclined toward tory politics fur Many years. Landowner and the nobility have shown a marked preference for English schools and valets. The bourbons were connected to tile British throne by family social and historic ties. If they return England will he pleased. If they do not. The court crowd will help Chamberlain to the full extent of their i but popular a ments Are swing Lei. This is not the world Wawers. Iona met move a toward h it new. During popular feeling Edical Gen certainly he is i ran High for both Aldea of the known for met h-1 Western front. The country a a Alphin and a Sharp met no a a eau a it was militarily headache Neun i ail lug a for what soldiers of Leneral Franco nationalist army huddle in a Trench before Madrid last stronghold of loyalist Force. After Madrid Vjio will give them order Franco or killer useless to a no a Side and a do i torn therefor because the people were divided land without a nerve racking headaches and the pains of neuralgia usually yield promptly to the Quick acting prescription Type ingredients in the Quot Bce formula. Quot Bce works remarkably fast yet it does not contain opium or any of its derivatives. The keep a package of Quot Bce Handy. You la find that it is also a most effective remedy for the Relief of muscular aches simple nervousness and functional periodic pains. Convenient Ioc and 25 sizes or by the dose at fountains. Way look to i nazi example i Franco generals Admire the German War machine and look to it for guidance. The Young fascists wish to copy the Reich s Church policy and labor program italian methods have few sup i Porter. Tho italians have failed i hear to create any real sympathy for them or for their Leader. Spaniards of education look Down upon the romans those without property resent their Aid to general Franco. A till St that became t i j / i j Rad Aion can demand and r general Franco ii course of the new tortuous if no Thiru Wager most on it in by mess and the germans have j of holding their creasing Thuli pre Rue before the names have Era portent Spanish of orations. I think it Ery future of the be nationally Speaks Large degree on i German influence of German politic where Hitler wish of peace and be t the path of War. They part at chug h on one vital nationalist groups plete and violent that is the Pla a in the new spa to fascists insist tit take a Back Tea Hitler s Cit Hrth v Soltani s insisted. Tay out of from within a use Mussolini it it Ive Aid from Ltd International Spain will be r else. I would a Reich. T j11 ii a i spheres the Hest chans t gains and in re Ige. This was War. German a a d Many in a a. Tiles for gently that the a Spain inter of depend in a extent of a d the course Quot pain May go on the Road titty or Down in. The two to in rom disagree Modt. The Church the Young the Church hey a to min by and my i the Church and social North Carolina shipping Points information and sales on the principal wholesale markets As reported by the United states and North Carolina departments of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the ranges at which the bulk of the Stock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition mild. Cetti i k f. 0. B. Phoenix Ari Early demand slow late demand improved on Best Stock. Market steady. Carloads f. O. B. Cash track Western crates iceberg Type it dozen size mostly 1.50. Very few higher and lower. Top ice extra. Loadings of 6 dozen sizes by agreement discontinued through april in. Thaw berries f. O. B. Plant City Fla demand fair and Market about steady. Yard pics truck loads Cash to growers. Missionary s without crates. 12 is to 14, mostly 131, cents per pint. Potatoes f. O. B. Presque Isle. Aroostook county me demand moderate and Market steady. Carloads f. O. B. Shipping Pointe based on delivered sales less All transportation charges Presque Isle rate. 100-Pound sacks Green mountains u. S. No. I 95 tents. Chippewas u. S. No. 1 size Lio. Fatah dts 2-Inch min. Size 118 to 1.19. F. O b. Lower East coast of Florida demand moderate Ami Market steady. Carloads f. O. B. Usual terms Bushel crates. Bliss triumphs of. S. No. I i go. It. S. No. I size 1.10. F x Brage f o. B. Rochester n. A demand moderate and Market firm. Carloads and truck loads f. O. B. Usual terms and shipping Points i based on delivered sales less All transportation charges danish Type. Cached per ton 11.00 to 13.00, few higher. Washington Market steady receipts modulate. Truck receipts Florida i �?T2 Bushel hampers. Domestic round Type packed locally 1.65 to 1.75, mostly 1.75. New York 50-Pound sacks danish Type 40 to 50 cents. X Fulfs Washington Market Dull. Bushel Basket. Maryland. Penn Sylvania. Virginia and West Virginia. Yorks u. S. No. I 2 a Inch min., 90 cents to Loo 2nl Inch min. 1.14 to 1.15. Few 1.25, stay mans u. S. No. I. 2 2 min., 1.15 to 1.25 2 a Inch min., 1,25 to 1.35. 3-Inch min. 1.35 to 1.50, mostly 1.35, delicious v. S. No. I. 2 Inch min., 1.25 2 2 Inch fin1,40 to 2s Inch min., to receipts Light. North Carolina Bushel baskets Porto Picans 90 cuts to Loo. Nancy Halls 1.10 to 1.1.5, fair condition 90 cents to 1.00. Baltimore Market Dull. No carlot arrivals and no cars on track. Receipts moderate truck prices unchanged from tuesday. New York Market about Toady. North Carolina. L. C. L. Bushel baskets Porto Picans u. S. No. I 1.35 to 1.50. Cleveland Louisiana Market lightly stronger Dull on other Stock Louisiana Porto Picans. A to 1.70. New Carolina Georgia prices unchanged Straw berries new York Market Dull. Florida. Best 16 to 17, few is poorer. 12 to i t cents per pint. In i Beans new York Market Stead. Florida Bushel hampers. Bountiful 2.00 to 2.75. String less Black Valentines. 2.50 to 3.25. Wax 2.50 to 3.00. It Iti m Bers new York Market Dull. Cuba. Bushel crates s. No. I 1.50 Jersey. South and ten nos be from tuesday. Bushel crates. 3.00 to 3.50. Green peas Washington Market Stead California Bushel hampers pol peas. 2.75. Lim x be x is Baltimore Market Dull. Floi Ida. Bushel hampers. U. S. No. I 2.75 to 3.25. The a Fth frs meeting Asheboro March 23. A the sixth and last county wide teach cts meeting for this y a a r of be Neld Friday evening. March 3 at 7 30 o clock in the auditorium of the Park Street school ii a Sbaboro according to t. F. By la. County superintendent of edit cation. Negro x ii rested of Slavin Baltimore. March 23. It a police arrested today Elliot strange negro alias Thomas Brown who Greensboro n. C authorities wrote was wanted Foi the fatal shooting of j. In Pool a White Man last Christina is flush kidneys of excess acid and Poison a gain in health 1.65. Min., jnin., min., f. S. In Golden delicious 1.00 to Lio 1.40 to 1.50. 1.50 to 1.60. No i 2-Inch min -4 Inch., 1.15 to i Inch min. 1.35 to 1.40 1.50 to 1.65. Romes i. 1.11 to 125 24 1.35 to i 40 3-Inth in around 1.50. Inch 90 cents to Loo. Sweet potatoes Washington Market Inch Inch i Inch win saps. 75 cents 25. 2 a 2inch, i s. No. Inch min. Min most s Toady years ago when this carolinian died w without a w ill the Wachovia qualified As administrator of his it to the full satisfaction of his family. Psf Gowl a his son was impressed with the Way Wachovia handled every detail of administration and later he designated the Wachovia As executor in his will. And now two members of this family a third generation have chosen the Wachovia to apply its Broad Trust experience in carrying out the w wishes set Forth in their w ills. Much of Wachovia a steady growth is attributable to the fact that generation after generation in turn select the Wachovia to act in various Trust capacities on the basis of past experience. Wachovia Bank and Trust company anniversary year a of mfr of Der Al Deposit i Psi Hance corporation of mfr of Difrai. Of of St system conf lets. They w 1 id take a adult Atio n from the a ire. The oids a men. Or lost a Indus t rial Isis and Iandol intend 1 he a Hurt h to re a 9 its former a sit Ion As the sold Arbit a Ator of Span ish society. Til e quarrel it a a a a deep or than Polit is the re a a q Uesi ions of Marr Lay Dirp Rrt t a i r or Jai lift. Respet laity better to hot a los. I hear that so Grega i of women and 3 or sred in a a i Lores and May be sex Nelt Ted on Cata an beaches at tart from the re i clot s to Oral do set it. Franco m Usi answer some How the a carnal to tip fion of i he iberian Penis tic j. Tim Young fascist i 4 Fattur Cista s have been promising a 1 a to in Sion of the estates. I beasent s Art aware of and of their Rompa Rativo love tax both gun Etal Julep de Llano and general vague made Buhite atom Ems on this problem. A no ral of an few months not fighting handful of Atta k landlords the loud radio ii Valusia announced ago that Quot we Ai Here so that cowardly landlord in get All the a Rue told an audient a in Zaragoza it speech was censored in the Stanro press social Sud economic questions must be solved m favor of the peasant and the in Kinsman if our country is to he unified Quot the Fala Gist rt�?z0 advocate Sta a labor Union minimum wage a and regulated hours. The program a been supported on All sides even in hiding the industrialists whose properties until recently were in Possession of he not that Thev have their factories a by acce t these reforms cranium crackers the Square Root or the year of the fall of Pompeii equals the turn Ber of u. 8. Representatives from Louisiana Phi Vas. What s the year and what Louisiana apportionment ? today lenten question in what verse of the Rifle is Christ spoken of As a successor and deflated to be a predecessor answers on xxx Anxo Page Public health Fig it a show that Hack in 1800, the Are rage length of life in the in Nii states was but 33 years. In it a a 40 years and today it a almost 60 years. Helps you overcome false Teeth loosened no longer be Anno Case because of loot Teeth fas Teeth a line t non acid it pow our plates holds thefts i More comforts a Cooling to Gums mar veld Mouth avoid ened by Loose plate Tay at any drug Law my worry or feel 111 at rabbi or false probed Alka sprinkled on to they nothing and by excessive san in t Raus Teeth to Stop getting i p night a a be happier live linger 8.n c ends Imio is it that dragged out feeling May mean that your kidneys Are inactive and distressed persistent backache nervousness and dizzy spells May mean the same thing. Good Active kidneys relieving the body of excess acid and poisons Are what we All should strive to attain and when kidneys and bladder Are distressed a a Good Safe effective diuretic might it Gold medal Haarlem Oil capsules is called for so of you have to get up i often at night if passage is scant v or a difficult and smarting or Burnie. I is in evidence of you have Shifton pains or leg twinges or puffy Eves it May help your health of you pay attention to your kidneys. Gold medal Haarlem Oil i capsule i. Ii grand diuretics for scores of years it has been used by people All Over America and in Tother countries a it can to harm you. Iii every Gold medal capsule j you get the genuine the pure the original Haarlem Oil Olgh from Haarlem in Holland. So done to by an easy Mark and i a crept a substitute look for the i Gold medal on the Box. 35 cents Molle 50c shaving Cream tube you re he ays i Ico we at w Alc re cons drug stores i f l Frida y and saturday 145 South main Phillips 50c milk of magnesia right a try go to limit qom tits Gat your froth movie films >1 Walgreen in elect 25c or. West tooth paste with Csc w tooth Brush in Carton a it both for. 25c size anacin tablets 19c cleansing tissues Box im7 c ionized yeast lets 63 alcohol rubbing full pint tablets $1.00 size Soyat Cir la Whit by on Thomao a All bearing roller skates extend to a a g to Anchet built for pm and hard Wear. Woodbury a soap 3=16 rubber baby pants 2-13 am now hit of the Seaton colourful Gay festive to re water Pitcher and 8-Glass set 4 contrasting colors in each Sot All 9 pieces j 4 for Only i Here a beverage in that wit add a Fiat of cheer to my meet Ite Bright vivid color. Ideal for part in too. Largo tic Pitcher holds so ounce a Glare arms ounce site. 35c size Bromo quinine 24�?~ lib Meads pablum 43�?~ soc Tek tooth Brush 43c 25c Gillette shave Cream with pkg of to Gillette Bluey at Blades 49 flu i so us e Der kiss talc 2 25�?~ Metal pot cleaners 3-7 6-oz. Size windex a a sprayer 29 50c Calyx tooth powder 39 Nail preparations to 50c size chamberlains lotion 42 sits she d and r Cream As. 69 a isl is Gardenia Oatmeal soap 6 45 read while others Steep spotlight bed lamp Aroma or a pc Ivory finish j o to Cutee Light on on a uhf oct leave reel of i dark. Is value Kuri Ash curler 71 Spring toiletries Coty a gift to you the tandem tester of Rouge and lipstick Given at no extra coat with Coty Quot air spun Quot face powder All for coat _ of the powder w alone Only. Al tile a it ancient Ltd Handy Pun Gadget holding Rouge and lipstick with pee tonal iced Chart for choosing your right make up aha de. Now Low Price Gem Blades single Edge a pc i70c size i0dent 33� 50c tooth paste i exam Lumet a1 a Jiff 20c coolies with Csc i of italian Balm ode value Dij pm. Croom of aim lot ten 1/411. Fri by v14# Pis i clo Colo Cream of 49 Refl Idaj lotion with 60c i of Grene shampoo 85c Cor value 53 irrad0l a Perke do via a. 11-ox. Size in Hinkle Pill q bottle too r lady Esther 55c face Cream perfection tooth picks Large sule of sporting goods Box 4cc listerine tooth paste with a 50c prophylactic tooth Brush. In save 25r on tampax 4 month s Supply for the Cost of 3 40 98e Clear Acain cold tablets 23�?~ cont no no main be tatar fresh cigars a. Y c. Perlas Bering Cuesta Rey la Patina Al products Perfecto 0 Garcia Outch Mas Ter. 3 25 it oooo Ltd a do Vuoeh Plum real value to do Golf balls o of 6 for do 1.20 the equal of any Csc Ball. Tough Long and True i i Vij 227. In ii Lon Wam Ehe. Or fielder s Glove leather lining selected Hor hide built in pot hat laced Palm. 98 recreation soft Sau regulation playground soft Ball in Inch Tough cowhide a Aal Hor. Doubt a owed award. Peroxide 18� Hydrogen pint lifebuoy 21c shaving c Ream sturdy Quot Aetna Tennis racquets at Tor Ted 4 9 5 Sill 1 a a aah from Moi Stirr. Pratt bringing aspirin 6c tablets tin of 12 5ctobaccos Ball Suikam. Said stat. Yekai Mutuku a old North stat your Choice 3511 10c Standard Perfecto cigars in 2/10 Bot 50. 2.40 to sire end Quality. Mad in i. To size Tangee lipstick Enda that painted look #9 soc noxzema skin Cream with quiz is dec Book. Aj9ij a big capsules Olafsen a vat. Box 25. .79�?~ i Cascara quinine u i Waldorf toilet tissue 2 9c Jergens lotions. J a l9c Kitchen towels 3� 23 10c Climax Wall paper cleaner 3-20 b of narrow neck baby bottles 2ior 3c Sot Monnens shave Cream with a 25c size Brach. 49c Pinaud s Lilac talc with i to size Lilac vegetal / so value both for 97 incarnate 43� Rouge 60c size Feen mint 19r laxative 25c size c big ii i cake it. A of. Pm Roll 39c Geradyne tablets 35c Quick Relief for that certain Day valuable Coupon h valuable Coupon Iii Pur Pak m paper a napkins 5 Box Quot pc h double sewed whisk Broom 7i Inch too i Inch free prompt delivery service phone 5490 1

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