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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 23, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two Sec. B the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina thursday March 23, 1939the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family fairy tale child i 4, 8 Little red cloaked child of fiction. 12 degrades. 14 visual. 16 verbal. 17 to soak up. 19 to leave out. 20 to soak flax. 21 to beg. 24 Lair. 26 electrical tem. 27 affirmative vote. 28 Ell. 29 chaos. 130 Eagle. 132 Indian. 34 epoch. 37 funny. 38 Pitcher. 39 jail compartments. 40 to employ. 41 food Grain. 42 to rap lightly. 43 and. 45 Fence bar. 47 measure of area 48 fishes by answer to previous Puzzle dropping. 50 irregularity. 52 to subsist. 53 baking dish. 54 Point 55 particle. 57 Type measure. 58 russian emperor. 60 she meets a Wolf As she carries to her grandmother. 61 the Wolf a a her grand Mother. Vertical 1 Sun god. 2 Trees. 3 to hurl 4 Trust. 5 common verb 6 worship of idols. To depart 8 to Buzz. 9 fetid. 10 made of Oatmeal. 11 doctor. 13 South America. 15 joint election. 17 Spain. 18 italian River. 20 in some versions of her Story her grandmother is a a. 22 form of a me. 23 note in scale. 25 hers is an old a tale. 30 sour Plum 31 hazards. 32 plural pronoun. 33 burdened. 35 kingdom. 36 High Mountain. 44 sacred interdiction. 46 soft Copal. 47 pulpit Block. 49 Wahoo. 51 the deep. 55 provided 56 paid publicity 58 toward. 59 Royal society. Of j pop tool for a dramatic serial. Quot mus. Imm a s Lory by Tom Horner the characters and situations in this Story Are wholly fictional. Cast of characters Alan in Rhyn a ambitious Young country doctor Emily Warrens Alan a wife. Eric Kane construction Engineer. Or. Farre ii Alan a elderly associate. A Harrison in Hollywood a a a minister works hard on Bible Story of Good Samaritan Cathedral films makes serious Effort to spread Christian message on screen by Pai ii h Arri Kox Hollywood March 23.�?in lit determination to produce religions picture th1 ret James k. Friedrich in t conducting and special quarrel with Hollywood. H s quite a movie fan. Being a movie fan. The Young Clergyman is convinced of the Power Ami influence of the entertainment screen. Organised religion he believes Hasni to kept Pace with Rno it Iem life or taken advantage of opportunities practically thrust upon it. Such As the Cinema. Now und then some of the major studios have brought out religious or spirituality inspirational features and today they seem to be on the verge of a Cycle but such films generally lose sight of main theme Rev. Friedrich said citing a magnificent obsession a a when that one came to dealing with the Bible it went All to the i it it Mill spectacles have proved the commercial dramatic Worth of religious history but Friedrich does no to like the inaccuracies. And touches of flashy showmanship such As Queens milk Baths and enormous ensembles of dancing cuties. Such things Are known to the Trade As a production Friedrich would rather just Tell a Story. The first Story do to go before the cameras in a week or two is a the Good Samaritan this is not so much a dramatization of the parable As it is an application of it in the lives of a few people in biblical times the Clergyman says it is a humdinger of a yarn. It was written by Dana Burn a poet playwright and scenarist among whose credits is a shopworn Angel a Burnet is not w hat you would Call a religious Man nor is Jack Coyle the production executive. They serve As counterbalances to enthusiasms. A in is Prout is promised several factors seem to favor the new Enterprise which is Call d Cathedral films. The wave of intolerance abroad has set people to thinking about such things. Clergymen of at denominations and Ait Over american have written encouragement and promises of support. Also the concern is adequately financed. It has about $150,000. Which Isnit Hay even in Hollywood. Three major studios Are bickering to release the first feature and several Fine actors have offered to appear in it. The Money is mostly Friedrich s inherited from a father who was a wealthy wholesale grocer in Minnesota. The son attended that state s University tried his hand in various sales jobs and even attempted to crash Hollywood before a decided to enter the ministry. He was ordained three years ago and now ilyus muffled answer came to Bim. She was sobbing again. Farrell steeled himself against her tears. He loved the child too. If he gave in now everything would be lost. Mio must be made to realize fully All the consequences of her divorce and he alone could do it. Khe might res it the intrusion of an outsider but he could Speek is Alan s father would hav spoken yesterdays Erie arrive to find a i want you to be sure that Emily firm in Lier decision to leave you do his voice was As Alan. He faces a dilemma since gentle As his tout i might have he wants to let a fair to Alan but Peen calming her turbulent Emo he loves Emily. Then or. Farrell i Lions. A i knew even when Alan rushes in. Asks what Emily has accepted Peterson offer a that done to Alan he would never leave Sumner. Chapter Xiv this is his a what have you done to that a a rut ifs not mine i can to boy a a Farrell repeated As Emily stand it doctor i can to. Alan s did not answer. Life. My life. Entirely separate. A a there nothing wrong a he it can to go on Hasni to a fear shattered Emily so a you re right Emily it can to Calin. To on. But before you give up. J a of course he has t done any before you smash both your life thing wrong a Farrell answered and big be h there Isnit another shortly. A the Cam to the Hospital. I Way. You May think you could went to the deliver room. Out be Happy without Alan but you Wardly he was the same. But he a never will. Nor can he be Happy without you. A you went to biome Alan done to. Let s not plaint anyone but consider this when you tame to Sumner you were a Bride a a Gay Happy Young Bride refusal to meet or. Peterson her a Ady to begin a new life As a own intention to get a divorce doctor s wife. The honeymoon when she had finished. Farrell lasted for a while. Then slumped into a chair sat with a you refused a unconscious bowed shoulders staring before perhaps to assume the duties of him. No one spoke his new life you sought to carry for a Long time they sat there Over into your marriage the ideas a Emily Erie and Farrell think j to girlhood. And it wont working and All afraid to Voise Tho it never will. You can t move St thoughts. Finally. Farrell Rose Louis to Sumner any More than jammed his hands in his pockets you can bring its parties Here and stood his a k to the mantel you can to relieve those Days of facing Emily. Erie was forgotten courtship and first love marriage you really want a divorce is entirely different and you must Emily a the doctor a ked kindly face he had faced Many a similar crisis a a a in other Homes. He had argued Emily said nothing As he talk Long with other wives consoling de but she marvelled that or advising that was part of a Conn-1 knew As much about her As he try doctor s Job he must be coun a did it was As if he could read Selor confessor Friend As Well As her thoughts. Farrell had seen physician. To him a Home was Ber increasing discontent worried sacred and always he had Given Over it even he said Maneu Hii every Effort toward preserving Vered so that Alan could be at it. This time Alan a Home was in Home More. Cases that he might angered and Farrell did not in have sent Alan he cared for him tend to let it collapse without a self so that Emily might enjoy struggle s party or an evening at Home. A Don t you love Alan a he con he had even sensed danger in tinned As Emily did not answer Eric a coining for Kant love for could you go through life Hap Emily had not been hidden from Pill without Ever seeing him him. He had trusted Erie to Leavo again a before breaking up Alan a Home a i know what i m pm he told them and even now he Side glances been Hurt terribly Hurt Emily. He can t hide that from me. He a been like my own son. I could see it in his eyes. Now what is it a Emily told him briefly covering in terse clipped sentences Alan a was sure that Erie had not betrayed that Trust. A you thought that by taking Alen to St. Louis you could regain his love a Farrell told Emily. A you imagined because Alan apparently neglected you that he no longer loved you. You did t want to go to St Louis for parties for the old crowd even for your family. You wanted Alan Alt for yourself so you have to share him with anyone. A it Nave worked there child and it might have been much a i Don t see How. Or. Emily said. Admitting that Farrell had hit the truth she could not see any Hope of the future. A certainly you done to expect me to go on Here in Sumner like we have a no i done to. What you must realize Emily is that a country doctors wife plays a vital part in his profession in his Success. When you married Alan you married Medicine too. You have your share of the obligation and until you assume it you won t be Happy. A you would like to believe that. As a professor Alan could be with you More of the time that los patients would lose their claim upon his time. But Alan unless he had lost heart would soon Haie lost himself in teaching and study is fully is in his Woik Heie. You would he on the outside there too Emily and what is worse there is Small place in a professor s medical life for h s wife. With a country doctor it s a i won t understand what you mean a let Roe Tell you a Story Emily. Ifs about Alan Mother a a in a a she came to Sumner a a Bride even As you a Farrell Bogan. A and she found her first few months of life Here every bit As difficult and As hateful As you have found them. Sumner Wasny to Quito the City it is now and there were few amusements Tor Tho daughter of a senator. So could go to Church do her marketing and that was about All. Peoples tongues were pretty Sharp then. Too. A shut Sarah Warren would t admit defeat. When she found i Medicine was crowding her out of Hor husband s life she became i in important Factor in that Medicine. And working with her Hus band she was with him constantly. A Ash a suffered Many of the same hardship he did she had a part in his Success she was Hurt by his failures a Berjuie they were her successes and Hei failure too. A a in be known Sarah Warren to get up in the Middle of the night walk half a mile a across town through Snow to Send or Warren to another Call when she could not re tech him by Telephone or messenger. She has sat for hours at the bedside of a sick child co that the sleepless Mother might get a Little re get. She went with her husband on Glisten Seal cases driving Miles Over country roads taking chars of the House and other children of there were any assisting when a he was needed. A Ash Learned to Calm hysterical mothers even to advise Temei gency treatment until so could tend or. Warren a you a re Hurt when Alan could t get Home Christmas. Did you know to Hgt when Alan had pneumonia As a baby his Mother sat alone with him while Tope Sod the crisis with her Hus band ten Miles away she sent him on that Call a but i can to do anything like that now or Farrell a Emily said. A times Art changed late has the Hospital nurses. There s no place for a yes there is. Emily. Tim a change but patients do not. You can is ill Boid a bit of Comfort taking a Call far better than a Law to aboard operator can Anc is More important you can Stop hating his patients and tart being interested in them so that he can talk to you about them. You can respect the Confidence he Plaes in you. You can encourage him when he a eds it you can learn when he is worried that he must not be annoyed by trifles. You May even have Opportunity to help. You might have been needed up at Carrolls the other night. A in Short Emily you have to be just what Alan s Mother was to Sumner a mrs Doc a a they were All startled As Alan strode into the room. His far a was Pule an a drawn. His eyes were dark vet gleaming wit n hidden fire he did not Greet them. he said a i want to i talk to to lie continued a Uncle rays Corner milk and its products Ivy Ritt for no one know to when first Learned to make butter hut very Likely the Art was Learned by Accident. We May suppose that men were taking milk across the desert Quot churned it on the Way the milk would be shaken a great Deal while in a leather bag carried by a Camel. Modern churning machine. Old records Tell us one Wey Arab elders were in the custom of churning milk. They put it in bags which were fastened by cards to the Saddle and dragged the bags along the ground. Butter of one kind or another was used More than 3,000 year ago. Probably it was not solid. For we Are told it was a a poured from the Container. In ancient times butter seems to have been used More As a Salve for wounds than a a food. As time went on better ways of churning were Learned. One old fashioned churn was a wooden Container which looked something like a thin barrel. It had an upright handle which was worked up and Down. The Container a partly filled with milk or Cream and the person work ing it had a Long hard task a better Type of churn was made with a barrel which was set in a framework and was turned with a Crank. This kind of churn still used in some part works Best when the barrel i turned modern dairies have Power driven churns. Cream is placed in a Container and human Uncle is not needed to turn it into butter some present Day churns a Large enough to produce half a ton of butter. It is possible to make butter from whole milk hut the usual Way nowadays is to employ Only Cream. The fatty part of the milk makes the butter and almost All the fat is in the Cream. Separate of make it easy for the Dairyman to take the Cream from the r ilk. When it is churned the Cream la shaken or Jared often with paddle. The shaking make the bits of fat gather together in that Way producing Ammi Lump of butter. Then the a Buttermilk a is drained away and the lumps of butter Are worked together tests with certain kinds of churns have shown that butter can by made in As Little As the e or four minute. Such Gutter however is not of the Best Grade. Experts say it is better to take a longer time to make butter. Butter can be made from sour Cream or from Sweet Cream. Dairymen say they a a Ripen Cream we to they in it turn sour to prepare for butter making for general interest Section i of your scrapbook if you want s free copy of the i illustrated leaflet a your body at work a Send me a 3c stamped return envelope in care of this i newspaper. Uncle Ray. I tomorrow cheese. A Mckenney on Bridges Don t be too Quick to take tricks hold up play blocks Long suit runs by we. E. Mckenney Secretary american contract Bridge Teague lessons n English by w. L. Gordon word often misused do not say a i a Kina Ted a Dollar to the boys for let say a i gave a Dollar to the donate is properly used when the gift is important. A the donated ten thousand dollars to the churn often mispronounced vague pronounce tag a As in ate often misspelled merchandise ise. Not ire. Synonyms orifice aperture opening vent. Word study a Al be a word three time and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word Patrimony any inheritance. T pronounce the a As in at i As in it. O As in no accent first syllable virtue is the Hest Patrimony for a child to a proverb. I Dak i kith \ Lia us k Richmond March 23.�? i up a physician Ald today that Superior court judge Frank Hill of Murphy n. O. Was a critically the Jurist was removed yesterday from the Johns Willi Hospital to the Terrace Springs nursing Home Here. Not until 1910., when automobiles became speedy did windshields come into general use. Most players Are familiar with j the hold up play and will refuse to win the first trick of s suit at no Trump of however they fall to do so when they hold two the family doctor this minuted cops in by St u net Rue. R m Nee u i a a on 3-2a a it s your wife. She says you promised to go with her this afternoon to a style is assistant Rector of a saints episcopal Church in Beverly Hills. Long before be came Here. Though a dreamed of some Day helping to put the messages of christianity into celluloid. A a plans simple stories Cathedral films has quarters on the Selznick International lot and will rent All its production Frei titles there a detailed shooting schedule has Peen worked out costumes designed sets planned All that s holding up a the Good Samaritan Quot is tile proximity of its principal set to a big one on which a gone with the wind is working. Friedrich and his company will have to wait for Selznick to finish the exterior sequences at Scarlett of Hara s Plantation which is just around the Corner from the Judean Village of in Gannin Between Jerusalem and Jericho. This Village incidentally has been remodeler at modest Cost from the town built for a the Garden of Burnet already is at work on a second Story a modern on1 probably to by called a eth country Friedrich and Coyle believe it would be unwise show Mansilp to keep All their product in biblical times. The third picture Likely will be from some Middle chapter in Church history. Some people make regular Hobby of their blood pressure by or. Fishbein editor journal of the american medical Anocia Tion and of Hygeia the health Magazine far too much importance is attached by the average Man to the record of Hie blood pressure. In some resorts patronized particularly by older people there Are places which measure the mood pressure for a dime and Ghe the Patron a card showing the record. Some of these people become what the do toys Call blood pressure invalids worrying Day after Day about slight changes in the blood pressure. Some of these Are Mere reflections of the mental state. Actually blood pressures Art controlled by several factors including the pumping action of the heart the resistance in the blood vessel the amount of blood its thickness and other factors. The blood pressure system May he compared tit course to any sort of pumping system in which the strength of the pump the resist Ance in the system the elasticity in the Hose or pipes the amount of fluid and its thickness All play a part. A a a we know that the average blood pressure for a Man in Ordinary health is represented by i 2d Millimetres of Mercury at the time when the heart a. Contracted and so Millimetres of Mercury at the time when the heart has relaxed. However the figures Are also influenced by tile age. The sex and the weight of the person concerned by his digestion the state of his emotions. The amount of physical exercise in which he a indulged and even i picture we know also that the blood pressure rises As we grow older. It is common to say that the average for a Normal human Beltie is too plus the age of the i person concerned but after the i age of 25 thin might be a Little too High a person at the agr j of a 0. For example might Well have a pressure of 135 and 8 instead of Lofio. Get there seem a to be a tendency for people who Are overweight to have blood pressures higher than others fart Aln by anger make the blood pressure Rise. Indeed it has Heen shown that the blood pressure will Rise Dur ing sleep in connection with dreams which bring about the sensation of anger. I High blood pressure is not a disease therefore. It is a condition which occurs be a result of several factors. A High pressure is not necessarily permanent neither does it necessarily Progress. Some people with High blood pressure look healthy anti carry on their daily activities with ease. In some however the gradual narrowing of the blood vessels brings about a steady in Erea a in pressure which also increases the work of the beset. Apparently there Are Many causes of High blood pressure including inheritance of narrow blood vessels changes which h tend to narrow them and possibly also diseases of the kidneys and of coh r organs which bring into the body substances tending to raise the pressure because they constrict the blood vessels most people believe that Man Tai worry and Strain Are responsible for High blood pressure. I there seems to be a definite relationship Between fatigue Aud Strain Aud changes taking place in the blood and in the blood vessels. For this reason mental and physical relaxation Are recommended to those with hich i blood pressure As a Means of lowering it. By Howard Merrill the words you Are shout to look St in the put seconds that they hit your ryes form a new kind of reporting this will take sixty seconds to read White you Are Reading these fact the event they describe Are actually taking place. What Happ re in one minute on Earth. A world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading the american medical association claims that this nation women Are being fooled by the a Sale of Over til Hundred different brands of useless and dangerous birth control Racket costing a s. Womanhood Over four Hundred dollars every sixty seconds of and Gas have been do slivered under the Mississippi to hey Miles from new Orleans which in the one minute now going by i yielding from the Well they be built another three thousand cubic feet of Gas. ,. This minute the billion and a half humans on Earth Are breathing another thousand tons of Carbon dioxide into the air. A minute is passing. Jamaica in the West indies is exporting 54 stems of bananas. Great Britain is exporting four thousand Square Yards of Cotton goods.250 pounds Sterling is being deposited in British Post office savings. France is producing 7500 Gallons of milk. Five free tickets or passes Are issued on american Railroad i every minute. With an Sotl mated value of fifty dollars in i fare. Slop of iding. A 862 �k6 a a j 9 a j 10 5 4 a j 109 7 3 Vjio 5 a 84 a k 6 3 a a k 4 a a972 a kq5 a 9 8 2 rubber neither Vul. Sooth West North fait 1n.t. Be 3n.t. Pass opener a j. Of clubs and ran the rest of his Spades to defeat the contract South could have made his contract simply by refusing to win the first Spade trick. The suit would be continued but then South would he Safe. If East won the first club trick he could not Lead a Spade. If West won the first club he could establish his Spades but would never regain the Lead to Cash them. Sure winners in the suit opened by the opponents it May be fatal error As shown in today a hand. West led the Jack of Spades East unblocked with the Queen and South unwisely won the trick. As the contract depended upon developing the clubs South led a club at Oner East won with tile Ace Aud led Spade. Too Hie. South refused to win. West won with the Spade nine and continued the suit. Eventually he regained the Lead Writh the King contract problem v gel it Ion in next Issue South has the contract at four Spades. With two losing hearts a losing Spade and a losing club How can he build up a deceptive attack to bait West into making the wrong pity a q to 8 a 2 a 874 a a a 8 7 3 a. Vuk j a a j 109 7 4 a 10 4 ass a q95 a q 5 3 2 a98s2 a a j 9 4 a a 10 2 a a k 8 a a j duplicate a. And w. Vul. Opener a j. 23 copyright. 1930. Lbs service. Inc flapper Fanny by Shiv. I a Coes. In set navies my v. U. Ate o a a re How can i ? Ryanne Ashley q. How can i make a Plant fertilizer a. A Little ammonia added to the water affords a Rich fertilizer for the plants and also aids in preventing huge q. How Ion i prevent silk thread from unwinding too rapidly on a sewing machine a. Place a Small piece of Felt Oil the spindle under the spool and the silk will not unwind so rapidly tighten nor break. Look Ano learn by a. C. Gordon 1. What two nights of the year Are exactly of the aame length in All Parte of the world 2. Who was the first Vic president of the United states 3. What is the largest Bird in North America \ Nam frs 3. September 2 2 and March 21 2. John Adams. 3. California Conder. Copyright. 1939, Esquire features inc. Modem etiquette by Robfrta Lee q. Should a woman after the death of her husband be addressed As a mrs. Mary Blank Quot or a a mrs James Blank Quot a. The Dath of the husband of a woman in no Way affects the name by which she is known. She continues to be a mrs. James Blank Quot q is it necessary for a Man to Rise when dining and another in a to stops at his table a it is not necessary when there is no great difference in age if the Man who tops is elderly. It is courteous for a Young Man to Rise. A ooh your Friend will like her Chuck. She a Brunette and has Long eyelashes and can whistle through her

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