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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Untreated cd can cause serious damage or death High Point Enterprise Friday March 22,1974 a cold Cream dates Back to Greece dear Ann i agree with your advice to the East coaster who had a bad Case of cd. However As a medical officer of a health department i think you should make it Clear that most local departments have the authority to enforce examination of friends with whom the infected person has been intimate. Only when people realize the importance of naming All their contacts do we stand a reasonable Chance of gaining control Over cd which has now reached epidemic proportions. Please Ann print this letter and urge cooperation. It is desperately needed. A Owen sound ont. Dear . I have repeatedly urged my readers who learn they have cd to cooperate with the health authorities and reveal the names of everyone with whom they have been intimate. Thank you for reminding me to do so again. Cd unless treated can cause serious and permanent damage a even death. Moreover an infected Perron who is unaware of it can spread the disease to an alarming number of unsuspecting victims. I repeat for he umpteenth time. If anyone who reads i column suspects that he or she has cd. Please go to your City or county health department at once. You will be examined and if necessary treated without charge. Your parents will not be notified regardless of your age. Thank the Good lord that Law has been changed and when the health officer asks you to name your contacts level with him. This is not finking on your friends. In fact you will be doing them an enormous favor. Dear Ann i noted with interest that we amp a a Reader asked you Flat out Bow you Felt about being called you made it abundantly Clear that you did t care for the handle. A recent poll revealed that Over 75 per cent of the women Between 20 and 40 who were asked the same question did t wish to be called either. So what a new any poll taker should know that a miss who becomes a mrs. Has something that a is. Probably does not have a and that a a husband. A Call me Madame dear Madame thanks for the fill in. I did t mean to imply that i see anything wrong with wanting to be called i believe if a woman signs herself she should be addressed that Way a but not until or unless. Dear Ann for 22 years we be financed everything under the Sun for my in Laws. They have never had the decency to say Quot the Check arrived a much less Quot thank there Are nine children in the family and my husband has assumed some responsibility for All of them. He has even gone to the Bank and borrowed Money on which he had to pay interest to help them out. From the Day we married his parents have had their hands in my husbands pockets. I am sick to death of it but he says he can to refuse them. His father had a stroke recently and when he Dies my husbands unearned guilt will probably triple and his Mother will lean on him even More. I know they Are All sick but what can i do if his Mother would just Tell him she loves him it would help but she a a cold fish and will never change. Of you print this you will make me very Happy. And Iti see to it that All twelve of them get a framed copy. A outnumbered dear out Here it is. Go get the frames. Cold Cream was discovered about 150 and by a greek physician. The original cold Cream formula consisted of a mixture of Olive Oil beeswax and water with Rose petals added for fragrance. Applied to the skin the water evaporated and produced a Cool feeling. This is probably the basis for the name Quot cold Quot the Basic formula was the prototype for All of today a skin creams both cosmetic and medicinal. However modern cosmetic cold creams and cleansing creams contain additional and refined ingredients and sometimes synthetic substitutes that make the creams much More pleasant and convenient to use. Today cold creams in their modern formulations Are still very much used for cleansing purposes and for lubrication. However for those who find the consistency of such creams too heavy there Are cleansing creams and special lubricating creams that Are lighter and thinner. Some cleansing creams Are applied to the skin and then rinsed off. Special creams for dry skin contain additional ingredients that replace oils lost in the process of washing. Those for oily skin Are designed to remove More of the natural oils than do products for Normal or dry skin. For people who prefer a liquid skin Cleanser perhaps because it spreads easily there Are creamy kinds which do not have a cold Cream base. The highly effective cleansing acts to break up dirt quickly and easily. Gentle emollients similar to those produced by the skin itself soften and protect skin and replace natural oils lost during washing. Many products sold As lubricating moisturizing dry skin and night creams Are basically variations of the Basic cold Cream for Mula but have been modified to provide skin softening rather than cleansing effects. They Are usually less Greasy too because they Are intended for use overnight or for several minutes or hours at a time rather than for application and removal immediately afterwards. Ify for Flowers you my Send with Pride Al Quot / let Nelson s be your guide Lovely Flowers from Holland South America Mexico California and Many regional area greenhouses. The freshest Flowers in town Quot scent with love Quot Helen amp Francis Nelson Nelson Florist amp decorator 311 n. Main St. A High Point a 883-1265 a 886-4901 2 some fat necessary for balanced diet by Laurence m. Hursh m. D. Fat is Beautiful of course it is. But i m not speaking of someone who is carrying around excess pounds. I am referring to fat in our food. We need it. It is essential nutritionally. And food would not taste very Good without it. Certainly there Are varying degrees of liking for fat. One person May prefer leaner meats than another. I May put More butter on my bread than you do. And none of us should overdo fat in our meals anymore than we should overdo other substances. Like Salt or Pepper or whatever. But the War against fat has been so relentless that some of us might believe it is a kind of Poison. Instead. I suggest you would not wish to eat a meal if it was anywhere near devoid of fat. Even the people who Tell you to fear cholesterol Only suggest about to per cent reduction in the average american s fat consumption. We supposedly on average consume meals that contain 40 per cent fat. The cholesterol theorists suggest a reduction to 35 per cent. Most nutritionists i believe agree this is a Good idea. The argument simply is whether there is any sense in eating less saturated fats and More polyunsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats Are As you probably know available from vegetable sources principally from Corn or safflower oils. During the past 50 years while the incidence of heart disease has increased the consumption of vegetable oils has gone up. During the same years saturated fats consumption has gone Down. So i Don t see a Corr Elary with heart disease that in turn should make you fear saturated Tats. As a matter of fact a researcher in the College of physicians and surgeons at Columbia University recently has advanced a new theory regarding cholesterol. Cholesterol As you know is one of the fatty substances that some researchers think May be related to heart disease. They cite statistics that individuals with High Levels of cholesterol in their blood have More heart attacks and strokes. Meanwhile or. Hans Kaunitz at Columbia suggests that cholesterol May be a Quot repair Quot substance. He says cholesterol occurs in Large amounts wherever there is a diseased Organ and repair processes Are going on. This he says May partly explain Why atherosclerotic lesions in arteries contain a High concentration of cholesterol. Well in my opinion the Best nutritional approach to total health is to eat a balanced diet chosen from a wide variety of foods. And you should not consume More calories than you need to main tam your Ideal weight. This May mean eating somewhat less fat. It could easily mean less sweets and starches less heavy gravies and perhaps a More sparing use of salad oils. So done to tear fats enjoy them with moderation. Besides taste and perhaps great benefits we done to yet know about fats give us Energy and the fat soluble vitamins a a e and k. Fats also Are part of the Structure of body cells. And they form protective cushions around vital organs. 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