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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina To your Good health�?1 Large plants answer to previous Puzzle questions about a tubal ligation by George c. Thosteson m. D. Dear or. Thosteson i would like to have a tubal ligation after i have my second child is it possible to have it done after the baby is born while i am still in the Hospital i am Only 22. Will a doctor refuse to do this so Young will the Hospital stay be any longer than the usual five Days How is this surgery done does it require any cutting of the skin at All a mrs. A. M. The tubes can be tied shortly after the baby is born and while you Are still in the Hospital. It will not prolong your stay at All. You Are pretty Young for sterilization and the doctor will doubtless consider your age a step such As this should be taken Only with the understanding that it is probably permanent and the doctor will have in mind that you have quite a few years ahead of you in which you might change your mind a when it will be too late. My guess is that most doctors would Tell you to use some other method of birth control at least for a number of years. As to cutting the skin a there has to be some cutting somewhere to get at the tubes to tie them. While the uterus is still somewhat enlarged after the baby a birth the tubes Are More accessible so an incision in the Abdomen would be the Likely method. Its not very big however. If your doctor agrees to do it at All he can Tell you what to expect. There is a technique by which the operation is performed through the Vagina hence leaving no visible scar but it is doubtful if that would be done right after delivery of a baby. Dear or. Thosteson i am wondering if i have anaemia. I freeze if i go out on a moderately cold Day say 50 degrees. Would a blood test give the answer a j. D. B. A blood test would show whether you have anaemia. Another Type of blood test would Tell whether you have a very rare condition which causes the blood to thicken from even rather mild chilling hence retarding circulation. Of course still other conditions besides those relating to the blood can be involved. Dear or. Thosteson i would like to will my body to science or some institution doing research and would appreciate it if you would Tell me where to write for information. A mrs. A. Write to the Dean of any medical College of your Choice a preferably of course one that is reasonably close to where you live. They la Tell you just what is required in the Way of forms Etc. Dear or. Thosteson is a Cataract operation serious i know it is much improved in recent years. I am 71 and nervous about the operation because i have a heart condition. Would this make it More serious i have been told it would not be a serious Strain on the heart. Is that Correct a r. W. No. Not serious in the sense of life threatening. But it is an important operation in the sense of restoring vision. The amount of tissue that is Dis Turbed is extremely Small the Lens of the Eye and this Means Only a very thin Burden on your physical system As compared say with an operation like removing your appendix or Gall bladder. And even those Are operations Well tolerated by the patient. Probably the greatest Strain on your heart would be that entailed in worrying about the operation a so Don t worry and you la come through excellently. Close to half a million Cataract operations Are being performed every year in the United states which should help you realize that it is not a dangerous operation. Unless properly treated both glaucoma and cataracts can Lead to blindness. If you Are afflicted with either of these ailments or know someone who is write to or. Thosteson in care of the High Point Enterprise for a copy of his helpful Booklet a cataracts and please enclose a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope and 25c in Coin to cover Cost of printing and handling. Or. Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Across i Shade tree 4 smear source tree 9 Mountain tree 12 americ an poet 1.1 Betel Palm 14 hurry Al ailing la flight of Steps 17 stray 18 it est Pointer 20 titles 22 Meadow 241.ion s Home 25 of Lebanon 28 newspaper official .12 harem room 1.1 theater sign 15 fuss la edges 18 ordinance Tab i 19 angers 40 tease 42 Small shrubs 44 Altitude i a 45 fish eggs 4hsuave 49 chocolate tree 51 tattered doth 54 feminine name 58 help 5 High card to manlike mechanical being by town Cornish prefix i 62 stain i sword i v a. I b4 office of Siatt git services i a i Down 1 Type of poem 2 Cirl s name i pinochle term 4 conquer 5 Talent h Green vegetable 7 Landing Craft infantry lab i 8 merited 9 w Arning newspaper Enterprise Assn ni6 Ojo l. A a l. T a o l d a a b a a q a ter i l w is i i i l3 i a v r d w a w i t m s i v 4 o to a p is pc. M a Cai v t _ o w q m pc a r it f Quot to b o w so m a it a o 77 t s t a v <3 m o in n to v i ask Andy High Point Enterprise Friday March 22,1974 7b Hiim sound ii Antarctic sea to forefather 14 Railroad a i la that girls 17 masculine 19 highest note nickname of Gamut 19 thought 21 cuckoo 41 Berry bearing Blackbird shrubs 23 classify 41 find 24 Redwood 46 kind of Nail radar tree 47 Lake lace 25 corporation 4r Askew a a i 50 roman 26 statesman Adams 51 alterations 27 harriers in 52 poems River 55 atm an worm 29 biblical Weed 56 recede 30 River to Baltic 57 negative sea conjunction i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 to 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 a i a 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 i 28 29 30 31 32 a 33 34 by 35 36 in i 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 i Jacoby on Bridge Bridge Holdup is no crime by Oswald amp James Jacoby in spite of All the violent crime we read about today the Holdup at the Bridge table is not Only perfectly Legal but it has the approval of All successful players. South analyses the opening Lead and notes that West has led the danger suit. Any other opening would have Given South time to Knock out both enemy aces and make sure of scoring at least nine tricks. As it is the defense can set up heart winners against him. South can Knock out the Diamond Ace and come to nine tricks with a successful club finesse but he sees a much better play. He can make his contract if hearts nok the q 7 v 842 a q 1072 a a k to 4 Vav St a 9 4 9 a a 10 9 7 a 853 a 76 South d a kj8 f ak3 a k j 64 a j 95 22 East 4 106532 v 65 a a9 a q 8 3 2 break 4-3 in which Case he will lose just two hearts and two aces or he can make it against any heart division unless both aces Are in the hand with the Long hearts. Therefore. South should let West hold that first trick. West can do no better than continue the suit. South wins and then goes after diamonds. East takes his Ace and can t find a heart to Lead Back and South has time to Knock out the Ace of Spades. Eventually South tries the club finesse in an Effort to score an Over trick. Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Emmerson James Bader age la of Medicine hat Alberta Canada for his question How does a Snake shed his skin not so Long ago Andy explained when and How snakes of the wilds do their shedding. Since then he has received Many questions from persons who own pet snakes and wish to make the shedding process easier. As usual the question from Only one pen pal can be selected and answered in the column. So please done to feel neglected if your question was not chosen. Please try again and this time please clip out the column to be consulted when shedding time arrives for your own pet Snake. A person needs arms to wriggle out of a sweater and hands to Peel off his pants. When a Snake Sheds his skin the operation is rather like removing a tight one piece garment a with no help from hands or arms. Obviously the task is a very difficult one but from time to time it must be done. In the wilds shedding is quite risky and Many a Snake loses his life during the process. However when you know How it s done you can help your pet Snake safely through his ordeal. Since a Snake lives so close to the ground naturally his skin gets a lot of Wear and tear. His True skin is thick and durable scaly and usually marked with a handsome pattern. This True skin is protected by a paper thin epidermis of dead cells. His epidermis fits his entire body somewhat like a tight stocking from his Chin to the tip of his Tail. It even covers his Glassy eyes. As he slides and glides on Sandy gravel through rough grasses this thin tight top coat gets scuffed and scratched. From time to time it must be replaced with a new one. A pct Snake needs to shed less often than his wild Kinfolk who do More crawling Over rough terrain. However he needs a new epidermis about once a year usually in Early Spring or late summer. As a Rule you can Tell when his shedding time is near. He tends to lose his appetite and become Lazier than usual. He also tends to feel a bit Cranky. This miserable mood comes upon him while his body is growing a new epidermis under the old one. You will notice that his old epidermis becomes dry and Dull. His eyes Are blurred and so is the handsome pattern of his True skin. Actually the epidermis is tight and scratchy a which explains Why he feels miserable and a bit irritable. But at last the new epidermis is Complete and he is ready to shed the old one. He starts the difficult operation by rubbing his head against some hard rough object. So make sure to place several stones in his terrarium. As he rubs his head he manages to loosen the old epidermis from around his lips. With More rubbing and wriggling he gets the dry old skin Back Over his head whew now he can see again. After a Short rest he rubs and wriggles the old skin Inch by Inch toward his Tail. Movie ratings for parents and Young people a if int i g All Ages admitted gun tool Aud Ltd it to it All Ages admitted pm r Sot # to i la Moy not Vert Oil a or 9# not 4 restricted Der \ f Roqu it a it or it or adult Guold of a x no oni under 17 admitted a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a in d cd 36 us ram is an o or Quot Moum a stun com of Sik rom or the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise a Woody Allen k4 tak pc a i nostalgic look ii at the future. 1�?~woody ii Calliel ii 131306 i Keaton ii Ltd Leeper Martin twin i 1801 of Chester or /885 0097 7 00 amp 9 00 . 4th big week a blast dad Fps out Walt Disney i productions a ii technicolor g c it i i do Quot flout to Oil Martin twins 1801 Westchester dr./885 0w7 i . Wilt Clint Zimt tinny tonight at 7 00 . Ladies amp gentlemen the terror circus is in town 1st run in area at 8 . Orive int Nemri in 883 9227 47 West pass pass neither vulnerable North East 3n.t. Pass South int. Pass opening Lead a Vas us a inflight Cine theatre a Zaire shopping Center -2200 Westchester drive a phone 885-4427 the Way warn be we bib is the Best love Story of the year a Joseph Gelmis news Day shows Tri. 7 05 amp 9 15 Sot. I Sun. 2 45 4 55 7 05 9 15 enter Aana l h a dragon Birl item Isth s he clobbers the mob As Buick Belt Jones when Scorpio a amt in therm it no plate Tams Burt Lancaster Alain Delon pm on Brot starts at dusk a warn communal Al no company vanishing indians the Haida indians were the Vikings of North americans West coast trading and raiding in 50-foot-Long canoes. Settlers brought european diseases that decimated the tribe and today Only 1.500 live on the Queen Charlotte islands off British Columbia. One if a Lii most popular pictures of our Limo Billy Jack r a Jim toe barn Rinner theatre with his York ast on the magic Stagis Star pm Ltd trill near Kir Patt rata valiant dial 111-7414 on 7 nights Uch Wiik sunday night special 8�?o per person Dinnar 7 00 . Show 1 30 . Now playing Quot last of Thi rid hot lovers a comedy in. One of the Best adventure movies of the year a it is the sort of movie Hollywood supposedly does no to make any More. Papillon is the escapist movie we used to 60 see on saturday night. A Vincent Canby. A York Timet Tom Laughlin a Delores Taylor Monk a sew Fri it Frank to of of a cams Una a Prat cae n Marosi Sohi a 0�ac<ta a i Cwik a National Slu Danl film mordant on pret Clian the Chol zoloft pm Caia it a of Arar tit my a a a a a a a a o a wit Ctm Miili Cameau held Over High Point wont lot Billy Jack go Center theatre no passes no Guist admission tickets Showtime 1 00 3 00 5 00 7 00 9 00 Allied artists times 6 15 9 15 a papillon a the film packs excitement and tension. Mcqueen and Hoffman Are both Cue Magazine Aure Musi Steve Dustin Mcqueen hour Man ii it i u Pupillo Jig Cha Victor Jory Don Gordon Anthony Zerbe in Richmond Robert Dorfmann Franklin j. Schaffner Dalton Trumbo Lorenzo Semple or. To Henri Barriere. Jerry Goldsmith Franklin j Schaffner pan vision technicolor of Jai sound track on Capitol records

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