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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 10a High Point Enterprise Friday March 22,1974 homosexuals alcoholics identified violent weather stigmas by military eliminated kills 7 by Mike Shanahan a military w Riter Washington a the defense department is about to abolish a controversial code that allowed employers to identify alleged homosexuals alcoholics or drug users even though they received honorable discharges from service. Pentagon sources say Secretary of defense James r. Schlesinger has the papers on his desk abolishing separation program designators As the code numbers Are called. Officials said they have no doubt he will sign them perhaps today. There has been considerable pressure from Capitol Hill and elsewhere to abolish the system under which a commanding officer can indicate that a departing Serviceman wet his bed. Had financial problems misused Rex Curtis and car equipped with Windmill Windmill batteries used to operate car a wire photo Springdale Ark apr Rex Curtis of Springdale and four Oklahoma men have developed a car they say could help solve the fuel shortage. Their slogan is a we go when the wind the electric car. Which the men said will be ready for trial runs in about 45 Days will use a Windmill to charge batteries. They gave these details when the Driver Parks for any length of time while the wind is blowing he will pull a lever and a Windmill will pop up on top of the car. It will operate a Generator to charge the batteries. A Small electric motor will retract the Windmill when not in use. A Small lightweight gasoline engine will charge batteries while the car is being driven or when the wind is not blowing. The car should be Able to go about 50 Miles without a recharge at speeds of 30 to 50 Miles per hour. Curtis and his co designers said. Curtis said he and his col leagues plan to manufacture the pop up windmills to be sold with motors and All other accessories required to convert any Small compact car to an electric car. The Oklahoma men involved in the venture Are Everett Wellman of Oklahoma City a mechanical Engineer William r. Avey of Oklahoma City owner of a tool and grinding service Rex Carmichael of Yukon an automobile dealer and body shop owner and Marvin Mclnnis of Oklahoma City head of an engineering firm. Geological fault located under nuclear Power Plant Louisa a. Apr a geologist has told an atomic Energy commission panel that there is Little Chance that a geological fault under the North Anna nuclear Power station would move but added he was a concerned because a fault remains a zone of or. John Funkhouser who first identified the North Anna fault in 1970. Expressed grave doubts a written statement received by the atomic Energy commission safety and licensing Board hearing thursday. Only three of the 25 speakers testifying at thursday s hearing in Louisa favored the North Anna station being constructed by Virginia electric amp Power co. The hearing is being held in an Effort to determine if the North Anna site is still acceptable to the now that a geologic fault has been found under the site. Funkhouser said when he first visited the reactor site feb 23, 1970. Quot my responses were a series of us poses. I could not believe that Repco was knowingly siting a nuclear reactor astride a the geologist a professor at Petersburg s John Tyler Community College said the site had been a poorly planned researched and supervised. Quot there have been times i have wondered if conclusions had not been furnished to Repco s geologic consultants with the expectation confused a worried a a upset a a i j a in Contact a phone us a j 882-8121 they would find corroborating data Quot he said Many of the opponents not Only were against the siting of the $1 billion North Anna station atop a geological fault but also nuclear Energy in general. But John b Farmakides Board chairman said the panel s function was Quot to Settle disputes on whether this Plant is being built and operated in conformity with atomic Energy commission regulations Quot not to debate the Good or evil of nuclear Power. Those favouring the Power station All were Louisa county officials. Louisa county administrator Dean Agee told the Board that the Power Plant had the backing of the county Board of supervisors. And Robert Whitlock county planning commission chairman said the Plant s construction Quot has been and will continue to be of great economic Benefit to Louisa county. Quot i have full Confidence that the atomic Energy commission will demand adequate safeguards both during construction and operation and will protect the Public safety a Whitlock said but others were not so confident of the a eco a guardian role Quot what we wonder How employees justify their salaries to their said Deborah Wyatt a Louisa school teacher. A the dec farce much As this hearing at considerable taxpayers expense is a farce when the decisions Are predetermined. For you know what is right and it Means nothing to drugs or alcohol or had other difficulties making him unsuitable for military service. Pentagon officials had defended the system As necessary for the 88 per cent of servicemen discharged routinely. They were said to need the codes to prove in effect that they received a Good recommendation from their former military service. It is the other 12 per cent who concerned congressional critics like rep. Edward Koch. Any. He said this week that employers frequently misused the code by obtaining corresponding numbers for each reason for unsuitable discharge. Koch and a number of congressional investigators have found misuse of the code although it is Pentagon policy to keep it out of private hands. In recent months parts of the code and reasons for unsuitable discharges have been published in various newspapers. Although a Serviceman might have received an honorable discharge the code on his papers indicates the reason for the discharge including different kinds of aberration Al behaviour. That adds up to an Quot invasion of privacy for a Veteran with a prejudicial discharge number even though Only the sex Serviceman is supposed to be told the reasons for his discharge Koch says. Under a new system to go into effect by the end of june the code will be abolished and replaced with a written description of the reason for discharge available Only on the specific request of the Veteran. Without a numerical code no one but the Veteran will be Able to Tell a potential employer or anyone else the reason for discharge. The hundreds of thousands of sex servicemen discharged in the Post Vietnam Era with prejudicial code numbers would be permitted to ask for new discharge papers void of any indication Why they left military service. Water weight problem use a Pel excess water in the body Doe to build up of premenstrual period can be uncomfortable mild diuretic will help you lose excess body water weight. Only s3 of. We recommend it. A a Eckerd drugs i by the associated press a mass of sub freezing air flowed southward Over Dixie today following a path cleared thursday by a rapidly moving front which touched off violent weather and left at least seven persons dead and scores injured. Below freezing temperatures were expected to. Be widespread Over Tennessee and the Northern portions of Mississippi Alabama and Georgia by Daylight on the second full Day of Spring. The National weather service said the cold would persist for at least 24 hours and then moderate by saturday. The weather service said thursday s violent weather was caused by the leading Edge of the cold which formed a Squall line extending 1, 000 Miles from Virginia to Georgia and then West to Louisiana. Winds reached up to too Miles per hour at Columbus ga., where a meteorologist with the weather service said Quot it s the strongest wind 1 be Ever seen in the Continental United states. In Natchitoches in Northern Louisiana a Tornado roared through a 40-Block residential area leaving what a police officer called a a mass of mayor Ray Scott called it the worst disaster in the City a history. Fred Cutrer 69. Of Natchitoches suffered a fatal heart attack while seeking shelter under a Bridge. A Man identified Only As Chubby Mcferrin was killed when q building collapsed while he played Pool in Ebarb. Another Northern Louisiana Community hit by a twister. Four persons died in storm related accidents in Georgia where David Barnes of the National weather service in Atlanta said the violent weather was the worst of its Type he has Ever seen. Television log pcs experimenting with satellite i Ford Grubby a Ford 1-40 amp Hwy. 66 Kernersville . A Rita car As Low As $5 a Day Small we do things a could t do big 273-7438 now More than a dozen suites to select from we re giving Early Bird prices right nov so a Quot or Whirlpool no. Central air conditioners Hunter heating amp air conditioning phone 882-3366 Sleeper sofas discount priced from m39. To �?~299. Opens to full silo Bod bunk Beds from �?~57.50 lamp tables from i 4.50 platform rockers from 45. Love Soots from 39. Sofas from 89to 299. Choirs from 19l. �?~89. Book casts from 12to 49. Swivel rockers from 29to 69. Odd dressers from 59. Odd chests from 39. Recliners from 39. Lamps from s8.to 49. Odd Beds from 24. By. Apr. Or mattress from 28. Dixie amp Young Hinkle bedrooms 345. To 695. Discount prices direct furniture warehouse amp clearance Center 1605 Bradley place 13 22 4 by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York a the Public Broad a casting service is running a unique television Experiment that a literally out of this world. And it could radically change the Way pcs stations get National programs. The Agency is using a Canadian satellite to relay to shows from Canada to selected pub stations hooked up to a Mobile ground terminal. The stations 18 in All Are in the Northeast and Midwest. None of the programs Are rebroadcast. The Experiment which began at Weta in Washington d.c., feb. 19 and will end May 3 at Din in Des Moines Iowa Only Aims at checking the Quality of the satellite signal at the various locations. The test was ordered in january As part of a study on the use of a satellite As a possible alternative method of linking pm so 244 stations. The stations like their commercial network counterparts now get most of their National programs Over costly land lines. The Canadian satellite transmission system in operation since Early 1973, is be ing used because the first . Domestic satellite won t go into operation until this summer pcs officials say. The ground terminal a 25-foot Dis shaped Antenna mounted on a Van is being shifted from station to station for the test. Today its scheduled to be at wed in Hartford Conn. But if the satellite system is adopted. Pcs officials say they a probably try to get a ground terminal installed at each Public to station or at the Headquarters of state Public to networks. How s the Quality of the satellite signal so far Quot very Good bearing in mind the satellite is beamed toward Canada and not the ., says John Ball a pcs engineering executive who is overseeing the satellite study. If pcs adopted the system How Long would i be before Public to stations get their shows by satellite Quot it s conceivable that we could be on a satellite in three or four years depending on How fast the pcs Board wanted to go and whether it was economically attractive or not Quot Ball said 4 �?~2 i hi>lt.4-nsh�r� j it ,0 Roanoke Burion. ?. Ltd a. To 00 . 4 2 news weather sports 3 news i observing Eye 8 Abc news 48> eyewitness news 14 6 o clock news 12 news 8 30 . 42 43 lbs news i zoom 4 8 anything you can do 8 in 12 Abc news 7 90 . 42 beat the clock 4 3 lbs news 4 i you the deaf 4 8 to truth or consequences 8 to Tell the truth 12 what a my line9 7 30 . 4 2 Tarzan 3 Good times i . People 48 Lassie 4 8 Sanford and son 41 la 12 to Tell the truth 3 00 . 13 dirty Sally i w Ashington week 18 the Brady Bunch 18 i la 112 the red Pony 8 30 . 3 Ozzie girls i i no this week in j. Cousteau special tonight / 8 30 Jacques Cousteau Quot blizzard at. Hope Bay Quot 8 00 . 2x81 movie i humanities film forum 8 30 pm.8 the Odd couple 10 00 . 8 Toma 8 Hee Haw 10 12 Dean Martin 11 00 . 2 3 news 8 news 8 11 12 news weather sports 11 30 . 2 3 late movie 8 Abc entertainment 8 i0 i2 tonight ugh pts a nil Market samples at Low discount prices just received entire Sample line Spanish amp Mediterranean Barwick bedroom suites regular retail 395. To 595. $288. To $395. 8 30 \.m. To now 7 00 -%.m. 3 the Happy Jester 8 Popeye to insight 12 Arthur Smith 7 30 %.m. 2 3 Bailey a comets 8 capt. Noah 8 Stop look listen to Bidville 12 circus 8 00 \.m. 2 3 hair Bear Bunch 8 bugs Bunny 8 12 Bidville to vision on 8 30 %.m. 2 3 Sabrina 8 yogis gang 8 10 12 Adams family 8 00 %.m. 2 3 Scrooby Doo 8 super friends 8 to 12 emergency plus 8 30 \.m. 8 Fox 12 Inch High 10 00 \.m. 2 3 my favorite Martian 8 it lassies Rescue rangers 8 10 12 Sigmund and. 10 30 %.m. 2 3 Jeanne 8 Goober 8x10x12 Pink Panther i 1 00 \.m. 2 3 Speed buggy 8 the Brady kids it 8 i la x 12 Star trek 11 30 %.m. 12 3 Josie amp the pussycats 8 Mission magic 8 110 112 Butch Cassidy 12 noun it 2 x 3 pebbles a bamm bamm 8 superstar 4 8 x 10 112 the Jetson 12 30 . 42 Aba this week <3 wrestling 8 eyewitness report Fox 12 go 1 00 . 12 4 3 nit basketball 8 bandstand 8 i0 i2 Mcaa 2 00 . 8 soul train 3 00 . 8 country place 3 30 . 8 Wellborn Bros. I . 18 Nashville music 1 30 . It 8 Porter w Wagoner 3 . To 2 survival 3 gun smoke 18 wide world of sports 8 to 12 heritage Golf 3 30 . 2 dirty Sally capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 . 8 Lassie Quot Mustang a part i. Accompanying Garth Holden and Dale Mitchell into the wild country around the Holden ranch Lassie witnesses the awesome sight of a Herd of wild horses and becomes an involved observer Between a Chestnut and a White stallion. 12 to Tell the truth a the panel seeks the real Kofi Wayo a native of a Small african Village who hitchhiked across Africa and Europe to meet the american pen pal and the True David Hendin author of Quot death As a fact of 8 . 8 the Brady Bunch a a radios Johnny Greg is picked to become a Rock Star when he and the kids try out for an Amateur show on television. 12 the red Pony Henry Fonda and Maureen. Of Hara Star in a to adaptation of John Steinbeck a Short novel. The movie tells of a rugged rancher s struggle to keep his ranch going and his determination to make a Man out of his son 8 30 . 8 Jacques Cousteau a Quot the blizzard at Hope Cousteau and his Crew Are exploring in Antarctica. The exploration becomes a fight for survival after the ship becomes disabled in a severe snowstorm. 9 30 . 8 the Odd couple a one for the Felix can to stand Quot Playboy Quot Magazine. The reason a his wife s onetime career As a Bunny. Hugh Hefner guest stars. To . 8 Toma Quot Joey the weep a with guest stars Jack Kelly and Art Metrano. A troubled newsman accompanies Dave in the investigation of the murder of a Mutual Friend named Joey a Small time Bookie known to be 11 30 . 2 late movie a scream and scream again a with Vincent Price. A Brilliant american pathologist seeks to link the rape and murder of a Young girl the disappearance of a promising athlete and the murder of a noted politician. 8 Abc entertainment a Quot the screaming Skull a with David m c c a11 u in Vincent Gardenia and Carne Nye a new adaptation of a ghost Story by f. Marion Crawford which depicts the grisly revenge of murder victim Helen Pratt on her husband who committed the crime and on his brother who suggested the horrible method. Daily just behind quilt shop store bldg. At 10 00 to 5 30 Corner of Ward amp Prospect its. Saturday 9 30 to 5 read the Enterprise classified ads

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