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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 17, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise. Wednesday Marc h 17, 1976 3l gardening in a Container the quaint old fashioned technique of arranging Prim neat Little rows of potted plants on windowsills has Given Way to massive gardens of breath taking hanging plants and Container gardens today dramatic and decorative plants Are hanging from All sorts of containers beautifying otherwise Plain areas everywhere in the Home. About the Only thing you have to be careful with in hanging plants is to make sure they get enough water since hanging plants dry out More quickly than those on ground level and to make sure you be taken care of the drainage if your hanging Container has no drainage Hole on the Bottom place a handful of gravel or pieces of broken crockery under the soil to ensure proper drainage. And if your Container does have a drainage Hole it would be Wise to put a Glass pie plate under it to catch the water or your floor will do the Job there Are various methods of hanging decorative plants. Described in a the facts of Light Quot but one particularly Good idea is to use a Pulley pulleys add a great Deal of flexibility to your indoor Garden. Not Only do they let you raise or lower the plants for More or less Light but they help you Garden As Well. With a Pulley you can lower your Plant for convenient water mag. Misting and grooming. For a lavish display use a Large Pulley with a Long bar or Square Frame from which several plants can be Hung in staggering positions. With this technique one simple operation permits you to raise or lower an entire Garden at one time for those who like to stick to the simple stuff use one Pulley for each Plant. Simply decide where you want your Plant to hang then put a Pulley in the ceiling above products of a Kitchen Farmers Kitchen seed and sprout gardens easy cheap you can have a tiny valuable farm in your own Kitchen a with sprouts and seeds. Your Quot crops Quot will require very Little space and will flourish Independent of the outside weather. Produce can be harvested daily with Servings costing less than one cent each. Inexpensive and very easy to grow seeds and sprouts Are As nutritious As meat and As Rich in Vitamin As fresh fruit. The overflowing Vitamin Content of the seed is increased even further with sprouting a Vitamin can increase As much As 500 percent and Vitamin b2 1,300 percent. Folic acid niacin Riboflavin and per idol also increase dramatically while vitamins a a and k go up in varying degrees. Basically this is the Way it works fats and starches Are converted into vitamins simple sugars and proteins As they absorb air and water. It s really an excellent Way of multiplying vitamins. To be More specific seeds Are divided into two Basic parts a the embryo and the endosperm. When conditions Are right for sprouting a warmth moisture and air a the embryo feeds upon the endosperm until it roots sink into the soil and the Little leaves open during sprouting the inactive endosperm is converted into readily available nutrients. When you Harvest the crop after the endosperm has been turned into vitamins enzymes and amino acids a but before the embryo consumes the nourishment a you la have the Best nutritional food available. How to do it when selecting your seeds be particularly careful to select new crop varieties. Favourites include Corn clovers celery lettuce Mustard Parsley peanuts onions Oats radishes beets and Sunflower. Choose clean whole seeds and keep Iii mind that those earmarked for outside gardens Are frequently pretreated and Are unsuitable for growth in water seeds which Are Best for eating can be found in grocery livestock feed and health food stores. Most people find sprouting in a Jar to be the Best and easiest technique. To do it that Way. All you need is a Mason Jar to fit in the Mason screw ring. Nylon mesh can also be used but it s less effective. Then place two Tablespoons per quart Jar of whichever seed you choose in the Mason Jar. Fill it with water and soak overnight the seeds which float on top of the water Are probably hollow and should be thrown after the remaining seeds Are thoroughly soaked Drain them through the screen lid and put the Jar into a dark cupboard. Repeat this process about two to three times daily until Nice sprouts form wheat or other Grain seeds can be sprouted in a Little planter of soil let the sprouts grow four to five inches High. Then Harvest with a scissors. The Bottom part is usually too bitter for most tastes but you can try it for yourself. And Tor even More nutrition if you let sprouts sit briefly in the Sun chlorophyll will be produced in the Leafy portion to act As a kind of blood Booster. That s All there is to it q we have some very Large Over grown azaleas. When should they be pruned Back or. W c., Beulaville a. Prune azaleas to shape and desired size while they re in Bloom or immediately after Flowers fade. If you Cut Back while in Bloom arrange Cut branches in water to enjoy indoors. Henry j. Smith Extension landscape Horticulturist fertilizer a feed a seed 10-10-10 fertilizer $3.10 201 w. Springdale behind Rose s main 50 la. Bag Lime 85c 50 ill lbs 882-1619 introducing Scotts new turf builder this Brand new formula is made Especial for lawns in this arca los High Nitro in Content makes grass Crow Greener and thicker. And it keeps it that Way for weeks and weeks thanks to the special patented was it s made. New ii i Bun dlr lets you Stop worrying about burning the grass too just use it As directed. Its clean lightweight. Free flowing granules will give you a Law n to be proud of. For professional Lawn care advice see your authorized retailer High pointhardware239 s. Main St. Phone 882-3327 do not Plant a Garden until you have read the following do you know Oil the Basic gardening information. Do you Hove a Complete easy to read reference guide to take you through your entire gardening plan. To grow those Juicy fruits pretty Flowers and Green lawns Check these Complete Garden guides soon or see our Complete selection to be sure you Are getting the right Book for your particular needs. Lawns and ground covers from the time Lite Sci it s. Easy to follow instructions covering every aspect of successful growth and easy maintenance of lawns. Iii. 7 95 Complete Book of growing plants from seeds Elda Haring s detailed reference guide on Trees shrubs vines houseplants vegetables and Flowers Iii 4 95 making vegetables grow by Thalassa Cruso precisely everything you have to do and Why easy reference with charts lists and drawings 8 95 Westchester mall mail orders add 4% sales tax also 55 postage out of City delivery witchers landscaping service inc. Yard grading amp seeding shrubbery planting driveways patios Walls that spot. Next place a Cleat in a convenient location on a nearby Wall where you can tic your rope to Anchor the Pulley. That s All there is to it. But you must realize that with this method your plants Are sure to have their ups and Downs _ phone 454-2744 3211 Dillon re. Jamestown i 27282 gasoline Weed eater v trimmer this big Job trimmer cuts close with rapidly pm my Nylon line it has a 3 he engine for plenty of cutting Dower a Vav eve a i is a he registered trademark of Weed eaters inc electric rider the electric 96 is quiet and Carefree three 12-Volt batteries can be recharged from a 115-v outlet cuts about one acre of Lawn per charge 6-hp Riding Mower contoured styling encloses the engine for a quiet ode five Speed transmission wide 30-Mch Mower with adjustable cutting height 1 to 4 inches 8-hp rider with rear Bagger the 68 rider with a 30-Inch Mower can use a grass bagging attachment that mounts behind the rider for greater Maneule ability and close a trimming rotary tillers select a 3�?T or 6-hp Tiller for deep Fine seedbeds Turbo tines mix and mulch to 7-Mch depth 13 to 24 Inch widths reverse gear backs away from fences rotary mowers choose from 18 and 20-Inch widths Handlebar mounted to deck and engine for a firm feel cutting chamber designed for clean even mowing grass bag is optional Liulin in 8-hp tractor John Deere 100 has a 34-Inch Mower 3 Speed drive with Neutral Start for safety padded seat and enclosed engine for a quiet ride Lawn and Garden tractors Choice of Power sizes 8 to 19 9 he engine is enclosed for a really quiet ride color coded controls Are easy to use parts and service see us for reliable service we carry a Large Stock of genuine John Deere parts for Quick service by our staff of experienced mechanics we re also connected to f l a s h a computerized system that locates any part anywhere in the country and gets it Here fast come in and see for yourself North state tractor .4215 Summit ave. Greensboro hours 8-5 daily a 8-12 sat. Immediate financing available we Trade 621-0855 Greensboro

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