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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 17, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Ski. High Point Enterprise wednesday March it 1878 water key to Plant health Pool c an cause Lawn problem owning swimming Pool moans Lawn problems an Active family with equally Active friends splashing diving and swimming in the backyard Pool can he Tough on he grass and nearby plants the Best advice is to plan wisely to avoid the heartache it watching plants suffer either from Over chlorination or i rom the More serious malady the a under Chelate a disease there Aie a couple of Genet Al tips which the Pool owner or the Homeowner about to become a Pool owner should consider Kern ing is a requirement Tor a residential Pool according to the National swimming Pool Institute a new a a it different Breed of tractor j Noma triads largest Lawn i Garden quip. Dealer look at to Nisi features a is he engine a 3 feint hitch Erent Ana rear a electric lift prent and rear a fun Iran hydrostatic transmission a 30&Quot crop clearance "triad1 a target Lawn and Garden equipment dealer Quot Cunt farm Supply 4310 Summit ave. Re. 31-4331 parts sahs Havice Winch includes a four fool Lance in its minimum suggested standards Mil and comfy the key Nhim Points out ii to select an open Fence design which will allow air to pass gently through to Cool poolside Sun worshippers but which will prevent airborne litter and debris from blowing through and falling in the Pool another Good suggestion is to allow enough deck space. At least three feet along one Side of the Pool for Leisure furniture arrangements the deck will also a scrub the feet of bathers who have walked across grass or Dusty areas on their Way to the Pool bees and bathing suits never Nils Well either so it is Best to keep Flowers and most Bushes far Back from poolside and poolside recreation areas choosing carefully selection of grass is import Tant too some varieties Are Hardy and will thrive under the Adverse circumstances of being dripped and stepped on by Well meaning but careless swimming guests selection from the varieties available depends upon the actual soil conditions hut grass which can be Cut at an Inch More More in height will help considerably in keeping debris out of the Pool despite these general rules there Are still a number of methods of avoiding a Stark and naked appearance of a Pool set aside from the mainstream of landscaping the deck for example can be an area of added interest and attraction if com plated Iii coloured and or a textured Concrete treated Wood whoever called water the a a hazardous necessity knew exactly what he was talking about though plants need water to live and thrive too much or too Little of life giving liquid can do As much harm As Good. And chances Are about nine to one that if you show any ailing Plant be it a Shrub tree Herb Flower vegetable Etc a to a Plant doctor the diagnosis will be either a too much water a a too Little Quot or a bad water ing habits a a fertilizer essential to Lawn a Good fertilisation and Liming program will do More toward getting and keep ing a Lawn to be proud of than any other management practice according to the Fertile Institute Washington. Do fertilisation is an essential part it an Overall management program including proper mowing irrigation or water control Weed and thatch control and insect and disease Protection for proper growth grass plants require adequate supplies of Many nutrients some in minute quantities bul Calcium nitrogen phosphorus i phosphate and potassium in relatively Large quantities Are essential Calcium is necessary for cell and Root formation and general Plant vigor in addition Calcium in Limestone increases the availability of Plant nutrients and the activity of soil microorganisms through its effect on soil reaction t acidity or alkalinity of the soil. Nitrogen is necessary for general growth and for Good Green color phosphorus helps develop deep healthy roots potassium is vital to Many Plant physiological processes and promotes Dis ease resistance and hardiness a properly fed Lawn is better Able to withstand drought has less weeds is More resistant to insect and disease injury and has a pleasing Green color w my Lawn a fescue and Bluegrass has had a fungus for the past three years called a Brown Patch what can i do n m. Haleigh a do not Fertilise too heavily and do not fertilize Atter May in the Raleigh area do not water fescue during the summer Cut the grass regularly reseed dead areas during september As a last resort use a fungicide such As Pac Onil 27h7 every to to 14 Days starting when the disease first appears and continuing until late August. The Plant doctor of course would he quite Correct in his analysis and More often than not the problem would be too much water which is particularly dangerous although Plant roots must have moisture to survive they also need air and they have to move around freely to bring oxygen and to remove Carbon dioxide of ail the air spaces in the soil Are filled with water Root growth will atop and the longer the air la out off the greater the damage will be vulnerability damaged Root have a very poor defense against rot causing soil organisms so the Plant will die of Root rot under Thole condition on the other hand you must be sure to give your plants enough water because severe problems can also result form a Lack of the magnificent Hio Strain of a a stress gardening expert have a useful word to describe the effects of the Lack of water in general a b s a stress a a the Plant that does i get enough water la under constant stress. As the moisture Supply in the soil decreases the Plant must work harder and harder water stress progressive process from slight to s a going severe As your Plant dries out for example it become More and More open to the it exx of insect damage of All kind a Well a Many other disease know your soil the Gardener with Good watering habit learns to apply water according to the nature of the soil you can give your Plant just enough a and not too much a by making sure the interval Between water holding capacity Beeson hardware Stop by Beeson hardware tomorrow and Savo on All your Lawn and Pardon supplies Yard rakes shovels sprays Hose mowers grass shears wheel Barrows Weed killers fertilizer Lawn sprinklers Garden tillers Garden hoes Yard carts grass seed pruning shears hedge shears Lawn mowers agricultural Lime fertilizer spreaders a seeders Beeson hardware muh. Stom 314 n. Main a 888-21bl wamh0u8i 308 i. Moad St a 115-2173 we have a Large selection of a Stone deaf Quot plants. These plants do not 4 require exotic music to stimulate them. Just a kindly word and a pleasant smile Quot brings them on Quot. Think of the savings. Plants that require music Are generally neurotic to begin with and sooner or later will need psychiatric care. Our plants Are Well oriented and know what its All about. Thay Are Happy to please and so Are we. Try a few you la like pm. We hilv6 app1 Trees. Pear tree Cherry Trees and Plum Trees Bunch grapes sep Fernung grapes raspberries blueberries strawberries and Brown Turkey figs we we we we we we we we we we we we have asparagus potatoes rhubarb onion plants and seed lid up Beans Letobar Beans pole Beans Lima Beans Iaci v c anti t.afct0 Beans he up Green peas june peas salad peas Snow peas Sweet peas Bush peas running peas and butter peas to n Trp Heel seed radish seed Squash seed okra seed Carrot Uci pc a pm lettuce seed Cucumber seed Cantaloupe seed and Watermelon tied hot up turnip Mustard kale rape Rutabaga tender Green and aau v v dandelion seed have malathion Levin Hammon lindane Isotow to Laphene w v Rny Dan chlordane Volck Oil and nicotine sulphate t13vg Bordeaux be late Beno myl mane Captan Haltan Lime Sulphur and Devon. To o up Bird repellent Rabbit repellent Deer repellent Cal Ald v v re a an anti dog repellent hop Wrenn Bouses Chickadee houses Bluebird houses v a a Ritj juried Bird feeders have Basket it Gold Candy tuft Thrift Phlox Delphinium painted daisies Sweet William carnations Feverfew Shasta daisies Gar Bara daisies Dianthus pinks primroses foxglove lid avg miniature roses hosta poppies Day lilies crepe Myrtle japanese quince Lar inn geraniums and begonias la Ripe Hoirup Canna bulbs Dahlia bulbs tuberose peruvian Daf lid pc Fuji bulbs anemones and hanging baskets Multi Flora arid a Amelia Type begonias own a Garden equipment Sale Dirden tillers a Niv i Oto Choom prom Winston Toro Cicioni 4 a i horsepower All 10% off save on these Lawn a Garden tools All Garden tools 10% off also Sii our Complete selection of electric Yaro tools who eaters Gardin Hoh hand tools and Mori Southland apply co. 711 Ortts Boft and phone 9190146

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