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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Stories sports games lit boys and girls Page \1 crafts jokes \ u puzzles n Oast guard aviators save Many lives with mercy flights Skunk sees red by Vav. Boyce Morgan instalment v on Young and buddy Aldridge sat Side by Side on the Greenmount Bench their hands clenched d their faces strained. Neither exited to get into this All important me against Hartsville but Don had id buddy the secret of the Cotton us in Johnny skeletons ears and by could hardly wait to see How Suc Soful the ruse would be. They found out almost immediately arts Villez a big confident team got passion of the Ball on the first toss up id almost immediately counted a sect. Then a few seconds later rec mount got the Ball and started a Ort passing offence which ended with finny getting a Quick shot from the c. As he leaped to make it. A Harts player yelled a watch it Skunk a Johnny never faltered. It was of Ous he Hadnot heard the hated word e shot was clean and True Angling the backboard to swish through the t. A Hooray in yelled Don pounding Tiddy on the Back. A it works that Unity nickname wont lick us to get in seconds left to play Johnny Skelton intercepted one of the passes dribbled brilliantly toward the Basket and caged his shot. Greenmount 32, Hartsville 34 Hartsville froze the Ball again but a foul was called on them. Johnny made it Good with cries of a is Kunky ringing in his ears. The timer had his eyes glued to the Stop watch prepared to end the game in a matter of seconds. Hartsville got the Ball and slowly carefully worked it Down the floor. And then Don with the courage of desperation left his zone and leaped into the slowly circling Hartsville players. He knocked the Ball from Griebert a hands and dribbled toward the sideline. Johnny was Down the floor with his Back toward Don but Don passed the Ball toward him with All his might and screamed a to you Skunk a the fatal word seared his Tongue. To came out from Force of habit but Johnny heard it. His head flashed around and he saw the Ball coming. His hands caught it his body catapulted upward and the Ball snapped through the Basket As the game ended. The partisan Greenmount crowd literally lost its senses. From their seats Don saw Johnny grinning exult Antly j boys girls men and women poured he trotted to his position. His old j out on the floor screaming hysterically Nide it expression was Back and he land surrounded members of the team w proceeded to put on the kind of j Don Felt himself lifted off the floor Hibi Tion that had created his Early a scrambling and swaying he managed to Ason reputation. With the w Hole j get his arms around a couple of necks 4. a fv3 a Imp Den turned the Ball with al1 his might and screamed a to you Skunk i Quot int team ujan t be riling him he ipod. He caged Basket and a couple of tote the end of the first half to Rem to. Sui a leading i a a More of 17 13 and then something went wrong Don realized it first when with cries of skunks ringing in his ears Johnny missed an easy try from just in front of the Basket. A moment later he missed another and there was a worried sex and was borne triumphantly if none too comfortably toward the exit. But All he could think of in spite of the wild Celebration was the fact that he had yelled a is Kunky at Johnny when he made that last crucial pass. A i might have made him Muff that hot a he muttered in horror. A but i guess the Cotton saved a few moments later Don managed to crawl Down from his perilous Perch. With buddy sarm around his shoulders pression on his face. When the half he made his Way into the dressing room ended the score was tied 17 17. Where Johnny was being enthuse one i some carry Mon Don leaped from the Beth to clutch Johnny s Arm As he came off the floor. A what happened. Johnn mantled. A did something there at the end a Johnny nodded then grinned in spite of himself. A a a lost the Cotton out of he whispered. A but 1 11 get Between the halves and ctr wads in Niv Dun breathed a sigh of relict. Not Many people knew How Rilely important that Cotton was. It was obvious that Johnny still could la upset by the cries of a Skunk a Greenmount a Only Hope of winning thi it game and the District title was Lur its Star to keep his cars plugged so he could t hear that fatal word. Everyone who saw that game is still talking about the Sci end halt. On one Side was a big Well balanced team fighting desperately to Driend the championship it held. On the other was Johnny Skelton the Best individual player on the floor and four other boy giving everything they had to help him. Greenmount would have been apically mobbed by the other members of the squad. Johnny s face was glow he de-1 my with Delight but finally he held up w Rong j hts hand and quieted the bedlam. A wait a minute gang he cried. Quot i be got something to Tell you that a too Good to keep. The reason i did no to blow up tonight with those Guys Yelling a Skunk at me was what do you think two Little wads of Cotton they won the game for us. Look Here a dramatically Johnny put his hands up to his ears. Then his jaw dropped in a Toni a mint. He shoved his Index fingers into his cars and probed frantically while his late took on an expression of amazed disbelief. A holy cow a he jelled. A i lost them again in Don leaped Forward. A you did no to have them when you made that last Backet a he tried. A you heard me yell a Sun Kyd above All that noise a Johnny nodded. A a that a right a he pimped. A i did. I did no to even know that Pas was coming until you a and the word did no to bother you Quot hopelessly outclassed without Johnny but with him they were a match tor Hartsville. And at no time during that entire half did one team have More than a three Point Lead Over the other. And then. Three minutes before the final gun Harry Shepherd Greenmount guard twisted his knee and had to leave the game. Coach Wilding sent Don in i pions nervous but grimly Don bubbled hammering him on the Back. A you heard it and made that Basket to win the game. Johnny you re cured a a whoopee a Johnny Skelton leaped a foot off Tho floor and Flung his arms in the air a on to the state tournament gang. Here come the new Cham fliers warn Rush sick persons ashore of approaching hurricanes the end to replace determined Don ran out on the floor. In _ he was pitted against Griebert a fast. A Doggy dramas present shift Forward who had been hard to hop All evening. But with Greenmount leading by Only one Point at the moment 27 26, Don knew that he had to Stop him. Griebert scored almost immediately but it was on a Long shot made while Don was covering another Hartsville Man Limiter the Basket. Then Greenmount got the Ball again worked it Down the floor and it to Johnny for a shot. The Ball rimmed the Backet and bounced out but c attain skeets Trueblood leaped to take it in the air and Cage it for the two Points that put Greenmount Back in the Lead. Then Hartsville called time out rested a moment and began a Brilliant la St cd a me offensive that showed Why this was a championship team. In Quick succession they dropped in three Field goals and with Greenmount scoring Only a free throw in the meantime the visitors had a 34 30 Lead with time rapidly running out. Hartsville immediately switched their strategy and began to freeze the Ball Smth abort of paste around the Middle Al tits Asor but Flat Lay we a Only by Wilfred Brown the Small boys lips twisted in pain As he tossed feverishly beneath the cover. The doctor Shook his head. Quot its appendicitis a he said. Quot we be got to get him to a Hospital right a few Yards away the doctors motor boat rocked in the Waves beside a Little Dock that jutted out into puget sound. In answer to an urgent radio Call he had chugged through the Choppy Waters from his Home on one of the larger islands of the san Juan group to this tiny Dot of land where a few families of fishermen lived. It was getting dark and the wind was rising it would be a rough and dangerous voyage of hours to get the boy to a Hospital on the Mainland hours that might make it too late. The physician turned toward the boys Mother. She stared through the window at the tossing sea. A a done to worry a he told her. A a we la find a he strode out info the dusk and walked rapidly to the House of the Fisherman whose Little radio had crackled out the Call for a doctor. In a few minutes he was Back. Quot get his things ready a he told the Mother cheerily a and yours too. Well soon be started a Rescue by air scarcely Twenty minutes passed until they heard the Distant drone of a powerful motor growing louder. Then the dark form of a huge seaplane loomed Over the ski line and circled above the Island. Gracefully the great flying boat settled into the water just off the Little Dock. A neighbor rowed the doctor carrying the boy in his arms and the Mother to the plane. A Strong armed Young Man in a Blue uniform helped them aboard. The powerful engine roared again. The ship threw White Spray As it skimmed through the Waves. Then it was in the air. Less than an hour after the plane took off from its a at port Angeles Willington the Little boy was in a White Hospital bed at Bellingham on the other Side of puget sound. The coast guard had saved another life. This mercy flight was Only one of scores made each year by Uncle same a coast guard aviators. Coast guard air stations Are scattered along All the shores of America to supplement the work of the regular coast guard service. Every Day of the year some of the planes Are in the air. The men who Fly for the coast guard like those who go Down to the sea in cutters or sur boats must always be prepared for any emergency that May arise. Serve ships at sea thus the Boston coast guard station picks up a Call from a fishing vessel tar out in the Atlantic. A Seaman aboard is critically ill from blood poisoning. Soon one of the coast guards flying boats in roaring out Over the sea. Though a fog Rolls Over the water below in a thick White Blanket. Through a break in the fog the plane miraculously locates the vessel and lands along de. The Fisherman is lifted into the plane from a Lifeboat. A Little More than an hour later he is in a Boston Hospital. But not All the work of the coast guards planes is making mercy flights. The coast guard is actually a part of the u. S. Treasury Revenue service. Originally it was organized to halt smuggling. Far More efficiently than Burlace Craft the planes can patrol sections of coastline watching for suspicious looking boats. At time a plane from Roxton flies Low Over the i Hing grounds off the new England coat. Through powerful binoculars an observer scans the Waters below. Suddenly he sights the movement of i he millions of them. The plane radio the location of the school of fish and soon fishing vessels from All that Section of the sea Are on their Way to share in the catch for the markets of the nation. The Telephone rings at a Florida Coad guard station. A this is the weather Bureau. There a a Hurricane heading for the East coast. It looks like a bad spreading the alarm the Day is Calm and Balmy but the coast guard lose no time. Within minutes the planes Are in the air roaring Down the coastline. One sights a picnic party camped on a stretch of Beach the ship circles and tosses out a Small wooden Block with a doth Streamer attached. In Large letters the Streamer bears the fearful words a Hurricane the Camp is abandoned and the picnickers head for Home and shelter. Another plane drops a Block on the deck of each fishing boat it sights. Most of the smaller vessels do not have radios. They might not know of the approaching Hurricane until it was too late to escape the blow. Warned by the coast guard they head for Harbor. South along the Florida keys Fly the planes dropping their warning blocks at Road Camps isolated houses everywhere that warnings might be needed. Then Back at their bases the planes Are fastened tight in their hangars during the big blow when no ship could stay aloft. After the Hurricane there is More work for the planes of the coast guard. They must Fly Over the storm swept area looking for ships in distress or marooned families and reporting Back by radio what they find. Sometimes they must drop emergency food or medical supplies. Like the seagoing Craft of the coast guard the planes Bear the proud motto. A Semper Taratus Quot or a always coast guardsmen have reduced it to language of their own a the rules say you have to go out. They done to say anything about coming All the coast guard planes Arr named after stars such As the Arcturus the Crux and the Vega. And at times they become stars of Hope where All Hope seemed lost the empty vessel Quot time empty vessel makes the greatest sound a maid Shakespeare. What did he mean did he mean that an Ash can full of a heft makes less sound when you hit it than an Ash can without anything in it not quite that. He was thinking of people when he wrote that sentence. Braggart he implies Are usually men without much brains. That is the boy or girl who boasts loudly usually has nothing to Hack up these assertions. All of us deep Down inside Are pretty Well pleased with ourselves. We All think we re pretty Good. But the boy or girl who puts Forth no great boasting front about these opinions of self is the Wise one. A i played a Good Vou think after you have scored winning goals on the basketball court for your school. Fair enough you played a Good game. But done to Tell your teammates or friends How Good a game you played. They saw you. They know. And even if they thought you played the greatest game in the world they would begin to think you did no to play so Well after All when you started to Tell them about it. Apply the same Rule to everything you do. Done to be a shrinking Violet. Have self Confidence but not open conceit. The editor Money makers $ $ of our readers pantry shelf sets Dorothy Dziedzic a instinct for neat and attractive Kitchen shelves combined with a number of empty Coffee tins furnished her with a Good scheme for making some spending Money. Dorothy is i a and lives at r . Box 858, Torrington Conn. Quot a few month ago a Dorothy writes Quot i was looking for a Book in the attic and i noticed a Large number of Coffee cans around. It seemed a pity that they should be wasted so i bought a few cans of enamel in assorted colors and one Small paint Brush. A i painted the cans one color and the covers of the cans a contrasting color in such combinations As Green and Cream red and White Blue and White and Black and White. A after the enamel a dry i measured Down from the top of the can 2 inches and made a vers Light lint with a Pencil. Then i measured one Inch Down from that line and marked that place also. Between these two lines i Drew letters one Inch High averaging three fourths of an Inch w Ide. A i made the following words on the cans Tea. Coffee sugar Rice Salt Cocoa and so Forth. First i made them with Pencil. 4iid then i painted them with the enamel Matching the cover. I made six to each set. A i sold them very easily at $1.25 a set and made a profit of $1 on each pointers on pets by Horace Mitchell Quot store food a few letters this week just a few ask about the dog foods and cat foods for Sale at neighbourhood grocery stores. Billy White says a Are they really any Good a fellow i know told me he his Puppy on one kind of canned food All the time and the Puppy died. He said it was because of the food that they put Rotten old meat in the cans. Is it True a no. Billy and you others it i not True of the Best grades of canned pet foods. Of course now and then some Little known company will get out a line of almost any sort of goods that is just made to sell at a Low Price. But companies or individuals that do that do not stay in business very Long. And of course it is absolutely True that the Only Way to be a successful businessman is to stay in business for a Long time. To some of us it sometimes seem like a very Long time indeed i know for a fact Billy that if you will buy the canned dog and cat foods or the packaged dry foods that carry a Well known advertised Brand you can be certain of getting High Quality food for your pet. You la get it at a fair and reasonable Price too. A great Many times when a pct gets sick and Dies the owner blames the food when the blame ought to be placed on the care the pet received. Or on something the animal ate outside of its regular rations. You see it works out this w a a manufacturer of food for dogs say produces the highest Quality he can. He knows he can to sell it profitably at a High Price. To sell it at a reasonable figure he must get a lot of people to buy it. So he advertises in the papers to let people know about it. Now if his food turns out to be bad. He we on to sell More than a few can to each customer and that wont be enough for him to get his Money Back or make a profit. And i Don t know anybody that wants to throw away Money like that. However if you Ever think a certain kind of pet food is not Good for your pet you should take it Back to the store and have them Send it on to the factory for testing. Nine Hundred and ninety nine times out of a thousand the manufacturers will help you a lot. You can usually depend on nationally advertised products Billy. Build Grenville Village for Birds wq.ev4vill6 Eiro House by Ray Marron instead of scattering a collection of Ordinary birdhouses Over your Yard Why done to you construct a a Grenville Quot a Birdhouse City including modern bungalows a Church an Airport and similar buildings these birdhouses Are not difficult to make and they will add a novel and interesting decorative note to your Yard. Today Well show you How to build the Bungalow and the Church you can make As Many duplicates of the Bungalow As you can place in the Yard with any variation in design that occur to you As you build them. The houses May be made from Pine lumber known a shipping Box Matchlock of soft Pine Cut to the desired shape and attached to the outside Walls with Small nails driven through the Walls from the inside of the House. The buildings Are painted with Bright coloured House paint. The Glass in the windows and the doors is represented by Light Blue paint then the frames Are outlined with Black or Brown. Grass and a foundation planting of Flowers Are indicated by streaks of Green paint dotted with red. Yellow Blue and White to indicate the Blossom. Attach each building to a wide base painted dark Green. Then Nail the base to a tree limb with Long finishing nails and level it with one or More under blocks. Watch for still other buildings to rial or crating. The porch vestibules i use in Grenville. Meanwhile get started Steps and Gables Are made from solid i on your bungalows and Church Biddles and. Dorothy makes another $1. As her letter wins this weeks prize. How have vol made spending Money write in All the details to the Money makers editor of the Boss and tin is Page in care of this paper. Each letter accepted for publication will receive a $1 prize. A to Iii i a one too Many Quot what made you oversleep this morn ing a a there Are eight in our family but the alarm was Only set for you boys and girls generally keep the Riddle Man Busy looking Over your contributions but More can always be used. Send in your riddles in care of this paper. It often happens of course that duplicate Riddle Are sent in by different people. In these eyes the name he prints with the Riddle is the one that sent it in can you make a tall Man Short a Harry Pender. 2. What is the difference Between a form and a ceremony a Harriet Beck told. 3. Why is there no Suh thing As a whole Day a Helen Ashland 4. What is the difference Between one Yard and two Yards a Thomas o Leary. A personal appearance 5. What is it you ran put in your right hand but not in your left hand a Charles Martin. Soldiers error Quot confound you sir a said the general a Why dont you he careful Here instead of addressing this letter to the intelligence officer you have addressed it to the intelligent officer. You should know there is no such officer in the answers to riddles i. Borrow ten Dollar from him 2. You fit on one. And stand on the other. .1. Because every Dav Hygin by breaking. 4. A Fence. 5. Your left Elbow. I lie Kitchenette by aunt Peggy Needles Eye potatoes Isnit that an intriguing name for a recipe we thought so too and the finished product was so Good we thought Roberta Hoover Well deserved the $1.00 prize this week. Roberta lives on route i Topeka Kansas. Needles Eye potatoes 8 medium size potatoes 8 slices of Bacon Small amount of butter or lard to rub Over potatoes w Ash and pare potatoes and using an Apple corer make a Hole Clear through the potato Lengthwise. Thread one slice of Bacon through each cored potato. Place potatoes in a pan and bake in a medium oven 350 degrees for about an hour or until easily pierced with a Fork. Baste from time to time with drippings from the Bacon. The Cut out part of the raw potatoes May be saved for mashing a prot of Sim is awarded each week by .4 ant Peggy for a recipe submitted by a Reader under is. Send your i today i the must chios on each is of the face of the bold by Caneer below Are the fiercest third about him so Don t be frighten away from this Puzzle. The pirate to a ii the definitions across i. Pirate treasure s. A Buccaneer 7. Girl s nickname 8. Where pirates operate 9. Pirates made prisoners this 12. That is abbr 13. Playing card 14. Kitchen police abbr Down 1. A kind of monster 2. Either 3. Musical note 4. Delirium Kremens abbr 5. Companion 6. Electrical Engineer 7. Spanish abbr 10. To notch 11. Retain _ 2 a behead that the pirates make victims walk and you get a in meaning Skinny and Loose Curt a first word and you get a first program. Remote the Middle letter fro lures and get the plural of a of meat. The words in today a chains True pirate words. Change one in at a time always forming a gee. Word change kill to Gold in moves. Change loot to Bury to t moves. A 4 a three pirate terms ire shown to picture word Puzzle below. Who in they ? what Are the missing words in following sentence the words pronounced the same but spelled Lerenty and they mean different the Quot the rip in the pre to the a. A of the a 6 a lastly we have two word Chais i you to work out. Change Seal to coat in move change pack to Home it moves. A a a. Is re enough lost balloonist As ship swings Over a farmhouse Quot ahoy there am i a Farmer a Shch sch you cant my. You re up in that fool Bas Quot Barber shaving customer you have anything on your face St i have finished a customer a a in a beginning to it but i Hope my nose is still the a of a a author a what do you think of Story give me your honest Ophir editor a its not Worth Anvil author a i know but Tell me y. Answers to last week puzzles Ball Awalt Blarney Linen. 2. Cork. Belfast Dublin Ulster 3. I a Halta stir Harp. Kir idea rent eat. 4. Phat a plat a plan a Clay. Wild a Wile a Wise a Rosk. 5. Crossword Puzzle solution. Copyright Ima. Associated miters

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