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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, High Point, North Carolina The High p01?St Piedmont Tenter of Industry a Muti rum i. Nunin l Nuu Ifil oilman. Chi Aren it. Iview ocal Dodge dealer prepares safety is slogan. A. R. I i n j of Auto engineers or big easter style Parade Manx nth springtime color shown it la dry ton s display rooms Herr preparations for a big waster Lyle Pata to i reveling in Beauty new Spring time colors and in traction fur every member of in it motoring family Are under a at the display rooms of Lorace g Nderton inc., at Coralene and w Willowbrook streets the Parade will include a bark Ling array of 1 940 Dodge shipments of Fli Irh in u a a papers As part of the shotting i. Ii. I a m Din to a d vane de a Pitons will be the most color i aug Mobil. S la re in years. Quot the easter season the time i n. Be ii the illness of Nett colors certainly interesting automobile shows Ever staged in his City a that our easter style Parade will be an unusually interesting affair May be foretold from the fact that it is a concerted Effort of Dodge dealers in All parts of the country to bring the season s most stylish motor cars to Public attention at this time a or. Ilder ton explained. A the Parade will also provide a special additional and free at traction for the visitors whose interest in now styles and colors is liveliest and most competent the ladies. The keen color sense of the feminine Eye is Quick to appreciate the beauties of our 1910 podge colors such As postal Blue Admiral Blue. Mainline Grey spar beige. Gun Metal Arbor Green Lakeland Green Altern ise red Royal Maroon Black. An appropriate moment for the opening of the Dodge easter our friends the Marvel hts Hung. I , Sty i and pc Foit which Dodge designers lid engineers have accomplished it a 194 0,�?� said Horace g Ilder it a of the dodger dealer firm. A i sure we shall offer our easter Ison visitors one of the most style Parade has been set for the week beginning March it or. Ilderton stated. When pipes burst in Flats and houses in Russia As the result of Frost the persons responsible Are to he tried for sabotage. This and it is Good tot a free Wash and lubrication of Lour name apr ears Here Noah p. Hedrick i dim Street j tills week s offer expires Friday March 22 a service with a smile Quot motors tuned up modest Cost if your motor a races Quot or lags behind Bee Aase of some mechanical deficiency Rome on Over and let reliant de Mechanic a diagnose Quot the trouble. We ran tune up your motor to run like your watch and at Low Cost. Furniture City motors 792 North main Street of. Soto a ply Moi the phone 4376 v. I. Smith manager great t ars a Fine Servile a a Square Deal Here s what we mean when we say Lyles when we tune the motor it s ready to sing remix to make your Spring idiot ? then by All Mea in a Les motor tuneup is necessary it von in Coiny to Mae a hit whats More we have the facilities Lor nobly the work satisfactorily. Do it today expert body and fender repairing Lyles co. 721-33 North main St. Phone 4966 if your car has hem punished by Many Miles of would like to Trade wit i you for a new 1940 Ford of von done to want to Trade let is put your prevent car in tip top condition special to Ford owners Issi v la new Ford a 1.1.-Stefl Section Piston rings this operation include install new Kings Tine motor lean Carron new motor gaskets 5 i arts Oil. All for inv other parts extra we also specialize in Bohr fender. Trimming a painting t ome by and let it give Aon an estimate on any other repairs needed for convenience Ive our pick up and delivery service phone ass and we will Call for your car and return it when finished English motor company $21 75 authorized 201 e. Washington dealer High print a c. Phone John Desoto s have new safety features the contributions of safety engineers to modern automobiles is Lone of the most significant trends to he noted in the Industry. More and More attention is being directed to the elimination of possible causes of injury and in conjunction with a concerted Campaign to make everyone in the i country a safety Gratifying results Are being achieved in the reduction of accidents. De Soto s new 1940 models exemplify the importance attached to this subject by designers in j gingers and management. Throughout the car Are changes and improvements which have a 1 definite safety function. Hidden from View but Mark i my an important Advance in the Battle to get the Center of Gravity closer to the ground is a new Frame that is not Only lighter i and stronger but nearly an Inch j lower at the Side rails. Safer headlights of the sealed Ream variety notify approaching a traffic of the full Width of the t car give 50 to 65 per cent More j efficient illumination and main Tain their efficiency because Hie reflector is sealed in and cannot gradually deteriorate As was the Case with the previous types i Tail lights have been placed higher on the car for better Visi j vilify and they also indicate the cards full Width. Being mounted on the body itself rather than on Tho deck lid. They continue to. Serve As warnings even w Hile Hie j lid May he raised for Roadside i i tire repairs. De Soto was among the first cars to employ a cushioning Roll at the top of seat backs to act As a Buffer in Case of sudden stops j i and to inset instrument controls i the safety signal speedometer is also an innovation of Chrysler j corporation designers and is Fealt hired on de Soto. This year to it the safety signal speedometer have been added other signals which Call the Drivers attention i to water temperature Oil pressure Gas level and Generator output i when any of these require attention. Iii creased Glass area for bettor visibility an easier gear shifting operation through improvements in the Handy shift steering Post i gear control and literally dozens i of major and minor changes in j the new models have safety functions which Combine to make the 1940 de Soto the safest car the company has Ever built. Furniture City motors 792 North main Street to local de Soto dealer. _ Chrysler have wide rear doors Chrysler feature emphasised Iii showing one of the features owners liked Hest about the Chrysler airflow models of s few years agr were the wide Roomy doors to the rear compartment. The new 19 10 Chrysler sedans have doors that approximate the airflow models in Width and convenience. Just How much wider the new 1940 Chrysler doors Are than j those on the 19.19 models can be seen by comparing the new models with a rear door taken from one of the 1919 sedans. Ai gain of Many inches in door Width at the Bottom is immediately ap-1 Parent. This extra Width at this particular Point insures comfortable entry to the rear compartment j by All sizes of passengers even those who Are unusually Broad or Clumsy or whose movements Are j restricted by some physical affliction. Another important Benefit derived by owners from the wider doors is the fact that the window j Glass in the doors May now he i lowered completely out of sight j which was not possible with the old Type of a dog leg Quot door. Gate City motor company 115 South Wrenn Street is local Chrysler dealer. What would you do or. A a walked timidly into the family service Bureau. A Al Ady a a he said a a in be never had to ask for help before hut now i Don t have any Money. I be been in the bos a Pital four month and my wife is sick and now the doctors say that she has to have an operation gut that Slie ought to have a special diet and rest in bed for two months first. I have s Jot town starting in about two weeks if i can get somebody to take care of my two children and wait on my wife. I ought to go to work hut i can t go off and leave them like this. What must i do Quot answer to what was done on Page 12, Sec. A. See Quot what family service a a a a since each kind of Flower has a distinctive flavor As Well As perfume the taste of Honey depends on the Flower from which the nectar was gathered. A the r. S. Bureau of fisheries j is propagating Diamond Hack Ler i rapine which Are near extinction. I these delicacies once sold for $96 i a dozen. A a a according to statistics the typical american Workman has an average annual income of 11-75. These Detroit girls know from pictures they be seen that bathing suits Are the proper attire for Southern Wear yet insidious rumours keep cropping up of Snow and cold All Over the United states. So we blame them too much if they cling to their furs by Robert especially since it looks As though they were going on tour with this transparent Pontiac deluxe six. Built by the Fisher body division of general motors for display at the 1940 new York world s fair the car will be exhibited before the opening of the exposition in 24 cities from Miami northward to Boston. These include Charlotte Winston Salem end Raleigh. Atkinson motor 12d-ji1 South Wrynn Street is Loral Pontine denier. Dido Row gossip by Fps whys cd Wanda. For Soma time. Readers of this column. Various and sundry. Have been buying me about the picture that appears herein. Of course they Aorta gloss it Over not want-1 ing to Hurt my feelings ,. For which he is deeply grateful t. J but need. Has knocked about pretty much All Over this Globe and Learned a Long time ago not to Wear his feelings too close to j the surface. Now need knows that his Mug could never adorn a Collar and. Or what has you. So they Are not telling him anything he does no to already know. However. I in order to save their feelings and maybe his a Little bit too. He is going to make it some a thing Worth putting in this publication. So now you have something to look Forward to. Got a card from Irene a a Granny Albertson yesterday addressed in Columbia. S c. She said it got too cold to come All the Way to h. F so she stopped off there. J hut that Gal is a fast mover., j Wen need. Called at Gate Cit it the same morning there was a Granny Quot. She danged near beat the card Here. Jack Burris plans to put on a hangup used car Sale hut the weather has been to All ared had. J and speaking of the weather this week end is the first time in a week that need. Has seen any of the Auto Row men with smiles on their faces. Done to know as1 they re to be blamed. It has j been so Cloudy All week that the Sun Well nigh blinded need when it did come out. Here Are some Good pointers on safety told by chief Pontiac and released through Atkinson motors. The difference Between a Accident and a near Accident is one half Inch or one half second. One Good leg is Worth a whole woodpile of crutches. Don to expect of the other fellow what you would t do yourself. Of the other fellow wants the whole Road. Give it to him. His Day of reckoning is then nearer than yours. Done to try to blow a pedestrian off the streets with your Horn. Use your brakes ,. Drive carefully. You May meet ii fool. The wife of a careless Driver is almost a widow. Success is a habit. So is safety. Horace a Ilderton says that of you really want to be in the faster Parade you should have one of the new 19 40 Dodge luxury liners. Haley and Knobler plotting against each other to Tell be cd something. But when need is around they won t let each other out of sight. So there goes with the wind Many Choice hits of gossip. A Captain John v. L. Smith. The big hog at furniture City motors. Spent thursday in Raleigh at a de Soto dealers meeting. Need. Asked him what sort of time did he have. He replied. Wet and dry. The meeting was dry and it poured Down rain All Day a. Carrick Kivett had better get Busy and look after the Lawn in front of the de Soto place. Before he knows it the grass will he so High it will look like a Hay Field. Down at Lyles Chevrolet All the boys Are on their Good behaviour. Must be the weather. Chevrolet now has a new special de luxe Cabriolet. It has the new vacuum Automa after Davit. By Rice Mujo or America fatal strip Etc ant Yoos in Thoro Mhz far 3 a after Pahff Fos though they Are Bot total of streets they account for Over a a fall Orban fatalities Ford cars offer air circulation controlled \ in dilation on 1940 models a new system of a controlled ventilation Quot which provides air circulation without drafts is an important feature of the new Ford is and deluxe Ford is cars for 19 10. Displayed at the automobile show. The term a controlled ventilation refers to new swivel Type window ventilators used in the front doors of ail cars. This is the outgrowth of tests indicating that air is circulated in and out of the car through the ventilators without excessive drafts the amount being under control of the Driver at All times. Show visitors will note particularly that the user Pivot is far ther to the rear of the car than i the lower one. When the ventilator is opened it therefore slants backward at the top. Air entering j the car is forced to wind the roof i when it enters the opening around i the front Edge whereas it tends i to he drawn from the lower part i of the compartment when it leaves i the body through the opening at the rear Edge. This directional flow of air toward the top and out of the Bottom of the car pro i vide plenty of circulation and permits keeping the Windshield i free of moisture in Damp or foggy weather. Another notable feature in All j closed cars is that Tho bar which sports the rear Edge of the Ven a dilator recedes when the window is lowered. There is no Obs Truo i Tion to vision or hand signalling j when the window is lowered. Pin locks for the ventilating wings prevent unauthorized opening i when window is slightly lowered j the ventilators May he swung around so As to scoop Large Quani cities of air into the car when 1 desired. The cowl ventilator is equipped with a draft Deflector which directs entering air toward the floor and under the front seat in the sedans. A screen prevents Entrance of insects. The ventilator is equipped with a friction control which permits opening it any desired distance. Rear Quarter w windows of deluxe for Dor sedans Are of the pivoted ventilating Type. Which enables the suction created by the movement of the car to draw Large amounts of air out of the body. English motor company. 201 East Washington Street is local dealer for Ford. Republicans meet april 17 slate chairman Jake Newell outlines task before convention Charlotte March 16.�?lf Republican state chairman Jake f. Newell issued today the offic la Call for the state convention to he held Here april 17. Tile convention will he held at the Charlotte armory. Iii issuing the Call Newell listed seven tasks facing the Dele Gates j t i it a election of four Dele Gates at Large and four alternates to the National convention in Philadelphia june 24. I 42 a adoption of a state platform for the 19 40 Campaign. I a confirmation of congressional delegates to the National j convention. Committee delegates <41 a election of a Republican National committeeman and a National committee woman. <5 election of a chairman of the state executive committee. 6 election of two electors at Large for the National election and the confirmation of All presidential electors named by the congressional districts. Each county will he entitled to at least one vote and the votes will he apportioned on the basis of one vote for eat h Sou votes or fraction thereof cast for i governor in 1916. A in the steel Industry a a que to Hing House Quot is where hot Coke is cooled by a water Spray j immediately after it leaves the Coke ovens. Chevrolet chalks up Large gain in truck Auto sales sixty five per out gum last nine Day of february shown by firm Detroit March i 6. A a 65 per cent gain in new car and truck sales during the last nine Days of february As compared with the corresponding period in february 1919. Enabled Chevrolet dealers to finish the month with the highest february total of All time. 1929 alone excepted it was announced at the company a Headquarters Here today. New car sales for the month totalled 74,912. During the last nine Days of february 28,323 cars and trucks were sold As compared with 17,-117 in the same period last year volume for the final period of the Short month just ended was substantially More than half that for the whole month of february. 1939, when 50.78s units were sold. Significant As an Index of Spring business is the fact that even Iii the face of this Sharp upturn in new unit sales. Chevrolet dealers reduced their Field stocks of used cars during the last nine Days of february a r in used car stocks normally j companies an increase in new sales. Reversing this trend or Ever. Chevrolet dealers lower their stocks nearly 1,000 or in spite of the new car a j sales of Uscz a cars totalled of 1 in tile last nine Days brine the months aggregate to 146.6 the highest february used c figure in the company a Histo with the exception of 1936. Lyles Chevrolet company 7 2 733 North main Street is to Chevrolet dealer. Re elected president Valdese March 16.�? a the Valdese merchant s Assoc Hon has re elected William Bec k president. A failure to shift to a lower be soon enough is said by exp to Hettie most common a 1 of motorists in Hill climbing a a a the american Flag atop touted states Capitol flies hours a Day rain or Shine and replaced every six weeks Tecau of ifs exposure to All kind h weather. And they Arl r to time5 Ai dangerous at night a5 they Are in the Day time Why p because average f _ cd Quot illumination on City \ streets is less than \ a it minimum of safety amp ii in tie top and heaps of other luxuries. Tom English said the other Day that if need. Did t Stop saving he was out sick head wring be eds. Neck. The truth of the whole thing is that Yard. Missed Tom every time he called at the Ford place so took for granted Tom was still Ion the sick list. Course i Tom was Only joking about that i neck wringing business. I j Tom is not the kind to indulge i in net a wringing. He s too j Friendly and Jolly for that sort of pastime. Seeing Asye de. Can t get any action on the Windshield for number 4 fire station maybe he can get some on the traffic Light at English and main. Time after time. Minute after minute need. With some fifteen or Twenty others has waited for the Light to no change. J then no one has Ever heard such a cacophonous blow ing of horns after some ten minutes of j exasperating waiting. Tilt More impatient ones would Dali out into main Street smack dab into traffic. On several oc-1 casinos serious accidents were narrowly averted. ,. Maybe it won t Cost As much to adjust the Light As a Windshield. I or would it. Amen. Be patient done to buy a used car until you read about our coming stupendous colossal used car Sale wat to for further announcements a we refuse to Ile i under old Quot Gate City motor co. I ski Cah lot opposite Post office phone hum announcing the opening of our body and paint department the organization of this Branch of our service department has now been completed and we take Pride in making these facilities available at Low Cost to the customer. To All ear and truck owners in High Point and Vicinity. We have engaged Only those workmen who Are experienced and Are experts in the Art of Metal work and automobile body painting. No matter if your car has been wrecked or merely has dents to the body or fenders we can make your car look like new Quot no Joh Tim la Kef Vonk too Small estimates gladly Given All work guaranteed w. T. Garrett service manager Atkinson motors a Friendly people Quot pro Soi til Wrenn Street next to j. C. Welch motor co Voi r Pontiac dealer phone s7a.t get in the cd am with a new 1940 Dodge luxury liner 2-door Sedan delivered in High Point for Only $898oo Horace g. Ilderton inc. Commerce at Willowbrook Street service phone 4213�?office phone 2129

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