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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 16, 1972, High Point, North Carolina First big Bass Sidney Lender of High Point who started fishing Only about six months ago hooked and landed this Nice Large Mouth sunday evening while fishing in the furniture City area it was the first big Bass for Lenger. The Lunker tipped the Scales at 812 pounds. By Jim Dean have you Ever wondered what s the Best time of year to a catch a really big Large Mouth Bass several years Back i was in a position to conduct a rather casual Survey on this Matterand the results May interest you. I was outdoor editor on a a newspaper and most of the big Bass that were caught in the area were sooner or later flopped onto my desk. We d take a picture for the paper and id get a few details for the readers. For two years i kept a Chart of these big fish. I put Down when they were caught How big they were who caught them what was used and so Forth. At the time i was mostly interested in How Many Bass Over six pounds were being caught by local fishermen i was also interested to know what Type of lure caught the most fish. It did t take Long for some patterns to develop. First of All i was astounded at the sheer numbers of Large Bass that were being caught. From March through november hardly a week passed that somebody did t plop a big Bass on my typewriter and sometimes we had half a dozen Bass Over six pounds pass through the office in a week. The biggest fish As i recall a weighed Over 12 pounds and on the same Stringer was another Bass that weighed nine pounds during the two year period i saw More than a dozen Bass that were Over to pounds. I also Learned some Basic facts which could increase your chances of catching a really big Bass this year. Of course you have to consider that these facts apply to the Piedmont portion of North Carolina and an entirely different set of facts might hold in the Eastern or Western part of the state. First of All most of these big Bass did not come from Large lakes. They came from farm Ponds. Second during the months of May june july. August and september about 75 per cent of these big Bass were caught on plastic Worms. But surprisingly enough the largest fish were caught during March and april and they were not caught on plastic Worms. During these two Early months most of the really big Bass were caught on lures and the most popular lures for Early season Bass proved to be spinners like the no. 2 or no. 3 Epp floating diving plugs hike the sailing seminar set for saturday the High Rock yacht club will hold a sailing seminar this saturday at the Davidson county Community College beginning at 9 30 a in. The seminar will consist of films and talks on sailing safety tuning and rigging crewing and racing. There will be groups for beginners and advanced sailers. After the program begins at 9 30 it will continue until 4 p m. For further information Contact Tom Lathrop in Jamestown. All outdoors Plant now for Quail by Benny Phillips associate sports editor what is wild remains wild and what is tame remains tame. That May not be the Case always with women and children but for the most part it applies to wildlife. A for example Quail raised in a pen by no Means provide the sport that wild Birds do. Turkeys Deer and other forms of game fall into the same pattern. The Point is if you want Good Hunting next fall now is the time to do something about it. Good habitat is the key to Good Hunting and with Spring approaching now is the time to prepare for next Winter s habitat. Feed patches and cover planted in april or May will hold Small game next Hunting season. The releasing of pen raised Quail has been tried time and again and for the most part proves unsuccessful. Just recently a Friend was talking to a Guy who raises Quail for release. A what is the Best time of year to release Birds a asked the Friend. A Well now would be a Good said the Veteran Bird Raiser. A that Way the Hawks dogs cats and foxes could eat up the Birds and you would t have to worry about them next Winter. A no really a he added a probably the most successful Way to shoot pen raised Birds is to release them shortly before you Hunt them. In the wild pen raised Birds just never learn How to take care of themselves. So biologists make More sense. A if you want More wild Birds for fall and Winter Hunting a a then prepare for them in Spring with Good habitat it makes sense. Wild Turkey biologists look on As a big Gobbler Alvs off to discover a new Home after being released from a holding Box. Through efforts of the wildlife biologists conservation officers and wildlife managers the wild Turkey is beginning to feel at Home again in several sections of the state. This Turkey was trapped in one Section of the state weighed measured and banded and then released in another Section of the state along with a few hens to keep him company. In Piedmont lakes it s Lunker Bass time rebel or vibration lures like the sonic. I asked these Early fishermen if they used plastic Worms and All of them said that they did but most also agreed that the plastic Worms seemed to work better after the water had warmed up in May. Also most of the anglers who fished in March and april caught Only one or two fish a Day but when Thev got one. It was usually a Good fish one reason these Early fish weighed More is because they had not yet spawned and were full of eggs. My notes also showed that most of these big fish were not caught at Dawn or late in the afternoon instead during the months of March and april most were caught in the Early afternoon when the Sun was warm on the water what does this mean9 not much maybe but it seems to indicate that the Best time to catch a really big Bas is during March and april As Long As you stick to the lures mentioned above at any rate you pc got two months to run some a a tests of your own. And Here s hoping you la be Able to say a i can t believe 1 caught that whole thing a by Stan Davies Crappie hitting in Large reservoirs by Tom Higgins scatter gunning the outdoors the department of Interior has disclosed plans for an experimental Effort to regulate Public use of a Remote Bac country Section in the great Smoky mountains National Park. Interior Secretary Rogers c b Morton said the project will not affect most visitors to the Parks a Only the More rugged outdoor enthusiasts a seeking a Bac country and even then Only during seasons of generally heavy visitor use. A the temporary experimental program will be aimed at dispersing users of the Remote regions Over a wider area and limiting the total number of visitors permitted in a particular Region at one time a explained Morton. A the objective of the program is to protect the essentially wilderness character of the Bac country areas of the detailed plans Are still in the development stage and will be disclosed when firmed up wow fishermen on Carolina reservoirs hauled in Good strings of Crappie during the past few Days especially at Lake Norman where catches of up to too were common. John Campbell operator of an Angling Headquarters on the big lakes Iredell county Side said most of the fish checked by his place had been taken from a baited a but the Fisherman who does no to have a spot a baited should t panic a said Campbell the major Domo of Mecklenburg neck a although most Crappie a hides were built Back in the Winter it still in t too late to fix up a place that will attract fish. In fact some friends and i baited a Hole one Day last week and we were catching Good sized Crappie from it the i a Higgins baiting a spot simply involves sinking some Brush in 10-20 feet of water and salting it liberally with some kind of odor emitting Chow. Cotton seed cake dog food and fish pellets Are All excellent. The scent attracts the Crappie to the spot and they stay because they dearly love the cover and Brush provides. Wow. new fishing lure to hit the Market this Spring is the a Zwilli worm a a creation of Gastman Bill Williams. The worm features spidery like legs which Williams a retired air Force sergeant who angled All Over the world during his service stint contends triples its action. The lure is also rigged with a Hook which makes it weedless on itself a la the Worms used by Bass fishing pros. A while dealers in this area Are just now stocking the worm it has been very successful in the Back Bay Section of Virginia and in North Carolinas Currituck sound a said Williams. A with this extra action we be Given it through the legs the lure Falls Between a spinner bait and a Plain worm. A we feel so sure that its going to be a killer at places like Lake Wylie Lake Norman and Santee Cooper this Spring that we be got a Patent pending on wow Mack Ballard the venerable operator of Squash Hill Hunt preserve just East of Charlotte reminds that the annual Southeastern shoot to kill Field trial is scheduled March 24-26. The Competition at Squash Hill is for drat Haars Short hairs Brittany Villas weimaraners Gordon and Irish setters. Entries close March 20, so Bird Hunters who wish to have their dogs compete should act within the next Dav or so a said Ballard. A we fully expect this to be the biggest shoot to kill trial Ever held in the further information is available from Ballard 376-6137 or j. D. Taylor 1201 Maywood Terrace. A a a talk about an a Odd couple a the strangest buddies if passengers grab win Shiel a Frame install a pair of haniple6 Ano a warning sign. Is we be heard about lately Are a Young wild hog and a big Dalmatian. The pair became pals when the pig lost from a litter of wild hogs on the Currituck outer Banks was found roaming helpless along the Beach Between Kitty Hawk and Corolla. The Pete Blakeley of nags head gave the Little Critter a temporary Home named it a a smut and nursed it Back to health. Now their Dalmatian. A Domino a and the pig play together and even share their food. Wow among the carolinians who la be seeking to reel in the top prize today in the Florida National Bass tournament Are Hubert Greene of Spindale Ray Stradley of Statesville and Pete Reynolds of Charlotte. Best Striper to come out of the Plant Allen a hot Hole this Winter was landed thursday by i Arry Carpenter of Charlotte. His eight Pounder struck a Bayou Boogie. The . Wildlife department has printed a pamphlet to Aid Hunters who la participate in the states Spring Gobbler season. Its free. Write a Turkey brochure a Box 167, Columbia. National wildlife week is set March 18-25 with theme stressing a clean environment for wildlife and people. Help won t you wow. And finally its said that lightning never but never strikes the same place twice. If not then some Richmond county fishermen Are wondering what it was that zapped the Pond where they were Angling with Junior Wong of Charlotte and another fellow last monday. It seems that the other fellow who writes an outdoor column lost a Stringer overboard containing la big Bass. The disaster occurred within to feet of the spot where a huge catch of Shell crackers similarly Sank last summer. A we want to see a report about this Freak of nature lightning striking twice in print a demanded the Richmond count ians Ralph Webb Herman Hickman and Frank Wilson Here a tis. If there was a trend in boating in 1971 that stood out above most others i would say that it was Cost consciousness. For Many people 1971 was not a Good year and there was a great desire to save a Buck it also could be that Many people of modest Means have become interested in boating and they have to be careful. So often you hear boaters who have to pay for some kind of repair say a if i had Only known and then express How Lack of an essential bit of had Cost them knowledge Money. An acquaintance of mine just recently had to buy a new suit of sails for his boat because nobody had Ever told Hun the function of one relatively Short length of rope a the Topping lift. This is the line which runs from the Masthead to the Boom to take the weight of the Boom when sails Are being raised or lowered. If you Don t use the Topping lift or you can use your shoulder to support the Boom on smaller boats unnecessary stresses Are put on the sail at certain pressure Points. The sail stretches and loses its a draft or pulling Power. In Sailboat parlance its a a blown out a if you Are a Sailmaker by Trade you might be Able to Salvage the sail. But generally you have to pay a a or suffer a sail that has lost All its steam and takes All the thrill out of your sport. There s no substitute for know How in this game. It Doe it a t matter How we get it but get it we certainly must. Here Are some questions i be been asked a a a v i thought Chrome plating was impervious to Salt Spray. Hut the rail on my boat is pitted bubbled and ruined. Why a the chromium Metal of Chrome plating is impervious. But the plating often has microscopic holes. These permit corrosive solutions to come in Contact with the Iron or other Metal underneath keep your Chrome waxed or otherwise protected if you want the maximum life from it. A w w y i have a new auxiliary engine on my Ketch. It s checked every month by a Mechanic but half the time it won t Start when i need it. Must i take a motor Mechanic s course9 a it s not a bad idea Jook up your closest United states Power Squadron they offer just the course you need. Remember an auxiliary is Law ivs called upon under the worst possible circumstances. I be never seen one that was t Damp or flooded when it had to be started. With a Little knowhow you la know what to do. Wow j. I took the rails Oft my boat and had them related. Now the plating is so thick they won t fit Back into the sockets they came out of.? a. You should have taken off the sockets and sent them to the Plater too. Then he would have known the tolerances he had to work to he would have turned Down the ends of the rails or reamed out the sockets to accept the thicker plating. It it it q. I tied up my boat too snugly. It rained for 20 hours the Rof get shrunk and pulled a Cleat off my deck and a big chunk of deck with it.? a. There Are a couple of giant corporations spending millions in advertising every year to Tell you about this problem they sell Nylon Dacron or other san thetic ropes that won t shrink if they Are rained on for 20 years. It it it y my pal said that Little bit of mildew will Wash off. But now there is a Bole in my sail. How does mildew make holes9 a. It s a fungus which feeds on organic fibres such As Cotton. Hut to thrive mildew needs a warm Damp environment. So keep your sails in the Freezer or dry them thoroughly before putting them away. Synthetic sails made of Dacron can be put away wet. Fungi can t stand the stuff. Wow u a trailer tire i just to bought lasted Only 1 4 Miles before it blew. The store would t replace it they said i had run it under inflated 9 a this is something to watch. Car tires May be insured or guaranteed against Road hazards but trailer tires Seldom Are mainly because they Are so easily abused. Under inflation is the most common abuse most trailer tires require at least twice the pressure of the average Auto tile. It they Are run soft they get hot from excessive flexing and blow out the heat is also Tran it fitted to the Hub. Where the grease melts allowing the bearings to run dry. And then they get hot and Burn out too. Wow w riders on my boat Gish the Windshield Frame to hang on. They be cracked two windshields for me already what can i do9 a. There is a kind of Windshield Frame with built in handles which is probably sturdier than the one you have. Try it. Or you might screw Down a couple of transom handles in convenient places and tack up a Small sign telling your friends what they Are for. Safe boating for Young Skippers au.waknin6r.a65w 3. Weather Wise High seas and Strong winds mean discomfort and danger. The colder Wetter and More seasick you get the less exciting rough weather seems. The prudent Seaman listens to and heeds the weather forecast before he gets under Way. He also keeps on Eye open for changes in the weather. The last thing he does before he leaves port is to Check to see if Small Croft or storm warnings Ore flying. Of they Are he goes Home. Kas ,0 to 3? Kott it 5tsew save 3v-h7 km3ts by knots t 5mau. Cur

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