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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 13, 1940, High Point, North Carolina . Narm to sni or Nairn rum i pm Teamont Tenter of Industry High punt North Carolina Page nine the Enterprise Page of entertain me Nefor the family Cross word Puzzle Pioneer Mariner horizontal 1,5 Man who discovered Newfoundland. 9 he was a venetian whose was in England. 12 bakes. 14 Public official. 16 kind of Law. 17 Seaman a cry for help. 19 silly. 21 Trees. 22 disclosed. 24 pleased. 25 to subsist. 26 hidden. 28 want of appetite. 31 measure. 32 he and his a on were famous is or seamen. 33 transposed. Answer to previous Puzzle l a a 10 verbal 11 Bird. Iulo. Herbt w Ader of Raj tit Liep n or 37 electrified particle. 39 ambassadors. 42 tiny particle. 44 storms. 43 word. 49 Golding 51 Boggy land. 52 orderly collection. 53 device for releasing. 35 in the Middle 55 to deprive of. 57 he discovered 36 new England. Or explored Al Noia South Carolina. 15 Palm Lily. 16 his so accompanied him in 1498. 18 Asylum for orphans. 20 verbal ending 22 device for sewing braid. 23 musical terms 26 urbane. 27 heals the East coast 29 into. Of a a in 30 Beret. 1497. 34 Kneepad. 58 examined. 38 name. 40 barbed Spear. Vertical 41 to serve 2 Popes scarfs. 43 Boundary. 3 Low Flat River 45 three land. 46 formerly. 4 River Nymph. 47 to value. 5 court. 6 chemical analysis. 7 to attack. 8 toward. 9 to Dangle. 48 form of Quot me. 50to Bow. 52 Farewell 54 musical note. 56 neuter pronoun. A serial Story $15 a week Uncle rays Corner by Louise Holmes copyright. I �40. Inca service. Inc spaniard described habits of butt Al while Coronado and his visit of characters Ann Browne orphan Haugh ter of a Gambler alone Iii an in Friendly City. Pail Hayden Stock room exit with ambition. St eve e it la v Bour n a a Quot Cal thy Playboy. Clara Brooks dime store counter girl. Irene Temple society Debutante. Pc it 9 yesterday Stu Cia borne asks Ann to the fraternity dance is much surprised when she tells him she already Lias an invite lion. Ann makes Lier dress and it is a Beauty. She is thrilled hut fears the evening May end in disappointment. The family doctor sick people unusually susceptible to suggestions of superstitions ii ult. Morris Fishbein editor. Journal of the \ me lie ail medical association and of la Geia. The health Magazine chapter Xix when Ann walked into the living room even Florabelle was speechless. These girls cheap in their wants tawdry in their ideas for just a moment sensed something beyond themselves something made up of Breeding and culture. A a Geek a said noddy. A Geek a came Teddy a Echo. Clara boasted a it s ail written up on the society she got the paper. A see Athens club Spring balls of. Anne id be scared to death i know How to it was her admission of inferiority. Needy scoffed a swell folks act just like we do at the it was another opened her Mouth to reiterate but Florabelle broke in lazily. A these fraternity dances Are All right a she granted. A personally i prefer a smaller Myrtle came timidly from the background a can i touch it Ann a she asked. Ann held up the skirt for her inspection. A i got it cheap because the pattern goes Hay wire a she explained pointing out the discrepancy with difficulty. A it s swell a Myrtle sighed. A i wish Bill could see Yog. He likes pretty Paul arrived and was greeted by the audience. He had Oyes Only for Ann he wore a nicely tailored Tux not double breasted and Midnight Blue but most presentable. He held the evening wrap and Ann Slid arms into the wide j sleeves. She smiled her thanks to Florabelle. The girls Hung Over the rail As they descended. Myrtle had Rush i de on ahead to dust the stairs. They found her at the foot rub Bing away industriously. She i scampered to the Back of the. House not answering when Ann living longer Loung people Seld i Good night it Ore die of a stroke. Driving Down town in a cab. With the radio humming softly. Single minute count. Tonight must be More than tonight it must be a Lovely memory. Who knows it May be my nicest Paul reached for her hand and thought Batter of it. A a you re a funny youngster Quot he said. A i guess we re two funny youngsters Quot she returned Quot overstepping our budgets pretending to be what we Are not but it s fun Paul such a lot of if Ann wanted memories she made them that night. She stood out a bewitching individual among a Hundred girls. Her White and Gold slim Ness the glory of her hair her expression of naive Delight Drew eyes to her. She know the eyes followed her As she went through the lounge to the dressing room. She overheard murmurs. A who is she who is that girls whom did she come with a Ann would not have been human if the admiring eyes and the murmurs had not added to her Heady elation. Girls Iii the dressing room eyed ing Ann he held out his hand to her. A this is Ann Brown a he said naming the men in turn. She stood in Tho Center of the group like a White and Gold Lily against the dark tuxedos. She made the right answers and the masculine Circle grew. At last she and Paul drifted toward the dance floor. A i wish id sent you an Orchid he said. A you and orchids Are in the same Quot that a a very pretty speech and ill treasure it Long after an Orchid would have wilted and died. Tomorrow when pm a Weed again it Mill be something to think she laughed up at him. A there is no tomorrow. There is Only suddenly they came face to face with Steve Claybourne. His eyes see if Ann had been lying and to see Ann. Irene said a Steve has been telling me about you miss he thinks we resemble each a i am Ann answered sweetly. Irene looked her up and Down. Quot you be got a better figure a she said. They All laughed and parted. Stepping to the polished floor Paul took Ann in his arms. They danced without speaking. Her hair brushed his Cheek she Mas like fragrant thistledown. A we do All right a he said As the music stopped. Ann nodded a the first time a girl dances with a Man is something of an Experiment a she said. Quot it can be delicious and it can be Slid Over Ann in unfeigned and dreadful you never know until migration. With him was a dark haired girl. Ann glancing at her. Knew that she was about to meet Irene Temple and that they two were strangely alike. Quot hello. she said easily Quot i want you to know my Friend her gown approvingly. At the powder bar they talked to her Paul As if she were one of them. When the men Shook hands. Steve she returned to Paul he was i said a miss Temple miss Brown laughing with a group of Young or. he looked from men. Ann had never seen him so one girl to the other. The tilt of alive. For that Little hour he was i Irene head was no prouder no not a Stock Man lit the 10-oent More assured than a Anu s. Store he was a College Man Fra j Steve had come alone to the party Tern izing with his own kind. See he had come for two reasons to Harrison in Hollywood snoopy $100-a-week oomph rodent tells How she nearly became fur coat before Fate smiled you a which category do i come under a Paul inquired a usedly. she said giving him a glance from under her amazing lashes. The music again. They melted together As if the Short separation had been unendurable. Paul said Quot done to flirt with me. Una of could upsetting among the innumerable super j Wil get Loose from the feel love 44 a stroke May be due to other. Conditions than the breaking of a j Ann said i suppose it blood be owl. Sometime a clot j1 a a i heart or of thrilled. But i love it. I at Button a associated with sudden i from a vegetation on the valves the feel of my ,l1 death is the idea that a third in the heart. Sometimes it will to look like that it makes stroke of apoplexy is always fatal. I break Loose from a Healing cond-1 met. In a there i not the slightest basis j Don after an operation. That kind i la hed understandingly for this notion except the fact of a clot can travel in the blood that a person who has had one Stream until it reaches a terminal Roke i More Likely to die at the j is blood Teasel in the brain second and a person who has had once the clot becomes lodged two strokes is More Likely to die in this blood vessel that portion at the third and one who has had of the brain will be unable to get three la More Likely to die at the nourishment in the form of Roxy fourth. There Are people who believe that sudden death is always the result of some influence outside the body. Therefore when a person is about to die demands Are made to Transfer the evil Fate by magic to some animal or gifts Are offered to placate higher Powers. Apoplexy is Likely to be the culmination of changes that go on for years inside the human body. The arteries in the brain become hardened and inflexible the blood pressure rises. When the pressure rises beyond the stretching Point of the artery the artery will break. Then there is brain Haemorrhage or stroke. Brain Haemorrhages hate been increasing in number because people Are Gen. As a result the symptoms will immediately resemble those of a stroke. This condition is j called embolism. Here again the person May survive the first embolism hut. Having become weakened As a result i of the stroke he is less Likely to survive another Shook. Should he1 Sun Ive the second there comes a still smaller possibility As time goes on that a will he Able to survive a third stroke thus the belief that the third j stroke is always fatal is merely a superstition based on a probability. But human beings should re-1 member always that proverb which is most important among men in the Field of Medicine j Quot while there is life there is a even people like us have moments Ann. Because they Are so few we must make the most of them. She looked out at the myriad lights. A a in a going to make every cranium crackers Side glances in i Haid it these sayings Are so familiar you be probably heard them All. But do you know who first said or wrote each 1. A honesty is the Hest pol 2. A Hope Springs eternal in the human breast Quot 3. A by uniting we stand by dividing we 4. A parting is such Sweet 5. A never a tear be dims the Eye that time and patience will not 6. A one hours sleep before Midnight is Worth two 7. A they also serve who Only stand and answers on want and Page lessons in English by w. L. Gordon a smart ill say he a smart i he wrote Doris a love letter in latin Aud she can to even translate it a words often misused do not. Quot this is the Home of or. Smith say. A this is the Home of or. o f t k n mispronounced villain. Pronounce vil in second i unstressed and not vil in nor vil Yun. Often misspelled Plain Ness two no a s y n o by m s instantaneous i immediate sudden abrupt. Wor 1 study a use a word i three times anti it is let us increase our vocabulary by Mas-1 tearing one word each Day. Today sword repository a place i where anything is stored for safekeeping. A Brooks Are faithful repositories which May be awhile neglected or forgotten but when they Are opened again will again impart their a Jon a son. Yuing gop meeting Greensboro. March 13.�?op a the presidents advisory committee of the North Carolina Young republicans will meet bile March 20 to plan rallies arrange for a series of state meetings Aud to take Steps to raise Campaign funds. By pm Harrison Nia service staff correspond int Hollywood. March 12�? an interview with snoopy. Q.�?�?�1 hear you re the Only trained Squirrel in movies. the Only one who aits of that a what you mean. And in a j the Only one who Ever had a run of the Pic tire contract. I earn j Hoo a week and my real name is snoopy which is the result of my feminine curiosity and Yon nay a a feminine a. Yes in a a sort of oomph-1 Squirrel. Bing Crosby says i walk like Mae West and Dave Butler the director thinks i look like dulse Rainer. I can i come w Hen in a signalled go where in a told close my eyes and look bored or sit up and Register animation. That a a much j a lot of human actress can do. A so is your Talent j inherited a. No i owe everything to i or. Curly Twiford my dramatic j coach and a aha guardian. If j you la get a cookie out of that j Box. I la give you the chatter about my career. you rather have a nut a gnaw everybody at the studio offers me nuts nuts a i nuts in a Stock of pm. Except doughnuts which Are than Shell j de. In the picture i play a character called a crack a a pet of j Gloria Jean and i have to eat j nuts. But off stage or. Twiford gives me apples and carrots and crackers. He a a sort of hard shelled old Guy but really very kind. \ Ishii your Carcer Snoop ? a Well my family tree was an old Redwood far North of Here. Most of the kids wandered be quite if i allowed you to a Pii be a a we re he said seriously. A a in a hate to have you become an 4 4 4 As they passed the Stag line Steve stepped out on the floor. He touched Paul a shoulder. Ann i found herself in another pair of arms. After that bion of arms music breathtaking rapture now and again she danced Wrath Paul More often she followed Steves Well timed Steps. She passed Paul with different girls j passing they always smiled. It was almost Midnight when Ann discovered that Steve was i quite a drunk. He had been growing a trifle More so with every j Janee with him. She saw Paul in the Stag line and signalled for Aid. J is he shot out across the floor he j v. It stopped by Irene Temple. She i held out her hands and perforce he danced with her. Steve was mumbling in Annas ear a come on lets get out of i Beret too Damn hot. Let s go j Dew n to the a a in a rather dance a she said holding herself away from his ardent embrace. Quot do you know what you make f me thing of a he asked. Abe answered i differ i in Fly. I. 4? Quot an ride a Damn Miles i icicle Quot when she said nothing he aided. Quot i m going to kiss you miss Brown and my kisses Are i guaranteed to malt the most tub i bom hts feet Weer not quite sure. I diction was More than a Little i blurred. With difficulty Ann kept her Little Gold slippers out of his e Umsey Way. His Arm tightened and she looked frantically for Paul. To be continued ors were in Cibola several visitors came to see them. They were indians from a place about 125 Miles to the East. The visitors brought presents of Shields and animal hides. They told Coronado about certain Large animals and showed him a picture of one of them. The picture had been painted on the skin of a Buffalo. The spaniards believed the animals must be cattle but they were puzzled by the woolly hair on the hides which had been Given them. This hair did not look like the coat of a cow. That was the first time the explorers had seen american Buffalo hides. Later when they marched eastward and entered the Rio Grande Valley they sax buffaloes or Bison. In real life. Writing about the animals one of the spaniards said Quot the bulls have a Short face. Their eyes stand out at the Side and they can see a who is following them. They have Long hoards like goats. Quot they have a Hump which is Huger than a camels the horns in Short and thick and cannot to soon very Marh above the hair. A they shod some of their hair in Tho month of Max. They rub against Trees in Small valleys to get the hair off. And keep this up until Only the Down is left. When they run they Carr the Tail ibid picture of a Buffalo a after Coronado return from ins great trip. A hives Are red just like the Cal of our rattle but the Ham t Loire Olor Evhen they grow old a they travel in such Lati numbers that nobody could com them. Their Kvool is flue a ought to make Good the spaniards often spoke these animals As "hump-back1 bulls Quot or a Hump backed cows the fact is that buffaloes or it son Are Distant relatives of Ca tie Coronado and his men move eastward into a Central part i Texas. Then most of them tuned Westward but Coronado att about 30 mounted soldiers head1 straight to the North. For history Section of yen scrapbook if you want a free copy of til illustrated leaflet on the a is a wonder of the world Send in a 3c stamped return envelope care of this newspaper. Uncle Ray straight up in the air. Their Little tomorrow tales of Gold Mckenney on Bridge it we a. Bute j never give up until last trick sic rhythm and j # % r j Dixie s Bridge experts advise by pm. E. Mckenney americans card authority card playing is an important feature of the Leisure life of the South and As a result. I have seen Many Southern players who could give Northern experts a lesson or two. George w. Ebuyon the Southern tournament director of tip american contract Bridge league sent me today a hand which was played recently in one of his tournaments. North won the opening Lead with the a Queen of Spades and for want of a better play returned the Spade. East won and led a club which was won by Declarer with the King he led Hack a club Only to discover the bad break in the sift. One of Dummy s Spades was led. Declarer discarding a heart. East won and led a heart. North a Queen winning. At this Point Declarer counted his tricks a one Spade two hearts one Diamond and four clubs and said. A Well Iti take my tricks and go Down whereupon the Little Southern girl who was his opponent said. A Why didst you try to aka vaq8 6 5 i a q743 a k 4 a to 5 n a aj94 j a to a k j 9 ? 3 i a j 10 9 6 w c c 2 i a to 9 8 6 5 b a k5 dealer a3 a 8 7 6 3 2 a a8 a a q j 7 2 la duplicate neither Vul. I South West North East i i a pass i a pass i i a pass i2 a t. Pass 3 a pass 3 n. T. Double i opening a 4. 13 i your Queen of diamonds a be had to do was play the Diamond Are Cash Lite clubs and then pie a Small Diamond and Duck. M King would have won you get it with the Ace of hearts and Cal make your Queen of this minutes look and learn modern etiquette by a c. Gordon by Robi Bra Lee a a Howard nor Siu a Gloria Jean and snoopy. Took to each other right away. G ii pm while the words you Are about to look at. In the spilt seconds that they hit your when did you Ink. Your a a a a form a no reporting Bough to the. Cinema i that we Uke it a a cd ads to read not for about a year. I Learned to act and bite off and ended up in Squirrel p1 i Peoples fingers. My first Job was and fur Coats i guess. I never knew my father very Well. He found a hollow tree full of fermented Honey and Uever came Home. My Mother was still Young and Sassy so pretty soon she went off with a dashing aviator. ? , flying Squirrel. Anyway. I wag All alone Aud innocent and i trusted a pet Squirrel some boys had and he led no right into a Cage. They sold me to a Man who brought me to Hollywood. This Guy did no to understand squirrels. He fed me nuts and was mad when i chewed a Hole in his desk to get of a Cracker. He was looking up a recipe for fricassee when or. Twiford came along and told him it was against the Law to bump off red Fox squirrels in California. So the Man said. A Okay Iti give you our Little Woods Cousin and she can eat your he did and i did. I put the bite on or. Twiford a desk to get a piece of Candy but he just laughed and called me snoopy. In a film for Monogram but it did no to last. The leading lady screamed every time i touched her and they had to rewrite my part for a dog. That left me out on a limb. How did you Hen Universal started the Crosby picture Quot of i had my Way Quot there was m tame Squirrel in the Story so or. Twiford brought me around. Glora Jean Tolk to me right away does t even jump when i nibble her fingers or curl around her neck. In a Lucky to get my Start with such a Good actress. J. How do of like Hollywood Snoop ? , its Kinda like a big Squirrel Cage with everybody running like mad in the same place. And i Don t like the taste of the plaster Trees they build on the sets. The people Are All right individually but frightfully improvident. Never save anything to tide them through the Winter. Now me i hide a1 the nuts that people give me in Bing Crosby a coat pocket. Rev. Earl d. C. Brewer to talk at first methodist Rev. Earl i. C. Brewer who s connected with the Home missionary work of the methodist. Church and who is located at Salisbury will be the guest speaker at the prayer service which will he held tonight at 30 of clock at the first methodist Church. This service will be sponsored by the woman a auxiliary and the Council of missions. How can i a Fly eats its own weight food daily. In seeks Salisbury March 13.�? a it a senator e. C. Gregory a Democrat announced he would neck re nomination. A _ Coffee shipped from the dominican Republic in a recent month weighed i, pounds. By Anne Ashley while you Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth a world is in motion destiny unfolds itself Start Reading we make 1.500 pounds of Corn starch every time just one minute goes by. United states dining cars use an average of 5 pounds of Butler every sixty seconds 37 Eastern states put $500 a minute these Days into erecting office buildings finnish american have been re-1 milling Money to invaded Finland at an average Speed of $4 every i minute of every hour. The United states manufactures $70p Worth of Coke every time j just one minute goes by. The United slates is a big world Center for making spectacles and eyeglasses and sends such optical equipment to 12 foreign countries at a Speed of $2 Worth every minute. The nations of the East and West spent $6,000 a minute on undeclared wars from 1928 until that fateful morning in september 1939 when the 2nd world War began. 1. From the name of what tree is the word a Book Quot derived 2. How Many voyages to America did Columbus make 3. What is the popular name for the Bone Scapula 4. In what state i the Gettysburg Battlefield 5. What does mephistopheles represent answer 1. Beech tree. 2. Four. 3. Shoulder Blade 4. Pennsylvania. I the evil spirit. A a druggists meet May Ai Charlotte March 13�? up the 61st annual convention of the North Carolina pharmaceutical association will be held Here May 21-23. Y in t it More important it have happiness and Harmony ii the Home than to Lead a Sucre Ful social life a. Yes. A Happy Home conic first and far above any social a attainment. Johnson says. Quot to h Happy at Home is Tho ultimate re suit of All ambition the end of which every Enterprise and Label tends and of which every desire prompts the prosecution q is the position of Quot compar Ion in a household considered ret same As a maid a. No. A companion is considered As a member or the family y who should be the first person to place her Napkin on that table at a Small dinner party a. The hostess. _ a a hedgehogs destroy cockroach and beetles. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia Coes Imo or a device my t m Sec pct of residents of the u. S. Are so addicted to dosing themselves with Medicine that their factories turn out $200 Worth of liquid Medicine every minute. Stop Reading. Y How ran i prepare a Good polish for leather upholstery a. An excellent polish for leather upholstery can be made by mixing beeswax and turpentine to the consistency of thin Cream. Q. How can i Lessen the danger of woolens shrinking when being w asked a. Hang me woolens on the line dripping wet and they xviii not be so liable to shrink a those wrung out before drying. Methodist women a meet q. How can i banish odor when Salisbury March 13.-�? up cooking Quot smelly vegetables the annual meeting of the Woitiw a. Place a Small pan of vinegar an s missionary society of the on the a hts a of the stove and this i Western North Carolina method Wili prevent the odor from per is conference will be held Here a Dong the House. April 16-1$, a lets not stay longer than we Abs lately have to right Aller they serve the ice

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