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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 13, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Pori it it up Bison foe is tour Lier a do irks horse 99 by kudos built a York. March in pm a food Long distance Derby bet Arrier Pigeon so to i. A they be got Bill Terry Ang for Johnny Hudson a is and up v r go the slip Madigan Ler Turtle the coast. Say Norman Strader coach who la take present was hot it la Job less than. Johnny Paychek will drilling for Joe i onis its of of assist Over for after the two weeks pm 1 be giants is unsigned National locked doors just As Georges rentier did for Dempsey in Demarce of the gtd to replace the med Wick on the Zieue Ali far squad till till of it i leu go pro Mer is inviting virtually re heavyweight in the Colin to enter a seven show dilution tournament to Hod mime to to Foglu Ioc i oui. T t in i Ion it Edge a a Linah Mil once Nate g a at Columbus. Ga., �?T�?T0r March is. It looks Good pickings Fords will enshrine Ursey immortalized vet11 in a trophy Peers no i re of. Dixie Walker of the Daft Dodg to shoot a by re Ltd a a Cly a a to a with one Valet in attendance. The the no. By Angelo ase along Ernie n Jersey. The rest something Sun until sinister wrestling to m. Gild. Halt Indore there is a suspicion to that there is Ive afoot to kid Hyrel. Tony Cia Ion to bring trucked around the he appealing referee in of the Hollis hell Plav it a then has the mail vote and up try Scalzo Immy Haugh say Ball one Mote sea a coaching Jou in a taken a Ide of Crown Hank Luisetti. Roc Down in Stanford history As Ai immortal. And help him get in shape. A a a a a weather note Mink hark our dog do hark a they re dam near Frozen St Iff rut they la thaw out without a doubt when Ping comes a when and if. Her fit i line Ipaige ight live just Champ Effe. All right we re during his holdout red ruffing paid brr to Rome around every a Day Kennel. Kei b the Marshfield who lost fill Iii a Over. A Here c site and chemical to woe. Wisconsin is Sre Frid nevertheless n there elbowing night lie training i amp three a ame regulars missing v cubs s a Reenberg hits bul Dor a tart exhibition to Field so Ell in Outfield no drinking in amp for Hiles Vai Jox. Calif Quot the t hot m prepared to set out for the n Laud and their rust a Hhd with the White sox to regular third jacket. A regular cent i i and their her t dizzy a two a Indian. Ing the Cleveland game minus a tan Hack Idle i 11 i n k famous pit int. Hack. Who has Heen a lug front an Ope in from holdouts Dean b t been h it its p v it it ton Angeles 1 and i from tat ids v w Ken w to i he fill by f i rid May Lief Job. Of. I i by in knt Ltd no a a a in Borg is hitting As fielder As he played first base. Ii ill la a a i Fielding i left Lea he appear he it about of inn. _ Hank hard an de to hut it to new drinking % n b k la n a in pager i rankle in t expert i n to remain in to a a alcoholic herein championship King during is out. Dino. Frisch a tits sea son the train a j s ugh in a Dut n any no pm he he i Teh Orlin Imi has Drc Lent Ark Griffith of Washington a gators say Aleiandro t Art i a tie i i going to in a better it. He. This year or. Nil a ilk Nixon letting up again a train Batter. Rhe t he Joe Are i n 8 a d with it it. Fling 1st 20 los con Al Dent re. Moat recent arrivals in York Yankees Camp Alaggio and red ruffing of ambition for the com ton. I mags to Hopes to i league in batting again and e Home Runa battled in honors Well saying. Quot i think that if n go through the Mason getting Hurt i ran d he expects to win at a Mea this year a in a Roi in Winier Hanen. he ism hoi wasted no Lime catch Ujj up with Johnny Peacock of ton lied sox Catcher. He Are a Hall Al Jim labor anti him on a Finger that Bari n Cill sending the third Man to the sidelines. N few lunges inter Peacock xxx a hit t the leg by a battled Hall a in swelled up Ami he too it led on i of uniform. E is not an Antonio. Tex As fans the St. Goula Browne Camp it. The Broad smile on Mailer Fred Hanevy a fare May be Ribu Ted to the hitting of Chet a is. The improved hurling Ann Jake Wade and the impressive Ding of Joe Gallagher. Fit Nii ii l l i in Winter Hayen Ila Mill very keeps trying hard to Ake Trade that will strength i i a xxx York giant but i he been Able to get of r xxx a a germ lid keeper xxx to red til 111 e i o net Tampa look Muxo a or Max in you d beater while it till there manager Rill a re Imie of the Cincinnati red think Iii Outfield i Allet for huh. Mike my Comdr k from Indiana mid a a Ems to plug that left Field Hole and Al of to offer the possibility of a ing Garden Trio. A nut missed St Petersburg Fla a even if Dolph Camilla does t sign the Brooklyn dodgers seem to have a pretty Good first baseman n Ber Haas up from Nashville with the Southern association batting title in his pocket. n i hitters Rhan Denton be hot Arsenal Ruddy Lla Eit anti Maxie West give the Ruston rec three left hand hitters at the top of the batting order hut Casey Stengel thinks hell try it that Way for a xxx bile. Eli i or to Iii i fort my Krs. Fla a Cleveland indians play their Intra Camp game today with Feller hurling three innings. A to the last Rob Hsc ise run Deus in Man. Eta still hopeful of getting some Good result Ray Blade of the St. I on is Cardinal planned Loti id right hander against t Turin Natl today. Exhibit Ion baseball by the Ntxo curd press Ria. 2 Fla. Cinc Lanai no St Peters iut Al. St. Lout in at Clearwater i Detroit a 5 at Anaheim. Calif.-6 Hollywood pet 4 today a Schuh of. At Tampa Fla Cincinnati St Louis it no at St Petersburg. at a Brooklyn in. At Winter Haven. York Breton a it. At Bradenton Fla Boston not Detroit a. At Miami Beach Flat Philadelphia in a Syracuse iat Anaheim a a Hollywood pc. Brooklyn Ltd it i. Philadelphia Aini a York Vava. Take her Bowling your sweetheart she will enjoy it you do. Or wife As much As Arcade amusement company Arcade building a Marsh. And he reach Amateur finals Settle title in Battle on thursday Nite Parker High has perfect Alan is a cobra clutch 19-game card season Mark event announced for of Mcmahon s Alai show tonight in Alain Greenville s. It i n meet second it Lieut a defeat goes Lime Silver knit eliminated 27-2&Quot> and Globe goes Down in playoff hound in rhe opening of the final in the Amateur league last night Marsh barely nosed out Silver knit by the score of 27-25. Storing honors went to Everhart who gathered nine Points. Harriss Covington was too much for hobe parlor coming Down the Home stretch ahead. 34-24. Sap Johnson with 13 Points led the winners. Grissom with 8 paced the furniture boys. Hat Riss Covington and Marsh will play one game for the championship tuesday night at 8. Games in the Industrial league finals will get underway tonight at 7 30. Up to a 3 Awe him. And he dido t betray him into the a clutch Vav is i cagers Row an move no the team of with 89 St Here a a n i Raight i. The every Harris. Covington g r of Weaner is n 0 Johnson f5 i i Hedrick i 0 i Farrow g0 3 4 Surrett. Ii 0 i Petty r0 0 2 total. Globe a f of Lilly. I2 i 2 Hoover f2 2 j Mcdowell i 0 s Grissom g % 2 2 Jones git 0 0 Siiman. I i 3 total it infielders Adena Alif. Jimmy his problem seems to he o do with All his Chicago sox infielder. He likes understudy to Appling and Boh in if Jack Hayes again. Don Kolt Good it in t h e Marsh g r of Brook to o 0 Byrle a f3 1 t Everhart e4 t i mints g3 3 i Hoover g0 1 3 Miller g0 0 0 totals. Silver knit to r of Waldon i2 0 2 suntan t4 a i or tor c3 0 3 Farrow. G3 i it Cranford a 0 2 total score at half 12 to 7 Marsh official Farrow. Hartley Stewart. 34 to 3 a 0 3 24 to 2 7 0 r 1 0 27 to 4 i 6 23 Garner. Duquesne and Depauw Best Nat Holman indicate he favors i hem for metropolitan finals by Hill White new York. Match is. In genial Nat Holman one of Bis i netball a Moat proficient p rat ii i honer always has a kind word a for sex pry body and that s Why you la Haxe to wait until late tonight to learn whether Duquesne Duke or the Oklahoma aggie Are the better basketball team. The Iron Dukes who play a whole game without a substitution and seem to suffer no ill effects meet the aggie tonight in the feature attraction of the semifinals of the metropolitan invitational tournament in the Garden. And that according to Nat. Is a list about he Rose howl of basketball. Here s what he had to 1 say j a Duquesne looked mighty j mighty Good to me beating St. John a monday night tin the tourneys opening session Fuso the Oki Anoma aggie min a Ner of 25 straight and a handful i of Missouri Valley titles May get butchered a not at he say. A i Haxe the highest regard for Henry Iba s team they have spontaneous movements they Are careful about their shots Nexer wasting a one hand shot in fax or of a surer Lay up. They Are excellent spot passers and they Haxe the Fine deception and his conclusion a it la be a suspecting is much talk turned to the other Gat Between Colorado s big seven champs and a smart Long shooting Depaul gang from Chicago. A Elf Elmer gainer s ankle holds up Depaul is going to be very very difficult to beat. Without him and his ankle was bandaged before the game monday with Long Island and injured some during the game a they lose about 30 per cent of their effectiveness. I Haven to seen Colorado play but i know frosty co their coach has brought them along or. Reading Between the lines Duquesne and Depaul to meet for the championship Friday. _ a Tennis is terrible says Bill Tilden Philadelphia. March 13 a it up a american Tennis is in a sad i state of repair take it from Rig i Bill Tilden. A Amateur says the Man who won seven i s. Singles titles a k in the Golden 20s, a Why even tile term is a laugh i could name 2n professionals playing now who Are More truly Amateur than the present crop of so called amateurs. A the game has deteriorated to a itch an extent that the entire pm i Phasis is on w inning most of intr Schuh and Billy Bartush Promise fireworks in Murlain Rai or at 8 30 it s a Case of Blackjack haders a cobra clutch against a stubborn and unyielding Johnny mans tonight in the main event of promoter sergeant l. C. Mcmahon s wrestling show St the South Hamilton Street Arena. A its who catapulted himself into the top ranking position in i he local ring last w Eek by humbling the arrogant and haughty purple Flash has said All along that harder s cobra clutch fails completely to furthermore that Lieve Hader could a position where could he applied. While the dispute raged Between mans and Hader a new argument developed yesterday Between Billy a Tush of Boston Sud Pete Schuh of Chicago. Both Bardish and Schuh isl into the category of rough and Tough 1 brawlers and yesterday both of the had men resented claims by each of being the toughest. Raij Tush said or was a too rough for Schuh. W Hile St huh exploded j and declared that he would j Mash Bardish a head for a that Bardish and Schuh clash i in the curtain Raiser at 8 3t�. Bong Riding Whitey Grove j the Cheyenne Wye Cowboy edged into the argument with a Telephone rail last night to promoter Mcmahon. A i m tougher than i either one of them a he told the promoter. A live Heen hearing a about the squabble they have i been Grove said a and j i just thought i would All you and let you know that i m Tough i or than either one of them a Grove opponent Wilt he j Cho Valdez. The mexican who has developed a Strong following Here during the past several weeks through his ability to please the crowd and put on s Good show. With All of his wrestlers hut j Morrs and Valdez openly claim my the title As the promoter Mcmahon will bring in a loftier grappler in again to make a Ertain that the How does t get too rough and spill out into the crowd. Ernie Powers the can Adian Lumberjack will he the third Man in the ring tonight.1 promoter Mcmahon announced. H. P. Panthers thirteen North stale conference rattle on schedule Ernie Powers he xxx ill referee the bout Lenoir Rhyne h Guilford Bete. Elon Here. In Guilford at Larga Luire list Iii a animal sir a err liar i 0 a Ling scores players City league Bain Hall club 1st 2nd 3rd tot halt jul a 91 298 Hoover. We a 84 267 r Lilied a. A As a defy Dunean. A As 98 272 Bain. 92 in toe 317 total aaa 483 464 1413 player Piedmont finishers tat 2nd 3rd tot Boyles. 104 #7 127 328 Bates. At a As 2.55 a Ham a 103 117 310 Greene. 112 #4 too 306 Vel born. 123 91 83 298 tot a la so 475 513 1497 Plater a City firemen 1st 2nd 3rd tot. Howell. A 103 Ai 280 Carroll. 4 93 102 279 Mcleod. Lit a 87 286 Bulla. 9d 131 87 314 Croasman a 17 96 279 total Aki 302 453 1438 players Ata club tat 2nd 3rd try Bodenheimer. 103 117 91 313 Martin. Eft 97 85 278 p a via. Him lift to 305 Womack. 14 94 91 269 i Dax to. Kis 91 87 283 total sex 509 444 1347 players. A a furniture cite tat by la 2nd 3rd tot. Butner #7 02 108 277 Reid. A 91 91 271 Voncannon. Is 101 86 272 Stynchcomb. St a 104 280 Bodenheimer. 71 82 93 253 total. 410 441 482 1353 Watts bakery boys no. I player 1st 2nd 3rd tot. Brite. 77 93 71 246 Casey. A 94 97 280 Ferabee. #3 104 97 294 people. 104 lift 99 319 Teague. A 77 la 82 210 totals 440 a 426 1311 High Point league american bakeries players a 2nd 3rd tot fall. A Ai 89 288 Freese. Esra 93 272 Smith. As 97 125 307 Pounders. Toe 112 102 320 Poore. 93 a 83 284 total. 475 462 494 1431 players Walker grocery 1st co 2nd 3rd tot. Goodwin. 115 81 119 315 Welch is 108 113 316 Walker. 15 83 79 249 Drake 86 104 92 282 Andrews. 88 to ii 299 totals. 489 488 504 1461 these kids Are so scared of that they done to play to Xvi play not to in a. And that for poor Tennis a a neither a added Ara pm peels any too Good. Old and new May pull a s out of dumps Connie Mack a faked step to strengthen Philadelphia for rare by Robert Myers Anaheim calif., March i. a the very old and the very new May Combine to pull the Philadelphia athletic out of the doldrums and Start them rolling into Pennant Contention by 1941. There is a distinct air of Confidence around the training Camp and a feeling that soon he athletics May Blossom into a chant Pion it hip Ball club far removed from the seventh place where the men of Mack wound up last season. Steps have been taken a expensive Steps too to plug up the leaks in the infield that Cost Many a game last year and for once there is More Reserve strength in the Outfield. Pit Hin Heiter the pitching staff ome it begins to realize it has steadier support. Should deliver that much better and with several newcomers of potential winning ability in the fold it May prove a big improvement Over the 1939 Campaign. Rack of All Titis is the enthusiasm and master managing of the old master himself or. Connie Mack. At the moment there Are two flaws in the picture. One is the torn leg muscle of Cherokee Hob Johnson slugging outfielder. The other i the holdout of Catcher Frank Hayes. The very new Side of tile club includes several sparkling infield prospects such As the highly publicized $45, Beauty. Benny Mccoy. Al Wubbeling from Atlanta. Bill Billard from Baltimore Frank Chapman from Spring Field mass., and Al Francato. Up from Williamsport a. The infield Dick Siebert will he Bat k at first recovered from injuries which hampered him last year Mccoy goes at second Lillard Ai 1 Short and rubbing May take Over third although Joe Gaitten Bein Aud Patio Lodigiani Are Al of squabbling for regular duty. I the old could he pictured no better i ban by Al Simmons. Once Connie Mack s Star Balter and a hero of the 1930 Aud 1931 pen a naut victories. Simmons is 37 vents old hell lie a Reserve outfielder pros-1 Wally Moses Sam Chapman. Johnson Wilson Miles and the t Ftp fat crowd in excess if 18.001 thai saw Kvint fast year special to the in Lepri so it he in Pines Man h is. Some 5ft horses have been in a tired in the sixth annual rat i i Neiping of the san Hills Steeple i Chase and racing association to be held on the barter estate ii oui be on the Midland Road Between Southern Pines and Pine i Hurst this saturday. Mardi 16th, and everything is in readiness for i this opening meeting of the Hunt racing season in America. Every 1 indication Points to ave thrilling i laces Over Timber Brush and hurdle Fence and on the Flat. The Advance Sale of tickets would indicate a crowd in excess of the ome 18 000 who witnessed last year s exciting event. Governor Hoey and members of his staff Are expected to be on hand the governor to present the san Hills Challenge cup to the owner of the Winner of the three Piip Timber race. Pulses this year total $2,900. More than Ever before for this race meet with two $1,000 Brush rates on the card. Many of the country s leading horses Are entered in the various events. Final touches were put on the course this w Eek in preparation tor the big event of the Winter in the san Hills Section. Men were Busy All this week putting new Brush in the Brush jumps and erecting the hurdles which Are used in the first race the course is in excellent condition at the office of the association the demand continues heavy for reserved parking Spates in the clubhouse pm los tire and there is no doubt that this will he filled on race Day. Arrangements were concluded last week with the stale Highway commission to lose the Midland Road for three hours before the rates to expedite traffic to the course Only cars hearing Windshield stickers for the races to be permitted to approach the Entrance Gates. Tickets will be on Sale at the Pinehurst and Southern Pines ends of this Road which connects the two resort towns. This year general parking has been reduced from two dollars per car to one Dollar hut a Genera admission charge of 8ft cents per person will be made to witness the i ares. A a a wrestling last night by lha pre Indianapolis Cerett Marshall 222, la Junta Colo. Beat Louis the. 231, St. Louis two of three Falls. A Nineteen game schedule including thirteen North state conference games i was released today by coach Vir a Gil Yow. Director of athletics at i High Point College. Other clubs which the thers will play but definite dates have not been set for the games Are the Thomasville mommies Clary of Asheboro Aud Mcewen and May hosiery Mills of Burlington. One of the contests with the mommies will probably he played under the Lig to of Finch Field i new teams to appear on the schedule this year Are Hanes hosiery and Hanes knitters of j Winston Salem. And Roanoke College of Salem a. This will he the first time in several years i that High Point and Roanoke have met in any sport. The i maroons come Here May 6 for a game with the panthers. The season s opener will he at Winston Salem saturday j March 23 against the Hanes knitters. The first Home game is april i with Atlantic Chris i Tian. The schedule is it stands now March 23 a Hanes Knitter at Winston Salem March 25�?manes hosiery at Winston Salem March 26�?Atlantic Christian at Wilson March 28 Eastern Carolina j Teal hers College at Greenville March 3ft�?catawba St Salis i Bury. April 3 a Atlantic Christian Here. A april 4�?lenolr-Rhyne Here. April 8 april 9 april 13�?Guilford St Guilford. April 16�?catawba Here april 20�?lenoir Rhyne at Hickory. April 22 Eastern Carolina teachers College Here april 23�?catawba Here a april 26 Western Carolina teachers College Here. Pril 27 Hanes hosiery Here. May in Elon at Elon. May 6�?Roanoke Here May 7�?catawba Ai Salisbury. A a conference games. A a a a a a a a Tommy Loughran hits the bumps former Iphi Lara by i Champ stripper of Aii hiring earning Philadelphia. March 13 a a Pic Tommy Patrick in Sughran. Ripped by misfortune of most of the riches he piled up in his sensational ring career is holding Down $2,500 a year City Job mayor Robert e. Lambert in made the former Light heavy xxx eight Champion idol of millions of fight fans less than ten years ago. Executive Secretary an supervisor in the Bureau of recreation. Lough ran campaigned for Lamberton last year. A series of reverses has drained Tommy share of the big Gates he Drew during his nine fighting years. Since his retirement in 1936 he has been fight manager restaurant Man conductor of a physical education course boxing promoter none with much Success. The fighters he managed never got very far. There was disagree Mem with the owners of thei Philadelphia restaurant that hired him for his name and Tommy left the Dine and wine business. Then the restaurant dosed. Loughrane. Correspondence course. In physical culture was beset by troubles with the Federal Trade commission Over a certain misleading statements in the so Veri sements. year he took lip fight promotion. That failed too. Naomi Copic again draws giant killing assignment Belleair fun. March 13�? j the attempting a giant killer role twice in succession Naomi Copic of Toledo. 0., today opposed Henna Collett Yare of Merton pa., in the second round of i he Belleair women a Golf Tournai Iii ent miss Copic turned in a surprising 2 and i Victory Over medallist Marion Miley of Lexington by. Yesterday while mrs Yare last year s Winner Here and former j National Champion Defeated mrs v Ila Norton of Greenville in. 4 and 3, Betty Jameson of san Antonio Durham March 13.-Ev-2ry tournament has its a dark horse Quot and if that title has to be bestowed on some one of tile Iii sri school aggregations which will participate in the Duke Durham a tournament of i.�. I champions Here Friday and saturday it should go to Parker High of Greenville s. very Fine team with a very Hue record which meets High Point s Plack Bison Friday morning at to of clock. In fact the record is perfect. La 19 games against the Best in their Section and some out of state foes. Hie Greenville boys have not lost a game a have been pressed in Only a couple Perfec t record it is remembered that Tbs Greenville boys brought another perfect record to this tournament last year. Then they were unde treated in 17 games. But Moss Vili. Miss. The country boys handed them their Only defeat of that year and the Only one in two yes a by whipping the Parker scrap est 4037 in a game that went two extra periods before the Golden Tornado would give up its unbroken string of xxx ins. The team is coming Back this year about intact and the boys have a year s More experience losing j a they make i aforementioned Gantenbein will make up the Outfield Talent. George Caster Heads the returning pitchers but several of the newcomers May prove valuable surprises. Among these Are de Heusser right hander who j won 19 Aud lost 7 for Memphis last year Elon Hoseit who had 16 and 9 for Minneapolis Johnny Babich xxx to won 17 and dropped 6 Xith Kansas City Het Man j bus of 17 and ii with Memphis. Ace Bedwell Fred Parks Fred Snoddy and Charles Callahan or Alt seniors now and they la give any team a Battle this season. has been the High scorer this season with 199 Point in the 19 games. Bedwell has scored 155 and Park 129. Star Ridder Brid Well also some shakes Ai a football player was one of Tbs outstanding player Here last year and his 19 Point As Grecny tilt a beaten in the first round made him nip of the leading scorers of the tournament. This year in piling up their remarkable record Parker Defeated some of the Best in South Carolina High Circle won Over the South Carolina freshmen once and the Clemson freshmen twice topped Kingsport tenn., once and Harding High of Charlotte twice it out of state games. Their season s record ail victories Piedmont High. 53-24 Kingsport tent., 27-22 Piedmont. 45 25 Columbia. 4 7-24 South Caro Lins freshmen 29-18 Anderson 38-15 and 4 1-22 Greer 65-23. Clemson freshmen 48-4 2 Greer .56-14 Greenville High 25-18 Easley. 5318 Greenville High 41-29 Harding of Charlotte. Ill Clemson freshmen 43-29 Harding of Charlotte. 49-19, Spartanburg. 34-18 Columbia 39-11, Spartanburg 38-25. A Aiken stars play Pinehurst soloists nationally know n rulers in com prof Friday afternoon spinal in the in Eph a pm Neh Post Mare h i 3 the efforts being made by Earl Shaw and Merrill Fink to a Tahlik a Polo in the san Hills will he Given a splendid boost Friday afternoon when four of the nation s expert will come from Aiken s cd and join with the Pinehurst club members in putting on an exhibition came the Polo match will precede the sixth running of the Sandhill steeplechase on the Barber course saturday pattern ooh the Aiken pit be it who will he brie Are William Post 2nd, and g. H Pele Bostwick rated at Exen goals Dunbar Bostwick five goal and Ixia is Stoddard or three goals. These Aiken Polo experts will join the members of the Pinehurst squad and two teams Xxiii lie blotted one to play As the yellow jacket and the other a the red and blues. The player will he placed so As to equalize the strength of the two sides and thus assure a close and thrilling contest. The Pinehurst club which Bas won four consecutive games would have played against the Aiken team hut for the unfortunate Accident which a taken one of its Star players Earl Shaw. Oui of the game for a few weeks. Texas present National Champion faced Laddie Irwin of Montclair i n. J other Quarter final matches Dorothy Kirby. Atlanta is mrs. Tom William of Lajolla calif., mid Jane Cothran of Greenville is. �?T., is mrs. Philip Barney of Farmington Conn. Wrestling wed., March 13, 8 30 p m los s. Hamilton a steam heated bldg. High Point. N. C. Tickets 91.10 a 75c a 55c promoter Blind world War veterans Sergt. Ii. C. Mcmahon Al Vood la a Teit phone irm7 Johnny vi4rrs Whitey rom Hilly him l l so i sin event a vex. A out i a in minute Semi Lin six a. A one Eail a one hour opening a is. A one Lall a to minute Kleck i Eck Hyden Pancho Valdez Pete sch h Rigod in get on a Al at Sheraton and Elwood Model

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