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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 11, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Ige eight the High Point Enterprise Pleamon Tenter Ai a High Point North Carolina Morula i Marrh la. 19-1 in in Edh. By n it in Chakales sports f 4itor a a a a a a a a a 1lii<a<��,� in cos Kio ten Oft i Arim x or m xxx a maroons Given go by on Cage a a a 1939 crop to be Tough on soph Jinx Ere and there Nunt the Ducky Medwick holdout situation he wants Fie year contract .$22,000 for 1940 and $20,000 for Tho r two years. It is estimated that he w Ould draw $25,000 be belonged to Tho yanks. He a made $90,000 since he into professional baseball with Scottdale in the Middle league in 1930. He a got a Nice chunk of dough p away of course and he married the daughter of thy parents. In jumping from St. Pete to St. Louis Rick departed from the usual holdout pattern of Nego in with Hie Boss on the Camp sidelines. But he had his is. An heir is expected and he probably wanted to out the cigars before he sat Down and bickered with Mooth talking Branch Rickey. Notes on Jimmy Demaret he a 29, Seldom under sure and aspires to Lee a Good club professional and in Bee per rather than the hottest thing on the win circuit which he is now. Lies been making a living it of Golf since High school where he played tackle d shortstop. He a Iii full charge at the opulent Brae irn Minir j Chih in Houston. This year was the first in he followed the Winter Trail so far. Previously he limited his playing to the California tournaments Augusta masters i Rifted states open and . Won five of nine tournaments played consecutively on los Angeles to St. Petersburg with a 30round Ferage of 71.lt observers sax that s the hottest Streak modern competitive Golf. Lies 5 feet la and Isi kids. Only Sam Snead matches him in gallery we purity. Levelling off suggestion Siryj a Foj Tori led. But no official a get Futon has Viveen extended to the ration of Fop Roalf squads. Bill Bingham Harvard they id i ath pfc director would limit the varsity squad to i a be Yor each team the big powerhouses of course Southern Cal. Levin a and m Bino state and for Dame plus Many others depend on a virtually limit Supply of manpower for their Bone crushing schedules. 930 Knute Rockne used 120-Odd men against the Navy. Concerning the search to find a place for Rudy Law to til Liger. In Introit the management and in customers have come to the conclusion that Hank a Eenberg is strictly a Hank Greenberg performer Inch was the reason the auks h team organization Dnn to warm lip in 1988 when it was let out that Hank mid be had despite the imminent collapse of Lam Ltd he he a being moved to the Outfield to make room for tidy York who missed As a Catcher and outfielder at St base to put More Thunder in Hie l Iger lineup. Hank ures that it will take him sometime to learn the out Riding tricks which he says he is going to make an a nest Effort to learn. It May work out this year. When Howard Jones Trojan football coach ordered its for a West coast boxing show he got the following Back from the promoter a there they Are. Howard. You la find they re Avo a lot closer to the ring than i to the 50-Yard line in the Rose bowl.�?T�?T. The Citadel lit $335,000 to build a new fieldhouse and then had to it temporarily when the school meet the Light land heating Bills. Harley Mccollum. Tulane s All a Rita tackle has Lieen ruled scholastically ineligible for Ball next fall Ray Blades. Cardinal Boss needs Only in More hours of Solo flying to qualify for his pilots lilt Peter Haw to Elm. Michigan state track Man has writers and Linotype operators talking to themselves n punching out his name some scoring Rhode is state scored to Points in the last ten minutes of the half in winning from Connecticut state cagers by the he of 102 to i. Johnny Cooney. Bee outfielder will he Only player coach in the major leagues this summer. Union organization at its richest the Indianapolis pothole stand a made up of boys and girls from 7 to it not give performances at the american association in this season. A. F. Of l. Musicians charged the stunt unfair to organized labor forcing the club to ban the Withful music makers ports lion lid up my Houk ski it second year these three will be Tough on Jinx misery due to hit rookies i Kwh x Ork. March 11 v telling Tai out of school to along report thai hairy a Dreher i ready to leave Plain ?. Jan k Doyle Broadway Ling commissioner will Send red oui favorite Over the i. A bad new i a k i i Ley cd i paper ii he n. V. Pout giant Are the worst Lookin cd of Ball player he a been j Lorida pm Chi Hgt lend of the i Ai Anne time he been doing a pie gum to Wink he Ink i in reason t ii a Smith my d in mind Ihui going Loyola la. Angelet i Lim lev promised him inn of a by in a rot leg player Mould he desk in feh Rury hat that ii \ one inf red ii pm a Mill end he belting now i the Florida Rhing Job will atty right in family. Johnny Paychek derided on Compton training ramp tor the Louis t Ceril Travis of the sen is aet some sort of a record in he received his diploma from Atlanta baseball school in exit two Bolti Bud d. The National Amateur nip and min ferns Australia s ii and a a i Phi King will play the North and South open at p to ii est next week Nixon i Denton tone Annati tlmp�8tar a Arturo in Odo it sly in Iii ii the in telling. V id by hip name of Crouch fought in i of Angel the other night a Connie Mack i predicting a first division finish for the a s and he tan i just talking for the news reels. Coach Dean Cromwell teaches his Southern California hark Slat to run Pigeon toed. Theory being a runner gets Mote drive nut of All five toes than just the big one. Chil Dundee one of the busiest fight managers in the business has file boys going tonight Nick Camara in new Orleans Jimmy Webb in Pittsburgh Frankie Ca vans in Lancaster. A Phil Furr in Washington and Tony Claro in Philly. I f la Mav a Hie Dartmouth student us report an injured Kier a slightly unconscious. Nothing like a College Elt Adleat Ion. Boy Tot Williams. Charlie Keller anti Mort Looper should t stumble by j for by Bron Sci fed Nix service sports xxx Filer first word of warning a Sophomore Star gets in the big leagues is a watch out for the second year but the dozen or so athletes who made their debuts in the gland manner last season Haven to yet acquired the jitters or go around with worried looks. The crop of youngsters who starred As pea Green in 1939 was one of the greatest Ever to come up in a single season and it in t Likely that Many. If any. Will dip into much of a Tail spin. Ted Williams. Boston red sox outfielder and no. I Rookie of 1 939. Should do even Heater than his ,.�?~127 average and is hor0�?zr�?z of a year ago mechanically he s great Ball player but it s his temperament that la keep him from slipping. Most youngsters fax pro use of their rtw�ijat"j1 a tit Nile they i on slant think about maintaining the level of the previous year. K Al of it a i bits greater con Firx f in the first place. Williams did t even have a Rookie s attitude in 1939. The sri a ballast siring bean refused to be a pm or even properly impressed by the big time of nothing phased him then it certainly wont now. Charley Keller who bombarded american league pin her and then exploded All Over the red in the world series exhibit Mort Confidence tit St. Petersburg than Jue Mccarthy Ever thought he possessed. Someone asked Ray Blades the reason for his unusual display of enthusiasm and the Cardinal manager pointed to Young Morton Cooper who won 12 and lost Sis in i first full Campaign. A Elf he win to this year re member i wanted you Blades added. A the s going to lie much smaller hell know the hitters better. And he a got a Little Mote Cleveland thing from perform mad Short in 3 3 with i Fie is Troudeau Ager nent won t Ca fail to hit above. In in alb xxx ill Hax k toi la to i f i i put to Ino Oley Donald of the x auks w ill have a Tough time improving on his 193 5 record when a won is and lost three hut with i Pix i in gifts and the deadliest offs Sivc club in base Bali behind him he can t go wrong addle Miller who broke a leg in mid season to interrupt a great debut As Boston Bee shortstop is sound and fast a Ever. Barney Micosky who plastered american league pitchers for a .311 average in his first season in the big-11me. Does t have to worry about making a place for himself this year with the lean Outfield situation Sinh As it is in Tiger land this list goes on Merrill May. Phillies thit d Acker Bill Nicholson Quot us outfielder Osai Grimes Indian second baseman the second year Jinx a a logger Field to work on this year hut the victim will he tougher to crack. Tilden Budge tilt Hakes finns $8,000 new York mar. La us old Bill Tilden made one of his increasingly infrequent Tennis stops in new York last night and both current Tennis history and the fighting finn Are the better for it today. It was Tilden a show All the Way and he made the most of it. Rut it was Don Budges Tennis that awed the critics he dubbed old Bill 7-3, tv-2 then teamed with Berkeley Bell who has seen better Tennis Days to smother old kill and aging Winnie Richards <5-3, <5-2 and then tired be bowed to Fred Perry in a three set singles match that replaced a scheduled doubles even losing to Perry Rizir. The show grossed Over of which the finn will get about . I expert Ting loll Boudreau who so magnificently at games lat att Miner id Iii a smooth a it knows the dub Matt much if he in. Encounter. He was ter it Brown wants steady re on hound with sox a Dena. Calif. March la. Clint Brown Chicago White Relief Pill Lier who won la i Taal Aea so ii while appear in to i games for a new a record is pining away to in a starting Pitcher. My b Jet ii he k clo vim his t a ass tip for every hour Carl suavely spends coaching his Cornel foolish players he spends six hour coaching the coaches xxx by in Ltd Aga i v so the Tiger Ace using dear i Hall in training. Xxx e had an idea they a be eight ism a. I sort after he came to terms yesterday. Indications were. How Ever that manager Jimmy Dykes i thought Brown would he of far More service to Lite Chih a a rescuer than a Stalin. Uts Mth Ala huh in by i no Eon n. J Hob Wilson. Son of Jimmy Wilson Cincinnati Beds Catcher a won a scholarship to Princeton Young Wilson Nelson and Mangrum Lead at first 26 in Thomasville Thomasville a. March la. A golfs salaried professionals seeking to fatten their Bank Rolls by winning Cash stakes along tile Winter Trail squared off today in the final .�?~d5 holes of the $3,oho Thomasville open tournament with the Winner very much in doubt. Going to the starting tee were National open Champion Byron Nelson of Toledo of and Lloyd a ii Grunt of Oak Paik. Iii. Whose fit is round tix a gave them a stroke advantage Par of 71 Fot the course was bettered by Only four players yesterday. Herman Kaiser of Akton. Shot a kit Aud Paul Runyan of White Plains n s., had a Cronin looks slate for 40 for Pitcher among Rooks three sophomores who appear to have no a second year Jinx worries Are fiddle Miller below. Boston Bee shortstop Turley Keller above left new York Yankee outfielder and Morton Cooper St. Louis Cardinal Pitcher. A exhibition. I by training tamps baseball but if asocial de pre dont in niacin suffer s pram l pc hip in rat fur Taft Vitri Jilin Arnot Ich is plastering Ball Millier dodger shorten p injured at to angst major atm 4, pc intr coast Abax St Petersburg it a i St Loui in 7 at Lakeland a de Brook n in 2 Cagot aus i new Yolk la. A Tampa. Fia Bostonia it i is i to. At Orlando. It Washington not a York St 4 at san Diego Calif Phi to. I a i 0 an Diego it pc i 3 Tai vex x at i in in at St Peter Bing Fla St i i i a new York i n i at Anaheim Ca i Philadelph 13. C is los Angel Young champions dominate aquatics Miami Blach Fia. Match la. It i Youthful Champion dominated tit a nations indoor women aquatic perform i today Only 19 veal old Helen Arlen Kovitch of san Francisco who retained Ber High Broad diving championship with a record lot withstood the Challenge of Young stat. The new individual champions with their a Nancy Merkl 13. Of Portland ore4 40-Vard 0ce style Patty Aspinall 13, of Indiana Polis. 220-Yard breast stroke Mary Patricia Fairbrother 15, of Miami Low Hoard diving. Brenda Weiser 15, of Portland. Die 220-Yard free style. Gloria Allen. I <5, of new York. Loo Yard Back stroke. Hallow Toms Fca Ultis 21, of Chicago. Lou Yard free style. Lorraine fit her 22. Of new York. 300-Yard individual Medley. Kegler gather in Detroit for annual Abc tournament Detroit mar. La. Dis Tam e and prize Money apparent j in mean Little or nothing to a Bowler of the entries from 73&Quot cities in the current american Bowling Congress tournament Here few have a Chance of sharing in the 1241.uoo prize Money or of get Ting an even break on expenses. Top prizes in the five Man event is usually $1,000. And the doubles and singles championships pay off $500 and $300 re sport ively. Several of tile teams entered Dom Distant cities would have to win one or More titles in order to meet expenses. The Silver Seal sodas Veteran St. Louis campaigners moved in a to the Lead in the five Man event last night totalling 2.m3 and rolling one game of 1.033 which stands As High game of the tourney thus far. Henry half Man. Of Milwaukee. Added another major touch to the 5 Day old pin championships with a total of t�h2 ill be singles practically shot themselves out of the Money. Sam Snead of Shaw Nee. A. Slatted out with an n on tin Par 4 Hist Hole Anil v ii tvs up with a a Jimmy Thornton of cd Teepee i a also it the Jodi try press Sarasota Fia officials of the Boston red sox were relieved today to find that an injury suffered by Rookie Dominic in in a to in yesterday exhibition with Fie Cincinnati red a nothing wot be than a sprain at first it ii and been feared a Small hone in his a ii k i a might have been broken sliding into Home plate. Before i lie act Idem i Maggie had lived up to his heralded reputation with two singles anti a specie Cupar Helding play. A a in his is xxx Hight pm pm fax log Iii collect toils of some observers of last year s cant Pangti manager Jimmy Dyke of Lite Chicago xxx Idle sox is enthuses hold tie out Field play of i aft xxx right. Ile declares xxx rigid is n better Belder thrower and Hitler than Gerald Walker who went to the Washington senators in ext Bange. But pin coh i m pm of i is fort Myers. Fia manager scar Vik of the Cleveland indians is keeping Iii fingers crossed on Johnny Humphries a promising Pitcher who a Loo Vav Ihl for the tribe last year a Ohgi i hrs to xxx Ork St. Phi he Isrl big Ila. A after giving some of the rookies h trial. Manager Bay Blades planned to Start i veterans today in the is. Lam is cardinals exhibition against tin new York giants. Boh Welland Mort Cooper and t Lytie Shouin were summoned for Mound duty. T i i Iii. M not my Osk Lak Eland Fla the Way Barney or cocky is rapping the Hall indicates the Sophomore Jinx of the major leagues int going to Stop the Detroit tigers Outfield Atar. A a Dix eloping x n x Heim Alif. A Connie Mack seems to have called the turn on i re helium. Rookie to lord baseman from Llanta. Sometime ago Mack said he was slow starter and for Days he was overshadowed by i brain Alo. But yesterday of Ibeling came through with i Lilied lilt of the exhibition season. He has Bren showing steady improvement afield. G Itoh state Rookie or la nth. Fla the prize package in the Washington senators crop of rookies this Spring appears to he Sid Hudson Young Pitcher linked from Florida class d league he set Down tile new York flan til ordet tor Hie first iwo innings yesterday although toil bed for two tuns in the third. Bbl int to Tesi xxx x i on. I in ago nth will anxiously today Lay Bryant gives a All of the he watched a Pitcher i Ann a test in an Intra sati and game Xii Nix Ich takes off Miami reach. Al Morrie a Nohh. One of the National league leading hitters last season is starting off fast Awain tins Spring he Sot ked a Homer double and single and drove in three runs in an int to Camp struggle. Pfow be Beebe i it t i a xxx x i fit Fla. A Hie Brooklyn dodgers Are hard on shortstop. X Ong Peewee Reese being groomed is an eventual successor to manager Lee Whir other suffered a split Paim yesterday in Helding a hot smash by Barney my Oeky in in exhibition game with the Detroit tigers. Hell be out of action for ten Lay. The injury a almost identical w ii ii one sustained by Durn Cher two years ago. Last years Rookie shortstop Sens. I hut. Pele Reiser also was Hurt after being vent to the dodger farm and has never Regainer his previous form. Glenn May sign san Antonio. Tex. There May be some development soon in the St lax is Browns Lone holdout Case. Catcher Joe Glenn president Donald Batties has intimated their would he hut did t say what kind i sex Pei Ted Bradenton Fla. A the Boston Bee expected Short Stop fiddle Miller to arrive at ramp today and go into a contract huddle with president Bob Jinn. Of lightning strike third i Imp botox i ill he hot contender by Gayle Talbot Sarasota. Fla. March la. Ahlf the extra Linary Success of i he Boston red sox Iii producing great voting players the last two seasons xviii Hole Good Only one More time then torn Yax Kev s fabulous outfit might give the Yankees a really close race this year. Last season manager Joe Cronin came up with a pair of beauties Ted Williams in tight Field and George tailor on third while Bobby Dnepr was developing into a Brilliant second baseman. Now he has a Good solid club that needs Only one thing to make it a serious threat to the yanks pitching. N it ass Abs it is almost necessary for lightning to strike the sox in t heir pitching department this year of it is going to do any Good. For even next season muh he too late. They could finish Only a poor second last year with Jimmie Foxx powdering the Bali for a Sho average and Cronin hitting in obviously. Thai and to go on much longer for both Joe and Jimmy of n to 33 years w hich a getting along for an infielder. Neither can they count on Jefty Grove to go on forever. The famous in won 15 last season Only a jump away from his 4 a it h birthday. Cronin has Hope he pointed out a half dozen tall Young pitchers romping around the Sta. All Ollie up with Fine minor league record if one or to of them should make Good. Tile sox would have a great a hot Al the Flag. Joe said with their tremendous hitting the sox Don f necessarily need air tight hurling he pointed out. Greater Plant h the team probably will have a More thunderous punch this year even than it did last. Joe said. He la t hoi Mig Lily Job on the last of the in Maggos Dominic. And i trying to decide Only whether to play the youngster in left or enter Field. Whichever it is Roger Clamer will hold Down the other Post for Pitcher the sox still have the same Good. Lint far from Brilliant Backbone of last years staff Grove Jai k Wilton Fred deter Mailer. Joe having. Denny Gatehouse Emerson Dickson and Anker. Also they have tile you n Gat Era Jim bag by ii. And Woodrow Rich. Who promised so min h hut failed to deliver Cronin is looking to his Rookie for the Mound Miracle he needs Mayhe it will he Herb hash. Who won 22 while losing Only <5 for Minneapolis and striking out 14 4. Or perhaps it will he Wil Horn Rutland who compiled a 19-in re Ord with the same r i to to. Or Ralph Waite who won 13 and lost Only 5 for Canton. A records from races and not buildups new York March la coh it still takes races rather than build ups to produce records. That argument was proved to the most doubting Thomases at the Garden saturday night when two Brilliant competitions produced world records for <500 varies and two Miles while Chuck Fen 1 see won an Over ballyhooed mile main i of a in i ii of Hailer Oltra clutch up a perfect defence i just wont Ever get in a position where he can trap interest a being steamed up by the promoter for his wednesday night program because of the api ear Anre of four comparatively new wrestlers on the Aid Hadar has appeared Here Only once before. Prospects of a red hot match Between Billy Bai Tush the Boston had Man. And 250-Pound Pete Shuh grew brighter today. Information drip Ling in about the past records of the big boys indicates that Hoth have been engaged in some rough and Tough brawls and come Here with a reputation of Hejnig brawlers and wrestlers. The Semi Windup will pit Pancho Valdez the smooth working mexican against Whitey Grovo the rough Riding Cowboy from Cheyenne Wyoming. Grovo told promoter Mcmahon upon being matched with the mexican that a the mexican is heading for i last tickets Are on Sale at the Elwood arid Sheraton hotels it Mhz r m run liar \ xxx Ait Nix prs Ion Brrning Loop folic by Tom Siler <hira<0, March la. <a1 a threat of ostracism from All by ten varsity sports activities h1111lr today Oxer the Fri i verify of i ii in go. The cleavage Between Chicago and the other conference school came into the open saturday night when athletic directors declined i to give the maroons basketball j games on their schedule a until some questions Are xxx x iting the conference has been waiting for those answers Ever since Chicago abandoned intercollegiate football last december 21. Shortly after the school took this action an a unknown spokesman for the institution said a you can Tel a big ten football without being crooked a far As the league nil a re concerned three week later president j Robert m. Hutchins said in a speech to the students that there is no such thing As a legitimate subsidization under conference rules. He added he did no to believe enough competent player could i lie a legally As listed under conference rules a to affect materially the record of our football the maroons have not been a title contender in several year usually winding tip in the Bottom spot. In a statement is used through commissioner John l. Griffith i the athletic director said they look a no exception Quot to Chicago decision to give up football but added Contr xxx a however a statement of an unknown spokesman for the trustee and the issuance of a pamphlet containing false statement derogatory to the conference by Hie alumni Council seems to the directors to he contrary to conference the directors asked Chicago in effect to hand Over to major Griffith for investigation any charges of rules violation by other schools or to Retreat from its Contention that there is cheating. They said they would delay completing the basketball slate until Chicago had had a Cham to make Clear its position. A National tourneys engage Cage teams Forl of item Tram in nation shoot for i. S. Tov n new York. Mar ii coh a Thev finally finished up a Lone hard basketball season last week and now some tit of the Hest team ate about to Start Ait Oxer again in tournaments which have some claim to being a National championship event. The metropolitan invitation tournament at new York the National collegiate a a playoffs and the a Little College National intercollegiate tourney at Kansas City ail get under Way this week. Thirty two Small College team Are entered in the Kansas City tourney. New York invitation tourney at Madison Square Garden includes just six team Long la land c. And St Johns from Brooklyn Oklahoma aggie the Missouri Valier conference champions who ate a doubling up Quot in the a a even Colorado s big seven champions de Paul of Chicago and Duquesne of Pittsburgh. Although it int a scheduled part of tile tournament the big six playoff at Wichita. Kau tonight gets the n c a a. Tourney under was. When Oklahoma belted Over Kansas 47-3<> Friday it threw those two team and Missouri into a tie for the conference title now they have to decide which will play Oklahoma aggie saturday for the right to enter the Western regional tourney of the n c a a. In i slowest Garden time of tha v car Jim Herbert Cut three tenths of a second off i own indoor Joi Mark. In winning in 1 10.8, a had to comp from third place in the last Lap. Greg Rice South Bend ind., had to Conte from second place in the last re Yards to Lake the two Milt in new record time of 8 5 5.2. Herbert and Rice together with Fenske Al thar she i Bloz a of Georgetown and Allan Tol much of Detroit today Aland out As the leading performer of tha season. Memphis cup pier says Jack it ult t ret \ Hailer to i be it Elii Eslay Nihl Johnny Man the 224-Pound Memphis grappler Lei ii by known j to Prui Tutei sergeant l c me Mahon thai lit a hoi Ai All worried about Iii fear Lotfie a cobia clutch on wednesday night the a cobra clutch in an in i in Meni of torture a up pop Edl v Lieut unconscious used by Black. Jack Rader who recently discarded his Blackjack for the new hold Hadar who hails front Kansas City and mans meet in a two out of three fall 90-minute time limit i match in Hie main event at the South Street Arena a i am nut afraid of Rader nor tile a cobra mans told promoter my i Ainoi. A the could t tag it on Floyd Marshall Aud i know lie on i tap me with it my to i a11 h von a certain Quot a take her Bowling your xxv Etheart or wife she will enjoy it a much As you do. Arcade amusement company Arcade building

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