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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1940, Page 7

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 11, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Monde Marrvill 1940the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Point. North Carolina Page seventh Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Cross word Puzzle serial Story fiction writer $15 a week by Louise Holmes copyright i �40, aka a Crivici. Inc Uncle Ray s Corner friars Story led to Coronado a journey horizontal i 5 favorite children a writer. Christian 12 one skilled in Money matters. 14 to apportion. 16 room recess. 17 Genus of auks. 18 clock face. 19 neuter pronoun. 20 the Shank. 21 refined woman. 22 the soul. 23 wan. 24 to employ. 25 2000 pounds. 28 sea tales. 28 fabrics. 29 to jog 30 strife. 31 snaky fish. 32 to help. 33 Comet train. 34 note in scale. 35 rubbed in dirt. 36 pint. 37 meat. Answer to previous Puzzle 38 fruit pastry 39 to cramp. 41 chaos. 42 finish. 43 silkworm. 44 Money changing. 46 female horse. 48 he was by nationality. 49 he was a last Century a a and skywriter. Vertical 1 sword handle. 2 data. 3 North Africa. 4 growls. 5 is sick. 6 born. 7 doctor. 8 one that raids. 9 to kill. 10 measure of length. 11 negative. 12 his gave him world wide Fame. 13 guide thread. 15 his stories ate into Many languages. 18 Challenge. 20 Lingo. 21 kindled. 22 tree trunk. 23 to goad. 24 Buffoon. 25 chinese Money. 27 operatic Melody. 28 to cripple. 30 homeless child. 33 weight allowance. 35 demons. 36 coniferous Trees. 37 to consume by fire. 38 fairy. 40 beverage. 41 no Good 44 sound of Surprise. 45 hawaiian Bird. 46 myself. 47 Indian Mulberry. Harrison in Hollywood. Paulette Goddard it slated for the top she works hard even though she no up i Harrison Hev service stuff to rom mind it it Hollywood. Mar. La its to predict a successful career for Paulette Goddard especially of you know that she s ambitious while crediting her with All a it it is of potentialities the movie Village used to doubt that she d t or work very hard at being in actress. Heins As everyone believes i mrs. Charlie Chaplin she does t hive much to worry about. Her dramatic ability May be pretty Well taken for slanted anybody who wonder whether sentiment May have tinted Chap in s approval of her As a leading lady should he reminded that David seun irk had Penc Llad in her name As Scarlett of Hara just before Vivien Leigh came along. M u non t h a her appear wok miss Goddard has a Deal nuts advantage Over at least 90 per cent of the upper bracket actresses Here its a mobility of expression or a Ducky trick of creation. Or Home Fhlug. Which provides startling changes of appearance on the screen and All Hollywood has commented that often it does t recognize her immediately in the studios or at parties. That sort of versatility is valuable in a business where bundt eds of women look As of they Dall stepped off the same production line miss Goddard is less Likely to be typed. She already has shown herself is something of a Wistful Gamin languorous Glamorise and Tough Little Cutie. In about a couple of months probably you la see her in her second Gamin part with Chaplin in Quot the dictator a soon Shell go into Cecil a Northwest mounted police Quot As the half Breed girl and Shell have a lot More acting to do than Madeleine Carroll whose nominally the feminine Lead. Right now Paulette Goddard is being thoroughly stared in Quot the ghost another comedy mystery with Boh Hope it s her second role at Paramount where she signed a five year three Pic Tures a year contract. She n k ably Brt a Mic i a re fat o Hara loss of the Starlet o Hara assignment was a tremendous disappointment to her because Selx Nark was ready to announce her for it just before he saw the English actress i said i guessed that Selznik k must have had a pretty hard time. Too. Breaking the sad news and miss Goddard said he had done it very nicely. With the consoling observation that she was at least the beat Scarlett in America even so she could t hold cast of characters Ann brow n a orphan daughter of a Gambler alone in an unfriendly Cit it. A i l Hayden a Stork room boy with ambition. Steve Claybourne a wealthy Playboy. Clara Brook a dim store counter girl. Irene Temple society debit Ante. Saturday Steve Waits for Ann at the shop but she is deaf to All bus pleading for a dinner Date. She meets Paul at the Al is puzzled by bus anger. She finally wins s smile from him and a Promise of no More misunderstandings. Goes Home Happy. Chapter xvii Ann started dinner. She set the table As daintily As the shabby appointments allowed plating the Violet in the Center and a Silver spoon at each plate. Creamed Salmon Clara insisted upon calling it Gold fish hashed potatoes Fried to a Brown crust Ness pickles hot biscuits and Jam. The Little meal was ready when Clara came in. Quot by a. Need Quot she said a hello Quot gee Aren t we ritzy these Days Quot Quot i would t say Clara picked up one of the spoons. Quot Why do you set such store by these Ann Quot Quot because they re real i Quot you can get a whole set at the dime store for what one of these Quot yes i know Quot / what the difference Quot Quot considerable difference in Quality. Nice Thunga do something for me Clara. I ran t describe it. Sometimes i dream of Linen sheets and Satin edged blankets and perfume in the hath water and silk things next to me Quot Quot you re the craziest kid. Better Gar those things out of your head folks like us Are better off not to think of Satin edged Blanket Quot Quot maybe. Dinner a ready. I want to hurry became Paul Hayden and i Are smelling Spring in the Park Clara pouted a Waou have All the Luck Quot she said. Quot i can t get anybody but a truck Driver and he has to support his old a while Clara washed the dishes and Ann changed her dress there a Hatter in the apartment Neddy and Teddy danced in Neddy talked and Teddy echoed. They had both won cups for terpsichore an prowess a the Roseland dance Hail and they displayed them proudly Myrtle drifted in. She sat on the Edge of a chair her rough hands folded in her Lap her big this minutes 1 11 sri i eyes deep in purple shadows she admired the cups. Quot me and Bill used to dance Quot she said wistfully. Quot have you seen him lately a Clara asked. Quot its been two months. A rive me the Money last month. Bill was awful disappointed. So was she brightened. Quot i think i m going to make it next Ann came to the bedroom door her eyes Sweet with sympathy. Quot will he he coming Home soon Myrtle Quot she asked. Quot eighteen months and 12 Days. He a learning the welding business. Maybe we can have a Little plate of our own a Quot she swallowed painfully trying to smile. Neddy spoke up. Quot i would t Walt of i was she said tossing her head Quot you re Only voting once. You d be pretty if you fixed yourself Quot As pretty As us Quot Teddy added. Quot maybe i could get a Job for you on the elevators Quot Neddy suggested. Myrtle looked Down at her red hands. Quot ill stay on Here with his a Quot she said. Quot Iti Quot you re a said Quot just s fool a said Teddy. Ann spoke sharply from the bedroom. Quot i eave Myrtle alone. She knows what she wants to she came into the living room carrying a dark silk dress. Quot would you like to have this Myrtle Quot she asked. Quot we re about the same size and it does no to fit me very Well. I think it would look better on Myrtle took the dress hungrily. Quot of. It a pretty. I Haven t had a new Dreas since Bill and me was married Iti Wear it when i go to see stammering her thanks she ran from the room holding the dress close to her thin Little breast. Quot what la you Wear Quot Clara wanted to know. Quot that a your beat work dress and you Juat paid to have it a tar ? 3k j j Ann said lightly Quot Long As the remnant tables hold out i m All Quot i did t mean to make her feel bad but gosh a Neddy said apologetically. And Teddy Quot gosh Quot suddenly a strange girl appeared in the doorway. Clara greeted her noisily saying Quot Ann this is Betty. She was mgt Roommate. She got married and lives downstairs. How goes it Betty Quot Quot it goes something wonderful a a she said her eyes shining. Clara and the twins were plainly envious of the narrow band on Betty s Finger. Ann gazed at the Bride speculatively. Why was a wedding ring so desirable was it because these girls lived by a pattern and one thase of the pattern was marriage or wait a Law of nature that each girl must find a mate or was it love she did t know. She had a feeling that the girls did t know. Quot Well a Betty said smugly. Quot i mint gel Back to my husband she preened herself a Little. She said to Ann Quot won t you come and meet Jim Quot Ann walked Down the stairs with her. Jim wore overalls he had not shaved recently he acknowledged the introduction awkwardly. As Ann turned away. He caught Betty in his arms. Thai was s closeness about them a sense of belonging that brought a Quick ache to Ann s heart. Maybe there was something in love and marriage. Two people instead of one against a pitiless world. She glanced Down the stairs at the Hall door watching for Paul. At that moment voices came to her from a nearby room the loud rough voices of men. Quot my split was Twenty five Gimme Twenty five or Iti a what la you do Quot a second voice neared. Quot i could Tell a few things shout you Quot Quot shut up. You the door opened and the two m w. A Moward i Iii. Side glances Ata it Brading the United states in sending enough Relief Money to take care of All the european refugees in Warsaw Poland of a rate of Money shipment that cares for an average of fifty refugee every minute of every horrible hour those unfortunates a putting in there. For food the nazis Are now shooting pheasants their Hunters kill two pheasants now every laity second. The canadians ate fixing their highways. And a producing thirteen Gallons of tar every minute for that purpose. Americans Are Well bold in the value of vitamins a extracting them from Frozen fish livers that the japanese Are shipping to the it. 8. At a rate of ten pounds every minute to meet that fast rising Vitamin demand. Scientists estimate that the average human being swallows involuntarily at least on let every minute while he or she is alive. The United states government pay All it expenses by Checke and is now writing More than 300 checks every time Juat one minute goes by Stop heading. The words you Ere about to look it. In the Aptt second that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting this will Uke sixty seconds to read while you Are Reading these fact the even they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minus on Earth. A world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself the family doctor doctors find gallstones afflict from 5 to 20 per cent of population by or. Morris Fishbein editor. Journal of the american medical a asocial inn and of Hygeia the health Magazine doctor who perform Post or a tem examinations say that the adult population of the United j states have gallstones in from 5 to 20 per cent of cases one expert who examined about 000 bodies found 8.4 per rent of them with gallstones. Many observer. However have found 20 per rent and some have even found .15 per cent. A pathology Lei in a Large City reported that 50 per cent of people Over go have gallstone. All authorities scree that 1 women Are More Likely to have gallstones than Are men. Although Lases do occur in children. It is rare to find Gall j stones in people under 20 year of age. The number of gallstones that tan Lodge in the gallbladder is enormous. If the Stone Are tiny they May number in the thou j Sands one investigator found 1 4.000. Sometime single stones will develop and increase in size As additional layers a Deposit j de. A single Stone weighing As j Quot when Yon think of the extra dinner it will help me net Back her feeling and a she ast there being alternately furious and forlorn Selznick looked at her admiringly Why did t you show that emotion in your test Quot he asked. I asked miss Goddard whether Shes pestered constantly to talk about the Chaplin picture and she said yes and so is or. Chaplin. Quot people have no idea How Busy he is. Doing everything himself it s practically All fun taxed now. Except for some War scenes and i rues it la preview in about six a poll Quot As a Sample of his Duel activities she told about a scene she watched the other Day it was a Long trucking shot in which the camera began at the front line trenches and moved Back past secondary lines and machine gun nests and on past artillery emplacements. Chaplin Rode on the camera truck directing extras along the Way. At the last while Hie camera swung to one Side he hopped off. Ran ahead and took his place and the scene ended on lessons in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say Quot she was tickled to death with the say Quot she a greatly pleated with the often mispronounced Eti a queue pronounce it i Ket. Both e s As in bet i is in it accent first syllable. J often misspelled mete do much As a Quarter of a Pound has been found. Eel nobody knows exactly How Long it takes gallstones to form. They have been known to develop in less than a week. Since gallstones Are so prevalent there is naturally much discussion Amon doctor As to whether or not they should always be re j moved when their presence is determined the place to the gallbladder where the gallstone i form to of important in rela j Tiona hip to the symptom. In from to to 15 per cent of Esse the gallstones move Down into the ducts or tubes which carry i the bile. Of they Block these tubes the result is swelling pain irritation and All the symptoms included under biliary Colic. When gallstone Colic occurs there la just one thing to do a go s doctor As soon As possible. He can relieve the pain by various Tai Hiques he must be careful about injecting too much narcotics however because the i sudden passing of the gallstone May relieve the pain and give the patient More trouble from the narcotic than danger from the gallstone sign by measure i not meet. Synonyms misery wretches Ness distress despondency un-1 happiness affliction. Word study Quot tse a word three limes and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To j Day word propitiation that which appease or conciliate. Pronounce second syllable pish. Quot no words of propitiation could influence him to a drinking Drivers killed 117 people in North Carolina last jeer. Men who had spoken to Ann when she first arrived at the House came into the Hall. They wet thin and Sallow and furtive eyed. Ann hastily ran Hack to the third floor. Paul came. He spoke pleasantly to Clara and the twin. He and Ann departed in the midst of excited chatter. Ann wondered what there was about the Advent of a Man to change an Ordinary conversation into a feverish display of so called wit and Charm. They walked four blocks to Gar i Field Park and wandered through the Dusky paths. The night was loft with something of painful sweetness in the air. They sat Down on a Bench neat the Lagoon. Quot would you like to go for a boat i ride Quot Paul asked. Ann practical mind immediately jumped to the matter of 25 cents the Price of an hour in a Rowboat Paul made Little More than she did. He had the Aam expenses. Quot it a just a Nice she said. They talked easily of impersonal things relaxing in the pleasant quiet. Paul did not mention Steve j Clybourne. After a while he told Ann a Little it of i College Day Quot i paid my Way at the fraternity House by pleasing suit and waiting on a he said Quot Liz in with a gang ilk that for four year make this sort of life teem pretty Quot yes i know what it is to Bel i he hesitated tor a moment As of turning something la his mind then Quot the fraternity men in town have an organization the Athens club. The Spring hop is Contin off next week. I d like to take you j of you a care to Ann Eye shone a dance a nit Dane a with Paul. Quot of i d love to go. then dubious a in. Quot but won t it be expensive terribly expensive Quot Quot i suppose so. But gosh. Ann. We re got to have a Little fun As we go along i be got a Small re a serve and i in going to spend it j on one Nice evening for you and she glowed. Quot i feel like cinderellas Quot Quot i m not much of a Prince charming Quot Quot you la do for he caught her enthusiasm Quot a yellow cab will he More or Leas like the famed Quot of. Paul Quot they laughed together youth-1 fully. The night was filled with stardust it throbbed with Ufa and love. To be continued this year people ate taking special note of something which happened 400 years ago a the journey of Coronado. The trip lasted two years but people Are celebrating the year it began 1540. At that time the new world was not Well known. Columbus had crossed the Atlantic and Cortez had conquered Mexico but no White Man had seen the Mississippi. Almost nothing was known about the land West of the. Great River. Three churchmen under the Lead of Friar Marcos had entered land now in the southwestern part of the United states in company with a negro. The negro had gone ahead of the Friar and had been slain by indians. Then the churchmen had turned Back to Mexico escaping with their lives. Friar Marcos had declared there were Quot seven Golden cities Quot in the North. Mexico was ruled by a governor named Mendoza who had been put in office by the King of Spain. The governor decided to Send a Small army to locate the cities and to obtain whatever treasure could be found. He a a kindly Man. And gave orders that the natives were to be Well treated. Franciaco Coronado a 40-Vear-old spaniard was placed in charge of 250 mounted men. To foot soldiers and a few Hundred Friendly mexican indians the party made its Way up along the Western Side of Mexico until it entered land now in a cd the United state. Entry was made at a Point not Quot a great distance from the Border Between Arizona and new Mexico. In those Days there was no in h country As the United Coronado leading party norther through mexican desert. States. The spaniards called the Region the trip was mainly a sea re for the Quot seven Golden cities the men grew excited when the. Came in sight of an Indian set Dement. They hurried to t their eyes wide open for Golf no Gold was found Bower i Here was not even any alive in the place so far As could Learned. One Good thing the Clov i Supply and that was food. Hun Gry after the Long journey the spaniards enjoyed a feast. After resting in the villas4 they gathered up loads of Cor to take with them while the were trying to reach the nex settlement. They hoped to Fin a much Richer place within few Day i or history Section of it or scrapbook of you Waul a free copy of to or Flet entitled a a background euro 5ea7efr&Quot Send me a stamped Well am so Rove Iii care of the Enterprise. I a Clefs Quot a tomorrow. Indians of iffy a Mckenney on Bridge War wont Stop Bridge games make plans for world olympics re we. A Mckenney american card authority proud Mother cranium crackers initial Knob ledge you undoubtedly know Stry one of the men bul do you know what their Middle initials stand for eat h is identified just to make it easier. 1. Richard k. Byrd aviator and explorer. 2. Chester a Arthur Twenty first president of the i. 8 a i Newton d. Baker american lawyer and War Secretary. 4. Bernard m. Baruch american financier. 5. James i Blaine noted american statesman. 6 James a. Farley postmaster general of the United states. 7. Thomas a Edison famous amerkan inventor. Answers on want and Page. Look and learn by a c. Gordon 1. What name is applied to animals which live on vegetation 2. Did Jefferson Davis. President of the confederacy live for Long after the civil War 3. What element comprise the great part of our air 4. Who whole Quot old curiosity shop 5 Whit and where is Rotten Row answers 1. Herbivorous. J. He a is at la time of the civil War. And lived to be la. I. Nitrogen 4 Charles Dickens lilt-1170. 5 a famed bridle path in Hyde Park London. The world Bridge olympic will be held throughout the world april 4. Even though Many nations Are at War games Are being planned in those count Ria. The olympic hands Are selected by the world Bridge olympic committee from hundreds of Well played hands submitted throughout the year. The committee Endeavor to select hands that have no re k defences or plays hands with which Good sound reasoning will enable you to arrive at the Correct solution. The selection of these hand is really a difficult problem for instance while today a hand is interesting it is turned Down because though three no Trump i the Correct contract a Spade opening will defeat the hand of once. Then again a Good guess instead of the scientifically cortex play might make the contract for the Declarer. South wins the Diamond opening with the King when East play the Jack and cashes five club tricks. Which Way should South finesse against the Queen of hearts he has found m eat with four i a k j 9 4 2 v a 103 a 8 6 k j 4 107 6 v 9 7 6 4 a a 10 5 2 86 n w e s dealer ass a q82 a q j 9 j 972 83 a k j 5 a k7 4 a 10 5 3 rubber neither Vul. Sooth wee North East i pass i Pas i n t. Pass 3 n. T. Paw opening a a 2. La diamonds through the Deuce o diamonds opening two clubs. Arn undoubtedly Only three Spade end four hearts. If West hell four hearts headed by the Queen he probably would have opened that suit instead of Diamond Declarer therefore correctly Fin esses East for the Queen e hearts and makes his contract modern etiquette by Roberta Lee q would it he Wise to form a Friendship with one who seems to he very suspicious of everyone distrusting even those whom he considers his closest friends a no and probably the Best reason for not forming a Friendship with one who is so suspicious is in the proverb that save. Quot a Man Doe not look behind a door unless he a stood there q. If someone Telephone when on is busily engaged in i something important is it a1 right to say that you will Call Back later a. Yes. By All Means do so Only on extremely temperament or super sensitive person would resent it. Q. When a maid in brushing my crumbs from the table should i they he brushed into her hand or j into a tray a. The Crumb should be brushed into a tray. When Quot a and my girl Quot recently ended a run of 1.100 performances in London it took seventh place in the hat of 12 productions which had reached four 1 figures in that City. Flapper Fanny by Szivi. A Coes i eur a evict we ? v sic v. A a c4, a a a f lower a h a it a 135 40 a How can i by Anne Ashley icily Nfn a ppm Potanus Crow that a just about what the Washington zoo Hippo amounts to As she q what is the proper Way of preparing Peanut butter sandwiches a take a Small amount of Peanut butter put it into a Small howl add to it slowly a few teaspoonfuls of hot milk. Best until the mixture has the consistency of thick Cream. Then spread thin slices of bread. Q How can i Whiten yellow and Dingy clothes a Wash them in water to which a cup of equal parts of Lime water and turpentine shaken until creamy has been added. Q. How can i Peck away an Iron to As to prevent it rusting a. Rub the Iron with a Little fat that does not contain Salt. Wrap it in Brown paper and it will not rust. A a russian scientists report that a maw in a not entering it in the show i jus Don t anal

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