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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile High Point Enterprise sunday March 101974 mrs Leonard Cushion state president of auxiliary Nam rain u Tovac i mrs Leonard Cashion by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer mrs Leonard Cashion is a housewife Mother businesswoman and Community worker who feels no particular pressures from the women liberation movement about greater roles for women in today society As a wife who worked while her husband studied in dental school and As the Mother of two sons for whom she believed in being at Home when they returned from school each Day mrs Cashion is a Mattero fact but dedicated about her own experience and the sometimes Public controversy Over the role for women for the past year mrs Cashion has been president of the North Carolina dental auxiliary the organization for women whose husbands Are members of the North Carolina dental society her term ends in May but that change will not end her service in the auxiliary she will remain on its Board of directors and serve on the nominating committee to propose officers for the year 197576 while president of the auxiliary mrs Cashion has attended meetings in each of the organizations five districts in the state and has directed the installation of officers for each District she has also helped guide the 600 members of the auxiliary in their scrap amalgam program amalgam is a precious Metal used by dentists for fillings in Teeth the auxiliary collects the scraps of this Metal from the offices of dentists and Sells the scrap amalgam to dental Supply firms the funds earned by the auxiliary through this Effort Are applied toward the employment of dental hygienists in state and veterans hospitals and in aiding dental students and hygienists in the study of dentistry this program has meant a great Deal to the auxiliary mrs Cashion said it has excited our members the University of Maryland and helped the auxiliary be and at High Point College something More than just a social organization for the wives of dentists i think it is another indication of How women can do things no one else would do perhaps for the Benefit of our communities and our state previously mrs Cashion was vice president of the auxiliary and served As both vice president and president of the auxiliary third District which includes most of the Piedmont area of the state mrs Cashion is the second High Pointer to have been president of the third District and of the state auxiliary the other is mrs l p Megginson a native of Boone mrs Cashion is the former Bonnie Bingham daughter of j j Bingham and the late mrs Bingham her father was a school teacher she attended appalachian state University where she majored in business administration and physical education and has studied at sunday accent Energy crisis after 10 Gallons of gasoline by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer the gasoline situation improved immensely last week gone were the Long lines of automobiles common around service stations during the previous two weeks one had Only to remember whether the Day was for the Odd numbers or the even numbers to be fortunate enough not to wait in a line at All for gasoline in such in stances you could drive right to the pump just As in the Good old Days then there was the further reassurance of the presi Dent a week previously he had announced the Energy crisis was Over Only the problem remained last week he indicated the problem was now Only a matter of Supply once prices had made an upward adjustment the Supply again would Rise to the demand there is an uneasiness in this reassurance and it came at unexpected moments while getting the prescribed 10 Gallons allowed by the limit while observing traffic at what appeared to be pre crisis Levels again on main Street is the Energy crisis to be solved with an increase in the Supply is not that a turning around of the Basic problem of looking at it through the wrong end of the Telescope should not our greater concern be with conservation is not what we have experienced but a War Ning of the deeper problem of the worldwide imbalance in the use of Energy the wastefulness of this imbalance and of the Bill that is coming due the Energy crisis is but one indication of what is happening around the world in agriculture and in Popula Tion on fourth of the world is sliding into Over population bankruptcy and starvation within the next 12 months some 30 countries in Africa South Asia and Cen trial american could be caught up in both political and economic chaos caused by famine overpopulation and High costs of Energy supplies the Energy crisis and the food crisis Are not separate problems the United states has gone through an Energy crisis of sorts and is going through a food crisis of sorts what is happening to Energy supplies and costs is also happening to food supplies and costs quite simply the choices of the past have narrowed in the present and will narrow even More in the immediate future decisions As to How the earths available resources can Best be used Are becoming More critical by the Day and also More interrelated according to Richard Critchfield in an article in the Christian science Monitor the food crisis and the Oil crisis Are fast becoming joined into one to Tal Energy problem experts sum it up by estimating it now takes the Energy equivalent of 88 Gallons of gasoline to grow one full acre of Corn the Choice of How to use a Given Quantity of Oil be comes clearcut one either gets the 88 Gallons of Gaso line or the acre of Corn not both for the United states to become self sufficient in Energy and in food is Only part of the answer we can be self sufficient by judicious Hus banding of our resources and careful use of those resources we can be More conserving that americans who comprise Only six per cent of the worlds Popula Tion use 35 per cent of the worlds resources is a familiar statistic that the affluent new yorker May use 25000 or 50000 times As much Energy As a peasant in Java in a years time puts the statistic on a More personal level Critchfield notes that the British author c p Snow warned that it might not be Long before americans began viewing global famine on their television sets the cruel irony of 1974 Critchfield adds is that it is beginning to be appreciated that the Energy consumed by that television set if converted into fertilizer and food might save the lives of those seen starving on the screen can we live with ourselves under those conditions it is a crucial but in a sense a moot question the rest of the world will not let us not for Long the problem does indeed remain the Cri Sis is far from being solved even As we drive away from the pump and Back into the flowing lines of traffic with our Gallons of gasoline for now Davidson dateline streaking is strictly a springtime activity byte Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville though not exactly giving their endorsement College administrators apparently regard streaking As a fairly harmless Way for students to purge themselves of Spring fever midterm depression hostility Humours and other assorted ills psychiatrists who have been asked about this latest manifestation of Youthful nuttiness largely concur of course there Are still Bluenose around the Vic Torian Era evidently having never ended who believe that kids running nude in Public is a sure sign of our society decadence Sodom and gomorrah the collapse of Rome they fervently forewarn like some curious virus the fad seemed to hit everywhere at once by the Middle of last week a National streakers Organiza Tion had formed which was rating schools that had staged the most spectacular exhibitions if youll Pardon the unc at Chapel Hill where scores of unc lad males and females galloped around the Campus reportedly placed first when i was in school not that Many years ago it have been hard to imagine a streaking besides having to contend with the somewhat More conservative attitudes of the College administration the idea would have probably never occurred to my generation stripping to the Buff and running Loose that would have been far too frivolous a pastime we were earnestly engaged in getting the troops brought Home from Vietnam and in redressing various grievances doing something just for the fun of it was rarely considered with the Onset of the streaking craze a number of stereotypes about certain institutions of higher learning have suddenly dissolved now the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill one would assume is a logical place for massive Dis plays of flesh on the Hoof but Salem College never not Long ago the girls within the staid almost cloister like environment there we rent allowed to Wear pants on Campus a Rule streaking allows them to follow in a bizarre fashion another example is High Point College liquor is never consumed on Campus not legally and violation of this Rule is enough to get one banished for Good panty raiders the forerunners of present Day streaking platoons were frowned on severely Only a few years ago exposure of the student body for therapy and pleasure though hardly seems to raise an Eyebrow at Roberts Hall one of the real beneficiaries of the new collegiate exercise will be the television photographer dispatched to film the periodic displays the footage used on the air is probably edited with great circumspection whatever is left Over could be turned into the most sensational Blue movie Ever screened where will it All end that hard to Tell but one thing is sure there wont be much streaking after the first Frost this autumn she and or Cashion who is an orthodontist have lived in High Point for 12 years their two sons Are Robert who is in the air Force medical service corps and Audie a student at Westchester Academy the family makes its Home on an editors Outlook Westminster drive mrs Cashion is a member of the teen Board at Adams memorial Owca she has also served on the Board of the women society of Christian service at Wesley memorial United methodist Church the Hospital Guild and the High Point Council of Garden clubs she has been president of Wake Robin Garden club and the Book league Reading is one of her Hob Bies but she also enjoys danc Tennis and Golf things she can share with her family i think that sharing the doing of things together is important to a family mrs Cashion said sauce for the Goose sauce for the Gander by Jenkin Lloyd Jones general features Syndicate if a deep South us tra rightist is indeed proven guilty of kidnapping Liberal Atlanta Constitution editor Reg Murphy there should be three National awards the first of course should go to Murphy who while admittedly scared kept his wits about him and made the fewest crawling motions that he Felt he could get away with the second should go to the Fri which acted smartly on the Case even if it did turn out to be a Ham handed foot inthe bucket Effort at crime in contrast to the smooth ruthlessness of the sym ionese liberation army of Oakland and the third should be an engraved certificate of appreciation second class from the american people which Murphys kidnapper could hang up in his cell and contemplate hopefully for very Many years for he blew the whistle on a conceit of the Radical left that terrorism is its exclusive property even As Murphy was being spirited away i was Reading in the Washington Star news a strange interview with William Kunstler the Radical lawyer Kunstler had been called to san Francisco from St Paul where he had been defending Dennis Banks the aim Leader charged with hostage taking at wounded knee he was summoned at the request of Randolph Hearst who reasoned that if any negotiator could be considered Simpatico by the kid Napers of miss Patricia Hearst it would be Kunstler when Kunstler arrived on the scene he stated Ive expressed no opinion on the act it is Good bad or indifferent he did add however that a Kidnap geared to food for the poor could be the beginning of an epidemic As the interviewer put it the Radical left eyes the Hearst Case As an action within the scope of politics a kidnapping As a kind of tool to pry Loose social benefits so there you have it the Noble crime or politics by gun and snatch it is doubtful if or Kunstler would allow similar gentle indulgences for the american revolutionary army which according to editor Murphy his captor claimed amounted to 233 members and six colonels there is some question whether these figures Are solid it is possible in fact that the american revolutionary army was the first to achieve sexual Equality and that it really consisted of the kidnapper and his wife but if the Radical left can not take a stand on whether the abduction of Patricia Hearst was Good bad or in different you can count on its outrage against the Georgia caper therell be none of this nonsense about action within the scope of redneck kid Narings will be denounced As however the trouble is that if you half excuse a Rad lib extortion on the grounds that its the Only Way to get the attention of the establishment what do you do about the Guy who claims that the liberals really Are the establishment and that Hes trying to get their Atten Tion too some people actually feel that the liberals run the country and some dont like it and if kidnapping is an action in the scope of politics Why int it open to anyone who feels strongly about anything so we have the vision not of a Lovely America in which Only radicals have a right to commit criminal acts but of a very terrible America in which overheated reactionaries and racists will get into their Eye holed bedsheets and go charging around Lynching anyone who displeases them weve been there before or Kunstler has developed a technique in defending revolutionaries which has some tactical Merit it has been described As Antic Law his courtroom shenanigans Are designed to so Chivey the judge that it is hoped the latter in a burst of anger will commit a reversible error the left Wing thinks that or Kunstler technique is Cool the South is not a stranger to flamboyant barristers and if any one of them tries to Spring or Murphys alleged kidnapper by turning the courtroom into a carnival and by muzzling the judge the reaction of the left Wing will be fascinating you see whats sauce for the Goose will eventually be sauce for the Gander if were going to have a Lawless America for the Benefit of the left eventually Well have one for the right too so far the radicals have had it mostly their own Way and Treyve denounced the leaders for Law and order As fascist bigots but if the Lunatic right Ever rises the revolutionary left could wind up kissing the pigs were eventually going to have to decide whether we want a Jungle a Halfway Jungle but an All the Way Jungle and an All the Way Jungle is a place where none is Safe where assault is everywhere and where the eaters Are eaten roaming the Piedmont Riding Model t to deliver mail by Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer thoughts while sitting in line at a service station waiting to buy Gas Back in More Youthful Days i had trouble getting gasoline but this was not due to any shortage of fuel just Money in my pocket the going Price in those Days was something like 20 cents per gallon but those 20 cents were a bit harder to come by than in the present and i was Lucky we lived close enough to everything so that spotlight on education reverse integration grows among Southern College by Benjamin Fine North american newspaper Alliance new York an increasing number of White students Are enrolling in the traditionally Allback colleges of the South from every indication this trend is growing and has presented few problems to either the Black or White students a study made by the Institute for higher educational Opportunity and released by the Southern regional education Board finds that the White students adjust readily to their minority status in the Black colleges and universities they appear to be accepted by their classmates on an equal basis and participate in College activities whenever their time per mits the typical White student on a traditionally Black Cam pus in the South is a native of the South Between 27 and 30 years old and is Likely to be married he has not sought the advice of his family and friends in deciding to enrol in a Black College although deeply concerned about the nature of his experience academic and social and also about his physical safety relatives and friends have made no Strong efforts to influence his Deci Sion in either direction the student has had plea Sant and unpleasant experiences related to problems of adjustment and acceptance but has not sought special help he prefers to work through any difficulties by relying upon his own determination self Confidence and maturity the White student arrives at the Black Campus with goals firmly fixed and immediately establishes the impression among his Peers and upon the faculty that he has enrolled primarily to achieve these goals Why does a White student in the South enrol in a predominantly Black College not because of idealism or a show of bravado rather frequently it is economically inspired dependent upon limited family resources and his own savings his decision to enrol at the Black institution is based upon sound economic judgment College expenses Are relatively Low and daily commuting is possible he has no plans to become involved in activities that will incur financial obligations before enrolment most White students carefully reviewed the colleges academic offerings to make certain that they would get the program they wanted to pursue they also looked for highly qualified faculty members and adequate facilities these factors have helped them to overcome or minimize Many of the reservations concerning the Black College and University they have nurtured for so Long while the report written by prof Charles i Brown of Fayetteville state University in North Carolina answers Many questions about the White student on the Black Campus it raises Many others among those still to be answered is the question of the feelings and experiences of Black students where reverse integration is occurring at a quickening Pace will the trend of turnabout desegregation improve the lot of traditionally Black Public colleges and universities academically and financially if it does will this be at the sacrifice of the role these institutions have played traditionally in state systems of pos secondary education and equally important what Long Range effects will the experience of attending a traditionally Black College have on the lives and careers of the White students White students in the 18 Southern Black colleges studied numbered 5579 or 85 per cent of the total enrol ment of 65900 interestingly enough this White enrolment figures was almost evenly divided Between male and female students two thirds of the students were enrolled in full time programs and reported above average grades the majority of the students commuted daily to the Cam pus preferring either to reside at Home or at off Campus addresses nearly half of the students were transfers from predominantly White institutions a third of the White students admitted reservations about enrolling at these Southern colleges although their families did not object their friends and Peers expressed doubt about their decision interestingly enough 56 per cent of the students had experienced practically no Contact with Blacks prior to their enrolment at the College however More than half the students did not have any difficulty in expressing themselves in the classroom and did not believe they would feel More at ease if they were Black students seventy five per cent of the students accepted Black studies courses without hesitancy or resentment and did not experience guilt or embarrassment while Atten Ding them socially race did not appear to be a significant Factor student interrelationships were based upon common interests however 60 per cent of the White students believed that Black students showed racist attitudes on the Campus but a majority of the students believed that any special orientation for White students was unnecessary and would simply create More anxiety and tension the major interests of the male students were in the areas of business administration and accounting history and political science Educa Tion psychology and sociology education was the Choice of 44 per cent of the female students while nonteaching goals attracted the rest administrators believe that this reverse desegregation trend in the Allback Southern colleges will continue to grow walking was no problem also another wonderful thing about those Days was that one could walk anywhere in town at any time of the Day or night without any thought for ones safety muggings and hold ups of walkers just did not occur taint necessarily so in these modern times and another Good reason for walking in my Youthful Days especially in the coun try was that if it had rained to any consequence in the past several Days ones car was quite Likely to get stuck that was one of the beauties of or Fords Model t when i was real Young my Uncle the Rural mail Carrier used to take me along sometimes his route measured something like 26 Miles give or take a mile or so and it was thought quite an accomplishment that this distance could be covered in a morning if the Sun had been shining for the past several Days if there had been a rain in recent Days hard enough to soak those red Clay Hills along his route his lunch would be somewhat later than customary a Model t Axle was pretty High off the ground com pared with today cars but sometime he wished it higher especially when the red mud was truly soup with the narrower tires the axles had to be higher so that the wheels could dig Down far enough to find traction and sometimes this did not help and a Farmer and his mule team would be pressed into service to get the mail out of the mire and on its Way but generally speaking that Ford and its mud experienced Driver were Able to navigate those dirt roads and keep some semblance of a schedule

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