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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher p a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley or vice pres mrs c h Lockwood vice pres Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr Joe Brown editor Good morning 4a sunday March 101974 in the Wake of an election the British Economy is stirring again the immediate tangible result of the labor party narrow Victory in the election feb 28 was the settlement of the strike by the Coal miners it would have been the same if the conservative party had been the Winner both Edward Heath the outgoing prime minister and Harold Wilson the new prime minister saw settlement of the Coal strike As the first order of business after the election very Likely a conservative settlement would have been the same As the labor settlement everyone agreed during the Campaign that the Coal miners were underpaid for the work they do in com Parison with other British workers the question arises then As to Why was the election held at All in retrospect it appears that Heath mis calculated in calling for the election when he did he saw the strike of the Coal miners As drawing such an Adverse reaction among the people already beset by inflation and a growing Trade deficit that they would return the conservatives with a larger majority in parliament the voters however were not quite so turned off by the plight of the miners instead the election reflected a deeper concern among the people for Long standing class distinctions in Britain the general conditions of their lives the adjustment of great Britain to being a nation considerably less than a great world Power and its relationship with Europe in the common Market the result in the voting was a standoff labor has a tenuous majority of five seats in the parliament in popular votes both parties totalled nearly the same so close were the results that Heath sought to retain Power As the head of a minority government hut was unable to reach an agreement with the liberals who with some six million votes and 14 seats in parliament can be a decisive influence on who is to govern and for How Long Wilson has begun with the appearance of Confidence As the head of the new government his Cabinet reflects the various groups in the labor party but is dominated by the stronger leftists those who want greater nationalization for British Industry and business and More social welfare programs for the people Wilson is also committed to a re examination of the terms by which great Britain entered the common Market and he must come to grips with a measure of Success against inflation and the Trade deficit the Coal mine strike is ended and British Industry and businesses will soon be Back to a Normal work week the problems of the British people will not be so easily resolved however As their election reveals they Are not yet so sure themselves of which Way they want to go and who their leaders will be to take them there Bond Selling will be difficult there is yet plenty of time to Analyse to compare and to listen to determine the advisability of the cites borrowing several million dollars through voted1 Bonds but the size of the Job of Selling them to the voters became substantially bigger last week City Hall has As yet failed to sell All members of the Council on the need for All the issues then How much More difficult will it be to sell the people in a time of economic uncertainty wonder if was Ever otherwise there is increasing resistance to taking one additional debt this is As True of the private citizen and his own family finances As it is for his government in order to promote the Bonds effectively City Hall is going to have to make sunday Sermon a Strong Case for being unable to produce viable alternatives is it Rich possible to do As Many individuals have to do fix it paint it make it do is everything in this million package an overwhelming now need obviously Council do not think so an obviously they Are going to find partners in opposition among those who remember promises of past years promises that May have been impossible of keeping the Bond vote will not be held until May Between now and then it is presumed that some organized Effort will be launched to respond to queries to explain needs and to make a Case for borrowing from Here it looks like a Tough Row to Hoe not hopeless but hopeful turn be to the stronghold be prisoners o Hope i will repay thee two fold Zechariah 912 Hope is one of lifes Cardinal Virtues and by Means of it Many a despairing Man has found Comfort for his broken spirit the Mot to of my old graduating High school class was the latin phrase nil Despe Randum never despair when we classmates would meet in reunion in the years gone by our greeting would always be nil Despe Randum in simple words always Hope sometimes it has been difficult to be hopeful in the Darker Days of life sometimes we have almost surrendered to discouragement and defeat but always there lies somewhere in the human soul the Blessing of hopefulness the old Prophet of Long ago Zechariah was trying to cheer up the people of despondent Judah calling them prisoners of Hope promising them from god double compensation in these times when so much evil abounds not Only in our land but around the world we Are continually called by the most High to be hopeful in his Good name an incident in world War i comes to mind in the struggle of the Allied armies with German super forces pushing Back the failing lines of the allies Generalissimo Ferdinand Foch declared to his staff something like this my right is retreating my left is shot to pieces what shall i do a the situation is excellent i shall Advance with my Center and bring Victory this he did in his Forward drive and Ever did he desist until the allies broke the mighty Hindenburg line bringing surrender to the German hordes such is the Way and manner of a great Hope in times of deadly fear Gen George Washington in the year 1776 was forced to evacuate the City of new York to the British being driven Back Back across new Jersey and on into Pennsylvania one defeat after another in the american army was a Man by the name of Thomas Paine Brave and heroic soul this individual sat Down by the campfires and wrote hurriedly a pamphlet of Hope it was called the crisis and it contained words of flaming fire for the disheartened Continentals these Are the times that try mens souls he had written summer soldiers and Sunshine patriots go to hiding to save their skins but those who stand now will deserve the Honor of free men he continued calling on All Brave and hopeful americans to keep up the fight and persist unto death that pamphlet was printed by the thousands and distributed to soldiers and civilians alike it set aflame the causes of Liberty and Defiance toward King George the third never were a people so challenged to carry on the struggle for their Triumph Over seeming disaster those words of blessed Hope were the turning Pon t of the revolution Washington and his half starved troops won the very next Battle and then another and at Yorktown a Gen Cornwallis surrender and Victory was ours the lord god had rendered our hopeful ancestors a twofold and double Blessing of National Freedom and peace with the Mother country the hebrew Prophet was right in calling Judah out of the prison House of despair into the full grown Victory of an abundant Hope today our people from sea to shining sea Are bowed under the weight of Many severe problems so heavy is the Load on millions of hearts that multitudes say today a whats the use Why try to go on the whole world is out of joint its upside Down arid there is no future for our boasted land any More we so soon forget the Long painful Story of past Cen Turies there have always been crises that tried mens souls our fathers cried in the sixties of the past Century when the nation was splitting up states seceding the Republic falling apart bloody Battles Between Brothers and colossal disaster ahead this is the end of the american dream our democracy cannot survive we Are com mitting National suicide All is lost but in spite of All the horrors of civil War a few Brave people were prisoners of Hope and that Hope achieved lasting results two world wars in our own times to say nothing of half a dozen others of less size have come and gone and in spite of them we have Hope for a better world Christian people still Call to mind those words from the pen of St Paul Faith Hope and love the dominating Ideal of All followers of Christ we must not surrender to despair no never lets join in singing Lead on 0 King eternal the Day of March has come henceforth in Fields of Triumph thy tents shall be our Home cer Graffiti a hard View of City spending or by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus mayor Paul w Clapp projected a Good idea for a bold Bond Issue of or so million to catch up badly needed Street improvements but by the time City hairs bureaucracy got their knives out his idea had been Cut in half while an millin Bond package had Bee loaded with things that May in some instances have been needed but that debt conscious voters Are unlikely to accept in Toto instead of meekly voting More taxes on themselves High pointers Are outspoken by concerned with the mounting debt and costly financing to the Point now of demanding less spending already estimated taxes per american household have mounted to a year the streets badly in need of extensive repaving and some general overhauling have been too Long neglected to the Point of danger mayor Clapp who is doing a hangup Job of expediting needed improvements at a City Hall too Long lackadaisical about this cites needs sees clearly the necessity of cutting spen Ding especially for departments intent on building their own Little empires at taxpayer expense there clearly Are too Many City employees too broadly spread programs too much disregard of those who must pay the Cost of an Over organized and undead ministered municipal government one thing that sits not at All Well with those who have responsibility for governing the City and there has been far too much disregard of the elected officials by a City Hall bureaucracy Bent upon thwarting rather than serv ing wishes of taxpayers and officials they entrust direction of this City to is the inclusion of million for electric utilities expansion two years ago when this City voted million for that Pur pose upped in one year from a million Issue Defeated by voters the Promise was definite there would be no need for further electric Bonds for at least 10 years now Here they Are Back asking an additional million that should be rejected by voters inasmuch As City manager Cheek and the Council were not wont to kill Itas should have been done this City issued no Bonds for a period of 30 years from 1927 to 1957 it because it had defaulted on its Bonds in the depression and a new schedule of payments was made that precluded further borrowing until that million debt was liquidated the Bonds taxpayers Are being asked to vote on May 7 would take the municipal indebtedness Well past the million Mark Money that has to be paid Back and with interest that will be paid by children and grandchildren yet unborn no wonder that bitter resistance against excessive taxes is causing a Long hard look at the gift horse of this municipal Bond Issue that in one instance alone proposes to add 5 cents to the cites tax rate and that Only a beginning of what Cheek and his cohorts have in their closets unless they Are told firmly and with positiveness to Stop needless spending the Sisters at Maryfield appreciative of the Loval and generous support of their institution by those who Are serving it and in the past have served on their advisory Board took the approaching St Patricks Day theme for a dinner for a Hundred or so of them to say thank you for favors shown it was a glorious occasion in which Hairm George a Covington and sister Ray mond presented each one in then quite a number spoke Praise fully of those Sisters who give so in Sti tingly of themselves in care of the sick entrusted to a facility which ranks easily As North Carolinas finest of its kind it was told How on the occasion of each major enhancement of Maryfield they had dug into their accumulated savings for major contributions running into six figures each of two times their generosity encouraging others1 who could but provide the remaining needed funds As has been done successfully each time one Bond Issue countywide Likely to find favor with voters on May 7 would replace with modern a stitch in time facilities evergreens incl nonprofit organization providing nursing Home rest Home services in the county Home and for polio Hospital alongside what1 makes it Especial palatable to High pointers the inclusion of a 120bed Rii rest Home facility Here in edition to the 320 Beds of tie East Side Gree Hatboro careful investigation Fly knowledgeable High soffit citizens has critical shortage of Home services in this Guilford county provision Ripe such services Here has not kept Pace with the rapid increase in the over65 population Case workers say it is difficult to find placements for High Point citizens and Many must be placed far from their Home City moreover Long delays occur in locating Beds causing in Many cases hardships for the client family and friends Aaron Allred High Point architect is president of the evergreens and Graham Morgan is treasurer this is something close to the hearts of All who know and recognize the plaintive Appeal of such need Here estimated effective Addend tax Cost would be less that one cent which makes it a bargain that be denied the godhead for three additional floors to top off the Commerce Street Wing of Tolfe Southern furniture Exposi Tion building company furniture Market Complex has been Given As the eighth floor is to be poured this coming Welc superintendent Phil Kneisle got the word Friday to move on Rorri the original order of eight floors to 11 he has set up a schedule that if everything fit together 43 Jet our the Rob by has my veil Hijii construction nicely with rapidity trial will deliver for occupancy Yrtti Alfirst Eig act flip Ruby 15 the will the ready Forse Ivice the fall Market in october while it appears floors May riot rivet readily that occupancy Date but will 6e read for us easily for the Spring show april Washington merry ground documents Tell of Reserve Oil tapping by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington secret corporate documents indicate that Standard Oil of California Socal schemed illegally to tap into the governments Elk Hills Petroleum Reserve the language of a june 26 1973 Socal memo for example suggests that the company was Well aware its drilling could Drain govern ment Oil from the Reserve sinking Weils around the Northern Border of the Reserve states the memo could allow considerable production before govern ment reacts the company sought according to the memo to minimize immediate threat to Reserve and resulting Navy action but the documents recognize the Strong possibility that the Socal Wells might draw Navy Oil from the 13 billion barrel Elk Hills Field a june 29 memo recommended a two Well drilling program Early in july a Socal position paper called for a review to deter mine How far away from the Boundary of the Reserve that drilling and production could be kept and How Long a time might go by before evidence of potential drainage of the Reserve might become evident on july 12 the decision was made to Drill near the Elk Hills Boundary Socal however decided to inform the Navy of its intentions because we probably would find out about it from our sources inside the company is essential said one memo to avoid Misin formation getting to the Navy from Jack Anderson Socal started drilling on july 171973 the Navy fear Ful its Oil would seep into the Socal Wells was forced to Drill four offset Wells at the taxpayers expense now the courts have issued preliminary injunction to Stop Socal from continuing its drilling operations so close to the Elk Hills Reserve we have obtained Socal documents going Back to 1970 about the possibility of siphoning Oil from Elk Hills one memo marked per Sonal and confidential and dated october 14 1970 noted that commercial exploitation of reservoirs discovered in these areas could be arranged the memo warned however that the probability of becoming involved with Nav is nearly 100 per cent 1 the entire Issue of illegal drainage however May now be circumvented by legislation president Nixon has called for the opening of the Elk Hills Reserve despite a Justice department Opi Nion that such a move would leave Socal in a dominant Market position National whirligig this has left the Navy on a Tightrope assistant Secretary Jack Bowers obediently has come out for opening Elk Hills while his office is hard at work trying to Stop Socal drainage the House armed services committee is holding up the legislation to open the Reserve largely because of the efforts of rep John Moss Calif footnote a Socal spokesman told my associate Jack Cloherty that the memos Are obviously accurate but that Socal still contends its Wells Are geologically Independent he called the preliminary in Junction an Effort to stand in place for awhile so the judge could study the com plex Case death threat for almost a month before his january 28 grudge fight with Muhammad Ali former heavyweight Champion Joe Frazier was haunted by a death threat from Black militants his bodyguard was bolstered and special precautions were taken at ringside All unknown to the sellout Madison Square Garden crowd the threat was made after new years Day while Frazier was training in a Philadelphia gym the pay phone rang and Trainer William Neil answered what followed As fraziers lawyer Bruce Wright recounted it to us was a vicious diatribe against Frazier the caller who said he represented an organization of ghetto Blacks castigated Frazier in Gutter Terry is were going to kill Yujie snarled Neil immediately informed the exc Hampton who shrugged and said with a sigh Here we go again he was referring to similar Calls which preceded his 1971 Triumph Over Ali at that time a tight Security cordon was thrown around both Frazier and his family although Frazier affected a stoic shrug he took the new threat seriously attorney Wright said that threat had not caused Frazier to lose the 12round fight Buthe suggested that the steady drum fire of unfair Uncle Tom charges had a negative psychological effect Jon Frazier peking cools on detente with Washington Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington the magnificently mannered chinese would never stoop to the Savage infighting which is the Norm of american political life instead they select a figure gone these Many Cen Turies who resembles the present Public person which they wish to attack they thereupon Point out the errors of his ways currently grand old confucius is coming in for Stern Challenge this is generally interpreted As a coming fall from the favor of chairman Mao by Premier Chou Menlai offhand it Speaks Well for the stature of Chou Menlai that the figure used for oblique attack on him is no less than confucius himself Oracle of conventional chinese Wisdom Chou of course is the orients Man on the flying trapeze he has not Only sur Vived a dozen violent upheavals some of them bloody purges but has actually advanced As the result of the pressures against him the question arises As to Why to should Cool on Chou the answer is probably an axiom of global intelligence interpretation that the map Speaks louder than the communiques from this analysis Chou is falling out of favor with Mao because Chou gambled that he could form a peking Washington agreement Strong enough to contain Russia and Chou has failed in the showdown the american policy places a detente with Russia As a priority Over any agreement with peking and indeed Over the Unity of its euro Pean allies what Chou was desperately trying to do was to form another entente cordiale in the 1970s to contain Russia just As the first entente Cor Diale Between great Britain France and Russia agreed in the Early part of the 20th Cen Tury to Stop the expansion of Kaiser Wilhelms Germany at that time Britain had the Navy the French had the army inthe West and the russians had the army in the East to match strength with Germany but it says much for the incredible War machines which Germany constructed that twice in this Century the old entente cordiale had to have the help of the United states to win Chou has Laboured desperately to establish a global entente against Russia actually China Hast much Choice and if the historical patterns hold True neither do we to repeat the balancing of Power is not a policy it is a compulsion As old As ancient Greece where it was succinctly stated since my neighbor is my enemy my neighbors neighbor is my ally thus the Disfavour in which Chou increasingly finds himself is that he has failed to form an entente he has not been Able to gain the United states As an ally on the contrary the Washington policy of detente makes America not practical ally of Russia but its principal Mentor and supplier and Ailon Lon term american credit the dismay is by no Means confined to peking the North Atlantic Alliance is appalled to the Point of numbness it is a regrettable fact Fiat to conceive of nato Asan actual forein Beth approaches the fatuous nato military forces despite the magnificent work of the american generals and admirals Are scarcely coordinated much 1ess Bat Leworthy since Congress is utterly determined to Cut the size of the european forces Navy has already been deprived of 300 fighting ships the ratio of russian military superiority is mounting even without americas Industrial Aid through detente

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