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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday March ii w74 a left talk about your kid Vun Vuici lae Amnuay March it the exorcist causing Asheboro stations abide rules m m a to harmful mental effects last week i talked about the exorcist and strongly urged that you not take kids under 17 to see it the fact that Book by the same name sold Over nine million copies and the movie is breaking attendance records All Over the country is an indication of the extent of interest in the occult viewed As a symptom the a Noite is enough to cause concern but there Are some things that disturb me even More reports Are coming in from All of the cities where the movie has been shown of very harmful effects to Young people who have seen if i must confess that at this writing i have not seen the movie but i have read the Book while i must leave the literary reviewing to those More capable i feel that i should comment on the con tent and theology of the Book and on reports of the effects of the movie on youths the Story is far from being sound scripturally the writer seemed to be much More interested in portraying the Power of by Tom Watson than the Power of god to Deal with the spiritual enemy which had invaded the Little girl while in the end the girl was delivered the two priests who did the work were killed its a Story that is sure to strike terror to a mind unprepared for it some people who have gone to see the movie to try to overcome a fear of the supernatural have reportedly come away terrified psychiatrists and ministers in cities where the movie has been shown report that people have dashed from the theater into their offices in hysteria Why subject a Wilson from Page 2a printing any sort of criticism whatsoever due to the possibility of Public officials utilizing this Law in an in temperate amount thus the role of the press As a watchdog Over the govern ment for the people of this state would be at least Par Sally negated Mcdaniel said another High dilate found himself in a Brush with the Law last week William Hare who is one of seven candidates seeking the democratic nomination for the Senate claimed he was arrested while campaigning in Greenville the police said i iwas in violation of a City ordinance walking through town carrying a sign the incident happened Hare said when he was walking toward the Campus of East Carolina University in Greenville he was carrying a sign identifying him and his candidacy the sign is the one Hare carried with him when he walked from High Point to Raleigh to pay his filing fee for the Senate race 2 i had carried the sign about Greenville even in the courthouse for three or four hours when i was stopped by a police officer near the Cam pus Hare said r he told me the ordinance prohibited the carrying of the sign he let me put it Down or carry it Back to my car finally he took me by the Arm and said i was under arrest i got into the patrol car with the sign and the officer drove around for about five minutes finally he said he would take me Back to my car and let me go when he did that i left Greenville Hare also campaigned last week in new Bern Washington Jacksonville and Wilmington and attended a rally at Goldsboro when Morgan and Wilson were also present the High Pointer said he had travelled about 4000 Miles in his Campaign Hare said he is talking about the Energy crisis the need for tax Reform and for Reform of the foreign Aid program in just not talking any political Mambo jumbo to the people he said i am saying just what i think Wilson meanwhile in his Campaign called for giving housewives More Complete coverage under social Security in a speech to the North Carolina mothers Assn he said that a wife receives Only 50 per cent of the benefits during the life of her husband after retire ment unless she qualifies independently she should be permitted As a homemaker the Choice of qualifying for 100 per cent benefits upon payment of appropriate social Security tax Over 40 quarters Wilson said in his Campaign Morgan urged the Federal govern ment to develop policies to Deal with food shortages and Price increases he charged that the ability of american families to feed themselves adequately is threatened by inflation and the Energy crisis in 1974 with food prices continuing to Rise the ability of families to adequately feed themselves will be even More severely tested he said How much does a Fine Quality Diamond ring Cost Here at hash to whatever Price your pocket Book can afford and Well absolutely guarantee our prices Are the lowest in town drop in and see us we Honor All Bank credit cards please remember Nasufi saves you cosh Nash jewelry co t 27 n main St Zales Westchester mall phone 8831640 our people make us number one re looking at one of our finest diamonds Diamond solitaire 6prong mounting 14 Karat Gold Zales revolving charge Zales custom charge Banka Dericard master charge american express diners club layaway illustrations enlarged human being to that kind of emotional pressure just for the Sake of amusement or intellectual curiosity i have read Many volumes on the Field of demonology and find that there Are no two experts who agree across the Board most people tend to dismiss the whole subject As ancient mythology but it seems to me to be much harder to write off there Are forces at work that we do not understand i feel like there is something in me that controls me is a comment i am hearing More and More the Power of suggestion is so great in the Story that As i read it i began to think of symptoms of Possession i had seen in Many of the peo ple around me imagine what this could do to a mind that is already suffering from paranoia in possessed Many of the people have reportedly screamed As they left the theatres another awesome aspect of the movie is its drawing Power among the Young reports Are that people who have run out of the Heaters screaming that they never to see anything like it again have come Back five and six times still another concern is that people who see the movie decide that they Are going to cast out demons from friends who show the symptoms demonic forces Are not to be handled lightly whether viewed from a spiritual or psychological Point of View there is yet another danger people who Are tripping on a mind altering drug Are extremely vulnerable to the Power of suggestion kids under the influence of drugs Ai Iho time they see the movie could experience irreparable damage i dont want to get into a theological hassle about the subject of demons what i am concerned about is kids this movie and similar movies is a Pandora Box of emotional mental and spiritual problems again let me urge you not to subject your kid to this kind of bombardment Asheboro saturday after i pumped Gas All Day in those Long lines when i did went in the store sat Down and cried like baby says a Randolph county ser vice station operator in describing How the Gas crisis looks from the other Side of the pump while Long Gas lines and they were not As Long in the Asheboro area As they were in Archdale and High Point Are not to be found this week last week it was Good to observe that most of those waiting in line were following the recent even Odd tag recommendation of governor Jim Holshouser and the Randolph county commissioners there were Only a few people not following the recommendation but they seemed for the most part to be travelling people it also appeared the stations themselves were following the uniform opening hours and the full tank suggestions made by the county commissioners a couple of Gas dealers this week have even been open As late As 9 and 10 pm in Asheboro state representative prank Reddin Iii of Asheboro has introduced two Bills in the current session of the general Assembly including one which will provide funds for a Pilot elementary school Law education project to train teachers of 8 9 and 10year old children in methods of la focused values teaching to provide classroom materials suitable both for teaching Basic Legal concepts and for helping students develop values and to evaluate whether or not their students gain knowledge of Legal concepts and show an increase in values develop ment As a result of exposure to such la focused teaching Redding says the project will emphasize attitude development As Well As a changing from Page 2a pressed with leave March 1 in District court by assistant District attorney Rick Greeson judge Kuykendall inter viewed members of the Public defenders staff because assistant Public defender Rich towers represented Motsinger on the charges also it was a member of the Public defenders staff who first noticed an irregularity in the typing on the search warrant both judge Kuykendall and Guilford county sheriff Paul Gibson said they Felt that no disciplinary action was indicated they agreed that the Inci Dent was done without any intent to do wrong sheriff Gibson said when the deputies Learned they had done something wrong they Flowers 2 for All occasions High leading Florist Grace Flower shop North phone 8884085 and bb21617 Quiring knowledge of the system of criminal Justice the Pilot project would involve 160 teachers in eight school systems throughout the state to finance the program Redding has asked for however this state Money would not be used if Federal funds can be found the other Bill tendered by the Asheboro insurance Man will allow married couples the option of filing consolidated state income tax returns it has been approved by the state Senate after it received the recommendation of the governors efficiency study commission which estimated it will yield savings to the state of 200 per year Redding noted the Bill con Cerns consolidated returns not joint returns which involve deductions there will went to the assistant District attorney and notified him the nol pros with leave i Means that the cases were Mic we not prosecuted but that the be no change whatever in the District attorney has leave to amount of income taxes a reopen them at a future time it is doubtful that the cases will Ever be called again since All the evidence against Motsinger in the cases was obtained through an illegal search of his vehicle and the evidence would not be and person would be required to pay but is a matter of using one piece of paper instead of of schools business Educa Tion instructor Roy Allen began offering his courses at 8 am this allows the students to get their Educa Tion and to continue their afternoon jobs Allen did this on his own time with costs much higher than expected state zoo planners Are having to take a second look at plans for the proposed interim zoo and see where cuts or other plans can be adopted to come closer to the earlier estimates of s750 000 after the bids were opened on the interim facility which will actually be an animal holding area zoo officials found the estimate had been exceeded by More than the interim zoo will become a Central service administrative area when the first phase of the zoo opens in july 1975 officials Are expecting a number of animals to begin arriving this month and the interim zoo is design to hold them until the permanent habitats Are ready the cutting of costs and revised design plans Are the results of the higher than expected bids but zoo director William Hoff says plans still Call for the interim zoo to be something that will be attractive to the general Public the Randolph county com missioners have approved the asking of bids on the proposed sewer line to run from the City limits of Asheboro out to Purgatory Mountain Home of the proposed state zoo however the com missioners fear a local Resi Dent who claims he is concerned Over the possible environmental Impact of the lines on the area around the zoo might bring the entire project to a halt with a court fight the construction of water lines to the zoo Are already underway but it will be at least a year before the sewer lines will be ready for use a court Battle could delay them even longer and in effect delay the tentative opening of the zoo into 1975 with the setting of a Public hearing prior to the holding of a May 7 water Bond referendum the Archdale City Council is moving closer to bringing water to its City the next step will be up to the voters who will have to give their approval to the proposal by the City to build a City water distribution system and buy water for it from North Davidson water inc Missi Able in court when Trinity senior High students who work in the afternoon faced the possibility of losing their jobs because of the later opening Chicks transmissions a work guaranteed we will rebuild your transmission for includes All seals n gaskets clutches Bonds fluid seats for Ford and Chevrolet installed fluid extra foreign cur service also go Chick Crotts owner 29225 main St Tei 4313511 six reasons Why service for your Volkswagen should be done at authorized vow shop genuine 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