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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy through monday 90th yearn 69 the High Point Enterprise High Point n c sunday morning March 101974 152 pages Call us circulation mm71i classified ads 8853177 other depts 8852111 daily Loc sunday 25c Gas prices could Rise says Simon Washington a Energy chief William e Simon said Satur Day lifting of the Arab Oil embargo would end Long service station lines but would not necessarily Stop the Rise in the Price of gasoline but Simon scoffed at Thi notion that increased Gas Oline allocations this month Are cutting into supplies intended for this summer now the doomsayers have switched to gasoline he said in an interview in his of fice Simon said he continues to give the same answer about the Odds of gasoline rationing there is a better than 5050 Chance even if the embargo remains that we wont have to Institute this Burden on the american people he said we believe we can handle the shortfall with our Alloca Tion system he said even if the embargo remains in effect the Energy office can keep the gasoline lines Down by equitable allocation among the states he said if the embargo ends the Long lines will be a thing of the past Simon said in response to a question the lines have been noticeably Shorter in hardhat areas in recent Days because of increased allocations Simon said lifting the embargo would bring a greater percentage of higher Price foreign Oil into the nation tending to push up prices of refined products such As Gas Oline but he declined to say How much the Energy office which controls gasoline prices would allow the Price to Rise the Price of gasoline would be higher in areas depending More heavily on imported Oil such As new England if the embargo is lifted he noted Simon said he had no idea if the embargo would be lifted when Arab Oil ministers meet i Cairo Sun Day to discuss the question Nixon aides enter pleas of innocence thwarted Streaker policemen escort a Man wearing a big Nixon mask to a waiting car outside the us District court in Washington saturday police wrapped a coat around the Man after he lowered his trousers in a streaking attempt outside the court where seven former presidential and Campaign aides pleaded innocent in the watergate coverup a a Depholo Washington apr Haldeman John d Ehrlichman and John n Mitchell once president Nix on chief aides and confidants stood before a Federal judge saturday and pleaded innocent to charges they conspired to coverup the watergate affair they entered their inno cent pleas in a closely guarded courtroom along with Charles w Colson Robert c Kenneth w Parkinson and Gordon Strachan All former White House or Nixon reelection committee employees Ehrlichman and Colson also pleaded innocent to charges levelled by another grand jury that they violated the rights of a California psychiatrist by sending burglars into his of fice the proceeding before chief us District judge John j Sirica lasted Only six minutes As i Call your name please state to the court How you plead to the charges said the clerk James Capitanio As the seven men and their lawyers stood before the Bench Mitchell charged with six felony counts in the indictment was first in the unprecedented Rol Call not guilty to All counts1 said the former attorney general Here from new York where he is on trial with former Secretary of Commerce Maurice h stans on allegations that he traded a favor for a Campaign contribution then Haldeman not guilty on All counts then Ehrlichman not guilty on All counts then Colson Mardian Parkinson and Strachan not guilty even in their arraignment the men were Given vip status none had to fill out the customary probation forms or undergo fingerprinting the usual procedure none had to Post Bond to remain free their trial is scheduled for sept 9 six months to the Day Sirica will preside if there was Strain in the reunion of onetime associates in the same courtroom where the watergate burglars stood trial 14 months ago it didst show Mitchell Shook hands with watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski under whose leadership the charges were brought John How Are you Good to see you again Jaworski said Are you in Good health Mitchell asked fairly Well said the prosecutor and moved off As the others arrived they Shook hands All around arid stood in clusters talking Nixon changing tactics to combat impeachment for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one volatile clerk q what source do you go to find the proper Steps in complaining about a local store attendant in my Community this Man has been continuously rude to Young children especially Blacks and he yells and shouts and throws merchandise across the counter at them i think this Type of person does not belong in a Community where he is supposed to be dependent on his patrons for his livelihood thank you mrs h a if the person is an employee you can talk to the owner or manager if one of the latter is the offender you have a Choice of telling him your patronage hinges on courteous treatment As much As the goods he Sells or else you can go elsewhere to Trade of course Courtesy is a two sided Coin we Trust those Young customers Haven aggravated the rudeness with Yelling shouting and throwing merchandise around themselves proof of birth q where can i get a birth certificate in North Carolina West Virginia Virginia and Tennessee we lost ours in a fire when our Mobile Home burned and would like to know where we could get birth certificate in Martinsville Virginia thank you a copies of birth certificates can be secured from either of two places the Register of deeds office usually located in the courthouse at the county seat in the county of birth or from the registrar division of vital statistics state Board of health at the capital of the state where the birth occurred if you dont know the county seat or cant remember Road maps of states indicate with a Symbol which ones Are Martinsville is the county seat of Henry county in old Virginne sound off we would like to know if there Are any local residents in the Thomasville and High Point area who would like to perform for a Benefit at Talent night in the civic Center in Thomasville if there is anyone interested get in touch with Bill Watson at 8820171 or 4724302 we Are trying to raise Money for the March of dimes in Thomasville and anyone interested please get in touch with Bill Watson reaction someone inquired in action line on feb 21 about the procedure for donating ones body to a medical school thought they might like to know of a fairly new organization called the Piedmont memorial and funeral society inc to Box 9614 Greensboro 27408 its aim is to help members make their own after death arrangements informing them on procedures for planning simple dignified funeral or memorial services and the variety of arrangements possible what no Law requires even what is not required for instance neither a casket nor embalming is a prerequisite to cremation As Many believe also embalming is not required unless the body is kept in an open casket for viewing or is to be taken across state lines or is ordered by the health department because of special circumstances the annual membership dues Are a year and the society will keep on file what the member desires for his funeral and provides duplicate copies to be Kepf among your papers and sent to your executor next of Kin minister or mortician it removes a Burden from the family of the deceased to have the arrangements already planned mrs c m key Biscayne Fla a with a rousing speech to governors and More frequent Public appearances president Nix on is making himself More visible As part of his Antrim pachment strategy but the More cordial approach with the press Gover nors congressmen and the Public is being blended with a sizzling counterattack through presidential spokesmen on those who suggest Nixon should or will resign the latest in Nixon series of watergate offensives bubbled to the surface a week ago with private White House dinners for some committees favor in Price Roll Back Washington a three Senate House subcommittees saturday recommended that the Federal government Roll Back Oil prices and get into the Petroleum business As Means of alleviating the Energy shortage in a report the panels of the joint economic com Mittee urged that the major Petroleum companies be required to sell their pipelines and recommended ending major tax Breaks available to the Oil Industry however the subcommittees rejected the idea advanced by president Nixon Oil state senators and the Petroleum Industry that the Federal Power commission authority to regulate natural Gas prices should be repealed As an incentive to increase production we favor continued regu lation of wellhead natural Gas prices for the same reasons that we favor continued Oil Price controls that is the Transfer of income from Consumers to producers in the absence of controls would be unacceptably Large the sub committee said the report entitled a reappraisal of us Energy policy was made by the subcommittees on consumer economics International economics and on priorities and Economy in government and followed months of study of Oil prices and supplies and the Arab embargo in several instances the recommendations parallel those in a Bill being drafted by the Senate Commerce committee a provision in that draft and in the subcommittees recommendations would Roll Back the prices of Oil on grounds they Are far in excess of the Levels needed to stimulate production a similar provision in the emergency Energy Bill led Nixon to veto that measure last week friends in Congress next came wednesday nights news conference his second such National television appearance in nine Days and a personal denial that he authorized offers of clemency and hush Money for watergate defendants this was followed the next night by a White House dinner for the nations governors after dessert Nixon talked for 20 minutes about americas role in the world newsmen we rent present but White House staff chief Alexander m Haig or called it an in speech done very brilliantly at the conclusion Haig said the governors jumped to their feet and applauded in a very intense and prolonged fashion some governors present said later they were moved by the speech after the governors moved into the East room Pearl Bailey Tang and the presi Dent plunked out Home on the Waltz on the piano then he brought the governors to their feet again with god bless America next Nixon crisscrossed the country in what amounts to a new Campaign for credibility first will come Chicago has scheduled a ques Tiona answer session Fri Day with members of the economic club a forum for a fresh presidential assertion that the Energy crisis has been overcome and a prediction that there will be no recession this year there Are reports As yet unconfirmed that Nixon will Fly to Chicago a Day Early to meet with democratic mayor Richard Daley inside Reading Gates on streaking Page 2a nuclear age coming Page id campaigns in gear Page 2a classified pages 519 editorial Page 4a women news Section b sports Section c television Page 18b entertainment pages 171819b obituaries Page 5d three More suspects sought four held in kidnapping Hackensack the Fri said saturday it was searching for at least three More suspects in the kidnapping of 8yearold John Calzad Iua four Young men already were being held in the Case arrested in the kidnapping were Norberto m Fernandez 17 his brother Eligio 19 Ricardo r Tuero 17 and Wilf redo Alvarez 18 All of Union City the Fri said they were charged with violating Federal kidnapping statutes the report on additional suspects came from j Wallace Laprade special agent in charge of the Fri in Newark Laprade said the four arrested men and the boys parents Are natives of Cuba but he discounted any political motives for the abduction this appears to be a kid Naping for Ransom Laprade said at a news conference saturday the Ransom paid by the boys father has not been re covered authorities said the Calza Dilla boy was lured into a car As he walked Home from school wednesday by two men and a woman they said the woman told him his grandmother was ill and she take him to the Hospital the boy was re leased Friday the Fri said the two men in the car were believed to be Norberto Fernandez and Alvarez Laprade said Eligio Fernandez and Tuero took part in confining the boy in arranging for the Ransom Laprade said the through in the investigation came when the suspects hiding place was found after the boys release he said the hideout was in Union City declined to be More specific the Calzad Iua boy son of a tire executive from Dix Hills by was kidnapped near his Home on wednesday and released unharmed on new Jersey Turnpike in Secaucus Early Friday mor Ning after the Ransom had been left at a drop in nearby North Bergen the arrests came shortly president Nixon asked reinstatement of the death penalty in kidnapping cases where the victim killed after consulting with president atty Luen William b Saxbe urged Congress and state Legislatures to reinstate the death penalty the Fernandez Brothers pleaded innocent saturday at their arraign ment Here before us magistrate Bruce f Banta who set bail at for and for nor Berto the pair was returned to the Bergen county jail at the request of us marshals the county sheriff said Tuero and Alvarez were to be arraigned later the Fernandez Brothers were generally quiet during the arraignment in the private Law office of magistrate Banta they were accompanied by their father who spoke Only Spanish the seven men were represented by 10 lawyers at the proceeding police and marshals were everywhere identifications were checked to gain Entrance into the courthouse everyone had to sign in but lawyers performed the chore for the defendants a Metal Detector scanned everyone for weapons before entry into the courtroom outside the courthouse on a gloomy Damp Day a crowd of 100 spectators jeered As the most easily recognized pushed through lady Bird laughs Streaker nabbed at lbs Library by the associated press mrs Lyndon b Johnson laughed Walter Cronkite blushed and the Streaker was dragged out the door it All happened saturday at the lbs Library auditorium in Austin Tex As the fad for dashing about nude continued with no end in sight it beats football rallies said one Young woman who shed her clothes As she strolled Down a Street near san Jose state College in Calif or Oil countries offering Aid Manila a Arab Oil producing countries will help nonaligned and Friendly countries to buy High priced Oil by giving them funds foreign minister Omar Sakkas said saturday night in a speech to representatives of the moslem Community in the Philippines Sakkas also said saudi Arabia was ready to provide development Aid to the predominantly roman Catholic Philippines once the country solved the problem of rebellious moslem in the islands Nia the incident at the Library came As Cronkite a lbs newsman and former student at the University of Texas was accepting the school of communications Dewitt c Reddick award for out standing achievement the nude Man wearing Only Tennis shoes an Orange baseball Cap and a Home made cloth mask entered through a Side door about 12 feet from the speakers plat form but didst get very far two Security men pounced on him and dragged him away a witness said the widow of the late president laughed at the incident Cronkite resumed his speech chuckled then commented my composure was destroyed and me without a lbs camera the Streaker was unidentified weve got a White male Down Here said a spokesman at police head quarters wed like to know who he is ourselves he Doest have to Tell us anything but he int Leav ing Here until he does the san Jose streaking fest began Friday night and lasted into the Early morning hours on saturday lenten the builders of Faith the greatest truths of religion never become real to us until we have in our measure reproduced the agonizing experience of their discoverers and drunk the cup that they drank by David Poling the teaching tradition of the Christian Church was Learned from Jerusalem it later became expressed in Rome and Athens for the Pursuit of the Christian life is intellectual As Well As spiritual academic As Well As moral this Century has seen an amazing Advance in biblical scholarship and new translations at no time in human history has there been a Richer More Fuller Choice of Bible studies one of the finest teachers biblical scholars of the last 50 years was Edgar j goodspeed of the University of Chicago he was to become one of the leading translators of the new Testa ment serving Chicago the Baptist Church and the Christian Fellowship for More than 40 years generations of Young people have discovered the vitality of scripture and the searing Impact of Jesus Christ through the studies and lec Tures of this teacher in one of his remarkable riches and life he offered this counsel to a University audience one of our novelists somewhere tells of an old Man who spent years in collecting curios and works of Art until he had gathered a Rich and valuable collection showing them one Day to the Man who was to be his heir he said to him do not keep them if you want a collection sell them and begin to collect anew these will never mean to you what they have meant to me is not that a parable of religion cathedrals and libraries liturgies and theologies attest the Zeal and Success of former generations in the supreme quest in these great achievements they recorded their struggle and their Vic tory and expressed their religious life what do they mean to our Day Are we to Settle Down into Possession of the complacent in the abundance of our posses Sions or must we if life is to be All it May repeat their conflict win our own discovery and enter into their Joy or goodspeed concluded in the High tradition of great teacher the religious life lays upon those who would possess it the Stern duty of winning it by deep and per Sonal conflict with selfishness and doubt the greatest truths of religion never become real to us until we have in our measure reproduced the agonizing experiences of their discoveries and drunk the cup that they drank new week workers miracles v

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