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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 9, 1940, High Point, North Carolina He Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Doss to re i u i a Zzz e food Plant serial Story $15 a week by Louise Holmes copyright 1940. Nia to Troici. Inc Uncle Ray s Corner a Little saturday talk a a r1zontal pictured Iii ant source it of sweets. Is a Well Cnown a a sir Reedy Lant. Ipe Rient. A Art of a Haft Mcture it order. Tots flax. 5ortico. Tosh of lace. Exterior of it Ark. A lat form stupid mistake. Gnaw. Life. My grass. Of ii Ain is a or enduring or int preposition. To loan. Cuckoo. Unit j breakfast food. Answer to previous Puzzle Njuty 37 augury. 38 Frost bite. 39 South America. 40 by Way of. 41 series of movements. 42 to filch. 44 Road. 45 being. 46 cubic. 47 Genus of seaweeds. 52 opposed to even. 53 the Island country raises it m quantities. 55 its Brown syrup. 56 Laid away. Vertical 1 therefore. 2 great tumult. 37 to bribe 3 alluvial 15 musical note 18 act of Selling 19 Christmas Carol. 20 it grows in warm -. 21 drone Bee. 22 part of a Rosary. 23 its syrup is crystallized or. 25 common verb 26 Finger ornament. 29 nullified. 30 unit. 31 clan unit. 33 wine cup. 35 decorated Metal. Cast of c har it Turk inn Browne orphan laugh tor of a Gambler alone in an unfriendly City. Pail Stock room 1m>,v with ambit Ion. St of a la v Hou Rnka weal thy Pla t boy. Fra Brooks dime store counter girl. If n f Tom Debutante. Go to bed. You la be All right in the Clara obediently drank still crying. Has a wife. My husband s Niece is her personal maid. Very Likely Florabelle s Friend is married too. A i done to know what comes Over matter. 4 Pis mires. 5 thing. 6 credit. 7 without an a Pillion. 8 cupid. 9 to move Onward. I Oto Correct. Leto surfeit. Re Street. 40 duet. 43 completes. 44 awkward person. 46 inferior dog 47 form of a 48 Dye. 49 Sun god 50 exists. 51 like. 52 Bone 53 company. 54 paid publicity Arrison in Hollywood n t nag me a Ronald Regan Ells his Bride but it s just in pm they re doing together by pail Morrison i afrdite St Iff correspondent a a Hollywood March 8 Var the lot after Jane try n and Ronald Reagan were cried a few weeks ago. The Din Wrd Quick to Cost them As band and in in in Angel m Texas a now shooting. Their t scene together does t sound re auspicious she into office and he looks up. Idling and says. Now. Don t it nagging me again. I can t my any More of it half a Block from the metro is a restaurant which a Kine Kosher food. A policeman Lopes Arrow Sii eel a shabbily dressed woman of about to with faded hair Ami too much Rouge Accentual lug her gaunt Fate. Comes out the door retrieve the Brick from the sidewalk and turns to heave it Back into another window. The cop Abs her Arni just in Lime and ads her Hack inside. She Babbles disconnected protests Quot the world does t care what happens the Days. It laughs. I work hard at my writing and people look Ai it and say Hahan i Ain a great actress x St Frda Steve is astonished when Van orders an excellent dinner. He knows she does t belong to this crowd. She avoids his ii stoning looks for a Chance to escape. Fili ally it conies and she leave Lam refuse to ii it the party. Steve follows inn insist thai she let him drive lire Home. Xxx Lien he crashes red lights a a Alicec car Trail them. Chapter Xiv Steve laughed exult Antly a recreating his Speed dodging in and out of traffic at a terrific rate. Another Siren took up the Chase. Ann silently Hung on. At last a squad car came alongside and Steve reluctantly pulled Over of the curb. He was still laughing. An officer came to the window. Quot so it s you Claybourne Quot he growled. Quot i thought so up to you old trick what s the Alibi this time a Quot the lady is Steve explained Quot in a getting her to the nearest he nudged Ann who was petrified with fear. Quot cough for the Captain dear. The officer had been leaning. Head and shoulders in the car. Quot driving while he said grimly. Quot what did i have for dinner a Sieve wanted to know Quot get along to the station and no funny Busine Quot the Law commanded. Ann had been crouching in the seat. At this Point she leaned across Steve Quot in a not intoxicated officer Quot she said close to his i face Quot i Haven to had a drink Quot Quot what Are you doing with Steve Claybourne Quot Quot he offered to take me Home pleats if you la let me or lip fun i he Quot what a pal Quot Steve muttered. Ann had the feeling that his in toxic Adon was More an act than a a reality he would very Likely put the experience Down under i the heading of fun. The officer laughed Good a i to red in. Quot can to do it. Young i i he said Quot thar the station would miss this the Friend of yours if he did t show up about once a week however i have nothing against you. Get out of you want Ann hesitated it did t seem quite sporting to leave Steve when he was in trouble he settled the matter for her. Pushing out of the car door past the officer he hailed a cruising cab tossed a Hill to the Driver and o Fie tied the door Quot your Carriage Waits. Ann Quot he announced Quot what did they do Quot Ann ask men too much Money. I guessed again hanging Clara s coat in now there s my Joe he May not the closet be much hut he a faithful. I Nev Quot when you left those two Hor j or leave him enough Money to be rid men were sore. They took me a anything Down to the Street and put me in j Ann began Quot of. I Don t think a cab. They said it was time to Florabelle would Quot she did not throw out the trash. Of ohm i finish the remark. After All. What won t he insulted like Quot never mind Quot Ann said soothingly. Quot re glad they put you in clothes frequent parties a Glam ried. Ann called. and ran up the Al stairs. Waiting for the train. Paul Hayden joined her on the platform. He tipped his hat. Not smiling. Quot hello. she t it a Lovely evening Quot Quot very Quot he said shortly. Quot Arentt you Early i thought von did t leave the store until 5 30?&Quot Quot i had an he did not a she helped Clara to bed and slowly undressed. Well she d been on a party and that was that. Shed never do it again. Thinking of Steve she smiled. He was a Rascal hut an engaging Rascal. Did she know of Florabelle i add that he had gone to meet Beautiful apartment stunning j Ann. Only t0 of of Steve there be fore him. Having listened to Clara s graphic description of the saturday night Patty and having seen numerous newspaper pictures of Steve Claybourne head had no difficulty in recognizing him. The train rushed into the station and they went together into Orous appearance. Ann pondered Over the queer assortment of girls who lived on the third floor of mrs. Folletts Rooming House not realizing that Oljey represented a Cross Section of thousands of Rooming houses Tara was still fast asleep when j a coming together through Neces Ann went to Church the next wily of varying personalities each j a crowed car. Finding straps they morning. She was Grumpy through dinner and napped All afternoon. At 4 Florabelle. Evidently just out of bed crossed the Hall. Her face sagged with weariness. Ann decided again that Florabelle was eng their popularity in the cheap not so Young As she pretended to j taverns Myrtle grieving for a by with her own set of emotions and Hung on Paul said nothing standards each trying to lick life when the train jerked he Stead in her own Way. Ned Ann with a hand on her Al there was Tara weak and silly i Bow. She Felt a restraint about and Loving the twins gaily rid j him and glanced several times at his sober face. She ask Quot everything All right de at last. Quot had a Nice time the other evening did no to Quot she tried break through to worthless husband Florabelle pitting her not so Young Beauty against terrific Odds for the Sake of transient thrills. And there a Ann herself an ambitious i valiantly to struggle perhaps More Clever him than the others but imbued with j Quot do you mean saturday night Quot a heir Fiji life. Quot of that new certainly gets Ann s mind strayed on to Paul around does no to it Quot Hayden. There was something Quot it must have been quite a about him that weakened her de Brawl. Tenses. She thought of him too Quot it certainly Quot come in. Florabelle a she said. Quot Clara is she braced herself for a storm of criticism. None was forthcoming. Florabelle said Quot sorry you dido t like the Quot you see i done to drink Quot Ann explained apologetically. Quot i be seen a lot of it in my Day and a of i done to know Quot you re Florabelle let it go at that. Quot you certainly went i much longed to see him with a Quot i see there a a hangover in a Long Well written letter has come from 13-year-old Fred Fow Ler of Rumsey Alberta Here Are a few paragraphs from the letter a Quot your articles prove useful for school work especially in social studies. I have saved Many of them hut do not paste them in a scrapbook. I place them in piles marked a biography and so on. Lids enable me to use them in school when Are taking subjects you have written about. I Lune about a Hundred clippings. Quot i like your articles very much hut i am interested in radio and have not noticed any article on it could you please write about radio and Tele vision ? a ton have never told your readers what kind of a fellow Yon Are. Aly Teal Lier told me you were just a Young Iasi while i had presumed it of were an old Man with a Long Gray heard. Why not publish a bilt a graph of ourself after All the Leader like to know something about the it has been quite a Long time since j have written about radio and i was thinking of writing about it before Fred letter reached me perhaps he and other readers will be glad to know that i am planning to have articles on the subject in the Early future. As to beards i Haven to any i never have had one and probably never will unless the time come when shaving seems too much trouble. Once or twice in my life i have let a Little Mustache grow but it seemed Mote trouble than it was Worth and was Given Over to the tender mercy of my razor. I am not however really a Young Man any More. I was Young Only 24�?whne i started writing a column for boys and girls but the years have come and gone. In 20 or 25 years i shall be old enough to have Quot a Long Gray heard a a whether or not i let one grow. So Many readers have asked in to Tell the Story of my life that i have thought of doing so. There Are Many things of which i might speak the time in my boyhood when i published a Magazine College adventures travels in foreign lands my first Hook letter from readers of our column. I think i shall writ a Book about my life some Day. Hut maybe not for 16 or 20 years in the meantime i am Likely to use some saturday talks to Tell stories about my boyhood and events in my travels. Ingle Ray. Over in a big Way with Steve Quot Quot did in a Quot Iti say you she jumped to another topic. A mess Quot thrilled wistfulness that amazed the person of or. Steve Clavier. Was she falling in love with j Paul the disastrous effect of1 she darted another glance at was t Clara j such a love warned her to turn him Quot Steve Wasny to so bad Quot she i Hack before it a too late. J said join the new i Nulf Ray scrapbook Cia b to Uncle Ray Ltd Are of the High Point Enterprise High Point North Carolina. Dear Uncle Ray i want to join the new 1940 Uncle Ray scrapbook club and i enclose a stamped envelope carefully addressed to mgt Elf. Please Send me a membership certificate. A leaflet telling How to make a Corner scrapbook of my own. And a printed design to paste on the cover of my scrapbook. Name Street or r. F. D. City state or province Mckenney on Bridge door driving away from the Acme so people say no jobs Otto laughed. She help it Long a Many midday patrons for Nie. I y you must what would have been a Hiwasse Days Are several strapping fight the world. of the worst magnitude to a Man at the door says Quot she s h ran Arr tall in the nut poor old girl. Came Here no Khz a a work for Steve. Re d pay last year and pulled an aet like h an a g0 nil Orriiv on his Way. And you know i heat aha j the advantage of hav a a Oti Sorrit Ting men in the uniform of to storm troopers extras work in Quot the mortal storm a thing them a minute and"1 inning at the in Oit Ginou get i m addicted by a Middle a cd Man at the a Urb Quot is funny you Over Here is no funny me a year i am out of the girls reached the Corner of slate and Dearborn Clara had regained her usual cheerfulness in fact she was beginning to re to is a Down Una and Enjo it he pm it Erien Ces of i sparkled Quot i ordered saturday night. Quot a lot of it a fun Quot she said. Quot i loved the cabs and the dinner and seeing How swell people live Quot Quot do you Cal Clancy and Jake swell people Quot Ann asked a they must be they have scads of Money the taxi fare was Over it each Way Quot Money does no to make people swell. Ann said Quot xxx hat does then Quot knowing How to behave i Quot you know How to behave Ann. Gee. It was swell the Way you ordered the Quot my father used to take me Clara went on to the notion counter it Wasny to in her to keep All cot. Within an hour the entire by xxx. F. Mckenney american card author to really used to be quite an actress Hack in the sew Alfox Sixx f Siene look. Al the enter Minny and my Brothe i still j stripped to the a and Ian i done to know but i wait linked together with ankle by Day for those uniforms to Challis. Mgt men sit on benches it out of the restaurant before and tug of the huge sweeps of they a an t Igo Iii Aud eat. I know a Only actors yes hut by St them and see Kalll of or x i x term carting office walking toward the Gate i Jar a crash Aud see a Shower Glass come from the window tile studio easting off he. Hall a Bra k goes with it and cracks innocent passerby on the knee. Lie Spanish Galleon Madre de dins. A brutal master strides along an elevated Central runaway and lays his whip on the Hacks of the Galley slaves. Due to the skill of the Whipper and makeup Man this scene for Quot the sea Hawk Quot looks realistic even when watched on the set. Blood and sweat and grime Are ing Money about every Little thing. Thinking of worrying. In no a i mind reverted to Clava perhaps she should have stayed and looked after Tara the poor Little fool. Why had she insisted on j remaining for her own part Ann decided to profit by the evening s experience of she did to it was her own fault her cab was joined by another As they turned into Murray i Street simultaneously the two taxis pulled up to the curb. Cis i i a. Crying hysterically alighted from the second cab atm put her Arm around her and led Lier Quot poor Clara Ann said. Two definite reasons stood in Quot that what i thought. There s after a Little More desultory 1 the Way of Loving Paul Hayden j More than one Way of pulling conversation. Florabelle Rose to first he had plainly stated that yourself to a higher level Quot leave opening the door she gasp 1 love and marriage were outside his Ann did not like his tone. She de Quot of. It s you i calculations. She admired him for j said. With spirit Quot it Isnit my a Man stood in the Hall he fit honest directness secondly fault if i happened to meet was Short and thin and dressed in Ann intended to climb the ladder his sunday Hest in his hand he of Success alone unhampered by a Quot certainly not and it May he carried what was obvious a Box ties of any kind. This meant that to your advantage of you play of Candy his eyes. Gazing at a he must he on guard to keep her your cards right a and i think Florabelle were worshipful. Ann emotional self in the background you will Quot recognized him As the postman. J Ann left the shop St 5 of clock Quot Are you deliberately trying to How do von do he sued timid to find Steve Claybourne Cooling he Nasty Paul Quot a just passing hts heels in the gloomy foyer his. A fir if a in a a own by it lighted with pleasure is she she Felt Hurt and bewildered Al if jul 171111 is a o list Loicl s c/3/77c, come in. She groaned j stepped from the elevator and he could t know of the impress # inn returned to her Book Root although she knew she should Quot Ion left by Tara Marks and do St Soll Tell to Fuhs Low she thought. Pans him with a Cool nod. She she could t know that Paul was stopped when he extended his bitterly disappointed and co fit the next morning by the Tim hand a cd As to the reason for his Digap Quot i thought surely you would Point men. Send Flowers to the he j he did not answer and they laughed. Hurtled Onward in silence. As the a did no to you get them Quot Aho i train neared Paul s station. Ann a Wreath of raised her eyes she had no idea lilies and a Spade a of the effectiveness of her up Quot Are you inferring that i m a Waul glance her lashes were re dead one Quot Marrable Long and Curling and _ ,. Quot sounded a Little that Way. Gold tipped Paul who had been Raiff my no in from a he two did no to it Quot she started for the earing soberly St her averted radiating in door Quot i must t face started when she looked up Quot Why dash whats the Quot friends Quot she asked. Hurry Quot he nodded gravely Quot in s my turn to get Quot then must have my Stan. ,. _. Quot Whit would happen if you Der Standliy she a to in p a of a. The. Would your. Harm -�?�rn.-., that a .mil-4 fora Ore formed by the tableau. Lug Little Friend starve by the brat time Paul a smile was one Way what happened to Clara Quot i of the nicest things about him Quot of. She showed up All right it began with his Eves and ended reached Home at the same time i in Fla a of White Teeth Ujj building is on the five founds a l Quot a Quot or Ltd a a wanted to a Tonsi and is in sequence re Good Shes a wines Little sap e it ends Elsaid Garaleas of suit or color. Each hut i wish All saps yes she breathed _. I King foundation must he built Quot kind of you Windmill is played with two packs of 52 a Ards shuffle the pack together after taking out an Yone re place this Ace in the Center of the table and Deal i ends and two sides. The Ace is a foundation and four More foundations which will be any four of the eight Kings ate to the first four Kings thai turn up in tableau or Talon should be utilized for these foundation i a a in i la h ii is a to i ii us my Ami a Ann laughed. Run slowing Paul Down to it a Are the found Quot she a mad As a a o. Walk in the Park to Hon May hf4 Hullt up Fok a that Ahi had dined on Turkey in a throw out the trash. Breast and mushrooms that she had gone and returned via taxicab. Paul Hayden came to the counter with a truck Load of notions while she a vividly de a Well i done to blame her those night and smell the sprint that it a another e added and built Bird were none too Subtle Quot All right she laughed. Ann j ,0 King find 0 on until there Quot unsubtle is the word they leaned Dow n to catch one More or Fri or Complete sequence on a a. Strode Fie or in gee. The game is a in across the platform. She was Only half aware that her blood Sang a Vij found Timss deliciously. To re continued store knew that Clara Brooks had ii i in i Iii in lit o full i it j a a me been on a party saturday night j Ahin gtd her into a taxi saying that Hempse of him on ail of them and Al Iol Flynn. Into the House breathing a sigh tugging at his sweep seems As flapper Fanny by Sylvia coh Imo by Masr Vic Mac to arc let % but off scribing the elegance of the hotel apartment Quot of. It was swell a she was saying Quot great big divans and Squash chairs and a radio waiters Rushing in and out highball and cocktails you should have seen anti she s my Roommate you bet she Wasny to impressed. Ann s been around. She tossed off drinks and never turned a hair of. Of. Hello. Or. Hayden of s hard to Settle Down to work. Ann Aud i went on a party saturday Paul nodded Quot some of Annas friends he asked casually. Quot no Florabelle a he raised his eyebrows. Quot i see Quot he said. Clara went on proudly that s what made her so Quot they did t Quot Ann went to the door Quot Nice to have seen you. hurry a my along the sidewalk she found Steve beside her. Quot Hon about dinner Quot he asked. Quot no thank Quot Why not Quot Quot us. Just Quot Well Well old Steve must have lost his Power of attraction. Hut persuasion in a still Good at h it i tha1 or 1 Quot not Good enough of All 104 card Are built onto the How can ills a inf air Fey q what is a for peonies \. Bon Emeal is excellent for this purpose. Just As soon As she crossed j11 shoot shows about the ground. Cultivate the soil thoroughly and turn cards up from the Park one by one and place them in a single Talon or waste pile. The top of the Talon and also All tableau cards Are available for play onto foundations a vacancy in the j tableau must he filled from the. Talon or from the top of the Good fertilizer Stock if there is no Talon there i is no building in the tableau. A 0 a the Psi k May a run through Only once some players allow card to of reversed from the King foundations onto the Are foundation. A recommend the Rule that a card once placed on a foundation my not he removed next t a i re week fifteen soil evacuation having decreased London s population of 8.203.94 2 by 3,000.000. New York with 6,� 930,446, to now the larg Eaf City in the world and Tokyo with �,.-8 30,523. Is second of Relief inside their own apartment she said Quot Don t cry Tara. Everything is All right. You re Home maybe this will Leach us a she was mixing soda in a glans of water of Florabelle considered soda the Correct dosage for Jake it certainly could do Clara no harm. Clara was a sight tear had Mlih i everything wrought havoc with Mascara and Rouge her eyes were swollen her Mouth Loose Aud shaking Quot i never was so mad in my life Quot she sobbed hysterically. Quot they can to do that to me i guess i be got feelings just the same a anybody Quot what did they do Quot Ann asked. Proffering the Glass Quot take it away. I m sick she pushed the Glass and the liquid spilled Over Annas hand. % Quot Don t be a silly Little she said sharply. Quot drink this and state Street heading for the Al i he kept step. Jostled by the has i Ork in the Bon Emeal. Each tining Home seekers Peony should be allowed three to Quot i want a Chance to i four feet radius of space to give a flu so id i the Hest result. Quot for what a a u How can i remove rust Quot for saturday j from steel Quot listen i went to that party i v cover the spot with Sweet bus my own fault if i did t like Oil. Rubbing in thoroughly and it Quot they stopped at Wabash for allowing it to stand for a few vhf. Huh a f0 change and she Days then rub briskly with pow i a Bourne a there von know i Jook gtd into his handsome reek dered in slicked Lime until the he s that Rich Guy who s always Fth theres one thing in my it it it a disappears getting i picture in the paper -,.ul.1ous she said slowly. How can i easily remove what were you doing in that i a from my Quot liver Side glances m e v e gee. He Law played War yesterday lets do something exciting i miserable As the rent. Looking like that and with a 10-Day i stubble of Beard maybe its no i wonder that he and Lili Damita Aie living Iii separate apart meats Quot for the duration of the picture a the task Isnit so Tough really the oars Aren t heavy just handles with counterbalances Hillside the Hull. The Galley master s whip does t sting any of the slaves. Their perspiration is Mineral Oil applied with an insult Spray gun. In fact. They re having trouble keeping warm. For theres a Damp chill in the huge sound stage Whit ii encloses wariness new indoor Ocean. Keen he said to me. He said. It a Jar wort you were almost As incredible that our paths have of a a Aie in a a never crossed it. A of done to know i go hither i feet Ive a common table Salt rubbed on the stains will prove very of w.,s when i asked him where head d von in search of adventure Heen All my life cute want it Quot she gurgled happily Agte Baul asked. Quot Are the Circle under anti s eyes any Blacker than yours Quot Clara a laugh got out of control. Quot you say the craziest things or. Hayden Ann did t stay As Long As i did. She and Steve i called him Steve just like he was anybody they left she stopped gazing Afier Paul very straight Back. Quot what she got to he Huffy about Quot she asked. Chapter Xvi Ann briefly described the unsuccessful evening to mrs Pringle. Quot i knew better than to go Quot she concluded Quot that in t what i in a always looking for it. Of nothing turns up by 6.45 in the evening i go out and break something Loose. Clancy is Ray fathers representative in Omaha and j a darn Good business Man. Jake is one of our Hest customer. I lessons in English id xxx. F. Gordon words often misused do not. Say. Quot that is what i Call just drifted into the party f0�?~ j say. Quot that is what i Call i mud so Nething better to do. Ence. Insolence self Assurance Quot sounds like a stupid Way to Preau Nipton. on the contrary its fascinating of you March face Forward along the straight and narrow Fate Hasni to a Chance at you. I believe in meandering along forbidden paths. It s astonishing the things i turn Quot you did no to do Well saturday often mispronounced architect pronounce Arki text. A As in a i As in it unstressed accent first syllable often misspelled mulatto one i two t s. Synonyms offend displease. Anger affront insult. Word study tse a word three times and it is your. I it us increase our vocabulary by j mastering one word each Day j today sword timorous full of i Quot who says i did no to saturday want parties with men who j night will stand out in my Niem would t speak to me if they Hap 0ry for Many a pelted to he with their mothers a a there a the Green Light. I real-1 far timid. Quot she directed a or a must go j timorous glance towards her Quot or mrs Pringle put Quot no dinner Quot in i Quot plenty of dinner out on Muj j a Quot gracious do you suppose Rev because of the electric Power they were married men Quot j a a a a shortage Large factories in Japan Quot no Young Claybourne the1 train roared shove hem. Sur Ai operating three Days out of world would hear about it if hectare tar clanged their Hells four and Small factories must got mat fled. But Jaks Ballant i Boras tooted Peden trans Scur hut Down at night. You la find my husband out there the fourth kid from the in

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