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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 7, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise thursday March 7,1974 wre Only sensitive to yourself your Horoscope by Jeane Dixon Friday March 8 there ? Swart sensitive Asp theres my sensitive out our Way Klut you Sculp it believe the ale that was goin1 Oki we Cou lpns a Aff oko to pass it besides these beams we bought a Case of Pic Calilli a Case of hot tamales am half a Case of Artichoke hearts our boarding House this will do nicely a Ive been meaning to get something to protect my stocks Ano Bonds not a word to anyone i always Uve modestly so that the underworld i wont become greedy re by n a Hoople would be a worse waste of time than fut tin a rooster on a nest your birthday Friday is marked by the full Moon. The coming year is full of unexpected Harvest results of Many prior actions. Old limitations Are seen in an entirely different Light. Relationships Blossom into their fullest phase swiftly and with Little interference. Today a natives often specialize in the knowledge of exotic or Distant Peoples and their cultures or develop their own Field of study where no Well defined subject has been established before them. Aries March 21-apr ii 19 there s no use trying a High pressure approach. Cooperation at the outset attracts its return later works quite Well so Long As you Are reasonable. Talk rus april 20-May 20 where a trouble free traditional method is available use it. Where you attempt the unusual everything Falls apart and has to be done Over. Gemini May 21-june 20 nearly everyone is anxious and ready to express his feelings. You have better prospects working at something you believe in rather intensely. Cancer june 21-july 22 offer now what you plan to give and get on with it. Improvements of work and Home situation Are feasible once you be broken thru the inertia of things As they were. Leo july 23-aug. 22 wind up work week with As much enthusiasm As you can Muster. Old obligations must be redeemed first. Competition for your resources May be hard to Cope with. Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 continue with a steady Pace and be ahead of those who Rush and then Stop to gawk. L there a hardly any object1 along your Way that would Call for a second glance anyway. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 concentrate on work that requires Little or no direct personal collaboration. Older people tend to get in the Way if you Are in a hurry. Scorpio oct. 23-nov. 21 it is All too easy to circulate a bigger Story than the facts justify very difficult to contain the matter once you be let it out. Patience is essential. Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21 today s experience is like a do it yourself toy no matter How you try putting it together it in t quite right. Common sense saves the Dav. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 if you Are the Boss Fine. If you re not keep things simple and get your share of the Job done without complaint. Plan tomorrows schedule. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 18 the great benefits of today go largely ignored As you and others fret Over relative trifles. What passes for principle is often no More than a personal whim. Pisces feb. 19-March 20 any premature announcement of your intentions would draw Strong and immediate resistance today. What is not ready to be done is just As Well left unsaid. Tumbleweeds i my Moo Luv s away on a i Wanna Senf Hera smoke message As rollers Quot Hullo lit Pigeon havin a Wunner full time. Wish Yew Wiz hearers Kooly Limpid Liza yer rite. Change at to Quot Hullo lit Pigeon havin a Wunner full Home. Wish i wuz1heiryers Tooly Limpid i suggest a pit More funny business do me a favor will a a Ltd it rj2w staitieuerl1 n Sel Tenice we Quot Between Hoo and in v i in v. E5-._a-.-Ju v. A Rel. Mary Worth print facts Pian j Shau i 4pake you the pain of conf Roh ing that girl with it a and tilling her m int 14 not to come hire again 3 / in c 4 it no Ril ooh Mother a when i4ee her tonight 1 a or to v Mort y Mee Kee Don t think i Wae cutout to be a missionary. Pow <9 r 3-7 i la Haft be careful those Mountain women probably live somewhere close by. A 1174 by Nia. Inc. I m. Req. Us. Short ribs psst. Beware ides of March. Ides of it Arch Quot Ell me Oracle it wat Are the ides of Ausch who. They Are l Vos so pct be oui Cotton Agency n 0v5 and it Oure three months 3ewinp in Vouk Chariot payments. In Jujj to i Archie the born loser Nodo haircut you give shampoos certainly have a chair v probably a flags i won t Cut Lono hair Captain easy we in fib of Cape \ to sail a it Ookja As it these Storen Are j Loa Pepi anyone 9pot our Bonehead frankly. I want More icky out nonce a but maybe we p a hot i ordered italian Spaghetti Blondin Jutt Alt this does t even look like italian j Spaghetti / n when i order italian f Spaghetti i want a a italian Spaghetti c of would it help if the chef came out and Sang a Pagliacci to Buz Sawyer Frank an Ernest Ernie i. Don t Forcet. Sift a a the More r Money you Ive you say your child in is missing by la of arara my husband thinks he left him Here. The More Superior you can feel / 3 <6 i a. To i. Luna Here s Junior. Bubbles i found Doit dont no baby snatcher you know your \ help Dai ice i own child ? Tuat 5 it t quit j

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