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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina So High Point Enterprise sunday March 3,1974 fat kids Are not healthy kids by Yvonne Baskin Duke news service Durham a mothers of America do you make your children eat everything on their plates do you insist they eat three balanced meals whether they Are hungry or not is that Chubby kid on the soup advertisements your image of a healthy youngster or. James b. Sidbury or. Of Duke University medical Center says americans have been taught believe that a fat round baby is a healthy baby and that a healthy child must eat a set amount of food every Day. Sidbury believes this Early training leads a pattern of overeating which is the main Factor in childhood obesity. And despite the traditional belief that a baby fat melts away at puberty Sidbury said 80 per cent of fat children end up fat adults. Sidbury chief of paediatric metabolism and director of clinical research at Duke began three years ago developing a diet program for treating obese children. Most reducing programs Are geared for adults he said and paediatricians have never had much Success with simply giving mothers a diet for their overweight children follow. A we realize that the thing that is important is not the diet itself a there Are plenty of Good diets a but a structured program that guides the child and the family and teaches them new eating habits so that the lower weight can be maintained once its he said. The patients that Sidbury has been working with Are not just Chubby. Most Are at least 50 per cent overweight and Many Are too per cent or More. For instance two Brothers aged 6 and 7 weighing 260 pounds apiece were brought Sidbury for treatment last a pox on both of your houses from Page id not ask too Many questions about their colleagues behaviour. A does that Surprise you a said a member of the new York state Assembly. A sure there Are Crooks up Here. But if you quote me As saying so tear me apart and in be got remain effective because of some important Bills i want a get along go along a the late Sam Rayburn advised freshmen congressmen years ago. Members of both Chambers still defend the Maxim. In the first place Many congressmen say they have better ways use their time. The censure of sen. Thomas Dodd in 1967, for example occupied the Senate ethics committee for 16 months the entire Senate for nine legislative Days filled 300 pages of the congressional record and 1,164 printed pages of Public committee hearings. As the new York assemblyman said there Are More productive things do let the voters take care of expelling members. Secondly even politicians of unquestioned probity Are unwilling Call attention dirty Linen that would further diminish what they feel is a Noble profession already wrongly maligned. Quot we have been attacked denounced despised hunted harried blamed looked Down upon excoriated and flayed a complained Nicholas Long Worth reflecting before his death in 1931 on 25 years in the House of representatives six of them As speaker. A we have always been unpopular. From the beginning of the Republic it has been the duty of every free born voter look Down upon us and the duty of every free born humorist make jokes at us a far be it from a free born political then join the chorus a although there is evidence that some up for reelection this year will do just that. A few plan be considerably More forthcoming than in the past about disclosing personal finances. A a we re running around comparing notes seeing How the other fellow is going about it a said ted Johnson an aide sen. Mike gravel Dalaska up for re election in november. A political so a instinctive defense seems also include a Good offence. More than a score of politicians interviewed without exception recited examples of How they had refused Compromise principle for personal or political gain. Rep Henry Helstoski of new Jersey for instance said he did not enter the race for governor of his state last year Ven though he wanted the Job and it appeared a Democrat would be a shoo in. Why a i raise the Money for the primary Campaign from the right people. There was plenty of Money All right a i had one Guy offer me $100,000 a but i did no like the odor of it and stayed Paul Simon the former lieutenant governor of Illinois who ran unsuccessfully for the democratic nomination for governor in 1972, said he had been offered $250,000 by a group of Highway contractors on condition he let them name the Secretary of transportation. He refused. A the Quality of people in politics today is As High As it Ever was a says historian Daniel j. Boorstin of the smithsonian institution. Working politicians Are Quick agree. Most will go on say that their standards of behaviour Are about the same As those of any other professional group. A a that a the problem a a said political scientist Beard. A people have a right expect higher than average standards of some groups. The clergy for instance. Why not Public servants too they have positions of Trust. A but the heart of the problem is that not enough people seem care who represents them. When Only 64 per cent turn out for a presidential election and fewer than 50 per cent in some off year elections it Isnit surprising if standards Are Bert Combs now retired after lifetime in politics a from City attorney through governor of Kentucky and later a Federal appellate judge a believes that politicians do in fact conduct themselves More ethically than others by necessity if not inclination. Quot they have act with discretion if they want last a he said. A a it a a practical matter. Can you think of any other profession under closer scrutiny not just by the newspapers and they re relentless but by the opposition and they re Combs contends that considering the swarm of officeholders and appointees literally tens of thousands the number of a bad apples is relatively Small. John f. Shelley has an overview of practical politics shared by few others. An Active politician since 1932, Shelley has served in the California legislature Congress was mayor of san Francisco and now works As a lobbyist in Sacramento on behalf of the City. He is also a political rarity willing discuss conflicts of interest. Quot i was president of the san Francisco labor Council when i was elected the legislature in 1938. All the time in the legislature i also stayed on the labor Council payroll at $85 a week. A was that wrong Well nobody thought anything of it. Hell labor had my vote anyhow. It was no secret that i was a labor Man. A but when i went Congress in 1949 i got off the payroll. For two reasons. First slam the door on it As a political Issue and second Well i suppose out of a sense of ethics. A so what in a saying is that in Congress i guess i did no think it was quite right and could possibly be used against me. But i also insist that in the state Senate i did not consider it wrong and am absolutely positive it did not affect my performance Shelley clearly never Felt he was a on the take in the statehouse but he said others were. A we All knew who they were. They were generally not admired and generally did not last More than a couple of terms. Their own people voted them out. I was approached a number of times. One lobbyist came into my office with ten $500 Bills. I Tore them in half and kicked him in the Fanny when he picked them up off the floor. A during my campaigns i always let a finance committee handle the fund raising about six months after the election i would get a list of the contributors. They always got courteous treatment maybe a Little better than courteous. But in 30 years no More than half a dozen Ever asked for More and they were refused and i lost the Friendship of Only one. We became friends again politicians will talk about the demands the life imposes on their time their privacy their marriages very often their health and wealth but few quit the life voluntarily. Before he entered the current California governors race which so distressed his wife san Francisco mayor Joseph Alioto was asked whether he intended run. His reply a what the hell do you think i was doing at the Alfalfa festival at Antelope Valley on a Friday afternoon in the heat of last summer if i weren running for governor a Tom Flynn his press assistant said a the truth is he loves Kentucky a indomitable former governor and senator a b. A a Happy Chandler recently had a Large mole removed from his right Index Finger. Jie Pride fully believes it was caused by a lifetime of handshaking. A ipod nah a he said a one hot August Day in 1955 at Beach Bend Park in Bowling Green i Shook 25,556 hands. A Guy with a Clicker counted pm. They said its a record. I had on a White summer suit and it got wringing wet. Water was in my shoes. Pod nah i like Why do it a it gets in your blood a said John Shelley. A an election is terribly exciting there a no denying a of course there san ego thing a vanity a said sen. Hubert h. Humphrey now in his 29th year of elective office. A each elective position is the fulfilling of an appetite and the beginning of a new one. A but vanity and ego Arentt enough. A Man who does hate any goals except get elected is an unhappy Man. He must want be part of the action affect the history of his times. In be done that. I be been in the Arena not on he sidelines pontificating and criticizing but performing in the pit of Seymour Posner a new York assemblyman from the Bronx got so frustrated last year he put a classified and in the times a politician who is fed up seeks honest employment. A i had had it a Posner said. A i Felt i was beating my head against a Wall not getting anything done. I had spent years in the Assembly and Felt i had paid my dues. I wanted out. But the and had a surprising result. Along with some pretty Good Job offers i got a lot of letters from my constituents. They asked me not quit. They said they wanted me represent them that they respected me. That Shook me. A when i was 18 i thought i could change the world. Well i Haven but i have nudged it a Little. My name is associated with 36 Laws which i feel have advanced Mankind. When you think about it that a something. I decided stay on. Politicians Are not instigators of change poets Are. Politicians Are organizers of change. That is if current surveys Are accurate most congressmen and senators up for reelection this year Are not Likely find similar demands from constituents that they return office. Summer. The Mother had not been concerned about the boys weight until she found that they could not lift their feet High enough climb on the school bus. Another patient is a too Pound 3 year old girl who was being cared for and stuffed with food by her Mother aunt and grandmother. When she first came the Hospital she stuffed food into her Mouth with both fists refusing slow Down enough eat with a Fork. Sidbury takes about five new patients into the program each month. A we can usually Tell when we take the initial history on a patient whether its possible be successful a Sidbury said. A if the Mother and father Are obese and the family has an obvious pattern of overeating then we must change the pattern at the Root or the program is not going work for the child. A a child needs motivation support and encouragement and if the rest of the family is going keep on stuffing themselves its not reasonable expect the child break the pattern a he said. A when you see a whole family that a obese it is not a hereditary trait that can be helped. Its usually a family tradition of overeating a he said. Sidbury usually tries put the parents on the same diet As the child. Quot there Are Many people who stick a diet for their own Sakes but they will for their child a he said. But the major motivation must come from the child. A one question we always ask the child is whether he really wants lose weight and whether he is willing make the sacrifice a he said. A if he equivocate or says a not we Tell him come Back when he a the diet program begins with either a four Day stay in the Hospital or a month Long stay for the grossly obese who need medical attention while dieting. Those who rust stay for a month Are supported by research funds. The children Are Given a Complete physical examination and Laboratory tests but the most important part of the Hospital stay is education. Dieticians work with each child teaching them which types of foods Are High in carbohydrates or proteins and How handle the diet. The child is started off with a period of fasting until ketones appear in the urine. Ketones Are byproducts of the burning of fat in the liver and when they appear in the urine it indicates the body is burning stored fat. Then the child is put on a Low calorie High protein Low carbohydrate diet tailored for his age. The child is taught test his urine every Day for ketones and when the level is Down he is put Back on a fast for a Day or until ketones reappear in the urine. A we have found that when there is an excess of ketones in the urine the appetite is also depressed a Sidbury said. A but we be found that if a child Breaks this state of ketosis by having a soft drink or Candy bar his appetite will after four months the diet is eased and the calorie intake increased for most patients. This goes on for six months then their intake is restricted for another month. A most of our patients do lose weight but this is a relatively easy thing do. Any crash diet will do that. Sustaining the weight loss is the important thing a he said. A a we be found that 50 per cent of our patients Are Normal weight after one Sidbury attributes this Success rate largely the program of patient education and the changing of family attitudes toward food. He said the children who have been successful have also made great improvements in their school work since losing weight. Emotional and social problems of obese children Are in almost All cases the result and not the cause of obesity he said. Sidbury a goal was end up with a program which any paediatrician could use in his practice. But he found that the amount of time the program takes makes it unrealistic for a Busy physician undertake alone. Sidbury is concerned with what he sees As a Roadblock in developing programs treat Gross obesity. Millard and Hazel june Good Man returns family after 19 years in hiding by Strat Douthat associated press writer Spencer . A Millard Good is a creation of life that master sculptor. After 58 years his face is deeply chiselled his hands Are scarred and work shaped and his eyes carry the reflection of 7,000 lonely nights. But the voice is quiet and gentle. A yep i just failed my Drivers test a he says softly. A the poles weren placed far enough apart for my big old the hands their sausage thick fingers sticking out like spokes become the poles. A they were this much too close together even the state policeman said so. He was real Nice about it and said he was sorry but he pass me seeing As How people had watched me Knock Over the pole. Its nothing. It just Means in be got wait seven Days before i can try there was no impatience. Millard Good if anything is patient. He Learned it during the 19 years he was Delbert Shamblin. Good became Shamblin one july evening Back in 1954 when he walked away from the West Virginia Penitentiary and a 20-year sentence. A a i was at Camp Fairchance at the time. A full trusty. I was working outside the Fence and was due go Back until 9 of clock. It had got the Point where i had leave so about 5 that evening i put Down my tools and walked he paused then continued in a Monotone. A i was 16 Days getting Parkersburg. Kept getting lost in the Woods and because i swim i d have Hunt out places where i could get across the creeks. I did no have anything eat but two hamburgers and a few Green apples i d find every once in a while. I d have starved death without those apples. A late one night at Parkersburg i crossed the River into Ohio and worked my Way along doing Odd jobs and sleeping in bams. I d almost reached Columbus when i was Lucky enough meet a Good Farmer who wanted somebody work. I stayed with him most of the next 19 years and had my own room Over a cellar House. When i Wasny working i spent a lot of time in the Woods the farm where Good lived his secret life was just too Miles West of the Home in which goods wife and two sons spent those lonely years. After goods arrest in 1951, they had moved in with mrs. Goods parents near Spencer in Central West Virginia. Good had been a bricklayer and Home owner in another West Virginia town. And then one Day he was arrested on a charge of armed robbery. A i was falsely accused of robbing an elderly farm couple Down in Mason county a he said. A Why until i was put in jail there i had never been in Mason county before. Never had seen the inside of a jail. Never had even gotten a traffic ticket. I was innocent but i get anybody believe me. A i had $454 on me when i was arro Sion Hill ii was Money i d saved up and at my trial i accounted for every Penny of it a he said. A but the judge and my Grandfather had had a falling out years before and i paid for he was taken the prison at Moundsville. He had been there for three years and seven months when he walked away. A i never had a single Mark on my record while i was in prison a he said a and that a pretty hard do. They let me out every Day work and lots of nights id come in and have rattle the bars at Midnight get Back inside. They were As Good me As they were anyone and i hated break their Trust but my life had been threatened and my life came the goods had sell their Home meet Legal expenses and shortly after her husband went prison. Hazel june a at that time an attractive Young woman with Raven Black hair a took her two Young sons live with her parents. A we never knew for sure whether he was alive All those years a she said. A but i never gave up trying Clear his Good gave his wife a Little hug. Quot god bless her. She never gave up on me. Many was the time i was tempted write her but i was too scared. I was afraid id have go Back and i just could stand the thought. I used get the Charleston paper every Chance i could see if i could find out anything about my family and i chose the name Delbert Shamblin because Delbert is my songs name and Shamblin is my mothers. It was As close As i could get being with them. Quot during the time i was in Ohio my daddy my brother and my sister All died. My boys grew up and her hair he said gesturing his wife turned White. I sat Down lots of times and thought myself i d just go ahead and die. But then i d think about my wife and my children. He shrugged and looked at his wife. They were seated in the living room in the parsonage of the St. Johns United methodist Church in Spencer. The minister the Rev. Carl Dodrill helped Good shed his false identity and return his wife and family which now includes six grandchildren. There was an intermediary a Man who somehow knew that Delbert Shamblin was Millard Good. A i first was contracted about or. Good three years ago by a Friend of his a said the Rev. Dodrill. A but i did not give it much thought at the time. The fellow was a Friend of or. Goods in Ohio and i done know How he Learned about the Story. I did no task him. The Friend had the feeling that or. Good had been misjudged and something ought be Good does not discuss this Friend. The Rev. Dodrill says a i got the impression that he had spotted or. Good and that he had known him from before he went jail. A then when mrs Good contacted me a year later i began make some inquiries into the Case and became convinced the Man had a valid argument. It was a Long and drawn out process and i went Charleston and met with the governor a half a dozen times. At first he was sceptical but after he had his staff make some inquiries it finally reached the Point where he said he wanted see or. Good sitting across a desk from but with gov. Arch a. Moore or. Interested and ready talk with Good the Rev. Dodrill had her place an advertisement in the personals column of the Columbus newspapers. Answer today s Puzzle Fin adult n thib Hgt a it a it get a a it nil i Ina i w�?T 1 Legal notice bankruptcy Sale bankruptcy Sale furniture mfg. Plant recently renovated and new machinery installed throughout Complete and ready resume operations with experienced labor Supply available pursuant order entered in re Culpeper chair inc., bankrupt pending in u. S. District court Western District of Virginia Charlottesville division the undersigned trustee will sell at Public auction Pree of liens for Cash on Friday March is 174, commencing at of o clock a in. At the factory of the bankrupt located at Brightwood on u s route 2. Apr. To Miles South of Culpeper in Madison county Virginia All real and personal property of the bankrupt estate consisting of real estate a 2 parcels on opposite sides of Virginia Highway no. 407, one containing i Sii acres with one Story pm Deblock and Frame factory building new Metal roof containing 19,470 s t., with 3 room office and boiler Tooi room. The other parcel containing 1.734 acres with pm Deblock and Frame two Story warehouse containing 2,747 . Total. Personal property a All manufacturing machines Toots and inventories Complete including but not limited Lancaster chair press Sherrill Sander 2 Marsch pump Sanders Nash Dowel Sander Royal Drill press Reed 14 in. Metal lathe Hardinge Metal lathe Lancaster Duncan White press Ingersol Rand compressor with 2 receivers after cooler 3 in. Pipe All electrical Box and controls 5h p compressor Root Cut off saw Diehl rip saw planer Smith 12 Jointer american Bac knife lathe spindle Carver 2 Fairfield swing saws. Black glue wheel Jenkins equalizer s Saddle seat machines 3 goodspeed lathes Nash and fell spin Sanders 3 Powe Matic Drill presses 2 Bell 24 machines invincible Router Crescent band saw Onsrud profile Onsrud w b. Is double spindle shaper Mcknight Multi Boring machine s Edge Sanders Oakley Spring pad Sander notch Sander. Andrews gang bore Baxter Woltner hand shaper Oliver sliding table saw Bell doweling machine american sliding table Drill machinist milling machines band saw and welder and All other machines attachments equipment tools and supplies Complete finishing equipment with 14 Spray guns pressure pots and other equipment. Bohn calculator 2 Olivetti and i Victor electric adding machines 3 air conditioners Metal file Cabinet office and typewriter desks and other office furniture and equipment Stock of chair parts materials and supplies and Farmed a pm Quot tractor wheat Drill 2 Bottom plow and cultivators. The furniture mfg. Factory with All machinery equipment tools chair Stock and materials inventories office machines equipment furniture Andall other goods thereat excepting farm tractor and attachments will be first offered Complete and As a whole of no satisfactory bid is received the parcels of land will be separately offered and the machinery tools furniture etc., will be offered separately by items or lots of items or Complete As a whole and Sale will be upon High bids subject confirmation by court immediately after completion of the first Sale which is satisfactory the trustee for recommendation the court. Thursday March 14, 1974, Between 9 of and 4 of pm the Plant machinery and Stock inventory will be open for inspection list of machines and Stock inventories Are available bidders Deposit of 10% May be required in the form of cashier s Check National Bank letter of credit or equivalent. Lindsay g Corner jr., Esq citizens Commonwealth Center Charlottesville Virginia 22902 Telephone 04 242141 trustee a d. Trevillian Trevillian auction company Lynchburg Virginia 74 04 auctioneer 3/3, 4,

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