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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Citizens telling politicians a pox on both of your houses the High Point Enterprise sunday morning March 3,1974section d a news features illustration by Jules Loh a new features writer a healthy scepticism of politicians is an american tradition. But in recent months a state of mind new to the United states has become evident to political scientists who have studied it and office holders immediately confronted with it. Apprehension of those in authority one of the great underlying themes of 1787, seems in 1974 to have deepened. The present malady apparently is one not experienced in America since the darkest Days of the great depression perhaps not even then. A a scepticism cynicism these Are old years ago. Seventy per cent said worse a and More than half that group Felt it will be even worse five years from now. A graduate students entering the University of Michigan a Institute of Public policy studies Young adults presumably serious about a career in Public service Are asked in an annual opinion sampling whether they agree with this statement a often those who enter politics think More about their own or their party s welfare than about the welfare of the in 1972 Only 12 per cent agreed about the same steady percentage As in previous years. Last september the figure leaped to 94 per cent practically unanimous. Politician is just another word for thief. Shakespeare wrote of the a scurvy politician one that would circumvent Ambrose Bierce defined politics As a the conduct of Public affairs for private Samuel Pepys confessed that the possibility of Reward state. New Jersey has indicted 68 assorted office holders and so far convicted 46 of them an average of better than one a month. Those convicted included two mayors two secretaries of state and a congressman All on charges of extorting kickbacks mainly Quot a widespread practice is simply to Send the firms doing business with the state their apportioned shares of $100 tickets to testimonial dinners Quot Quot the present malady is one not experienced in America since the darkest Days of the great depression perhaps not even american attitudes a said an aide to a senator up for re election. A the new word in this years political vocabulary is a what that Means he explained is that if people complain at All about the present state of Public service they do it in the same resigned Way they gape about the weather. So it in t to your liking so consider a Cambridge Survey research inc., an organization that specializes in private polls for political candidates. Recently surveyed voter attitudes in 18 states. Fifteen thousand persons representing a Cross Section of age Levels incomes and occupations were asked whether they Felt the country was in better or worse shape today than five a the enormous advantage of an incumbent running for reelection especially for Congress is Well known. Yet so far this year 15 republicans and three democrats have decided their chances Arentt Worth the Effort this november. A for the first time a said Patrick Caddell president of Cambridge Survey research a incumbency has become in some ways a that As Harry Truman used to say is the fix the country a in. A we May be on the verge of a truly watershed period in american history a said political scientist Caddell. A a we re dealing with something deeply lord knows there is plenty of tradition for the notion valid or not that beyond the meager salary lured him into Public employment he died Rich. A corruption culminates at Washington a a wrote the editor of harpers Magazine in 1856. A it is a propensity elsewhere there it is an one go Back to the vague past Only to yesterdays newspaper to find evidence of venality in Public office. According to the congressional quarterly in the 13-year period ending two years ago la members of Congress were indicted and seven of them sent off to jail for crimes of mail fraud bribery payroll padding and kickbacks not to mention income tax evasion which from firms seeking and finding state contracts. A a according to the proof presented at the trial a said Jonathan Goldstein of the prosecutors office a Rio per cent is the rate normally demanded a that a double what the last generations a five percent Erst got but of course a Dollar went further then. Most state and local political organizations Are More Subtle. A widespread practice is simply to Send the firms doing business with the state their apportioned shares of $100 tickets to a testimonial for the Sake of appearance certainly not cuisine the dinners Are generally held. Ease the Burden of the governors living expenses $22,540 for hotel and restaurant tabs $6,209 for a trip to Europe $177,349 for rental of a Jet plane. Michael Garber a Philadelphia Engineer told Monroe w. Karmin of the Wall Street journal about some aspects of his Trade he did t learn at engineering school a in my younger years i thought Merit should be the sole criterion. But As i grew older and Wiser i realized that in t the Way the real world works at All. You get contracts because you have connections. You have to be a Friend of the party and being a Friend of the party Means you help said Charles Colbert a new Orleans architect and former Dean of the Columbia University school of architecture a a it a a Universal evil a influence so they done to have to give so for every bribe of course there is a briber so the evil is not necessarily one sided. Just recently the nations largest builder of private Homes los Angeles based Kaufman amp Broad inc., was fined $50,000 on charges of bribing Village officials in a Chicago suburb Hoffman estates in return for favourable changes in zoning Laws. The bribe takers including two former mayors were convicted As Well. A i think there Are three fundamental reasons Why corruption is worse on the state and local Levels than on the National level a said Edmund Beard professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts. A first you done to generally have the same intense press scrutiny at the local Quot lord knows there is plenty of tradition for the notion valid or not that politician is just another word for Quot during the past three and a half years the Federal prosecutor in one notorious state new Jersey has indicted 68 assorted office holders and so far convicted 46 of them. Quot lately gained the status of a household word. Corruption on the National political level is As nothing compared with what goes on at the state and local Levels. During the past three and a half years the Federal prosecutor in one notorious in Florida former gov. Claude r. Kirk or. Formed what he called a a a governor a according to a state audit the club raked in $447,170, much of it from Highway design consultants and contractors. The audit further showed that the Money went to blinding scar on my profession. The architect and Engineer dealing in Public works provides the front Money for the aspiring William Slayton executive director of the american Institute of architects said the practice is so blatant and degrading that a member of his profession comes to regard himself As a a cow to be just because a politician leaves office does no to necessarily mean the teat dries up. According to the executive director of the american consulting engineers Council Donald Buzzell a some firms have to hire former legislators and Public officials who have Levels As you get from the National press corps. Further to become a member of Congress you do have to have certain abilities even ideals so there a a weeding out process. Sometimes the idealism comes later. There a no denying that people grow into their jobs and the loftier the Job the better the Chance. Call it the Chester Arthur few politicians will admit that they themselves have Ever done a Shady deed. That a understandable. But they also seem to have a desk clerks ability so a a pox on 2d court volunteers help Young probationers Cope by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff writer wanted men and women Over 21 with an ability to relate to Young people. Must be mature stable open minded and a concerned citizen with own transportation. About to hours per month. No pay. No experience necessary of volunteers of the court placed a want and in the newspaper it might read something like the version above. The program is not looking for employees however but citizens who feel they have a part of themselves to give away with the knowledge that they have helped a fellow resident of the Community become a responsible contributing person As their Only Reward. The program which began last december is operated in conjunction with the probation officers assigned to local courts. Ann Holland the programs coordinator explained it As an Extension of probation which provides More personal work with a probationer than the officer assigned to a Case is Able to give. A a it a not that probation officers Arentt doing their jobs a said mrs. Holland. A probation officers have such heavy Case loads that their time has to be spread thinly to cover them Becky smothers a member of the programs Board of directors said that a Volunteer helps the probationer a abridge the Gap Between his present life style and one that is acceptable to society. This does not mean that the Volunteer Counselor tries to remake his diet. He helps him remake himself. The relationship Between the sponsor and client could begin with helping the probationer Cope with the rules of probation. Mrs. Holland said there Are 15 probationers placed with Volunteer Counselor and that about to volunteers Are almost ready to be assigned a client. The program is being sponsored by its founders Jaycees Junior women a club Junior league and Council of jewish women. Mrs. Holland said that it is hoped that a permanent source of funds May be found As soon As the program has proven itself. A permanent sponsor with More Revenue would allow expansion of the program and help meet the expense of an office printing of forms and Telephone service. The program now accepts Young persons Between the Ages of 16-21, but it is hoped that it can be expanded to include juveniles. A Volunteer in order to get into the program must agree to work with a client at least one year which is the usual length of probation. The Volunteer must be willing to devote about i v-2 hours each week for personnel interview with his client. He must attend a monthly meeting lasting about i hours and must initially attend two evening pre service orientation programs lasting about it hours each. Mrs. Holland said that the Volunteer must undergo an interview. A it is most important that the Volunteer have sufficient time to meet the required hours a according to mrs. Holland. A this is essential because the Volunteer must maintain the attitude that the program is something he wants to do and not that it is an obligation he blindly took upon himself and must the Volunteer is instructed on the court and probation systems. He hears personal experiences related by volunteers already in the program. In addition or. Jack Humphrey and Virginia Stephens with the sociology dept at unc a give instruction on techniques in counselling. Once volunteers have met All the requirements they Are ready to be placed with clients. Probation officers recommend probationers they think can be helped by the Volunteer counselling program and the work begins. An initial meeting is scheduled and then it is up to the probationer and the Counselor to set up times and places for future weekly meetings. The Counselor first of All is a listener. It is the belief of those in the program that possibly the greatest problem the client May have had in the past was the absence of listeners in whom they had Confidence and to whom they could bring their problems. The volunteers code of ethics binds them to an oath of Confidence in confidential and deeply personal matters. The Volunteer must be patient not expect overnight miracles and must be ready for setbacks. He must be understanding and sympathetic but at the same time be a discerning listener that can separate truth from deception. After listening to problems the Volunteer must work with his client to reach a solution. Mrs. Holland said that the client should not become dependant on the Counselor to make All the decisions. The purpose is to prepare the client so that when his time with the sponsor is completed he will be capable of managing his own life. The Volunteer must determine that the client is taking advantage of the resources in his Community. The client needs to be helped to take an Active part in the Community and to establish relationships with persons acceptable within the rules of probation. In other words not known criminals. The Volunteer assists in working out personal family problems housing jobs and even education. Most of the probationers Are school drop outs. Mrs. Smothers said that there Are programs available in the City for furthering education such As the night school recently started at Central High school. Mrs. Holland said prospective volunteers need not worry about being paired with hardened criminals because the worst cases Are weeded out before they reach the Volunteer program a the program is for first offenders or those that have curable problems a she added. Only such persons Are placed on probation to begin with and then they Are further broken Down by probation officers to just those individuals that they think can Benefit from the Volunteer program. The founders of the program received help and advice from Greensboro where such a program has been Active for about two years. Those in the High Point program saw that a need was being filled in Greensboro and other cities in the state and recognized that a need exists Here. They Felt that approaching a government funding Agency with merely a plan was not sufficient. Instead they decided to Start the program prove its usefulness and then approach a sponsor with the attitude a see what has been done on a Small scale. Think what could be done with the proper the theory of the program is sound take a person that has had an encounter with the Law because he could not Cope with the standards set up by society put him with a person who has been Able to Cope and change a liability to the Community into an asset. Persons interested in finding out More about the program May Contact mrs. Holland. She said that the next Volunteer orientation programs Are scheduled for March 19, 21 and 28. Ann Holland checks on the counselors1 Progress above Are Charles Mendenhall Sonny Scruggs and Bill Marshall photo by Mark Austin

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