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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 2, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Saturday maim Lviv scars night out a gone with the wind All but Gable sweeps Cinema awards for the year Hollywood my Iii =. Yes pc Lark Gable. Wherever he a be i Hollywood a foretell Many of tin moment but for or. Ii die who set til ill in hearts fluttering win rile ins handsome fare Anil Fine Brique apr year Oil a theatre Cree ii a a one till the id Quot Ould have swept the Field last ight in the motion future Trade in of in Ami sciences eleventh annual selection of pre pier film accomplishments. A lid All right any in a. To the Surprise of no one i walked off with eight of to Swible awards int hiding those Joe the inst production last m s Cess Hest supporting actress Jini in i direct tor. Not since a it happened one night grabbed Irr All the top Lyonors in Imp lits a picture done As Well. Ooh holier Donat among a i in. Pal it Illust ants Sih raved the big gab it was lie who he cd out Yahle for the out manding actor. The Industry him for his masterful fun t i in a i it get Ash \ ears Iii an lug Isle schoolmasters life in a goodbye or. Donat is in England anti triable left Hollywood yesterday for a Short vacation. Vivien Leigh made the top weather in \ i i Uhi ii today noon. 4 5 Low last night. 41 High yesterday. 62 i a North enrol Ina mostly Cloudy and unsettled with occasional Light rain tonight and sunday. Slightly warmer tonight followed by colder in mountains and North Central portion sunday Lark Gable. Gone. Maybe Quot forgotten but what a profile. More about three games continued from Page us acting awards a sweep for England. The British girl who came Here a virtual unknown and skyrocketed to stardom As the fiery Scarlett of Hara was on hand to happily accept Lier Victor Fleming whose direction of the film brought him top Lyonors in that class was ill in Bod with influenza. But smiling proudly was producer Pat id o. Selznick who accomplished what Many said was impossible when lie made Margaret Mitchells novel of the civil War South into a picture a lie took the Irving to Ialberg memorial award for a the most consistent High Quality of production achievement by an individual Hattie Mcdaniel memorable a a Mammy in Hie a wind a captured Hie prize As tin la St supporting actress and with it became the first negro Ever to in honoured by the Academy. Other awards Given those connected with the production included the Ute Sidney Howard for the screen play Lyle Wheeler for the Art direction Hal Kern and James new Coni for the editing Ernest Haller for the color for special color effects and William Cameron mangles Hope to avoid Money issues ingress winds i months of work Flushing budget it i Vav m on i Mother mourns death of in. Short is shown weeping Indore the open casket of Lier Little laughter. Hope one of the famous Alabama quadruplets at the funeral service it Nauvoo Ala. Hope died in a Hospital at nearby Jasper 41 Days after birth. Meanwhile her Sisters Faith and Charity Ami brother Franklin rested comfortably in their incubators at Jasper. A fight to w Rte 73 42no 78 50 of 72 52 m 73 co of 59 53 of 86 47 of 34 30 of 73 50 of 37 31 87 29 17 does 34 of 87 36 of 63 41 of 33 44 of 77 60 of 73 68 of 76 02 of 88 52 of 76 63 of 78 63 .00 77 87 of 32 28 .00 71 60 of 52 36 .00 79 64 of 40 20 .00 65 44 of 89 55 of 80 52 of 64 45 .00 77 58 of 48 36 of 82 32 of winds Hatteras to Jackson Villa moderate Northeast and East winds Over North portion and mod Cloudy Erat East and Southeast winds Over Voutil portion overcast weather Fco tight and sunday scattered Shower ver North and Central portion Sandy Hood to Hatteras increasing Ashly wind becoming Strong late might and shifting to Southeast Slinky and overcast weather with ram might and sunday. Charlotte March 2 map a official weather Bureau record of temperature and rainfall for the 24 our ending at 7 30 a in. In the run Cipani Cotton growing area and is where station Deville. Atlanta. I Uglis to. Irving hum. A Harleston. Charlotte. Ilc ago. Columbia. Jenver. Introit. Vanillin. A wives ton Greensboro. A att As. Lac Knoll Vin. By West. Ottle Rock. Auge Lea. Eaphis. Meridian. Ism. Pts St. Paul a Lobule it. Mitchell. Taw Orleans. New York. Leigh in Antonio. I Francisco Spartanburg. Tampa. Washington. Tunit Ngou More about South Gate Safe Conti tied from pug one besides three destroyers and a coh St guard Cutter already hurrying to her position 130 Miles Northeast of san Juan Lieut. Icon uni. Stephen a Cook com Maht Ling the la s. Navy air patrol Squadron no. 51, sent four planes to join the search. The two submarines Are part of a flotilla of five which had been lying la san Juan Harbor since Early wednesday after completing one leg of a Shakedown cruise. Two Aubain Rines left yesterday and were headed in a direction that would Hale placed them in the Vicinity of the Southgate at the time she sent her alarm. An intelligence officer said i j believed it was a understandable Quot if the British merchant Man s Cap a Tain became alarmed. He said j there have been Many reports of j submarine activity in Carr Beun j Waters in recent weeks including stories denied by dominican he j Public authorities that German undersea Craft had been refuelled in harbours of the nearby Island. Hear Admiral Hayne Finis commander of the Atlantic Squadron an hour after the Southgate Scall said he had been informed of it hut did t pay much attention to rumours another officer Iii touch with Navy sources throughout last night said he understood the Southgate merely had reported sighting a submarine. Whatever happened the incl Dent occurred in the Genera neighbourhood of current naval War games off the Island of culo Era due East of puerto Hico and any German submarine that came up there could have risen right under the nose of one of Pride Sam s big warships. Bund Gbo in meeting Greensboro mar. 2. the sixth annual convention of the North Carolina state association for the Blind will he held Here sunday. Or Merle k. Era Upton. Of new York will speak. Or. Fra Tupton i superintendent of the Battle As the orphanage five sounded their warning championship award. For the Grays g r of to Ruth. 3 2 3 i Allred. 3 0 0 6 Bruet. 3 2 i 8 c. Reeding. 0 0 0 0 e. Redding. 0 3 i 3 Johnson. 0 0 .2 0 Thomas. 0 0 0 0 totals. 9 7 8 23 children a Home c. F of to h Coble. 8 i i 17 Benton. 0 0 0 0 m Coble. 5 2 2 la r Harmon. I 0 3 2 Ingold. I 6 i 2 h Harmon. 0 0 0 0 Russell. I 0 3 2 Wright. I i 0 3 Vuncannon. I 0 6 2 totals. 19 4 la 42 score at half Oray s Chapel 12, children Home i 2. Officials far Low Kearns. Garner. Limiter. A a a a but. He l 8 Mccu car a. Derrickson. Edward. D. Meroney. Lofton. Jones. P Boon. F it to i 2 to 1 0 0 0 3 5 2 3 0 0 i 14 totals. Erlanger b Young Myers s Young ecu inn Sunry. Mcginn tots. 14 4 i 4 0 3 3 is 9 33 for to 0 0 8 i 4 0 i i 7 32 More about finns burning. Continued from Page one Many examples from military history show that similar Small results gained by great efforts May in the course of time Prole expensive and even downright fatal for the the russian communique said that Ainee feb. La soviet troops had captured 922 finnish fortifications including 235 Iron and Concrete artillery forts and that the finns had lost 506 guns 2,-732 machine guns 19 tanks 20,-000 shells 10,000 rifles and More than ii too too cartridges. The russians said other sectors were quiet but mentioned that the air Force brought Down 11 finnish planes in combat. Since Freh. La the communique said. 191 finnish planes have been shot Down while the russians Hale lost Only 21. The finnish re new said 251 russian planes had been shot Down in february alone with 53 additional reports still awaiting confirmation. During the first three months of the War. It listed 538 russian planes destroyed not counting unconfirmed reports. Lucky five girls player it 2nd 3rd tot. Jenkins. So to <2 271 Brown. 97 Imi 106 Soi 93 83 237 Stynchcomb. 94 84 92 270 Wal born. 96 102 90 288 total. 448 478 483 1387 Watts no. I players 1st 2nd 3rd tot. Peoples. 94 119 118 329 far Rols. 97 81 91 239 Vickery. Too 88 98 286 Orady. 85 112 108 305 Anderson. 87 39 78 204 total. 443 439 492 1394 a Maes dining Roum player it 2nd 3rd tot. Paige. 83 88 78 249 William. 77 84 102 243 Gray. 73 70 73 220 Moffitt. 92 95 102 288 Newell. 84 93 108 287 total. 411 412 485 1288 yellow jackets player it 2nd 3rd tot Hunt. 82 88 86 258 Carlyle. 76 79 85 340 Tuiner. 84 82 87 233 Burton. 85 89 93 267 Dummy. 79 88 101 286 total. 405 428 4 52 1283 Britain halts Reynolds turns nazi Coal flow Down horse for exports to Italy will by a _ detained beginning to Al Al night at Midnight Piedmont loopers player Grayson. Butner. Kangler. Bodenheimer Hundley. It 2nd 3rd tot. 90 117 120 327 108 99 �?�7 93 88 83 99 101 82 278 8� in 82 268 88 292 total 477 488 458 1423 Watts bakery no player it Capps. 102 Carroll. 78 Little. 90 Howell. 98 Hyatt. T7 2nd 3rd tot. 115 98 313 86 81 90 91 81 95 74 71 245 271 274 news of coloured people it. Vernon Baptist the sch nebs Rev. E v. Kirby pastor of the first Baptist Church Oak Ridge will preach at my Vernon Baptist Church sunday afternoon at 3 of clock. He will he accompanied by his choir and congregation a Church entertainment will lie Given of the Home of mrs. Alice Hinton. S25ty Hoover Street this evening saturday. State College dedicates new buildings on tuesday Raleigh. March 2,- it fat a new chemistry and textile buildings at a c. State College will in dedicated next tuesday on the 53rd anniversary of the Date on which the general Assembly ratified a Hill to establish the College. Principal speaker at exercises in the $354,000 textile building will he associate Justice Herlot Clarkson of the state supreme court who in 1809 introduced the Bill to establish a textile totals. 443 a a a 446 436 1327 of served Rivi players 1st 2nd 3rd tot Bowman. M 73 is 245 Curtis. Too 116 84 302 Welborn. 108 98 106 312 Kemp. Lot 109 99 309 Harvey. 104 too 109 313 a. Totals. 490 Bakers 496 486 1481 players isl 2nd 3rd tot. Morrison. 105 82 ii 288 Thackston. 79 101 82 262 Wagner. 107 133 100 349 Griffith. 90 94 to 296 Baker. 101 so 81 262 totals. 482 a 490 483 1455 mrs. Sohnchen ladles Emery Wood players isl 2nd 3rd tot. Covington. 106 87 86 269 Everhart. 99 85 70 234 Russell. 86 117 102 303 Abel. 90 87 95 275 Sohnchen. 93 64 99 278 totals. Man White 479 454 432 1385 players 1st 2nd 3rd tot. Whit. 108 90 89 287 Rettel. 86 105 74 265 Byrd. 92 92 85 265 Casey. A 95 79 263 Herndon. 116 94 77 287 totals. 401 476 404 1371 Man. Dawley ladies Emerywood players 1st 2nd 3rd tot. Hunnewell. 92 too 83 275 Welch. Is 85 96 269 Caughman. To 81 83 244 Albertson. 86 103 80 181 Dummy. 86 93 93 374 totals. 432 464 437 1243 Man. Wilhite players isl 2nd 3rd tot. Wilhite. 104 77 97 188 Hazelwood. 93 84 83 262 Tillson. 93 91 83 287 Beaver. 87 77 90 254 Davis. 86 92 86 264 totals. 463 _ a 421 439 1235 i London March 2 a British detention of German Coal exports to Italy will begin at Midnight tonight it was disclosed authoritatively today sources close to the ministry of economic warfare emphasized. I however that it was a not in any Way a reprisal for the temporary difficulties which have Arisen in i British if Allan commercial and financial talks in Rome a several italian ships now Are in Rotterdam Holland loading German Coal and unless they ail by Midnight they will be detained by the British. Boi the i p Rhine the usual route of German Coal Export to Italy is up the Rhine to Rotterdam thence to Genoa by ship. The sea borne traffic amounts to about 6,000.000 tons a year and Between 2,000,000 and 3.000,000 tons More move by land circles close to the foreign office and tile ministry of economic warfare emphasised that the italian government had been warned that a German Coal exports to Italy should he subjected to Export control a shortly after the order j in Council for the two Way blockade was signed last nov 27. More about Betsey awarded continued from Page one k Cushing who was to have been her corroborating witness after accompanying her Here from the East he was stricken with influenza. Under terms of the settlement introduced in court it was disclosed that mrs r ooh eve it Cei Ved a Flat sum of 115,000 yesterday with a Choice of Iso,000 More five years hence or $5, annually until she re in Aries. She agreed in return not to ask for Alimony. In addition the children. Sara Delano. Quot and kale. I Are to receive $166.67 a month from their father until they reach the age of 12, and after that $25u monthly until they become 21 Roosevelt further agreed to maintain a 125,-000 insurance policy on his lift in their favor mrs. Roosevelt retains their custody. A a Mill workers sponsor eighth District Man Raleigh. March 2the a Rockingham delegation t o d a y paid Hoo to the state Hoard of elections As the filius fee for Robert Steele Iii of Rockingham to enter the democratic primary in May As a candidate for representative in the eighth District. Members of the five Man group said the Money was donated by workers in three Rockingham Mill districts. Steele 41 year old business Man was the fourth to enter the race in the eighth District. Previous filers were the incumbent a o. Burgin and c b. Deane of Rockingham and Giles y. New ton of Gibson. Washington Man ii to i a senator Reynold dec Ila decided i ital a goal is Worth More than a race horse a even a Hoise named wort lion iring. Tin Hoise was of Lect to tile senator during a sub Cominto the hearing yesterday Oil a proposal to permit racing in tile District of columbian. George e. Allen one of lie three president Hilly up dated commissioners who govern the capital made the offer and Reynolds accepted it on tin spot. Reynold is sponsoring the racing loll and Allen was Cailil to testify after another witness had suggested it was strange that Allen who opposed tile measure owned a Hoise which lie raced Iii nearby states Vilen was Quick to explain a i think racing is bad for me had for any la Xlyn a mid i won t think my stupidity lion til in toned Oil the Dis rid of Vidu Iii after the hearing Reynolds went to examine ids new property and rejected it promptly in favor of the horse s companion a Goat named Bill a a More about nazi wants continued from Page on that England must renounce a her tangle bold control of the strategic Lane to the worlds i raw materials. Germany s Price of peace according to this version of hitlers declaration. Includes permanent German Hegemony political domination a a Over Bohemia Mora via Slovakia. Poland and Hungary making the Reich proper a solid bloc of about 130,000,000 population. Furthermore it was said. He wanted guarantees that Britain and France would riot stir up the Balkans or Scandinavia Hitler was said to have argued further that disarmament must begin by relinquishing military control of Gibraltar the Suez canal and other strategic Points held in the midst of the non British Terl Torles. Vav is i i. Envoy improvement of Jennan Amer Ioan relation was also declared to he most desirable according to this version of hitlers talk but to he Imp Sihle so Long As Washington decline to name an ambassador for the now vacant Post in the Berlin embassy. Welles accompanied by Alexander a Kirk United states charge do of Tuters both in formal morning clothes entered can Ellery at 10 35 a. In a. In. Est a company of Honor Welles whih nazis said unusual Honor for one state visitor. At 11 americans began the by Willim in Druery Washington. March 2.�? up a congressional leaders wound up two months of the current session today with rising Hopes that they could avoid two election year Bugaboo so higher taxes and an increase in the National debt limit. Thus far the legislators have whacked about $290,000,000 from president Roosevelt a budget estimates hut farm state senators want to use about two thirds of that for benefits to agriculture. Senator Barkley of Kentucky the democratic Leader said today that it was doubtful whether the Senate would approve the payments intended to give Farmers a a parity a purchasing Power equal to that they had in 1909-1914. Even if the chamber voted Money for this purpose the amount might be reduced or stricken out when the farm Hill reached a joint i committee w hich w ill adjust Seh ate House differences. Early in the session or. Roose a Volt suggested $460,.000 of i new taxes to finance a a emergency j defense outlays hut some leaders j Are increasingly hopeful that these can he avoided. They said economies might offset the need for the taxes partially and that in addition Congress could approve a Relief appropriation Only Large enough to last until it reconvened next Winter after the election. The highly controversial legislation to continue the administrations reciprocal Trade program for three years May reach the Senate floor next week. Blockade nabs German boats new York stocks Adams mime. 22 air reduce. 48c Alaska Jun 6 three ships fail Effort to Pierce British Donjon Iii artha dutch West indies. I March 2.�? up a the pattern it of three German merchantmen to i dash from this Island through the j British blockade has ended in fail tire with one captured one sunk and one driven Hack to port. The captured vessel the 6,530- ton passenger and cargo boat i Heidelberg was being towed to a Day to Trinidad by the British j Navy. Prisoners aboard a British warship believed to be the 1.060-ton escort vessel Dundee were the Crew of the 2,390-ton freighter troja which went Down three i hours after she was set afire and her peacocks opened when intercepted by the British. Back in port was the 4,400-ton Anima the third of the three Ger a Man vessel which steamed away i from Aruba and wet seen out of i Neutral wafers by a Netherlands i submarine at 10 30 p. M thurs i Day night. Only an hour later the beams of i searchlights could be seen out Over the water a gun shot a heard and a red glow could be seen afterwards established to be from the flames on the troja. Subsequently the patrolling Netherlands submarine was advised the Crew of the troja had been taken aboard a British warship and that their vessel had gone Down. The Heidelberg which piled Between coiled states Gulf ports and German port before the War was overtaken Friday morning tween Aruba and Curacao. Al chem Alleghany. Am car Fly Arn corny Alco am for pow am pow Ailt. Am Rad amp St s am Roll Mill am smelt ii ref Arn Sag ref. At is Tam Toh Anaconda. Arm 111at ii or. A c Lam ref. pow. Allaf corp. Baldwin. Baso. Barnsdall. Bendix a lat. Beth us. Boeing Al rpm. Borden ,. Borg Warner. Briggs mfg. Budd mfg. Budd wheel. Burl Mill Bur add Mach. Calumet do Hee. Can dry. Can Pac. Che ii o c m St p Chrysler. Colum g ii e come solv com with do Sou consoled to. Con Oil. Cont can. Corn prod. Curtiss Curtiss Wright a de Lack do w. Doug Aire. Dupont Kaatman Kod. Elec Auto it. Elec pow do it. Freeport Sui. Gen elec. Gen food. Gen Mot. Gillette. Glidden. Goodrich. Goodyear. It nor by of. Hupp Mot 111 cent. J int Harvest. Int Nick can. Int Tel do Tel. Kennicott. J Kroger Groc. Do Dye. 17434 do p of 25 a 6 4 a 31 a 9�?~� 151 h 48 u 213ii 172 4 88 2834 54 2234 177a 225 64 158 5 11 32 75. 23 23 b 22 a 208 54 6 18 h 12 7-la 207b 534 39 3-18 84 57, 13 i 3034 74 46 6p4 Libby o f of. 49 Lagg do Myers b108 Loews. 35 loft. 30 Lon lard. 24 Louis a Nash. 56 Mack truck. 25 Mont Ward. 53 Murray corp. 7 Nash Kelv. A a a Nat biscuit. 24 Nat Dairy prod. It Nat dist. 24 Nat Lead. 21 Nat pow do it. 7 n y cent. 16 no am a lat. 24 Wright. 10428 ii 5 82184 13238334. 38 ,47833in 1923�?~a23. 4 to. La. 53�3637�36 .3934 North am. Nor Pac. Ohio Oil. Pac g a Packard. A ram Pix. A ram of. Penny j Penn r Phillips pet. Pub Sec n Pullman. Pur Oil. Radio. Rad k rep Sii. Reynolds Scab a Scab Oil. Sears. Shell in. Sorom vac. Son Pac. Sperry. Std Brand. Std Oil Cal. Std Oil id. Std Oil n Stewart we Arner. Studebaker. Tex corp. Tex Gulf prod. Tex Gulf Sui. Timken Ort a. Tran Amer. Tran de wet air. In carb. Unit Aire. Unit corp. Unit fruit. Unit Gas Imp. U s hid Alco. U s pipe. U s rub. U 8 steel. Vanadium. Vick chem. Vacaro chem. Warner pie. Western Union. Wilson. Woolworth. Yell tac. Young 8 do spinal stocks Sale. 274.710. 20s 8 r 33 s 89 if la 44 is 9 41 be Lder at \ be Wake Forest. March 2 a up John j. Neihardt american poet and lecturer will deliver a series of lectures and readings monday and tuesday As part of a program sponsored by the Wake Forest College English department. He will be accompanied by his pianist Sou. Sigurd Neihardt the poet i the author of a the son of three friends and a the song of Hugh legislators revolt against Long order Only 13 of 39 senator respond to tall by governor Baton Rouge la., March 2. A he a governor Earl k. J Long second Effort to Convene a special session of his hitherto obedient legislature failed today when the legislators in open revolt against the repudiated state machine failed to report a quorum in the Senate. Only 13 of 39 senators were present at Roll tall nearly an hour after the body had been called to meet. Senators immediately quit the chamber Aud Coleman Lindsay president said a there can be no. Session because there is no Long trying to Salvage some of the wreckage of the once All i powerful Huey p. Long political machine first summoned the legislators to meet yesterday. They did no to show up because j Long said they probably did not receive his first Call in time. J i then he issued a formal Call j for this morning. His proclamation listed among j lha purpose of the six Day aes a Aion possible changes in the Huey p. Long a a dictator Law j whith gives the attorney general authority to go into any Parish county and take Over the work of the District attorney. Al seeking Dixie members meet Iii Atlanta to re define federation object Ives Atlanta. March 2.�? Pic american federation of labor Leader launched a southers drive for new members today to a conference designed of re de Fine federation objectives. These include a program of coordinated state legislation and an attack on state restrictions of picketing. Joseph \. Padway of Washington chief counsel for the federation. Described Union right to picket As a Usy Conomou with Freedom of Padway conferred with organizers on the legislative program for stae wage hour Laws and to extend Intra state Commerce the effects of the Wagner act. A move to substitute state operated Accident compensation funds for insurance company handling As is now the Case in some states also a a under consideration. Some 2,000 representatives from to Southern states Kentucky. Tennessee North Carolina Virginia. South Carolina. Louisiana Georgia Florida. Mississippi. Alabama came for today s opening session of the two Day meet this was interpreted As a move ing hitler4 53 saluted wag an not a of clock the air meeting hew York Institute for the Blind school at state College. More about canal defense continued from Page one would allow Finland to obtain a $20,000,000 loan for non military purposes several Cabinet members have asked to see the president aides said or. Roosevelt probably would hold his Simual monday morning conference with House and Senate leaders. The prudent i Apical due a Wallington late today was hours behind schedule because a dense fog prevented a prompt sent Haraton at Pensacola Fla where Llie cute ended yesterday. George Pritchard cop announces for primary Asheville mar 2 up George m. Pritchard Asheville attorney. Announced his candidacy yesterday for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Pritchard served in the state legislature in 1916. In 1918 he was elected solicitor of what is now the 19th judicial District and served for four years. He was elected to Congress from the loth North Carolina District in 1926, two years later he was the Republican nominee for in. 1 s. Senate. A a a a a a Wheeler invited Gastonia. Mar. 2 up i. S. Senator Burton k. Wheeler a Mont has been invited to speak before the Gastonia Junior chamber of Commerce in May. With the nazi chieftain who was supported by foreign minister Joachim von ribbon Rop informed persons said the uncompromising aggressive fuehrer with american illustrations Ever at hand asked Welles what the 1 United Stales would do if say some Asiatic or european Power tried to stir up trouble in Mexico. It was not disclosed whether hitlers tests was said to be that the seas never can by considered free As lout As Britain a military control of All the important Trade lanes of Europe and Asia and can Ai any time choke off aspiring Young nations such As fascist Italy and nazi Germany. In this connection. Hitler was said to have asked Welles How the United states would like for some non american Power to have control of the Panama canal. And 4ptm self Adolf Hitler was reported to have lived up to a reputation for adapting himself to the psychology of the person with whom lie confers while Al the same nine defending Germany position aggressively. His argument was said to have run to this effect. Just As. The United states largest and most powerful nation of the Western hemisphere has Asu Nied obligation for All of America so far As interference from european or Asiatic Powers is concerned so Germany considers it her moral obligation to Central european living guaranteed once and for the interference of Brit Frame. Reportedly insisted that colonies he returned and same time impressed on to forestall the announced intuition of the newly nominated attorney general. Eugene Stanley to Start criminal prosecution of alleged irregularities in state government. Stanley was nominated on the ticket of attorney Sam Jones a a Reform a candidate who beat Long for the governorship. The new officials will take office in May. A Quot a fascists protest British blockade see that space be All from Ain and Hitler German of the Welles that he considers Germany unbeatable economically in the War with Britain and France because of the German arrangement with the soviet Union. Nevertheless he was described As emphasizing that Germany still wants her colonies As a matter of Justice and As a Means of enjoying life a amenities in either words the use of tropical products of such colonies. Oil lie question of disarmament the fuehrer a View was described reliably As being that first such British fortresses As Gibraltar Malta and Singapore must be dismantled. Such allots As these Are regarded by Germany As a pirate hangouts a it was said. Of As presumed Likely Welles asked Hitler Why Germany was embarked on aut Archy and whether the Reich a ready to go along with u. S. Secretary of state Hull on his Trade policies the answer was said already to have been Given almost a month ago by an inspired and carefully considered article from the pen of Earl Megerle of the Boersen /.�?��?�hung, chief editorial mouthpiece of the foreign office. He defended aut Archy As Quot the most social system of International Economy in the 20th Century. Ships Larry German to Italy i it a i p Iii Rotterdam dial Al president William Green will make a banquet address tonight and will address the conference tomorrow. The membership drive desc no de by officials As the most widespread Ever undertaken in the South. Is part of a National Campaign to get 500,000 new members by october. Road Bosses not to change rules i be if Slone Iii Road building to continue As before Rome March announced today protesting to great the blockading of 2 up a Italy that she was Britain against ships carrying German Coal to Italy. The protest is being today and will he communicated to the London government Tomor-1 Row. An informed fascist spokesman said the protest would be in Harmony with the fascist grand Conn riles warning last december that Italy would safeguard her maritime traffic a in the Moat definite manner both for reasons of pres Tige and to ensure the undeniable necessities of Rotterdam. March 2.�?up a four italian ships which sailed last night in an Effort to beat the Midnight deadline of Britain a i Raleigh March 2. A to a the state Highway and Public Murks commission will make no immediate change in its Rule governing Stone in Road building. Brei ared i the commission reached thi de ______1 vision at a meeting yesterday however it agreed to give further consideration to proposed new regulations. Representatives of six Quarry firm appeared before the commission and protested that the proposed rules would work irreparable damage to the Industry and would result in much unemployment., the proposed new regulations would establish Sharp differentials Between hard and soft Stone. The Quarry representatives said the differentials would a fatally affect a the Industry in North Carolina since so situated they would get most to Italy returned to their berths today. It was understood that they would await new instructions from italian authorities. The four were the grata Fel Cen Liana and Numidia. Twelve other italian Colliers were loading Here and there a some speculation that All 16 might said together. Farmers Union recognized Washington. March 2. Al pm tile farm Security administration granted Bai in i Iii to rights today to tile Southern tenant Farmers Union at Dyess Colony a Rural Homestead project Iii Mississippi county Ark. A request for recognition a i of the Busine Highway engineers have claimed that hard Rock was More suit Able for surfacing. The Quay men contended there were no j existing standards to show Dur ability of various types of Stone j and gravel used in surface treatments. Failure of roads on which soft Stone was used. The it i said was due to construction i faults rather than to the mate rials used. Granted by or. Will Alexander Fra administrator at a conference with Union representatives and a share Cropper resident of the project

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