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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina I 7"n Ftp to lev Eitaro a a a a st1 a a a a a pm. A a meat a Quot her Steves la. A win repair a v. A a a a a a a a it it a a a a Man t,r5l.5 Quot a a a a a t Moha Geftic it Imo a a mall to a a a a a a Chihuahua wee 04 in _ Joe air Imp a Mew Jan it �ftrv44h, Kim my Iii Ira #4 g4��4�l in a it Ltd 4 him i a a to ii it i to it 87 Bood a trailer la a Mima i a a in i m be i a cum 114 a in us if Call Mac it ii Ceto a. A a Viti a a a a v ii Carter i with Quot a a a it it it sue a ahm Iii Imi. Cut tra a Yew i of mtr ii Jau Etc Colliu is a a it a a in a a i too ii i f�?Tmhmm1 Ammi a a a a a a a a it a. Too of Comimo Cau. Aoa a a a of it Niaomi a a a. Imm7 it amp a Quot. In a a a a map met a tnm4l Tami Ftp Ulf per p a of sul a amp aft Mem it i 4 in in in ii a my. Own m Ftp Etc m4ta la a tin aim a a �?��?��T��?�4a a a a a a a i he i aft Miami Iai a a a Toni aft am Imi a a to oooo a Omav Taimi i 0 Imai Ama. I a i a >4 Caw Ali nit i has a h r�4 met i it a -4 it a a Ltd a a a a pm to oooo Ftp Amft must Lull Moil mix of of Loa Wala 0 a a a a to a Mala Colli _ atom a amp Oak to Lal a a 4 a am -4 it a a i Al Iwa at All i mail i to 11 to Moon to a Tho Caw aft in to Al Ima Leaf t i a a a pm Imi Etc a a a it i. Aft tit of a. In it Ima Oft aft Quot 4 a. M i Ima a aau it Tim tit Ima Mai i a a a a a j Fri h Cam warm Mim it Atu Rasicot Abool Ift pm i met Tift lava Chamma. A it a0maiam a a i. Tit. Mac Taftt >l�4 in gift it a a a a a Quot it. Am i i taa pm lome com self. A a Aalama a it aaa a�v4m. Amr a Bac a a a. A it a it a Hawi mfg Awa. A a it to Mac. A Pait at am Jai i a Igi Tucako of lock a a �?�>.<40 aft a a it left a a. A a a a a a a a of gee via Felt my a a a a a a a Cah i tit maw Iai a aft j a a a Aua Tift fat Etta. Caa aft Weed aft Mufti it a Fth a mum i aaa a Iii Quot a aim ,#re4 a was tuft pm 4 a Cam. Iaia am �44 try we it him Oft Quot ave tit it. It a my a a Amah Al gift -watia�9 aft by aft my a it Quot 4 Mai 4 a min pm a to Iai of Hon inc Ami 0 a Aai Are of tip Iii m m a no tramp oratto a in Tutti y it it a a i it Ftp tit a i maim of Ait am Ishma it a a. Quot pm of tuft fat Ftp Iliff Lull Ftp. Raft i Law a. Mil is Ftp Cfaft Hamm mail a aft. On min a in inc Kama a i a gift fat Caw i to w Mao la it. M aft of tar 4 tit await Wal. Caw Iha l my Mai Ftp of in Tri All Tetil Al Tift Ift few 4� 4. A invt l a a Ifft a Ift att of met Tift a via Cut wit Metier. Tilt my new Kwh a . A it a fan 4 Ifftftf-�?�4 a a a 44 aft met Fotr a a a Mia Jujj Quot calf it Tfir inca my Ipp amm a a a Scooter n Lulu to few aft gift folic i a 4 to air a a am i we can a wat Aftaw 4m i few Ftp it a Ami i Tao Atica Cut Mai lamp. It pc awk Matia my. I it Ftp a Mam in canal int pm mond Mcc Caara a ill it Iti i at it Fott 4ft cd a fimm or a Watt Amii we to Lam a to mon04 Waht to Haftl Maat w. Ftp aft few maa it of rftv�4 of tit Al him a Quot Al Jan pm Mon 04 spa a Ciao Nina us a into aft Taft i Iwa Fittl it if Tuii Macc Cut Tim a a a wet Foft aft a a j was we we aaa a it it Paat Trampf station a 99 truck or pm i a a Cut or Van Ewe com of taint a of tut tuft rt4i"p Ifft aft. It am new 4 Csc Vav Tauch. 04 it aaa Caw it if Taftt a a orc Ain my Cut aft 4 a a aft Amr Ftp it Cit in mat i m Aono Hama Rino Moton mom i a a Quot a Camf Twita. 11, it. Mem Fawn tit it to Cut Quot it tit map or it him put Aono a�c4ua r auck Aav Awa 4 a a a it a Naff not Cut we Meta to to i Triller. I am commit Iii ft3i to Ftp Infin 4 of tuft Tim Aono pick a. Loa at aet new for Cali aimh4 if Ftp uti into Anat Ontl Autna Tubac Van auth to Norm Araw Ahl. Oooo condition All int we Piro lofted Ciff Tiftz at Cattia Cofta pm Ftp a a a a Oft in Rel. 4 at few a Mil. Him pm Dpi i tata of two Ftp it in Cotua tat in Cah Aller i a m a a in my Tine Oft Quot i pit Aono Cirl no a tuft to. Acc act. Int a no for Hwa am Pat Oft at i Ana be my ult Quot two it i v Ca pc it. Us Maia. In my. Ancie icae aaa. A a in pm ir4ft at Jan 4 in i in of you Nico Tauc a la for of Wall in a Iris no v a >rjoe4#fthi a. To r Are a. Ra4 if acne . Jill a Ftp. I Ftp of it gift a in. Automo Ftfe for sate in dogs Al aft a Ftfe in of tit Cut Foft Caimi Appl in a rat . A. Tefton ar<�4 n Mal Cut Quot i 11 Art be Oft Ayr Ola spa it Conr Atni to. It cd Awn n tuft for Foft Wetr infer it no laca1 >mft4 ctr ctn Dot left t it my Ola i tas Ina but Neft it 4 amt of Tiff a aft Cah i mpa Ola it imn Jai i Oft Quot Quot la uti a sift in a a ill Ftp it four in fat. Fft44hftft Ftp Titi lift lit in and Haik Awe i Fth i Awe Vinyl tit aft Ftp to Ftp a 4 Arff Taftt at Mamlic Aftaw am am in Eft ale con my Iff quota thy it Fth vm�/,s5k n it at my 4ftft Oft be Ftp tit to Antiwar tit met j Ramof tentation in automobile for Sale of tout Monti c4rl0 Solo a of it if a to att fat Fitnet Ftp and Ftp soft to 4 atm , a,44 a , a by Are it Ftp. Cli Anc St Caa tit toan Vox Youk Pontiac n main at Mon Litu a i off Tifer fat Fott Tom Auice set of. In. Aie. In. A a i in it. rata ref 4 it i it Ftp Tofta com i it with pol it to Fly not a few 4 in of we Ocita w cutt on of of i.4hi fti4 0ft� it in naft of tuft Ftp 4 inf ten in left ctn a woe in automobile for Sale 72 Catalina a on met Ftnat newer to Ftp a it of Arff Taftt. . It it 4 a awl a via it Ina pm often gift fun Wilt. It vat Vann York n. Main at Mon Tutu an met 4414 on twp Taw a a owl or v a Tuni maa Aan a a a so Ftp can Luma map i Cua pwt unti Nova. J Sta tar Ftp we it of tuft a a a n4 Matt aft v am a eft4 in a to fun wit Cill it a a it Tjia Hijab paint Katt sprue. Sundae june it 174 in Emerywood estates build on Chok wooded property surrounded by finest Homes in or around High Point approx. 3 by acres in Davidson county with 493 front feet on Davidson Rood. Owner will sell Oil 0 in two lots. Coll Thomasville 476-4980 or 476 4122. N it Stoa act i twy in cft�w>��4 can i m Aja v. Of sanm if 4 n fair it Ftp he Vito tint Clamaca. Cut Etta Foft Una Arvut i jut p k4n be tel Cut. It few Ftp Tofta weft Ftp j to fit i4t in sift Fth Tai att a to wet Yamaha i Mvi it. A in of two hew he inn Foft to inn. Of aft i a one i a i Ith Kono Ca tvs t Tif 6ft it Eft a Fttie Ftp tit aft mgt fat i arc Al we Caa it Png rat fat four mahi iat thump to Oahu Twar i Trail Twa Mufti. Hot it few Cut utahn a Trot Fri a wet fat aft Imo Cut mgt a the mini tem we Kain ask taa Only name. Tiwa a on Mapu a tip a Lam inc lifter Ink by Oft Gnu l Ift a i Marn it a a my i a k Ftp. Lim Chi maim Ait Ftp trim Lav Nisam iat v4mam4 a lift be. To Iha a own aft a 4 a by two Ftp Ima pee a a an emf to. A by it Nak. It Venn. Ama ca4<fwh my can in he Ftp for Mac it a Voto 0 a and 4 a Wittl Fott Ftp off tit Cima fat Lien a a a a new. Alt. I a my Ima Hwi a ant Votova Homo Aoa vacation. of Titi Quality Votova Momti. Cut Ewe iat 4 nov to m to ill of to acc to to kit Ley to it Foft Ftp in. I no. Nami. A4rom. Iwo or a a a Ifft met. To or 4 of lift. Aft Efti he i a in. A to St com Mono Many cd tags in to aaa Acciac Uta of Aoa 4 we Foft Ftp i Ftp a map am be Aulty Aoa Salk a of Tami a w 1 fee Fitt v can one tem air wit Oft special this week Only truck covers 230 h i h campers inc. Near Midway drive in on Thomasville Road phone m2-18i7 Charlie Howard. Owner. In automobile for Sale Aoa talc of suit it w in a Aca no Cut my a Frei cd a a a a 1 to we v a am Itice. Mere a in a Tutt tuft a in. In mar. Shot Ftp a if. Inc Al my Hoa Aav aft Matja Hhd a v a Alco Davidson Samoa tits a. I can a Apa in t Pati Nono Mcc a Tenti cm4lftf. Min i Clit Oft via Ian can a Aam Kaaa Eniko Aat Tjw we Mono Ita cd am Canaut Tomik i Jao aft fun it Smai pc at a v Vai a. Him atm 4 cvt4# wet Fedt met a it Ai wee in a can matau an t m at Chiv Jai 4 4� a Njo a gift Ftp a a it. Fat and Ftp Tfir n a of wet Eft. Ima mum it Cha Volc a Nia loaf Tea. Csc an to am a. A c a a. Elf can a Jai a u a nt0 go Aua la i Pac it Acaf i of a. Unm sch meat wet i be i it. In a i a aaa Tiu Toyota Vall. A cd it aft a c. Avn. I War a a a. 0#�?� re t Cia Oft. N Van Fri Saint of Anabo. Vali j Vos olo big Amons it #41 in pet supplies five by thing tie a a #4 4a Al Al ancav4m of kit of Tow t be j. To i me i i a to Oft of Vino Job to wolfs. In in Auh by Ana a for aet a at aaa , Hod iff4wa be Ca i it ii West ten Bia 4 tack of a Dou att is. Iii Lee Elak auf i pkg Al my its b s to baking most. Hwy Sii Saum a m a Al juju of amt tan irt#4 in Tats i/i4 and i moly la urn great papa Rome. Try amp Imp Bobo station Wagon Oatten oaf. Is aft renew feet been ii flt a v i new fun a Meniatt. Spoo item Cai ii a is pm cd. J of. Pm can my pm a a a at via a it. Ilderton Dodge get Dada chary a. Few w a a a a Ayi n4 ahm talc. A cae4�haa-fff. Flaw Ftp a aft to Cawte a Ftfe of a Fil anal Al. Imp a pm gff4 Arn. . Ate Cai. Ai4k�b few of t of 4 i it it Avav i Iffet Reft Al fee gift a Neft Mem a need a a a a a Ltd a Eye a. To fifth it a ii swifter Eun Mihac it of . Paw of i Nee a Fig. Ii a in wet new left free a Nevin Wen a get Al in a Quot a a a a car a a. Hah to 0o4v Cam doer cauda t 4 j of Tyr. A n Jaen a. 44 not h Law win Anca ,1 Herne Jyh wit Mochn Cain or aaa a a pm a a tit a i atm lire ill cirt4>.fn<�i my a t a a a fit a feel buy a uth ii vet a n Ana. T�r4�t 4 a f4 a 4 0 wac in in omy Njaa we Oeast of Tok a amm up <4 Amk aaa of it a Avn inc. Of Tucket teen we caen4 na4 wine to a feet Ivy Al Sims Iau cart Favl to a of of Ftp a m. F Aan 4 aaa be. Lee Mem of Ftp. Lift Iau of dec coma to a not Mem. A my will Green Playl ftfr., a ewer to meet a 4 aint a . Nada Kaa Tea retail Umi eve Hefti Haas wet ave Leif tee mar term. Eve Kim Quot ll1 open 2 to 6 sunday Jamestown school District new spa f foyer Tyr it a Boma. With 3 a doom 3>full Bophat. Tor a it Dan with dirt Kif Fornol of a Emir of room. Eft conditional double Goroza. Pond diva. Toto wooded lot. To it of Ltd 407 roiling Wood Rood tide car to Dave top Man. Pc Ltd of s49 Joo of. Coil Dunning a #e4 twi we own aet,., Cut no ##4 a it a hic one air come Enins pwn of i emf 4 a in to. Cen a to Rutn Fern a Ftp tel a. Ii i inn car a Hiff Lyme in oa4 out it fam a a a a Ftp a w Al Anc Vin i not it a my Star. I it fait win a. My a tire to Cie Fri font la til a fee Eli. Urn lift 04 c�?�#44 a yt>m0a. To it fat Naf Egi a left he in Nix a no Fum. Sims a we Etc Oft to Nyee Una a in a f#4 a it a Amk i it fill be Naoa v a hip Eft Quot i sea ave Pun Tim we a a Camm i fee 4we. Or min Yemen by Iii cat we fat tuft in Wnm Lac. A cw4llv Ltd. Pewee i my 4 of feet. Avav new a re Sims we Tey ii Carena of use a a a a a it a we a a it a no in a am a Ufal of a Eft Tref i a a a a aft a Eue it a i it Ina fee a p ate aft. In a. Iea i a 4ey. I new Ftp a. Slam film to v Eft Ian i it 10 aft Fleician. Alem of dash no a Ady i Paava in. Law Eurn a it. It by in can Nhi avid the Grey. A a 4 be Mth Ilderton Dodge to Paa $ Van six aae i pay in Mill cd Ucb All Kunos of Mickins Aoa Jal a Abas Cablk Amoni at aah flt Cili m Burnie m i in a t us a Gol a Coati t aft a a left m Lee in a >40 Aee Aai Ca it to aaa Sov aaa aet Al us Ift Alnutt i nne by Low a inc see atm. A Latai Tai Imp j4>4j�?� a Morita go loan wanted Jamestown area Salesman Lyles Chevrolet co. Needs a customer oriented. Qualified Salesman who lives in the Jamestown area whose purpose will be to control the customer Market in the Jamestown area. Of you Are a Strong Contact Man. We would like to talk with you about your future. Coll May Smith tor on appointment at. Lyles Chevrolet co. 9 1800 n. Main 885-s171 j it s time for additions amp repairs get Home improvement loan Capitol financial service vib. Pabon Isip n Wpm up. Mvi m Muran t of Vaw la a a a a a of 0.># a wha Dac aul a Ftp a 9 a no it it can Nelt in or tar 0atnni burial in in inc Intuit Man Aye ii will new it i i by put exod Metal cft4ian i my it at a # left Nee a a it be Reeed Rte in be Iti . N c. 2jja tee Cen a Ifft Titial redly buts it urn ingerm i an in eur new of Eft Ere Tesac a Quot Dree tto by cond in i tired. A it a Al it a a a a one ted a Advt dec at Deli it treatment Rya Cata. Alcan Talim Mintat a verde to. Narcotic . To it n c _ 17 Money to loan convenient Way borrow up to 0,000 00 ind Job Gagis is anti Tiit tar a Neme equity teen Cen be a Rte a que in Peiyi tiny in your be no enter text Art needed term i Teller it n year cent it tar Een it the von v you rant is available North mid South commercial co. Phone 888-7209 to is portion a 90 Auto acce Iione Vette knee Complete Wirt a Rome Rumi 4 Hue Cap t ulry Whit letter tire pet 4 i new one Titt All Gaa int Cali 4pa-4sm._ Block to a .040 needy a m Jap Bart Bleck Tedt Bor left try air Shock Only s42 to Kotlier Pip Thock. And or Teeft work Boyle aute Trenn. Phone it Johw x 14, uni Royal sch Idle tire Mutt Tell lm-4jt4m4 la Auto repair shop a Hamilton tor and painting e repair a pin is Tai. M2 open House sunday 2 00 . Until june 30 it fat it a a Mil my �?�j4fc�?~4ff a ski -4 Ift it �?�vu4p Al -. Thom Abs Iliew of aka pos new Brick veneer ranch style. Three bedrooms one and one half Baths family room with Wood burning fireplace double Carport. Utility room. Paved driveway. Paved streets. City water. Kitchen dining area with Many cabinets. Built in electric Range. Trash compactor. Sparkling Vinyl Kitchen dining floors. Living room is Wall to Wall carpeted so Are hallway and bedrooms. Corner lot. Charming Well House which conceals an outdoor Barbecue Grill. Only a few blocks off 1-85 directions travel 185 West to Pilot fire dept and Pilot school. Turn left off 1-85 on Pilot school Road. Proceed about two blocks Cross Branch make first left hand turn on paved Street East i Meadows Road. See our sign on right. Just 830,700.00. See you there Conrad 512 n. Hamilton St. Phone 8854111 it meet the professional Dan Ciu this High Point s most experienced employment consultant. Dan knows the importance of confidential service to employee and employer. Ideal personnel inc. _ 207 Eitt lib re. A bbs-5176 away from the Ordinary come to Wittst awned a de b a Ami a a a. By up Jam c . Owed Quot son inc pcs so nun cd j a i classified ads provide results that Are unmatched by any other method a a this 4 bedroom Home at 2015 Arden place just of a Guyer is fully carpeted has one full Bath and two 4 halves a Carport Concrete drive panelled Den. Plus a few extra surprises it s new �t4i�?T Mia to we mat Noort Chi a cd met tut h f j full now under construction buy now and choose your colors 2 Story traditional list. Floor entry foyer living and dining rooms Kitchen with breakfast area. Den. Full Bath. 4th bedroom or study. 2nd floor 3 urge bedrooms 2 full Baths plenty of closets and All of our Standard features a Central air. Am pm radio intercom and double garage also available uss Sweet Briar the beautifully landscaped Lawn enhances this impressive one Story colonial White Brick exterior and a Large covered Sute porch sets the mood for gracious living Large entry Hall living room with fireplace Den with fireplace and dining area Kitchen with breakfast area 3 bedrooms and 2 full Baths this Home has a Large rec room with private Bath that can be used As 4th bedroom laundry room and 2 outside storage rooms As Well As attic All custom made draperies remain. On the Lake in Jamestown you will see a Home that f really a dream Home. Perfect in Everyway really Large bedrooms 4 in All spacious Baths out of a dream Book Den with fireplace you can almost walk into bar in basement every thing decorated in exquisite taste dining room Ami screened porch Large walk in closets a Large 140 foot lot is beautifully landscaped with Brick Walla Concrete Patio and restful View of the Lake this Home you must see. By appointment please. A the Price is in the fight its residential lots we have six 100x200 lots on Monteray Circle. Idol property of i Highway 311 toward Winston priced from 82 500 to 82tso plus acreage tract of approx 2 4 acre Call us a we have a map in our office. Business property this Well located building at 60? e w Ashington now i occupied by the sanitary sea food Market can be yours for investment purposes or the site of your bust near. Occupancy Date is estimated to be july 15th let s disc Aal this property today to you can be ready to move in when vacated 52 whited a this property is inned neighbourhood retail the duplex i now brings in sus of per month until you Are ready to j developed the sue. Investment steal this Comer property. E Washington and n Centennial i is available now at a Good Price and terms can be arranged 500 e. Washington companion Sale this property at 508 e Washington is Brick two Story can be purchased along with the above property or separate if you Uke Fitt re income to Aid in your retirement plan can be yours if you take 130 North main Street business site. Construct a building for personal use or tenant 2 Home site or i is Hided on the South Side of Crestview d be both Tori 89 too Over 220�?T frontage after hours Call Bill Hylton. 454-1042 Lucille Monroe. 885-4453 cd phony aa2 0131 a tor weekends All week Long. That s right weekends All week Long Are yours at Oak hollow estates. Tho atmosphere Here is As relaxing and Carefree As a comfortable weekend. Once you choose a Home site at Oak hollow you will of Able to live in total Comfort with modern conveniences being near to both High Point and Greensboro end having e Lakeside Home Ell in one. At Oak hollow the weekend Tun is lust beginning. Try knocking a few strokes off your Golf game on the nearby Golf course or spend hours with your family Riding on endless horse trails sailing boating and water skiing on glistening Oak hollow Lake. There s plenty to do. Discounts on lots while under construction Oak hollow is just fifteen minutes from both downtown High Point and Greensboro located North of Highway 68. Very easy Access to interstates 40 and 85, drive olt and look around the Feys just beginning Oak hollow Statis in s Setliff 101 Gannaway realtor 454-1179 Jamestown 454-2068 or j Totea v Rojy 0ak hollow jut x estates \ m \ / \ 14 30

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