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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ii High toll a mfr prot saudi Jan a if7# Banff 17, Apt hours a i Fern Supki tar Wnent my Nae it he Quot cd Perm Elitta re it we 0t m foe le18 in be foam anti How apartment in Al mete v it de ear a Hee Newt Tov end ref fear a furnished secure Tore an by to be we Civ a in Umi trots til Coweta Awe Oati it a on tent it Ender i furnished att % i rom Cam let it j a. It we j a next Terne Bein lit Timmy Fth. Amp bal let unfurnished atts Ano a husks i them a he Zeerip need Weir. It Imp month i term Nehrt i a a Ham f p#t4i living Tun in dint Quot Ream Wim it i it wether a Ane we a a into to att Are men i no Newt in Ila nut la i m a a a 77. Aph hot Fri l Alan tot tint i a met Dot a a a Eft Quot to lit a Ltd a we att. Be can 4jl Ian Affer i to in Oakview 111 cum new la i inf. Brick Venator wife Carper feet tan Ditton ital per me Aku ital actually. Not t i fee a ae1 us of Lamia to stove a a Lei Lea Mina Iuka a no heu Itta furlough to in i Okai. It ten Tarantan 27. Ami. Homie i los in. Roof re amp i a iut Kul Taw Mau a a term Caret net a it ate Effic Arees Aca cant rat att and to no no jut in i Bear sown a Hie. Hew he Al m them a ant Ibi phone an Itta hem. Tat Awn att Auh i it lint Tufty i m h ant it Cen tie met catered aaa Quot ant Bam Halfret Nae Manta plat latent Aenoi t veer Teete cat aaa Lane Hiam Hick i in a a tvs in Fern. If the in a no Tren can a Ahu tot cot tent Oakview a we Aam Tai Kennett in to Are Menia = epee to to at Ani a Ala wit we invite you to come live with us at Vor Leigh a arts Ems a att to i Calm Aam. I Aam oat att Mil of Wewend Awe us me a Norton realty co he Taal Washington it a Anita Tare aet earn Ante nut to rent an Tauva Jim Kim Homes in tilt to a to an Hoa la Cutten a to up a uni a la a tuft Owoc or in twine to ital m tm., a pm. In tat la or. Tram a to Alf hat i to or or., twit i i it. In 11 a to yrs #. A turn. Ii so late a a i ii Awa for gee i to tit Nall Pant Tapi. J teem. In Sruti Fedea realtor pm h me n it on a Ream a j room. A i Ream age men to a rent at him to in a a Ltd Eek can a earn ainu he rot Arr to Ftp p t h Hawe. 140 pm 2 be Aam a we it it Eis in in a a a Ltd Belt i a a to Tinaa a it a it a of re Veraa a we a an a we a to in Vang Ream j a Tetra a cd Ndu tfx to a f get emf f a Ewe torn cd j m a a a fumes of a a tent to at ret j Beau i a i be Faem Agert ment a Etan a a a Joe a a to cheat Arna aral till x Ere a Quot a a at a it erne i Raaf realty company a Miami be apartment Feato of Nola so toot at hitch Alc Ulp Tutlo Aiuto Wilt Carpe Ting a Cocoa co Botn Atung Appici Ahtl eat Hoath catch it i to t ask a closet Impact a it to Toua adj Mil a Pryer connections a hapa t Tui hts a a Stef Bitte a tot cot a Waack at Cap at Ich att a a Ota Utthi a wat acc inc turf 0 it Thi of it resident manager 454 3616 Raritan 27. Apl., Roatti Ciufini Tea levee to it air it i treat Mem unfurnished Apt rot Akht below Archdale Phon i 4l� Mesa rent with option him Cedre. I reams. I be Fem. For Bank tent with opt Kin to Bwy Sim per Ken in tilt cear own Ream. To bams i bearer Quot int with epee True lilt per mourn traditional realty be a Okima we manage Williamsburg Garden Apt. 0oto House apts Village Sooack Apt Woodside i avow Apt Dun Rovin Manor apts Aoi wooo apts coi Ortac Coutt Apt Wilch apts Grimes Apt plus huh ottos do Ort a Echt a units can Matt pad Yout achtau he co it realty company Nae h Kain it i Kiel figure on the Best Deal in town when you buy from the bargain Center 3106 n. Mom is. A Anne tie mom i a be in >1 seemly in i i two Adom an of Ltd my a a Powar. let Arn Sammt to Takemi Tomt weak put an us 2 co took Kop Cut oks no Pkt Phouk ail tin i of Naoom Quot i to Par Mea a Ait eau a a pm Lna liar i stun ant it pc Naoom Mea # heme an a a meet net care Etc air cant. Pit tee. Nae Aaraas a a it a a Ltd a a at. Nerton it m of a Quot to pm Mai 2 ii took Mearn Nam an in a a a Tai Ante r a at a a Ona sep coif Rev rat a a Oro mom a Ai Prana Oraan. I Ltd too to taif a Pernar pm Tern a or trailer a sneer Ore Crew a in re a a get a a a Ian we tracery Yeti an my i pc Naoom. Tavern a Cave men or a of Utt Star teat. A a Rea Traa pm ail he a Cauti Puc care site Vitt a at he in per it be Atter a pm Tea Nae tee Bear earn Heifer West be Quot be it Cawte ant Btl tto t at a acc a Lutil Keby be Home Wner a Cost be Amy of h maw it Staa Hick at cant Anat hem carpet a a a a. Cent be Amy a Mea it a heme Cert it h main. Mamie has at cat pot acht Ion Aita a of a Hunt trailer Cert a a 4a4 Capo Fen in new Pere cd a in at Aat Alee a hem per a i Mitjo or Ilvio cuts new 126 a . By Canh in Cav Amy. Plena ail a a cd Al How l2em a trip car. 2 Batree Cien cent be Amy cat All Molick Home Spack in off let Elattal up a a Mima aaa an in. name Paca tar rant. A i pern. In per Manta Trinity in ail alas a ail Alfa Hama see. Tar rent i mile att i ii at Arrew neat mom Nom pare an Mil a Naan Haw 2 be foam tatty it a to Quot Nona Alt in Mettle name tar rent. Be or my of diem. Easy financing Hick Iai be foam c dec a it a a to demean h a Pem a Ihm h Cev plea Amy. Lim 2 can trap be Par storm Tiaa. Cup Cli Hal Misc two ked Oom a Alef a on by ism twin a my Nona in i Iii Matt a Wrath with Yew away Way or a ter ump a tor rent. Aho j be foam Quot a a a a it cant Iffet. Of Iff motion can aaa me talc it space am Saak ago life mom Genet All mos Caroa tat. Cow pm Par. Hwy jul two be Aam traitor Witik Prater a of of Caputo but Ami can of a Amati Emit m in open thursday july 4th 29 retort c Chace r. Hic of m by a m. A Baar Eon Mccaan front a Tram we of a Lim a Lam Piva Tom tan woe pm t can mrow it of rail. I iwo Nae Are Che try Grove a. To a boar bet Chi Aas Aal Flea ate not j be foam cottage. Summer Selling spree 74 Novas of Chevrolet 74 vegas now at Lyles Chevrolet 74 Novas 74 vegas i of in Stock to select from 10% off now that s a Selling spree a a your savings s satisfaction Bealert financing assistance offered Chevrolet co. 1800 n. Main St. Dealer 1840 phone 885-51 71 financing assistance offered amt ban tilt k 29. Retort in c or tor it Myrtle Beech pc. Is to. Paw a c. In fact Tram be it it ton per of want ens writ f can umma my. Cap Sec h t la an. Wav4�r astr tent ten vees a to Emit try Aca Toa tot a a Irla Cit Sehy a Ach. Weto. 2 by net a a it Toto of Ltd Ween Crim att Aam in wee Anas _ c Mvi How of is beat a Contra can. Kite Nan. amt a it no of i m i Botte 2 be eem. All electric., a Cut Neatta of Petot boat tat at Avn Ocen ant int War no us a toe _ Holden Beach Beautiful Ocean Arent Hawta-4 Bat Nam. Ail . T r a wife two Ween Ewe be a a 12-24 Lam in of after the tor. Us Amati How of i by Ach Oeh Weckop july a a a t Bath House of Beach i. P William a Jill f Bai is a swamp Moi Oak it so Quot at Beath ii mile Tram Myrtle mean Wen of a Vee a Paf. Me to a t Alto Jet Long Biach haute i be Aam. Bam m of. It arpent. A come tat tot in a. Iso to to Caan Stoep a it by turn Bab be a a Cuba it a. Est it a a a ii a Juty in ism. Auf no a Lam a pen he pen bos mrs Beni pm Beal i Stilt for fell. Com me trial pro parts available August is j l atop Oppicci. To to a i Len f. . Baa tat on a few nay Ama How a Cafa it by of a in a Chi bump or in bae Mot Montt comme by a pro Petty in Cattan to Udo to it sprue us Obi of l h of a a a 21 Obj of us Tamm Chi us ibb i main us my Hamilton,.,. Him a bit his Al Roll Tims in its Toto Rob lease a hic Trace a to Mea a an win it Nea a re tax a it Sabto can if a. Ana impaction. k Ca. Of u tiros i in urn a Litto 34. R i4r�tibl Hom a by owner 2 be foam of Amic Bath War Ary Titi basement Partl Fenea into a room Inci Zoiea a of ape storm who own. Pull Down attic Itai Way of Scio in Yako Mahy Takei. Oil heat. A realtor pea Job Phi j brith veneer naut la born in emf apr Hill la warm it left re he it be i so Tati heated fief tear of a sub to it Tov nary Utility Dov to five in Taree a it a automat. Be of veto fee con or five to it it. Anoa bib to image to in it be it to acre tot Home Tony Careener Tom m Den a recreation Ream i be foam f Lite tor recreation Ream i to and 2 bait Bam strewn by Bibb Btl owl Only of if i by Awner e be tent Price name j year t awl us ubi bail lib to for Sarn 34. Retief Nilal Homrig by tote Nom j a �?T7 Ca its War a Par r. Of feb pop by of a a ii a a p payment a p area of s to. By afe Randolph county a beam brith Nam. A a totter a Anafae a Matov i acre land Down pay Quot Nam a att me lean it tin i in am i m a Pok lease0t a f of Iii Paca in new Xvi ten a i ibb a. A n la in Walt f i. In to it mitts panelled wan and act Tad s Man. Par Nava Toto Call it to Tun detail and Wright a co. Realtors 142 cd fun Awe a a a a i i by of of a Tri Tovey j by a a 2 be carpeted bar ape no men targe wooded tot a ooh a Ftp atom Macro few i Toto a Nan f of inane of App nement can by a inf Lefren been Phi Bacn Type Fie j be Aam 2 bom. Bauble Fage Daub paved a was but a of Ait an i Are land of i Ira a Taatu a sumo Chi 411-Mbi id f Camm to wac Atod in mob the Ait with a a a soft Para no Awa Abe of in by by ear ult or it men Eta. J f Bam Dan atm up it Vul carpeted a a to acre weeded tot end a River us Aid f in a Attim Piea in Usi a it 7 a of a Job mar 1# ism or Lee cab Miti a Wood Beal a in of Lei of in can my a Mami 12 Moo Kwh air condition Beach haute Crete Bench of in Mafte Beach so. Dip it. My bulb Beach a clean a it a a it of be of a Ream a to a tomcat Fen a c a to. Peel of Ewe met a Apt. M4 h Fth a Png a. By j 4m17ij on the Octan Pron. Ambassador East Motel mooch in to by of Tail Quot cd t v. And beam Phene. Be air conf Ned. Meat Bamat hic Fence Phouk m i24pi41� Sot i Ocean bid Ocean drive Beach Hobt my Btl Biach so Mil 39 c Omar Cibl property Large office space 1005 Greensboro rd., near Jamestown new building carpeted conveniently located. $125 to 454-3442-Tim Moss-454 3712 poo Salk j by Orch a r can or dec j Bam it re a in a carbs t saved f Vlf pm my area it ubi pop Sale 4 Ream naut no Bam newly ban de Cand. Ell f meet t pm a a awl it to throb a Yard we a Turnm each a a to bbl a a a tear 1 vat Trow aeon a Yawn Chi mmm4 f tor a a m reduced by owner $20,000 Jamestown school custom ranch. 4000 Saft on 3w acres with Broon. 4 bedrooms. 2v Baths 45 it. Plate Glass in living room plus dining room. Fantastic new Kitchen microwave bbl plus every entre. Plus 18 x 41 Pool Hothouse. Professional greenhouse Well equipped work amp Hobby shop soda Fountain. Financing available. Reduced to $80 000 also adjoining i acres available $10,000 mull sell phone 893-0219 or 475-7156, 3$ crud Rutial Iak hid j be Aam fica Ham tto be bunt in Range a Ito a f of Cann. Carpe Prev Gnu i Char ti40 a 4 room 2 be earn haute Good Toce it Ibi midget Ach in to a 4 roam it if Bam he a water in but Chi Atar St lbs me Sec Cap rebutted pop Salk by a inf j roam aute. Newly a Mode de Ctorn Athenee near Teer Quot a Cento a Law a at me fear can of tor i bus Alto House of Toto with under wound to my shag pee to j bed amt j no of of my. Tun Oech. F edit Way. Dewbre of of t. Ream. Tog in tot. Paved read. County a Mem us House a a pox Ima tilt thick fourth j a by of Hilltop Poad b g Borden Paca tit my Dickson of Al estate Phoeb a Iau i Adaer toc Atod in punt no a we Ca Aalto f no Dot a Spacet Al a tvs a a of Long dwelling by Tito _ beef of to cart tot if toe tot to a paved rate. Taunt he m to butt Lern Aad of of to Toto Dawn f teed a Amy of Awner Ibi 014 mar. Amft. Law fan of Tov a Tibb can tact a la soc Beal state a const buc of co Al Toto 220 hew St 4000 Utti War Noute us 120 f Green Camm if a it f it it i us in w Lexington pc f read us him Treen v Iam m to. Ceneri teen of a feted. Much Fevo feed a a a St of 2bs h Center Al mob 4 of 4toute apace canc Rara Uttof. Term if and. Much fever and Ngum Jim a is to sub 4 it a reheat or ugh mfg . Much Tov a is w. Wathington sob a feat re. Us 1 4 Haydan i. A a a it to to he a a chef tip no no turn fed Sim in h Mather to Union bldg 1444 a a Irb i it flt a Spacet us Fet and janitor tot of vie it sum Roiston or Oioi Nick in Attica of Cammar Ctol by d he j 24g so pm. Sia w groan or in. 1140 idol Green co. Realtors in h Bim St Phene Baj 14 Spack wife tor my Butine f f Arcade bldg Juja a main Imo if it mouse to me in Hilt his. L l Bam Al of part a aah a drive part Tipit rail iwo and att me Fefe f a i am Chi Auto Uttof bus Tail i i i Jamestown Sac feh new a t toys Type hem atm j be Fen i Tun Bam. If be Dan with or Pace if Mas Dimmg roam. A Cendt an no Maufe Greg. Paved driveway Large wooded tot. Located at baiting Weed Byi Decreti of ave amen priced a a we can cont Muc enc. 4ji2s4 31 ranted to Raat Wail Bane need face to practice i win pay up to so of wee Ca is to Mem i to i i Bia pm s to i pm Wahto to of it f j naut m Nice neighbourhood. Call wee Day Attar i pm. Bdl i and Ltd sat f sunday. Lakewood poke St Tai hit Bret bedroom. Ital Lem. Of Paton. F Yfe in Bai Amant. Of put Bick Jaf Aam. I Bam family Ream. Of Paton. Of of t. Building lots a a Chi y Chapel by of a if la so to Fengi of by 2 Geed a us Dan to of run tel or hefty wafer a wer Paad a Asam Hap Valley weeded few a Lytton. Paved of As 108 hidden Valley two let do Mif weeded saved mtg. A tit Tonga a by toi mis Piv Risi Lorn in Boti of to pay Utti Church St �b�-2tsi a a of Hub 2 weeded Bateman to. Or fed Harvey a near Iam town a chef i Loo of tto i to ua1s2b la Bic of of tot. M i Joo Cedar View is Rieffer Bare fun county. Siim a be Fistola Jamis b Cam Keon Beal stat a iffy of wean by pm lot ape tag Woen Alton Dan or Ca it Issi att Sale of Baoe h it by to no Mth. Paved a a a tor a p a grave or Sam firm ca1 Baj amb woolco of in aural ear flatly chef a Wato and eur rights Santos in beget ref Aew a Mem a Chi Alf us actor a pm Sot Hillsville brith. J be Oemil i h a sikh carpeted. N a in of wit j or Mobile Hornet 4 Nob Reg a Raat la. Of Peri. A loan Aweh pita. 32 retort a i n a n s t in 101142 la s Man 2 is to it Nat. A c is w Wathington. Data m Ftp tax #. It a is a by Ward at pm i it i leading dec. Tar Nofee heard in s Mam 2 us w it. He a c inert or. To too Tati. 2 much Fevo Doc Nee .s2.s0b iwo atom St 20 400 to it porn cd be fed 2 much Fevo feeding Imi of in St 11,052 m to of in feral a he in ills of to in most it., trued few Toad no if motored. Heated. She 281? engine by. 12 so to it wer Heute Only. Rail tiding. Sim 111 h main St 110 to it Gat Nat. Water tur thed. Uis Iau s mein App a by sati. Sim aos engl the approx miota to a. Sus ism s Mam. F to flite Paca. 210 to it. Naastad a a Sam a data or of. In a to tor toot f will build to a it i tenant a we a a a him aet i 224 South main. Archdale a ado to retail f Eft Ca Paca she me at i Sib h Mam ton Street Fawra Paca -144 Tati. Utility it turn tan. Tonal of Etca turn a parting Suma St Aga warehouse 2,2b0 to Sibo Conrad realtors a Foch Mountain lot cant act s2 bub oath m to f is mis Alif a pm High pen late wafer meat cent age. 4 teem with Bam a to efface f to Nave i f. Of 0 in a a frontage an i a men will of i tut m de f unt Smithea Pete lit. My Phan it mis owner will finance with ref tenable Down payment Lake Tillery several tot a a wooer Unen let Tutor y vary my Soma ent a. Tam a it a i a vow of in Vii Eto Iii Ami it Iho it. I Arrom. Quot the beat Stato Paap 122 Church St ibs-21jj level Woolfo lots in bist Section plane maven Village offi Bing Fink sep abutment Pat Boli of. Cabbage so Avick. Sub Aeo streets Lake views bib vat swimming a Goc Hing facilities Good fishing a Hilgh bobs ohly Sim Call High Point bba4144 to a swab Balon Laks bib-401 4ibi teach s Cove. Orient. N c waterfront . Aul a tract did club Howe pow a a neut i get a Fen it c our to prot a a be Doc Ane Gotebo great tatting wafer vhf round Hunting a tithing 2 barroom Condo teen with wafer Mont View mom own Patio to craned of cd can Bali f writ Boa 44b. Itofa n. C 2bsis_ 33. Land for Sale your Ai 24b-hi High Point Boyce ave., Inch i bedroom i Bam. Of pert. Completely redecorated nude b auf tor a if a a loan a ame priced its Bob High Point Aib land inc. 2 affy fica. J be from 2 i Bam t Tam Gay roam. Carpeted Tufaga. Concra of a a a loan Ava a a a pro Ltd is boo woe Wei Are Trinity. New f to be foam 2 full Bam tor Mal dining room. Living room. 2 family roam to piece carpeted a Hectric fur Nae Central air Patio. 2 Toff High Point wok Green. Hew j be Samv s a Bath carpeted Large tat. Prot a St a. 108 t homa Ville Mitotic Poad. Brt. 4 be Tomt. Family Ream a it a tir face. To Atamant. I car of Aga of approx i to Are. Mobile Home i Hent Jaf Reemt i Bam. Air condition. Mobb Mobile Home i Teal Fem Cimic i2a40 j bedroom few Down payment and attorn Lea n. Map Bobo county estates. Hillsville. New Inch Nom. Of Mega Tomp Fefe. Choeta your �. A i Covert priced from ski big Bledsoe Beal estate to Init. N a phone um0ig warn Underwood Ais in of Ald Wright Ais bkj4 g. P. Be toe it us 14 Mobile Hom. J by i to Bam. A 2 Bayman a attorn lean payment aast0? ii map Quot Tutti pm tug Tab i2kba n comma Otobe Hob Down pm align i acre Mobile Nome lots Sophia. No Ara Putty of i Tudic tax dr., away a rec inc a mane my a of a Brookfield acres inc. Mab a Nam 0115 f Grubby and Ama Quot h c. Dew att 21 is night Airway a Home with Over 1300 soft. Living space Friy carpeted tur thed we a lated App Anet and furniture a a need in Awn tend to cutting Caon Law a wat ferment a mag Toto delivery to of now it Moyie c4rlo St h Hamilton Straf is 4111 2ihoustbiau building on men Denny by 40,w. 2400 Tatt 3 loading Vocht Alt one e0>iso 806 w it. 2 loading of Rona building on watch att. Bow Tatt heavy duty a it Reg lot up Noi of y mop f mall Lac Lory or t tor a 2 loading doer phone att 0 p mm2 Alto boy Black rental special with this and only�?$65.00 per week for Mercury and cougars with no mileage charge up to 350 Miles for 7 Days. Leith Lincoln Mercury 273-2851 acreage is acre Victory Chapel by. Two lotto. To by 0 acre. Stat Bead j43j near infer a non f us270 a Hwy 43 Suo too 42 acre. Hwy. 04 Moth wooded. 4 intern. M2.boo 2 acre Indian Cree developmental too Hul id Quot the real Itofe a Opfer a 111 Church St m2dj Beautiful a reflected. I to acre Trinity Arr paved Road. Pith. Waif aeon available. Min. In 104 ass Obj Fok Sale to acre term with Nice i room Bouto located in South David Tun county for mtg in a i Fen Call Baj 24js. Ms-0 is j. O but 1203 34 residential Homes s room framed Home with Atamant fireplace carpet Bam. It acre fend. Oft o j 64 Highway in Randolph county. phone 41v1b64 James b Cameron real estate to Putnam Ava so roam haute com tie with City building Coda mane it an of of m lok m. My pvt t o. Zijo re _m7 6ui jamestown�?4to interest my Pai to with Large Down payment f of mane walk to 12 school Grad j bedroom. 2 Baths Central air built in Kitchen Dan. Tory lot. Brick . Call Asa Zais alter 5 of Vicki y Chapel re for Sale or Trade heavy equipment h04 Allis Chalmers loader 9711111 with 4 Inch i bucket amp Backhoe. V1hhp h04 Allis Chalmers Bulldozer 7fmlf with 6 Way Blad aeolian condition. I Vuu hd11 e Allis Chalmers Bulldozer pc elfin with straight Blad amp cob. 1hmnp 1600 Allis Chalmers Backhoe 97iaah a front and loader 1969 modal. A mrp hd3 Allis Chalmers Bulldozer finh with Angia bid Den. Inn 04 Caterpillar Bulldozer a rim with Angia bid direct Start. Inv d4 Caterpillar Bulldozer a nil with Angia Blad amp cob. Ottawa Hydro tamp sell propelled Good condition. Fnnnk Bobcat m500 loader. 2500 Galton t500 grader. 3500 Case w9 rubber tired loader mood Pettibone carry lift .6500 Contact Darrell Wheeler Johnny Wheeler enterprises 1219 Westover or. High Point . 869-3815 i 869-3888 Clr. 5912 k a Wood vill age Seth it Archd i Haw if i Fey. 4 of j Bam kit a Bret Are of Mal aiming living tora family to. With bar fireplace a pan garage. Fully carpeted Centra air Large weeded a at wite a paved f a wait it Soo White estates hear Hal life new j Byi or Baths kit do combination. Living room. Carport a Utility to fully carpeted cargo tot. Paved f 123, boo Tsih Dale Home Bui toes. Inc. Us Tibb f tor a 411 Bow Ibi Obi mob ii Momin located and Wendover Ai i of or Nta # of Chi effect Job in tel Atlantic Mobile hem. Tue a. T be porn. Of rated wether pert if by turn he of a of a feat cafe it a a. Will arrange t Nanc no a coh of she my Veteran a you hat tarted of than in consecutive Den in of vie you a Anoia # tor too per cant a loan. For information Call. Bob Vaughn he Al tops of 424 or m3-1 my Neak Allan Jay school. Zhi Ingram Bood j bedroom. I to oath Patio air conditioned new stove a to Tow. Carpet Utility building a drape Call it Asb. No Money needed to a voter Quot i bedroom Tram new floor new paint Hoorn vacant will Trad. Sto we traditional reality 134 in Lexington a. M2 Csc own it fieldstone j bedroom. Den Cantrail air. Carpal i2b.b00 230 Par to. He Stonybrook or. 14 4335 remodeler older Home in Good Northeast Section has Large booms plus three porches and entrances the rear porch is screened for enjoyable summer living with considerable Down payment loan can be assume. Or new financing can be arranged open for inspection on Ano after july 2nd Telephone Biz 4 20 for details Wendover Hills by owner Beautiful spacious Brick rancher wife Dou to Carport Patio. 2to Bain. I room with built in appliance air conditioning plus fret 42 so pick up mortgage Toon at Call Between 6 a to p in. Weekdays ail Day sat a sunm2 Mil come to George s Mobile Homes and see Naomi Smith or Clyde Priddy for Thi Best deals in town Giorgio Mobil Hom Sills i is at Riva or Dir. S03jb Fok Sale or Trade Spanish Mobile Home. J by lot in Trinity. Phone it 141. House Hunting cons Der ail new a furniture. A Consior Low monthly Cost lot Healing Cooling and general Upkeep a consider the easy living Comfort and i inane tot peace f mind now is the time to buy. Duke Bobik 1001 s darn St Hwy Jill High Point i in Homes 6 3 of 4 Hussey and p. H. Gurley Are now associated with us they would Uke for their friends to come by and see them Diamond Quality automobiles inc. Old Thomasville is. At i-s5

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