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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Sold in Only 8 Days this says Mary Grainger when she placed. And 2 acc registered Hwy toy Pood to puppet. I Moi a t Temoin. Phone pay a. And got results puce your and today Call 885-2177 la to lit til oni get More mileage out of your new Gar Dollar her Wilh yep to Quot and a a 3 Nob it Capo Ari 80 mme Tad Pye pm a sen. 84000 nndb00, 8 948 1100 0 i8r 08101 9800100. 8 Kwh Cereal it 08rty a 0811 �m88> 8mi aaa papa am a get e�ii9�-l8 a a 8� inter Ronert 18 n8u# 18 Foth a a Mikec oooo wrmlc8a $4495 Stock 3517 a �e�8 v8�?T�j> 8. M1 Phi no we or win a i Tull to >18888 880888 t >888188 k o nam94"8-84n i88h8 wow �,88x0010001 880888 01 by 8 8<hki�8� a a a 1880 c�q8�lt. 20% 888 to la to in men in re a a it >94 #�?�00. Marn erne my do too co to c wau08a 4>aov j Stock Atma special offer Firestone steel relied Raoul tires of to additional Cost when you buy selected trave Lall or pickup models a tart tat 000088�?aaa that a a >>888 i we 1841 �mm4 8 �00km 088 ��f�0 la a <8881 901 001 008 8>m �#1 m a a a a a t0-�T� 90# two f4v 0r801 11801 cd a Ming we 10 0hy8> 80 98880 8# 88008881 comi 8�88 Oft. >��0t f8#�wvc Al Hal cwt 089 8 88n 08d Iny pud t9 8808 of �0lf ,pm0m a a01c09�90 9014 4019890101189 cd 0818 118 i. 08�8 1#mf com81t 001181 Alit 0co981�f. 094 08m8 m0 4w0 Tufey by 888 88 Villi 1180 88081 i a fat of 17. A put 8. Hoa Calls a Fara a we. Of ate888884 Cit 0881. A a 041 a a c 91#l c0w> Only Imph Alii to i 8 Oom s. Lull 0011. 88c1< 8 88 a a a. I Cill dm8888 1808 h h8ni�8v a to 9wfii tilt k 008. A to Quot 18w8 la to a 0809884. 4 in 01081tis 48 a wm1888. I to 0,9ft pm Ai �408900, i he 08m8 .180 ice t com Mart. 4 he 08118 81 a 48-a w Wmk inn 88 .10 8jnt�#<mi0 Jim of. Is ii a c0i808i. 4 in 080108to >00 s Tim. I to 80880ico Wir t t 109081. J to 0808 to 114 t Nhy the 4 to new. To Imo a 008081, 4 in 801to i la. H Tim. I in tuffet. I i til a Lim #80181. Tto i tot a a Mort i to 0n08< to i 11 t Cem Metoski to Kwi. Moll Mitt a i to 4v80til so so ply. A in Maut jul ism w�08. I in 18810is 0i j Tim. I Impi Tso to 8108 of. 4 in 0880# is Moi c Kimu a to 0081 is to of Vono. S in 80 too 09800 com. I it 88, til i ski Arnot. A to 08001 do us 0 01188 i in 08081 Moow Coom i newel too i till t wont 4 to 80to How Wmk. 4 map. Jit f soon s tm8 him a in Ion Mhz i in pm my i Illy 0818808. Jim 08081ass pm a 8018 4 in �0 is i 191 a who. T a. 8p Joi i try a 19018 a 0u0 a Joi c St 4imi it a04h us 08118808, 4 in. 18880 Joi. 8100 Amil him 080100-tot Joo i 0811 00 s in 00w00 Jio i 88 tnto00hl 4 in m0w88al Polit Pom Jim tot. Joi Joao 0<4091. J map. To t <80808011 c8#8>4� a Thwait. Lim Hiti Uso i Tai 0018.90. Him 98818pm 108 t0tc80m8p. 4 in 0x0100my jul 0089884. J in 80 Jas 08 a it a. 4 in a. A so 0 m#04�8. T in 80. .,.11 8v84iv Lim 80818 Jill in c9t98. J in am. To t0wt m8t�80 o00o1t8mtv my Moc Whall Moore to mar non a oat of i non ii 17. Apt. He Sis la acini Quat to. Loio ait0000. Oat tl#190<0, 9�91 0 �i8c i a 88 8c808 a do0uii8 mom 88 a it in a mom 1� Carolina truck a trailer sales inc. Highway 1-85 phone 475-2121 turn in a Pusher Call. 889-7867 Jow �,888. Tos a Ward 4 pm. Apt $35 Tatry 2 weak 205b Ward 3 pm. Apt. $45 to. 701-b Graca 3 pm. Apt. $30 aver 2 weeks 317 Richardson s pm Apt stove amp refrigerator furnished. Recently painfed$75 to. Malpass realty co. 104 Roc Spring pm. 7017 27. Apis hot i Tali i j too a 90 Utility learn in 0e�9 tot88. 80 Pirn l.�f8 0 �?�00 8191900. Tit we >1 080011 in run tilt a 27. Apts. Hornet Jaiver. 3 room Apt. New paint Gas Haat Star w. Green. $17.50 per week 607 Langford. Dallas furniture Call 182-2654 4 8oom 88081 88 eur 98. 9801 c 0"i0 Mem c000 i 88-a tt08h too a Pix t�0ft 088808 at iei09�,0t a i App Ca it 887 a. 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I itt 108188 imm a in a 6 room House new paint inside amp outside. Heat to each room. Sex Callant location. $31 Par il2t week. Isis Welborn. 4 room House Gas Industry near Ward St., 1106 Cassel St. $21.50 weekly 5 room House near e. Green Gas heat new paint.$21 so Par week 506 Walnut. 6 room House Gas heat clean $20 weak. 303 w. Kearns. 8 room House new paint Gas heat per week 1006 Park 4 room House Gas heat extra clean. Highland Village $21.50 per week Dallas furniture Call 182-2654 Pon it act c 0101 of. J 810180�8i14 88 tit met of. J 8841819 m cum 04. J 800819 4x081 Ihm of i cs900tm St. 0 in a a Sam a Lonj com Ai Kulaots its to Pon i08f Imp 00189 9910. 084 990819004. 01k�, 109 9 108 18 1u00 0801089 it 090 i 0�&Quot#t Oak pc Ltd Neal. Is Yacc. To 88s up a 19 i9 Mumm to i98i i i t a 00v1#etc 108890010 a 4190.10 stx1iv asset 094 189�0 08w 14 Sii Nom pnx9 �j1 my tit int Par $25 mouses mel19981. I 191us a ask ism Simi cum 081088 i Imi,m0 ana0tvckts Rote c 98i9u, c pm ov0l8iml Tita 81001, 8 in Ouno jul 181088. 4 in Owma. 84. A Tea �10 18 4 in. O ,009 til of w08884in. Sijt0.��a 441 w 01.191 my Bill Hylton realtor Al k <089 a 0998 Mindi lit it i 0ovnei4 a a tout .jttn�x&Quot.ttt4t#tlht� Ltd it my map a co i it apa0tvenys Pone it Hsu c vt9u a 4 in Pup. 88cik 008 4 01 0940990 in my in it Nix tort to 0#i f a n#0�?T�?~ tt3 Chen if is he i a Ktut of a0cmoal.1, 4 0ooms in states so i. Pm 11 Alt 4u7 i Annm 4 1889 88 a owo8 of t90t he 1 0190190, ii Psi a Wii a pipe 4 i 108109 a 100x>1#4 k09cv p.9c0 ill \12_ i i m emf Stout ski 4 in 4x88 Uphill 99 ii s8v8 4 nit. Lits 8iv in tial id k i to j m. T tipi 4 41881 j 81 894 u9lin do c<94�8i. 4 re a 8 i88mi pint 88n 894p89�nits ii 109904v s100 #9 t it 80x1 4 nit. Tense air Ess a o090i099 Apt. J 1818. Clit 4 �?�1881. A a a sep i4m it Ujj so su98 s0w01 a j room sip 4 41081. Ii so 4 40 14 set so sch iirs0m si8 j 10181. 8808. In 90##i. Hc89 in. Is a wish 0109. 4 i Quot. 819 Pup is Dol Green co ills so a a Al 1171 Buick Electra m po91, po91 t�n4o�l Ord Mitt on o8<kho90 Spicel put 2795 1771 univ Keiit Wagon i pc�?0, 09d<t>on Ixko 09 by. F at pc do a 48 Soli 1772 inf Rolft Improto 4 door in pow rond i cd tory of cock Milit. 1767 Pontiac door pow cd on condition 1770 Plymouth door a food buy to $088000 looking or a Toone Cor at o Nuion Abl proc Only. If 73 Plymouth 009 sdo8. My ov�pp8d Witk to of. A my 9,000 of wot my. Cuoq pm o pm so98098 will up o 0ood buy 08 no one 171 jul Wagon lir Abs out a new 4 9t# a Quot a. On Power of i Condo too. Setter Kory of the one 1495 All 1974 opel Manta coupes now at year Eno closeout prices. Come Early while. The selection is kit a Good also. Have an excellent selection of 1974 Bucks All Sale priced 170 Buick grand sport full Power cd air condition. 1767 Olds 78 4 Dom Lolly equipped Good sound Cor or the Model and priced to ult Quick of Only.1288 1871 Buick Skylark 4 door full Power air condition Only 27,000 actual mile. Priced for Quick to 11 Stem the epidemic of drug abuse. Ifs a tragedy for you and your Community. Telephone 889-7867 in High Point to report any drug pushers. Call Day or night without identifying yourself. Your Call cannot be traced. Take this it s too late presented in the Public interest by the High Point Enterprise Economy specials 1964 Buick Electra 4doc, 1967 Buick Wildcat 4 door 1965 Buick special Wagon 1967 Buick special Wagon 1969 Olds Wagon we have Many cars not listed Here. Before you buy Stop it and look us Over you la be glad we got together

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