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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile High Point Enterprise. Sunday. Ion he pushes unfettered Market place free Enterprise by Lee Mortimer Enterprise staff writer promoting free Enterprise remains the first order of business of the u s Industrial Council according to its new president John g. Hutchens Hutchens who is president of High Point based food world stores will serve a two year term in the organization which has 4.000 firm members representing a combined employment of Over three million Esic subscribes to the theory of an unfettered Market place As the key to economic Prosperity. I sic is made up principally of Small and medium sized firms with an average of 300 to 500 workers they rather than the giant conglomerates have a genuine enthusiasm for free Enterprise. Hutchens said however he said two of America s largest corporations general motors and us steel have recently joined Many businesses say they believe in free Enterprise but then they run to the government seeking special legislation to protect themselves from Hutchens said he said an Economy free from government supports and interference is Best for business the Esic traces its origins to the new Deal Era that was the beginning of a proliferation of government regulations and agencies which Are now strangling business Hutchens said he thinks Many Well intentioned government creations have exceeded their authority and done More harm than Good the occupational health and safety act. For example. Shackles conscientious businessmen with conflicting sets of requirements Hutchens said the interstate Commerce commission first established to regulate the barges has nearly succeeded in driving railroads to bankruptcy he charged he said other common carriers have been Able to use the inc to carve monopolies for themselves Hutchens sees other government proposals on the horizon he thinks Bode ill for free Enterprise the Humphrey Hawkins full employment Bill is one its emphasis on employment goals and Industrial planning a would be like the five year plans in the soviet Union. He said. Hutchens suggested the government help free Enterprise by balancing its own budget that might help prevent inflationary recessionary cycles he said he thinks a National health insurance plan. Which he estimates would add $80 billion to the National budget should be rejected Hutchens also thinks it would be Folly to nationalize the Oil Industry Quot that would be disastrous we d be handing it Over to the arabs on a Silver Platter. He said he also supports deregulation of natural Gas Hutchens considers himself a blend of libertarian and conservative philosophies his libertarian instincts Tell him the Best government is the least government while his conserva tic instincts say the government should balance its budget he conceded that the government is essential for such things As National defense police Protection and providing for the general welfare politically. Hutchens feels candidate Ronald Reagan embodies Best the ideals of free Enterprise Reagan would be More vigorous than president Ford in its promotion Quot you d see More action under a Reagan administration. Hutchens said he emphasized that his own political views do not reflect any official View held by Esic Quot our main concern is free Enterprise we Are a completely bipartisan organization Quot Hutchens said he said Ford is a Good conservative but has not been Able to reduce government red tape that businessmen must contend with the paperwork has actually increased under Ford s administration he said Hutchens thinks the contest for the gop nomination will probably be a Quot Cliffhanger Quot he does t think a rejection of Ford at the cop convention would create irreparable party division. Hut he admits that Reagan will have a Tough Light against probable democratic nominee Jimmy Carter he thinks Reagan will have time to build support after the convention while Carter who will have peaked could fall into a decline Hutchens has been state finance chairman for the Reagan Campaign he said North Carolina has been fifth among the states in raising Campaign funds for Reagan he has been Active in gof politics since he made an unsuccessful bid for the general Assembly in 1964 he was subsequently District party chairman and in 1968 he managed Jim Gardner a Campaign for governor Hutchens and his wife Jane live with their four children at 1268 Westminster drive Davidson dateline school budget Cut drops fire ghost town without ghosts Mckissick s soul City May be White elephant by Tom Tiede newspaper Enterprise Assn. Soul City Nea it Floyd Mckissick has never been one of America s favorite Black personalities when he was an angry Young attorney folks Felt he was uppity when he was director of the Congress of racial Equality they thought he was crazy now. Even As he has joined the system and become a Republican Mckissick remains in a Heap of trouble with the suspicious the current rub is simple enough As a one time revolutionary. Mckissick makes an even More irritating establishment operator he is a Man who Bas created nothing out of something a bit of history is necessary Here in 1969 Mckissick decided to bless America with its first Black operated new City a so thin were his blueprints however that he received Little private financial encouragement thus he formed a pact with the Devil which is to Sav Richard Ninon s administration my Al stick the Radical became Mckissick the Patriot in 1972 he organized a negroes for Nixon group and the government opened its arms to the repentant sinner. Since then Mckissick has received government guarantees for almost $14 million in Loans and an unbelievable series of other fed eral Grants and bestow ment he has received $100 ooh just to publicize his venture he has received a i million health clinic which has a hard time finding patients and he receives a $55,000 salary from the pile of largess in All. According to Bestes Tir nates taxpayers have now either Given or guaranteed $19 million to soul City and for what Quot Mckissick s dream i that 50 too people will live Here soon but seven years alter its first funding soul City is still Little More than heavily financed vision the Only building raised is an empty office Complex the Only residents Are Mckissick s employees Many of whom Are his friends and relatives there Are no Homes no businesses Only Box Fuls of elaborate plans sen Jesse Helms is one of Many who Call the place a tax Dollar rip off yet the wasted dollars for soul City if they have been wasted May not be the most significant disappointment of this proposal More important is the apparent inability of vet another Black Leader to justify hts prominence at a time when Black people need direction effectiveness and materialism from their captains Mckissick has offered Only sandcastles he has proven to be a Fine manipulator but. Sadly a poor administrator and even something of a Bumble and Mckissick is not alone in failing his people today perhaps never before have so Many Black leaders been under suspicion for the fault by on count Hail the negro members of Congress Are now being Tor have recently been investigated for violation of Public Trust scores of Black state officers and increasing numbers of Black municipal politicians Are being probed for everything from misuse of Public funds to trafficking in narcotics indeed As Missouri rep William Clay puts it. The list of negro leaders under fire for illegalities or met Faience reads like a a who s who of Black America As it happened Clay is one of those under fire the Justice department the Fri and the irs have suspected him of various foul deeds in recent years none proven. And speaking for himself Mckissick it a1, he believes the current snapping is unconscionable this must be Analysed in National of lion and viewed exactly Ltd to what it is a a conspiracy undermine emas Tuiai and destroy to Bise Blat is would dare Challenge a r society to a degree Clayma but Correct the powerful no a Leader is still a curio it i America and a watched More careful i his White counterpart i More predictably Corr table and yet the a numbers can not be <1 missed half the Bla members of Congress clearly the Black communist has grave worries in Floyd Mckiss the worry seems not to n Cern dishonesty ifs Simp that he s making a Giggle out of Black Enterprise he i my the wrong thing it a wrong place at the or it Rig time what s far worst it that he s doing it with Public funds no doubt it was better or taxpayers when he a. Jul crazy Democrat an editor s Outlook television holds key to revolutionaries7 by Phil. Speaks Enterprise staff writer Thomasville for the chief executive officers of various government departments it s grumbling time Afrati pm is local councils and Board Are looking at budget requests and in some instances vigorously applying the a Well that s what happened in Thomasville last week the City Council took a look at the school Board s budget request and immediately pulled out it s knife to have a whack at it school Board members submitted a request for the next year of $309 000 the City fathers trying to avoid angering their constituents by increasing the sewer water rates As recommended by City manager Kyle Williams lopped off $17 too earmarked for the school system in the proposed budget to put it mildly the coun Ell s action did t sit too Well with members of the school Board in general and in particular it made Board chairman Jim Ward angry Ward presided at his last school Board meeting last wednesday his term having expired. And he was t grumbling about the budget Cut either it was More like a growl Ward prefaced his remarks by noting the Progress that has taken Dace in the system during his tenure on the Board in one particular area however we Are not making Progress this is what i consider our Lack of Success in convincing City Council that local funding is the Backbone of our school system at the basis of this problem Ward said is a general Lack of interest in the schools by a majority of the councilmen for example. Ward said a your Council entrusts the supervision and management of All this schools to our superintendent arid this Board yet when we present our annual budget requests to a urn ii. The superintendent s advice Good judgment and recommendations Are generally ignored a to Dale. The finance commit us Ai the Council has yet to consult with the superintendent to go a step farther the personnel committee did not even extend to to. Us a intention the Courtesy of advising him who the new appointees to this important Board might Ward said that some people look at the new buildings the City school system has and conclude that a lot of local Money has been spent pm them this is not the Case however Ward said ail of the buildings including the senior and Junior plants in addition to the auditorium under construction Are or have been funded with county state and Federal funds department chiefs and other bureaucrats have the reputation of playing a foxy game with boards who hold the purse strings. Bureaucrats usually ask the legend goes for More Money than they need to operate their programs of the funds dispensers slash department budgets the cuts May come somewhere Between the minimum needed to maintain the programs at the status quo and the maximum budget request of so the extra funds Are Gravy for the program it is apparent that this is not what the Thomasville City school Board does however supt Derwood Huneycutt said that it would he necessary to eliminate some programs that had been planned and let go some of the teacher s assistants the system employs Given this set of circumstances. A Little grumbling by the school Board May be justified after All. As Ward -.aid. Children should be considered among the com Mummy a a More valuable assets by Jenkin Lloyd Jonen a it a Angeles times with America s 200th birthday Only a week away it will be interesting to see How two attempts by the a it to seize july 4 for its own propaganda purposes will come out Cutie logically the two attempts will be made in Philadelphia and Washington and of die two the demonstration in Philadelphia will probably be the least successful because it is More honest at the end of last january a a National hard times conference was set up at the University of Illinois Chicago Circle Campus by something called the Prairie fire organizing committee the overt Arm of the old weather underground Widi the support of die cuban backed puerto rican socialist party remnants of the old Vinc Eremos brigade my the usual bewildering array of communist fronts backed by that faithful cadre from the National Council of churches it was decided to descend on Philadelphia july 4 Osawatomie a publication of the weather underground. Said a the tillers have set die tune for the party lad us bring the fireworks the a Prairie fire manifesto was straight Forward a we Hope to join forces with other communist groups and organizations to build a communist party truly representative of the is working class to said we believe it will take a socialist revolution a die seizure of Power and control of the Means of production a thus the Chicago meeting was a Good old orthodox Call for a marxist rebellion but there were two new twists of the $7,000 Cost of the meeting $3,000 was underwritten by the american issues forum Aik of Chicago which is part of a nationwide organization dial last fail got a $350 too Grant from the National endow Merit for the humanities a Federal Agency and. When some members of the Chicago committee of the Aik expressed some misgivings about underwriting the hard times conference no less a person than vice Chancellor Eugene Zidenberg of the Illinois Circle Campus assured them that they had nothing to worry about As rep Larry Mcdonald of Georgia put to Quot taxpayers Money was used to fund a meeting of those whose avowed purpose is to tear Down the fabric of our society and replace it with a totalitarian marxist Leninist system a perhaps our founding ladders 200 years ago missed i bet in not seeking a Royal Rani to underwrite the con mental Congress whatever Devi try May be planned for Philadelphia it will by modest compared to the mass demonstration it a hoped for Quarter of a million new leftists now being frantically organized for a March in Washington july 4 the Agency is our old Friend the people s Bicentennial commission i Puc which got under Way three years ago to cure the decay of the Campus revolutionary movement by reorienting it in its Earl literature it pointed out that waving the face of Lenin and mouthing the a thoughts of Mao weren to making sales among Young americans so the new ploy was to pursue the old Aims in a new Way by identifying the movement As a logical sex ten Sion of the revolution of 1776 and portraying our founders As persons who would have Success been collectivist. It h thought about it the hic it i Fin. Publication cum in in san a stolen of court from to pain says that should by celebrated n revolution y i ii it promises a a a 1 demonstration uvula celebre h mass March on t i capital be addressed Sui worthies As Jane Iii i Benj Amin Burn Ane cart course. Jeremy he sir be s founder there is a toll to numb. To Call Tor fur Lamb mation. And common s Riv even carries a map a it a w i it tis subset Ibers i. San a Cisco Boston arum >0 Hoilo find washing roaming the Piedmont old fashioned picnics remembered with Mouth watering nostalgia by Braxton vol non Enterprise stall writer what a difference a couple of Days or a week make a few Days ago i ventured out to Ragsdale High school the silence was oppressive the Halls were empty of the usual hurrying students there just was nothing going on except i the schools office and there the Pace was somewhat slower than to generally is what struck me most was the nearly absolute silence in the classroom area when school is in session there is this steady hum or Monotone which fills the entire area when school is not in session the silence is Tomb like and i am nut so sure that i want to be around those empty classrooms but in the office it was a Little different while there was not the usual appearance of students at the counter nor the constant ringing of the Telephone there was enough activity especially with the principal t g Madisonjr after he completed his usual denunciation of the press with me As the Lone target we got Down to Tia sics. I had never pegged t. G As a Lover of nature especially but now he is studying the habits of a Woods Duck which has taken up its domicile in the hollow of a tree in his Hack Yard he said the Duck on a couple of occasions. Was seen to Fly straight to the Hole in the tree and seemingly Fly straight inside he wondered As did i How the Bird stopped without a calamitous crash against the Flack Wall of its selected nest t g. Said that he had read something of the ducks habits and that one article on building a nesting Box for Woods ducks said that no Perch should be built onto uie front of the Box and under the entry so he concluded that the Bird does not need such since it flies in and out at almost full Speed he posed the question that if the ducks Are nesting at this late Date and to they have Young How Are the parents going to teach tile Young to Fly straight out of the Hole in the tree a guess they better learn last. From the time they stumble out of the nest and before they hit the ground any Way to made a most interesting conversation a lot of folks Are getting ready to celebrate in a big Way the nations birthday and especially those response ble for the Quot Day in the Park Quot sunday july 4 thinking about that recalled other fourths and especially tile family gatherings i spent Many Summers at the Home of my maternal grandparents and the fourth was always a capital letter Day my Mother came from a Large family and each of her Brothers and Sisters had numerous offspring most of these families resided in the same town and those who did not generally managed to get to mama s for somewhat of a reunion on the fourth of a picnic out on the Edge of town was not on the program for the Day then the women spent a goodly portion of the morning preparing somewhat of a Large dinner now dinner around my grandparents was the meal served in the Middle of the Day. And while the food might not be that which a gourmet might fancy to was delicious and plentiful while the women were Cook my the men would sit on the front porch or Piazza As my Grandfather called it and talk in the meanwhile most of us kids were either underfoot in the Kitchen with our Quot when we Gonna eat Quot queries or out in the Yard and while we were out in the Yard there almost constantly was a Battle Between one or two c cousins no one Ever got seriously Hurt but frequent the squabbles required the attention of a couple of the mothers to get things Back on a More Friendly plane. Then finally one of us would get the Honor of Ruiging the dinner Bell this was a most unneeded summons for the entire entourage was just waiting for the word to go to the table which was a monstrous affair the men and older children ate first us younger kids ate second and the women finally got to eat after All others had had their fill tin one or two occasions the Powers that be of the family cooked up a family picnic for the fourth and. I mean cooked up preparations started the Day before and then most of the morning of the big Day itself was spent in the Kitchen by those Sisters and Sisters inlaw helping grandmother finally the stuff would be put in boxes baskets and anything else that would hold food and was loaded into vehicles for the trip to a nearby Millpond at these spots one of the Mam concerns was who could get into a swim suit and into the water first in such a primitive area As compared with today s More advanced swimming and Dressig facilities the girls went to one secluded area to change clothes while the boys went to anon. V sexes generally got a Tew a i m the process of costume ii the older swimmers play to g a for the younger ones. And Al challengers it is still a w ii a. Some of the Little kids ddn tit they Laking dares from the ventured out into water Rea i for Safe swimming but thank goodness to to nature occurred by the to 1 the kids had had enough the word would be posted time lunch was ready when this occurred a abandon and it ten times. My stomach ache from v some of about All that w and in that family tune picnic that did Watermelon slicing just Vas n mentioning or attending with my Ever spread in. Just As Well that this to it put just another series of Happy childhood John g. Hitchens

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