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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - June 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 2a High Point Enterprise wednesday june 1j74 business and news Stock Market report galleys Transfer scheduled Columbus a a House votes to Cut House staff new York Stock Market turned downward again today in the face of a continued Rise in interest rates the noon Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was Down 524 at 82361 and losers led gainers by close to 2 to 1 on the new York Stock Exchange analysts said the Momen Tum of tuesdays technical rally had dissipated quickly As several Banks joined this morning in raising their prime lending rate from 11 Viz to 11 per cent credit experts were predicting a possible further Rise to a record 12 per cent in the Basic interest fee on Loans to Large corporations before Long travellers corp the nose volume Leader lost a Point to 22 in trading marked by 151900share Block Trade that Price on the american Stock Exchange the Market value Index eased 09 to 8095 Mcdonalds corp opening late tumbled 4 to Wall Street sources said Baker weeks co an institutional research House had moved to a More bearish View of the Outlook for the Stock a Glamour favorite Baker weeks declined to confirm or deny the report american motors crept up to 57a the company forecast an earnings gain for the six months ending sept National Paragon was the amex volume Leader Down v4 to on the heels of a 2v4 Point drop on tuesday when the company said it expected to report lower profits for the Yar ended March 31 than it had forecast earlier the big boards composite Index of All its listed common stocks fell 33 to 4622 Camps 1j8 ii ii 28a caropwl60 6 34 a carrcp52 7 67 raft Wall 16 13 6a caste cab 6 12 12 12 12 catertrl60 14 159 59a cbs146 ii 42 3w4 36a 36avi cleanest 5 45 32a a cencolnc2 3203 5ft censowi12 7 19 a Cerr Cpl 3 35 18 17a 18 a Cert Teevao 4 32 9a 9a a cessna90 5 14 a 14 a Cham Plentl 5 3 15 chessle360 6 38 cnipneut2 7 8 24a 24a a Chris Craft 37 16 Kkt 2o 17 kangem56 8 9 j34i 10 bra18 Hix Omesa 21 46a Katy and 4 6 shellt104e 2 Al 17a kayserr60 6 j Sheri wm2 signalco80 sfregpl20 t 26a 26 i Sand Sasso 5 12 3 3 a fend 180 7 9 30 30aa 19 20 26a a t Pill of Eri j t it 11li 11 i f v t w h a scoaind60 t s 51 Wil Lianel Calley or his a republicans called a slap at general accounting office Seax m 4 23 we of a Lai co president Nixon has voted to an Arm of Congress searleg46 1370 17a 14 in j Washington attainment and travel the House in a move allowances to audit of the 16 17 Kennerd Fez 6 40 33a 33a a kerrmg70 22 19 67yt 67 67 san so ger2 fifth Lii Ine m 26 52a 52a 52v4 i z Slesse Immi mss of to paid fourteen White House offi Craft vials earn the level the at 5to the House officials must account to Congress an j amendment to Cut off Nixon Legal staff personal staff travel Money so Long House and Senate subpoenas for Knight trn i q u 1v 17 7 5 10 33 Kroger 136 7 la learsieg28 4 32 4 scaregl48 7 31 12a 12 12a not socalel68 5 88 is 17a 18 41 41 southcol40 6 90 13a 13avt 37 37 sore also 7 10 44a 19 soupac216 7 23 30 30 souryl92 9 7 42a v sperryr76 11 70 38a 38a 38aa 22a 41a 55a 55vb 55a 2716 27 a military spokesman in Washington do said the Transfer would be made at 10 House aides staff supporters of the Bill apr proved tuesday by an untre must be shifted by attrition honoured was shouted Down by corded voice vote said they to lower grades ranging from voice vote positions watergate materials Are not were concerned about the in number of White am Edt Kenneth Henson one of galleys four attorneys said 53 54 Date tuesday that army Roy Ash director of the office of management of budget who had asked the House to retain the present salary framework takes his to republicans charged the Bill was democratic retribution against Nixon gop whip Leslie Arends snapped w h approved by 36713 i know partisan politics the Bill authorized million for White House staff salaries then the House included this Money in a appropriations 47 47 r 26a 26a prosecutors told him Stevenj Phi tvs w Secretary of the army Case to the Senate today stuworl32 3 10 25a 25 25 it a 39 sys Rondon 5 t Sasa 5a tampae96 7 18 a ecu Issei i tektronx20 17 3 42a a teledyn40t 4175 13a 12ft 13 a Tele prompt 48 4 3ft 4 it 10 6127 20a a 4 30 4 659 25a 25a 7 24 25 25 when i see it backers cited the greater role the White House staff plays at the expense of Howard to Callaway had the House Bill also sub approved the immediate jets the presidents enter Cabinet departments whose million Transfer of Calley vote and sent to the Senate the Cut president Nixon million office of management and budget request to 194 Tel exp Duke Power rate this will be accomplished by military aircraft right away said Henson us District court judge a i Roben not Structure reviewed 7 Mead pro 5 9 a a Aaela sh46 6 19 7 it merckl40 33 89 82a 81a 82 a mgm175e u 5 a mlcrodot50 4 13 a mldsutl20 6 48 12 Lla 12 ii 19 h 5 6 44 a 4 co 14 14 2 n Disney 12d 27 w 45 44a 45wa aphasia 79 17 a 11 1 t p monsan240 8163 65 mondu208 6 7 Mon Wibo 7 25 2m 21vj 21a mornor88 7 53 16 15a 16 a a i4j a minnplk46 7 7 14a 14 in lion 9n i 177 transam59 6 82 7 trlcon279e 20 20a 20i a i 1 s2 ualinc25e8 150 26 25a a ump Tondl 4 13 11 Kohloa uncarbz20 7118 42a unelecl28 7 41 12a 117a 12 vib unocall98 5 32 38a 37a 37aa upaccp240 12 23 73 73 73a uniroyal70 5 61 8 8 5 19 it 3 34 he denied a motion for bail which galleys lawyers said was warranted because they said the hearings produced a High probability of Success earlier in the Day the us supreme court also denied Raleigh North Carolina utilities commission was to hear More testimony today from its staff As a hearing continued on Duke Power cos request for a 168 per cent rate increase t de Hipp commission at Torney said the hearing will run through Friday and then i until july 21 when three More Days of testimony ing the Cost of serving him Spann told Griffith in answer to a question he said that if some customers pay a Low rate of return other customers would have to pay a higher rate judiciary from Page 1 a gov Reagan will speak in Charlotte Washington a California gov Ronald Rea Gan is scheduled to be the main speaker sept 14 in Charlotte for a statewide Republican rally in behalf of gop candidates in the fall election this was confirmed tues Day by a spokesman for sen Jesse Helms r no a state coalition of Republican exxon455e 6 9 of faircam80 6 56 4pa 40 fairlnd10 6 37 33 february vendoco40 6 14 5a veto Ofish 25 s 23a 23a during the hearing galleys attorneys emphasis utilities commission proposed changes in s rate Structure that give the company Industrial customers a larger rate hike than residential customers Duke contends it is losing suggested during the Money on Small residential meeting Custor aers the witnesses the or Robert m Spann an democrats would like to Quiry and whether to a groups is sponsoring the Amine them in Public or even the spokesman said private arrangements for reagans visit Are still incomplete the possible witnesses in clude four proposed by Republican members and four by the democrats with others expected to be reagans appearance will boost the congressional candidacy of rep James mar tin inc the u s Senate Campaign of William Stevens and the Campaign of James h Carsonjr for state at Torney general Froehl new York Gap cp44 4 10 8 8a gamsk140 4 6 26a 26a Olin Conwi t 1 Tajh gannett36 24 a Mark 4 1 it Gend Nam 6 12 24a 24a 24a Otis Al v 220 i 3 34a 34a out Mamm 5 1j in Hroop 1u jyjx49 24ffi Ftfe 1c 9fi a7 Ixia genmilll08 16 24 51 51 7 3 40a 40a gnmot490e 8 50a 50 owenllll60 7 3 40a 40a gpobutl68 4 65 Lla w 4 50 9 9a it 87 16 t6 Xerox Cpl 30180 121va 120 7a 40 7 1 18a it zalecorp76 6 102 15 15 zenithrl52 932 23 22aa press 1974 a 47 it sales figures Are incr oficial unless otherwise noted Rales of Divi massacre occurred and was army chief of staff when Calley was tried attorney j Houston Gordon also argued that it assistant economics professor at Vii and a witness for the commission staff underwent Cross examination tuesday by Duke attorney Steve Griffith i think we should move cd new York a new York Stock gettyo30e ii 6 12 ii 75 global mar 10 n goodrhl12 5 14 20a 20a i 55 55avt goodyrtrl6 50 16a it b it 44 44 i grace50 6 45 23 23a 1 a 4a granlw60 11 59 Sasa addres 30p 184 a 5 5 it Hipxe 24 x6 12a 12 12 aetnalfl08 6 130 25a 24aa giwnfn40 5 71 14 13 13avt airprd20b 23 48 55 at a zonal Al Canall Alle ally Allyl pal alldchl50 alld Stilso 6 24 halburtl20 26 146a alllschal26 5 66 8a 8 8 it harrisc112 7 5 22 22 a ii 57 42a 42 42 a Hec Samsot 22 24 22a 5 2 9v3 9a 9avt hercules80 18 44 43a 42 43 2 41 19a 18a Heublein 17 3 43 43 Tui Iocca win Ciriac i Oica i i t c t r t a i ends in the foregoing table Are annual w3s grossly unfair to try toward each customer d3v in 4ha i 11 r j pallav in a tin ichor or semiannual declaration special or oaij8y on 3 Muffler extra dividends or payments not design that applies to a civilian rated As regular Are identified in the 4 t Folio Wing footnotes situation rather than on a violation of the Laws of War hear from Are Alexander Butterfield former appointments Secretary to president Nixon Herbert Kalmbach Nixon former personal lawyer asst atty Gen Henry Petersen and former White House aide Charles Corson preceding 12 months declared or paid after Stock 75a 74 papwltl80 6 13 16a 16 Pennzoil a 7 45 18 in pepsicol20 18 197 62a 76 20 88 but capt Edward Newton accumulative Issue with five army prosecutors argued that the Ehrlichman from Page Ixo Ehrlichman a successful Seattle lawyer before joining Cia from Page 1 con tracts that gave them Access to classified information the sources said one source emphasized that before any prosecution could be naia mis year dividend omitted de f erred or no action taken at last dividend civilian slayings of which the administration is Chare Frederick Lanue a former meeting o ti7ui to i the ones proposed by the former White House aides John w the director of Dean Iii and h r Cia would have to show to a Haldeman former atty Gen John Mitchell and a heis30b a Malolm ppgindl73 5 in 24 24a proc Tolbo 27175 psvcoll20 6100 psvegl72 5106 publckr24t 5 3 52 v52 8 18 f j 8 9 25 25 a asmelll50 4 82 amstand80 67 14 13 14 a s5 13ft a a hewllpk20 34 153 87 4 3 hotel ctr 17 b Holiday 32 8 33 hollysul20 5 3 18 Homes Tkel 16 71 hotiywlll40 it 97 59 57 hous finl 31 14a houslpl48 6 30 Idaho i 86 7 3 24 23a 24 4 quaksto58 15 3 t2vs 22 a questor50 13 13 Byj 8a raistonp80 18 134 44 43a 44 a Ranco ln92 4 2 Lla Lla Kap Idam 3 13 9 a 9 raythen70 10 36 33 a cat 6 96 15 rdgbate30 12 5 22 wac his dividend paid Valley w3s con Alciea q10 preceding 12 to occur in a combat situation estimated on a dividend or Eydi Strimbu there were no soldiers at my Lai Newton said there were just babies too Small to crawl old men and women there was a ditch into which people were herded and squatted until they were shot this was just not a com the four gop witnesses bankruptcy or receivership or de with one count of lying to White and Nixon re the Fri and three counts of election Campaign aide making false statements before a Federal grand jury he is liable for 30 years in jail sentences and 550000 in fines president Nixon has judge that the classification was reasonable the sources stressed that Colby proposal was being considered within the Nixon administration no final decisions on its provisions or panties Issue subject to in equalization tax celebrities from Page 1 a of the within a week of publication of the Pentagon papers a would be questioned mainly even on whether to make the on their knowledge of the recommendations formally March 21 1973 payme Jit of to Congress have been made to convicted yet they said watergate burglar Howard one source said that under Hunt existing Law it was a close besides selecting whether the govern witnesses the committee ment could obtain criminal Calley 31 was origins 0 the Vietnam i x 8219 47 a saw 47 53 ifs is f it and president of murder of 22 civilians at my amp lnc33 31 77 40a c it Ampe corp 8 12 3a anacon65e 5 29 21 21a a spec corp 108 archdan25 10 15 17a 17a a armcol20a 5 39 22 21 it armstckv2 17 26 27a ashdolll40 5 16 20 20a it asddrgi40 7 3 26a 26a a 16 84 90 89a Atla Scorp 35 50 1a 1 ave corp 4 19 4 a avnetlnc30 3 15 7a 7va 7a 4 5 15a 15a 4114 7 7a it 5 32 26a 14149 76 75 75 lrilndstl240 6 38 33a 32a 32aa interlake2 5 3 26 26 ism5j2 19 93 220a 21ba 219a2 in Tharlson 5 34 25a 24a 25 int Menchl 10 48 35 34a 35 nfnickl40 740 28 28a 28a into Aplson 12132348a 48 48 a 4199 19a 19 3 1 16a 16a 16a Ite corp 13 6 Lla 11 iia Ujj jewelc166 8 6 reylnd268 t1 v3 7 33 44a 44 44 us Iii Luci i Fott Viii Saiia it Ivy i i Western Union Lai the sentence was reduce John g Martin executive de to 10 years by military f reynmet50 5 14 19a 19 r rockwimt2 540 committee chairman of rohrlnd90 7 5 it Hon Holpin in 7 33 Lla la Lla Nhudiem to to 32 16 15 16 safewyl60 10 116 38a 37a stjoemin7 7 7 34 34 34 a stl5af2so 5 3 27 27a it Johns Jim 43 19 118a 11b jonlog80 3 10 8a 8 a jonlaul60 5 1 19 19 19 a joymlgl50 12 9 34a 34 34 avonpdl48 21 149 49a it jhnmanl20 5 58 7 17a babckw80 9 22 20 19 20 it balge196 5 52 is 14 8auschl42 10 34 bealfds65 n 20 18 Beeca Irso 5 15 8 8 a sellhowb4 4 4 17 16 Bendix so 6 20 29a a benflcpl25 5321 Iba 18 18 it bengtb07e 11 25 3 it a 6 125 30a a Boeing 60 6 19 18a 184 a boisecas50 4 52 14t a bordenl20 8 20 20 20a brgwarl35 4 68 18v 17a 18 brislmi52 16 27 527a britpcl37e 2 72 9a 9 new York american Sass Fri new York new York Stock Exchange Index brunswk32 6 31 14a it Market cents buc Yeriel 13 1 25 25 a Budd Cobo 3 s 10 10a Industrial 5180039 bulovaw70 5 15 9 9a transportation 32 97o20 6 1 6a 6a Utility 2848 008 Carnap Chub stat High Lew Lait chg 61 9 21 a 1000 a Hart director and former chairman of Heublein lawyers included Henry Fox of Washington Earl w Kintner of Washington and Richard s Storrs the newspaper said the Case centers on Home stake production co a Tulsa okla tax shelter Oil drilling company which the Sec declared insolvent last september and is review Gordon argued that West Moreland commended and congratulated galleys company on a Job Well done at my Lai putting an after the fact stamp of approval on the operation he said Westmoreland was simultaneously of leak ordered the plumbers to find out All they could about or Ellsberg and his motives Nixon named Ehrlichman for supervision of this group and Egil Krogh j questioned in open or Clos secrets de meetings Colby proposal stems from a recent court Battle Hodinko said the material Over a Book Cia an cult of made Public would include intelligence written by any evidence furnished by former government James d St Clair Nixon intelligence officers Victor chief impeachment lawyer Marchetti and John Marks who will present his rebuttal the sources said the Book thursday was published this month allowed to publicly deny re Emich mans assistant was r j j chosen chief plumber others added were David r Young formerly a member of Henry a Kissinger staff Liddy burundi60 5 56 Burl Norloso 6 17 35 34ft Burgh so 33 91 i04a cd cadence i and 7 1 2a 2a Camerl 50 23 21 34a 33v a 7a brass Nab 2113 15 a 11 7 18 18a cd 3 2 5 1 1 in Home stakes bankruptcy and four groups of investors have filed possibility for my Lai but has not yet been called under oath to testify publicly about his role Elliott Lent tentative sup port to the defense attorneys arguments about command influence he said from the t j t Bench he did not dispute the Cia s operations Tennessee reports spotted fever cases i tap a As Tenn cases of the High Point Enterprise established 1884 published every afternoon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise inc 210 Church Avenue High Point no 27261 member of the associated press rates by mail payable in Advance 1yr 6 to 3 to 1 to doily Ond sunday 51820 5910 s305 sunday Only by Carrier wkly 570 monthly 5305 or mail subscription in no subject to sales lax the associated press in entitled to the use for reproduction of All local printed in this newspaper As Well at All a news dispatches entered As second class matter at the Post office High Point no under act of March 3 1879 second class postage paid at High Point no All Corners dealers and distributors Independent contractors and the High Point Enterprise inc is not responsible for Advance subscription payment made to hem or their representatives for Home delivery Rote Contact your local Carrier War Griffith company National advertising representatives stocks a Stock averages do Dixi Cyncor 22 10 7 7 it Dyne Canose ii 8 3 be Espe mtg 26 3 3 3 2 a suits in Federal and state 4 7 sagg giant z40a 12 19 14 it it Basinet 5102 42a it 8ls400849 16a courts in Tulsa accusing the principals of wrongdoing the journal said at least one Federal grand jury is expected to Convene soon in los Angeles or in new York according to the newspaper Oklahoma Oil lawyer trial testimony of it Benn ing officers who said they were not directly influenced by Washington authorities but i also have no doubt they were aware of what the president of the United Section a principal witnesses specially in the prosecutions Case against Ehrlichman will be Charles w Colson who turned Over in political contributions to lid by Money that allegedly Underwood Pilot m t were hospitalized with the Mountain spotted fever last week county been diagnosed health officials said both men have since been release n de from the Hospital but re borne disease reported m main under care of a pm Vii Knox county alone health of Cian finals said three cases of the disease two East tennesseans have been recorded in Shelby and possibly a third have county in West Tennessee bringing to at least six the number of cases of the tick died of the disease this year the disease which Robert s Trippet who to in in 4vt y Impo Asoa 13 109 Bonds 24705135 just Rupsys 622 ndivai80 kaisrin20e 3 6k 6k a save last summer has consented 9 2 17a 49b2 6461 do Jones averages Stock averages com plead by atm Iitto w ind rim Ute 18 6 a pall Lafay Tadio 3 21 lamaur36 6 2 Loewe heat 16 4 4a log Corput 28 2a 2 medenco12 525 5a 4 5 7a 7a a a a noonwed4107 1369 825 2527 1373 830 2540 week ago4125 1385 840 2548 month ago3984 130 2 883 7479 year ago4498 1320 120 s 7833 1777 1100 mob 1302 818 2479 1973high5327 1847 1463 3449 1255 979 2610 Bond averages comp pm by Prthu u in m i noon wed 495 736 821 985 Prev Day 496 737 821 935 week ago 500 743 829 985 month ago 303 764 823 Ril year ago 525 830 879 992 532 811 990 1974 Low 496 737 820 982 1973 High 539 1973 Low 516 to a court injunction against securities Law violations without admitting or denying any charges by the Sec the journal said the newspaper said he claims he acted in elect 1 in Good Faith in raising Money 6 3 Oil drying and warned n proc35e 7 22 5 investors that it was risky Ozarka Ose 27 the journal said Harvey a Garland operations Secretary of the army 34 4 manager for Home stake in it the late i960ssaid it drilled five Wells on a vegetable Scurry Arn 27 4 2iavt farm near Santa Marta stat Hamim n 21 14 i4a Lavt Calif and to make things look More impressive got permission from the Farmer to paint some of his irrigate t u j authorities in Wash can be fatal formerly was states had been saying what went to finance the of Inston county said tuesday confined to the Western n0 of ration v Jeffrey Lynn Arnett 9 states health authorities Colson originally indicted Johnson City died june 8 of have warned however that for the Fielding breaking what tentatively teen Wood tick which spreads the disease is being found in Eastern states in increasing Case and has been sentenced two Morgan county men a mud last to three years in j the Secretary of defense had been saying what the Secretary of the army had i a my j f j a to of been saying what the chief pleaded Cuilty to another identified As Rocky Mountain the founded Home stake in 1955 of staff had been saying Idony Carw in the Eusse spotted fever and ran it until he resigned the judge said the com y Cna Gem me Mand influence Issue is not one to be brushed off lightly Gordon also argued that the military court erred in refusing to subpoena West Moreland who currently is campaigning for governor in year is contributing to the Permaner South Carolina former Secretary of defense Melvin l Laird and former Stanley Resor 70 per cent Power rate hike in Fayetteville requested Fayetteville n c a Power Light co Spalj has is pals coring to a synlex40 21 117 44a 45 to Texas i it co 11 14 7 let 7 it us Lyd in Brandi us flltr20 t 16 6a 6a 732 Vav 733 View Lex 34 i 1514 1 732 Vancorp 32 a 733 we Westa Tittl 14 9 42a 10 12 4 it 6 it government attorneys con Fayetteville Public works commission that be Sam tended that galleys trial it will a 70 per cent increase in it f increase of lawyers failed to persuade wholesale Dower necessitate a46 per the military judge that testimony from the officials would b file rate 784 710 732 854 893 996 ri1 Yates and 4 41 hh4 10a 710 652 963 742 press 1974 by Elliott commented the r Tion pipes Orange and code right of a defendant to Call newer commission in Washington them with oilfield markings the witness cannot depend on the wholesale electricity rate is the rate Garland said there was one the defendant being Able to Cal charges its bulk Power customers legitimate 3500foot Well and state with certainty what a mostly Small municipalities and Independent at least three dry 500foot witness will say when he gets Power cooperatives on the stand Fayetteville with 37000 retail customers increase exorbitant until t 11 Muench said with the Federal will file a petition with the Federal to the an organization of 71 have municipal

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