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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ask Andy to my a of Moi of an 4f, Addaree postal Cord a of Lofters to Aasc Andy Coto of Tho High Point i a Terr too. Bosons Lote at Given to Aon tie of Andy sends a Complete 2d-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Cynthia be Benito age is. Of Portland Maine for her question can you Tell me about the Albatross his slender White wings spread 12 feet wide. So naturally we cannot crowd them onto a Page nor to we have room to print All the facts about the great Albatross. Besides some of these reports Are fanciful sailors yarns so let s be fair and give some of the Tine Facto along with at least one of the fanciful Albatross tales. The famous wandering Albatross has a dozen somewhat smaller cousins All of them spend the greater part of their lives soaring like super sized Seagull Over the great oceans. They belong to the sea and when the nesting season is Over they often do not visit the land again until next year s nesting season four of the cousins have nesting Headquarters along Rocky shores around the Northern Pacific Ocean the other nine belong to the Southern oceans and nest on the Rocky Cliffs around the Antarctic their Basic color scheme is White Lily White. With touches of Brown or Black. All of them have very Long Strong beaks slightly curved at the tips. The smaller cousins include the yellow nosed Albatross and the Black j bowed Albatross the Black footed Albatross and the Brown footed Albatross but without a doubt the most outstanding member of the clan is the famous wandering Albatross a whose Wingspread is the widest in the entire Bird world. His body is about the same size As that of a White Goose. But when he soars aloft above the sea. His slender wings measure at least 12 feet from tip to tip. He belongs to the Southern hemisphere when summer comes to the Antarctic the males and females gather together from their lonely wanderings Over the sea they perform elaborate courtship dances and the Birds that Are seven years or older pair off for the nesting season the parents build a cup shaped nest of Muddy materials and the female fills it with one big egg both parents take turns at keeping the egg warm through 81 Long patient Days. The one and Only Chick is a bundle of Fluffy White accented with a shiny Black beak. For a Long time the patient parents feed their Only child on partly digested fish food but chances Are he is too Young to Fly away when the summer ends so the parents continue to tend him through the Long cold Winter night of the Polar Region come Spring the family separates and each member soars away on his or her lonely wandering Cong ago the men of the old sailing ships gazed in wonder As the great Albatross soared beside them hoping for handouts they imagined that his wide wings caused the Friendly breezes and said he was a Good Luck Bird anyone who harmed an Albatross was said to bring doom to the ship and All her sailors. A famous poem called the rhyme of the ancient manner tells a Long tale of this fanciful yarn an old timer Lilor shot Down an Albatross with an Arrow and All the breezes died with no wind to fill the sails the ship was unable to move on the Calm tropical sea one by one the sailors perished from thirst a but the old Mariner survived to Grieve Over his crime. Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of narnia to Susan Whitecotton age la of Visalia California for her question pot shots teapots tend to be Low and wide because Tea leaves Rise and expand in hot water. Coffee grounds on the other hand tend to sink to the Bottom of the pot leaving the pure clean brew at the top thus Coffee pots Are generally tall and narrow How Are frogs from loads different baby frogs and toads Are sooty Black tadpoles that live in the water often it is very hard to Tell which is which but in most cases we can Tell the adult frogs from the adult toads most of the frogs Are Slimmer than the toads and their Back legs Are longer often the frogs Wear greens and other fancy colors the average Toad is a Chunky flattish fellow with a warty skin of a drab Brownish color. Usually we can Tell which is which from where they live the Frog never goes very far away from the water where he spent his tadpole Days. The Graceful creature is a Champion swimmer and diver and he spends lots of time in his private Pond the stodgy Toad usually hop hop hops away to spend his adult life among moist and Shady greenery he is often found far from the water Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of Namia to Brian Bewley age 12, of Princeton. Kentucky for his question Why is the Sun warmer in summer astronomers insist that we Are three million Miles closer to the Sun in december than we Are in july. Since we get our seasonal heat from the Sun. It seems logical to expect summer around Christmas time when the Sun is closest. But this is when summer moves South of the Equator the mix up is caused because the Earth is round. Its Axis is tilted and it has an atmosphere that acts to screen out solar radiation in july it is the North pole s turn to tilt toward the Sun. In the Northern hemisphere the noon Sun climbs higher in the sky and the Days Are longer. Rays from directly overhead come straight Down via the shortest route through the atmosphere. They lose More radiation when the Sun is lower in the sky because then they slant Down longer paths through the atmosphere so in july even though the Earth is farthest from the Sun. We get More hours of daily Sunshine and More heat from higher in the sky. Lowe s inflation prices strike again inflation has t gone away since we introduced Lowe s Una Flatiron prices in april rising prices and higher costs Are still with us. That s the bad news. J the Good news is that in a Flatiron is also still with us. This Page shows verified examples of How Lowe s Low prices have created Una Flatiron on Many items. And we renew our pledge to use our 113-store buying Power every working Day to increase your buying Power at Lowe s. Lowes can hat you in Fatata your air conditioning Dollar Thea 3,200 Btu room air condition a told for $127.50 in 1960. But today the 4,000 Btu modal la priced at Only $94.63 now for the Best news. Lowe s guarantees to hold the line on every Price in this and for to Daw so if you re tired of High prices try Lowe s in a Flatiron prices. 72/ reproduced from Lowis Atar Ino newspaper to. Whirlpool 16.6 cubic Al no Frost refrigerator Freezer with i hit Whirlpool refrigerator Freezer you got a in la Freezer capacity. Par storage door with 24 built in agg nests and a i la butter compartment ,. Separate tamper Atura controls it there anything you Don a Gat vat. Iron both hath food and Freezer sections Ara completely free of troublesome Frost 53707 i i Cost Perl Rajtr Lowe s inflation Price Reg. $288.83 $258 save $30.00 83 4,000 Btu room air conditioner with thermostat More Btu a less Money. That a a Deal that can t be beat hot Points Porta Cool gives you a full 4.000 Btu s of easily portable Cooling Power. Light and compact this Model can still deliver1 it has an 8-position thermostat. Top air discharge. Tilt out filter. Top carry handle. And lexan folded outside Case. #50150. A Fiji Fiadini 11.6 cubic it. Refrigerator Freezer Here t 2-door convenience with an 86 la Freezer on top and panty of door storage Balow Alto features Handy agg rack. 2 Eaty re Taase Tea trays covered butter by. Full Width Vega Tabie crisper., end magnetic door Gasket Seal to Kaap cold in. 53504 Reg. $239.62 save $20.00 $219 notice Lowers inc. Will be open All Day july 4th 40 Inch electric Range features tilt bake Broth units. See through lift off oven door. Lift out drip pans Side. 2 Bottom storage areas #52822 Reg $229 93 a save 130 of $199 it i 25�?� Diagonal xl-100 color console $528�?o 19�?� Diagonal color to am portable radio 8 track car tape player $338. 3�?o., $32 #55119 Whirlpool 8,000 Btu room air conditioner 6 000 Btu a will really Cool you Down fast. A specially when combined with Whirlpool s Quot panic Button a super Cool setting for fast temperature lowering. This Model also features the Comfort guard control dual air direction control. 3-Speed fan. And adjustable thermostat #50015. Reg. $189.76 a save $20.00 76 $169 Whirlpool 10,000 Btu air conditioner #50017. Req. $228.86. Saye $20--------------- $206 86 \ permanent press 2-Speed of i automatic Washer this automatic Washer has 3 washes and 2 rinses. 2 water Levels. Normal and Gan tia agitation and Apons 3 soil ram Oval cycles Fountain Titar lint removal. Wide arc spiral agitator. And Porc Eiam Enamay finish #51222. Reg. $218.69 save $40. $i7869 a 21.8 cubic Al Side by Side refrigerator Freezer this refrigerator freeze s Tea service gives you in whenever you want it without even opening the door Harvest Gold #53573 Reg. S638.84 a save so of 12" Diagonal Black amp White portable the perfect portable for every member of the family Light and compact but Clear Crisp Black amp White pictures #54458. $588�?o $69�?o nest console stereo with built in 8 track tape $258?, charge it. 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