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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Sold in Only 4 Days Tui says or. Terry Lukehart when he placed. And aay Yvo i a. A or it fur Quot a str Nile tit a i. T to wit int Ikon a Yawor old bedroom twit Ond dining Reem suit Pise Nice Washer cd a Taio Coa of hmm aft Eft Iio a 3?0 waft Ca 472 a. And got results place your and i today Call 885-2177 a i Greensboro daily not a a an to tag tar pert a District it mfr it the College arc on tar Ling be tory a a Var <1t-<jaht# not i a pita to Wark Early mgt Urt of interest apply mip Rion at in Greensboro de ? news Oft Phi Maul is p0,, to needed with Matt Yow my tar Antiwar a your first party a up it party and Roar 8210 a a tat Catalon i aim kit. Hat no charge delivery a collecting to tweet nothing Jot i ital Lim aft v a Rrt it 300 or j to i Mary tractor trailer Drivers salary 84 pry tour a eni aits ital Lude a a a to vet on a a a to Moi Dayt a a Ata birthday a data on it mat so pay a my gift i to a disability ins. A Ltd Maar mad a Pat Ifni a. Empty a a Tad i sharing retirement Alan a �?~whi1 Berun Only to Par an cd tractor trailer Ort need apply. Food world incorporated a Ojo court re High path . Thi High Point Eny a in larva Meta rout com a a open in a it Quot a aaa i in Trinity Arm Mutt a a Amarin tan Par ton pita to Call or hic. It Arr i Attar a a m a Tai Tayu Nawaa a in in Mam Aina hut a Tsi Ana a Aai Atcitt Meg. W Anta it a welshmen. Part to or Randt apply mip Ion William Aiau inc. Taal Attica wanted Houmu tatar a in attuned to Industrial location in High pm &0m my an tank Panait can or a . 14�?o 4 a Quot Tad. Cathar 4 mat tat morning nor Appl in Par Ion i inn Naod a i not Hlf cat a a Quot Tad a pm Rita cd Oil few mtr malt tion it Ani Ling to de Ota it a Nom Call wad t Oil co. 1e7 0 of or or it wad t 0<i Ca Poutoa my Mclean twill. N c pm wan Tco plums a helpers Waar Mirr Tad Tam a wha you d in tata in to Trad and who a depended apply a twin i a in Loe Lin pluming 4 heating company til eat main Straw Ttanl. N c wanted Mechanic must in maid Wor a ing 4 very Kepi Noalla Good Opportunity Porth right Man of ply Toro of in care of the Enterprise warehouseman Good working Centi i on. A a fit ant nag apply Ainoi Mig. Or p Olton pims Doss 73 professional Maryfield nursing Home needs nursing assistants orderly amp housekeeping staff. Experience preferred but will train suitable applicant. Apply in person or Call 8352276. Job wanted i 76 c Hild Carr it data agr woman will amp children Wilt to pm Tai car in tax daytime. I Days a a t. So Nan Ion non will keep children in my Home Brentwood area phone mus it by Nat it. Simi nor we a and of Meta i too to i in Ptim a Champion blood Lino roast Ford web rms a pm in of pu0p1 tat Coch a Pool miniature % to. Sos i a a Ryan Tara toy to to Ftp us an Sal Collie Pup. Acc Register All a Mai to Writt Ota i in Calor a so a Ach of Blue Mona the on sea 4 Las is Mio Day or ants Pant Tvett too car Cantar prs tast on i poodle yi9 bathing training ail bread of his Dahs ibis evenings dog grooming Call Cor appointment Virginia ranks la my 11 Mai t sat tat Mound i Mart Eta Wydo cared Good tar children. Man Otter pm it ast wit Neomoi Gorman Shepherd Puppilo acc tag i a Gaoat old Alt Mai a Hor s ear Tai. Doper Man. Rod re Star a. To month old. Uis Alta Reg to for re qua tar Mal. I rear Eta Hatter broken phone in aaa _ tor Sale Madonn tit toddle nor 7 n veers Eta Sis com a Saitta Pree a Ament. A old pm i som Pree puppies to Good he mgr ? week of. Ait Sabsi eight year Ota to gelding Rackur Sam Atter s Rte 1 an mos j Bage d racking tan ride tack it no tided gentle Well mannered gelding a Oer tact her tar children or bag rid 1. Region Taddio 4 Brid a Wana amp tar i Taal horses por Salg w it boar. Break and Reta phone Anglia or All i. Miniature Apricot Podoll. Tematea s month of Iowa Cit Ator an Las Pangna i orm unique acc registered. pug Puppe. Wonderful Par tar children hoc 411-4101 female Pointer Pup a month a id from Good Hunting Stock. Is can it att Attar a on weekday Pom Pabian puppies toy. Acc Tad oar 5�\h p blood line Iowa 4 a Toction pm m2 ism he Miu i whim to in. No appointment needed Pend i att or Bach registered Golden a Lri or Pupp tat Beautiful. Wary affectionate Poi perfect marking Good tar showing 4 Breeding Coil Winston so Tam. Jaio a Roget Terry Quarter Hor can to used tar beginner or advanced rider sound. Good deposition. Alto registered Quarter titty 4 App Coit. Roth new Star Tad training Ali Abb sacrifice Buckskin Mare enjoy Aba tar any in to Rda s or old aeolian disposition to 111 to any s German Shepherd puppies for Sal anon or Ais in Silver poodles. I Mal 4 2 female. Acc Reg tiered. Sis each or Post Otter to won week eld. Phone All ant Saint Bernard. Male s mos olo. Reg. Phone i 4411 Butte Goat a to old. Sjo phone Beo-4074 to pet supplies will keep children in my Horn. Aget i s or. Hoi South main St. Archdale pm Alt Alit will keep children i hrs 4 older first shift Hatteras yacht area phone Butaya will keep children in my Ham first Brentwood action phone m2 aaa w ill keep children leg j a up. Tat 4 3rd shift i St. Ria it a Golf court a mph 77 will babysit or do Light housework Eastwood or Jamestown Section �?��?�2 421 Carpenter wants Small jobs phone Dat Asis Pels and supplies 7f pet amp Livet lock 2 Black cockatoo Mala. Sas each. Pm. 43i-s0m Western Quarter horses id pleasure Riding 4 show gliding 4 tiered mar. Call Daw either Lim in am. Aller i to Matt i Blond puppet As each a Hon Mj-w2 j month old irl a setter free to Good Horn phone 842-444 a to Ltd of Hasso Witt Taro re can As Hsi everything tar in hours and rider. Allaf pc Aann t no i to i mom is m2 4121 grooming for poodles. Schnauzers end War out other brads pick up and delivery sane tor App Otmani Coil an Atta Western Wear 4 tack Headquarters All tack at discount pros Hesters trading Post. Hwy. Ill South Khi. Ail Sill. Find Ithial ii business opportunities investors special dupe epee i Mon Ooi Nowlin pm element annual Rani ti840. Priced at 1480 la to return in investment con iba0 to alter s p a tru toe distributorships a liquid tire balancer Ano sealant proven by millions of Miles of Road usage fantastic profit opportunities. Interested Call j. Burks. Collect at 12141 Aai Sjo adorable acc registered chocolate poodles tis each. Haw had ail Puppy thou m2 ism acc pups Chow. Nor Waingar Elk hound. Toy poodle. Vein. Mallet. Lhasa Auto. Minatare Schriever siberian Hotkey. Reg or to Titan. The menagerie pet shop phys ams wanted to borrow a. Duo tor one a of will pledge Sio too egut in Prim com Mart at property Sand rep Ieta p o Boa 8402 acc Rog Litara Chihuahua puppies 4 weak old so. An my read the Enterprise classified ads 8a mortgage Lobos it s springtime time for additions amp repairs. Get Home improvement loan Capitol financial service or far git ish n main is. Is 2044 86 insurance if you have a Parent or grandparent who because of their age or health can not Quality tor additional burial in Turance insured updo age is with no waiting period most condition Tuch at diabetes heart Alc. Cowered write p o Boisi Jamestown. N a. 27242 for con Tiden Tiel reply a convenient Way to borrow up to 2nd mortgages is ail Del. Tar a hem quit i teen Cen be arranged quickly. Prot it by in your Home no endorser Ere needed teem Ere tailored to your Cen Enn let Cen Lect it tar detect Thi Money you want la available now mid South commercial co. Phone 8887209 119 Yamaha Iron owner. Mrs a Street toed Send Ltd in to it i write for free information on our new medicare Sopp cover All Pree tiling cond m issued inert Ere no wailing periods or exclusion to except denial treatment ret car alcoholism mental d so Dart. Narcotic addiction. . Boa Isi. Jamestown n a watch for our grand opening soon Diamond Quality automobiles inc. Phone 882-1413 old Thomasville at 1-85 uti Kawasaki Soo cd Cut Tam me a paint Jinq . We phen at Imbt if am Loie that Mon Tyrl or Bike of a a ii la an tear transportation w Auto accessories 12 tar Bleck bored Imo a a a to i iss i bar Mack needs Bor n Sjo Yeti me Smi he do air shocks Only Tai As camper mutter . Shocks end h met guaranteed work Bowles aute pert m2 n a finn. Phone is Mig >1 Auto repair Carrier boo y shop 4 alignment co Hin Homine a a Cert aute body repair and painting. Trant end our tent. Brake repair spin bouncing 4 Taw ups pams so 11 442 14 0 ire estimate Sun tested Tun up Brake service Bowie aute Par Tami n. Wrynn phew bks a 70s tune up a 4 Miner. 24# Barr Carburettor. Brake a the. Front end alignment wheel balancing neat s Auto serve. A s Elm St. >2 autos is anted we buy used cars late models will pay top Dollar see Junior Hembree used car manager Vann York Pontiac n. Main of Mon lieu 8884024 or 885-2133 97 boats amp thrillers i loot 1 Ber gloss peal. To Haws Pew rot trailer it a Ciudad. Good tithing boat As ski Baal. Mio in m2 Issi till is it mfg Tri Hull Bow Naar carpet Cut Tam made Caw tap. Asp Johnson he in Taw tin trailer garaged. C c �2aoo porn in ten Critchfield he it is Chrysler Complete out ii like new on set it ski included 11400 firm cell 442 1410 ten ranker Titt Tri Hull cd t hit trailer. As horsepower Mercury motor a. S. Ski rope. 4 lit lockets included in a in Nae i h p scars motor i in Eta incl Cono in phone i a is for Saig to h mfg beat n nne be car Johnson tactic Hart motor Gator till trailer Good uis can Atter 4pm ase Jefe Tell Yamaha 2s4-mx off Road Bike. Geed Cem Fatah mis phone 412 Iso ten Nono Cam ten v is Uso pm til som 1 in Honda silo goad Cen Fettah Uso firm phone no tie Lien Yamaha Tad Lim Row t>00 in let Street end trod Bike mph lie i sen Honda co ims so oar wit pod. Crash bar Tow re Iago St Ettawa cow ditto reduced 0kfst j fell Triumph trophy Trail i Macc i in Miles like my condition very Good Street or Woods it a 100 Cen i Fen bet or pm Teia Alch Harteros hah Spe Ruttar like new Lac aet a aerated. Us can is Haft att to Tram eau tin pm. N mom Ald cd Uke new. Sits Iowa crash bars. And High ?.# Nan bars u200 an pm info by. Vamper tatty a lewd to Cattan tend an phone ail fail a All-8413 reason Aba Png transportation ten w Ford c our to w ten a to tatar sat can Atte pm tit him As tar Danny itt Chevy Van i Cylinder straight drive. Moo mile 11300 o-1190 4 attorn Hun of Alt Ami or by Alt i its Che Violi t ton truck iet4 chewy engine with feeders near sniff Meg who end new Gres Umar Trade tar meter Cycle a is 00 Yow Nero furniture truck Large or Small �00 a erg f ton. V 1 ie�3 Dodge Jiff Tang. Iou Fco a diesel Rood Trot for for flaw. M Fly a. 2 Eye Yeti r14h for rent i win Osage my Homes my self contained Cen 1 in Blee a non Salem a Lee Aita for a pm Haye a in Dodge Trusa for talc excellent condition c phone my a i Lancer travel trailer ii. Sen contained steeps 4 Reese hitch end to Abiew Ber a cured 111 i hand cd mib times fit a Al Foft assume town 114 to see Iso can Midi a Atter bpm cd to Honda Many extras pcs to appreciate. Siu before a i 48. After Bee Mai ask for Busty Eor Sale to Suzuki in e a Eilent get Taitan. Can eeaii2. For Sale to Honda in Cah 4s1-4m for Sali ten mend cd. Run sch ten Honda is in Mitae. Ear extant lend in. Mph to dim a 44 314 motorcycle trailers Fie rent by week or weekend., Cen 843-Eeia Trail Bike Honda ctr very Good cond it on ski phone Oji my ten Yamaha los cd motor end trn set Stan rebuilt so Mitat in me few Streator Imo rms ims Day up be Sib Atter bpm. 99 trucks it Cam Cli so Foro pc bib truck. Runs food in 1 i j Yeti -2411 tat Chevy truck. Geed Shope Cen 842 41 is International travel All. C 1244 Ell wheel drive. Body rough run no goer i 4 tires m of Cand Vito a East ofter Cen Guasta. It nun in Rod tent camper. To Tirso sub phew 82 ital comp to truck Seq of w in re j smell Beds end cabinets lies pm 4 1 1123 too. Automobiles for Sale 68 Volkswagen very f teen two r it ter it a a with Brown. Raw Only 8 Tao Acta Miles very aes Good foe a wee Dewl anytime weekends sound mec.ni�#iw eng a Nee ten Cen no met after la Pontiac firebird it Hardtop p s of ii Pule trans in Consol bucket seen. Hot in eng. Owner bought new it Tho 77 Catalina i Oeor Hardtop Pawer steer leg Power a rakes. A red a a am in am rendition ing. Dor Green with Bleck Vann York n. Mam of Mon Filiau phone my 4024 Peeler Al on Amirr sift not silo Goco with be it a top but be in tartar. Is we a steering 4 brakes aut Almetir radio. Alf cond than a Reify is heels cleanest car in town uncork Pontic n. Main of Mon lieu Phi be by 424 of oust trtoi�ort4t<0� a 199. Aulo Mogiln for Sale tap five Xvi Quot it we Over payments com l de we mis dlr us 114 rambler ambassador set 4 Deer clean Whit with Blue Ethyl tap automatic. P % pm Siso Down. I per month Ceil m2 821 dlr 4048 14 is Nova 1-Speed in Sliver with b ack Ethyl Fop Seddars. Am pm red to. Amar con veg Cai is 444 or Tim Trinio rotation 111 t Biro Landau Coupe a gut Blue with Navy Vinyl top a sub pc wih Thiv Bower seats it a stereo 1790 phone 4ls�4j4 Atter a pm 41s till Tali it it t Impi site in by owner a a Anc of to Cylinder Esit Ameti 1489 Cen automat Good Cen t on Alf him ewer rent motor Homes for vacation Reet Nebl it a Quality motor Homes Corn ids 4 Hwy to als Bijj rent a motor Home a a s Best be Ettan 4 lowest Nta f cup resort is we Taw in i Tufi a i my Asho Bere for Sale or lease four new 40ft xt2 8% it drop from troller Meb it a furniture vans far information connect c return p o Ejbl Huston. 7 is As 11444 i 444-41 is 7 Pinto group la spec to Octant trim. 4 Speed 8-E�bw mags Whit i to a Thorp 1148 i Sij Toyota mall a Cylinder. A c Euta. A Awner new redial tires see a in a % a ton. N mein is n by i it apr Quot a Cut. Or a get goer Nill consider ired j tar a a but pored poet at uni 74 cd j jeep Well equipped am pm atm phone. Is Leat 17 Ford Gran Torino h # we a a big tap a finer 8 w no 4 Brees Altamont red a it a conditioning oily tan is Lee one owner Wmk n math it be my 4c.4 Deale tall 123 Grano prix a a a cd win Bleck in i Teg Power steering 4 b tees automatic a Kwa am pm Starer air cond tan no Felly a of s Ymme too. Auto Mounif for Salt 72 Cutlass supreme 2 Deer Hardtop. Green with Green it not tee. Power steering 4 brakes. Automat re a top i yer air White Interior new redial steel based tires Vinn Nork povt4r n. Main of Mon Fiscu 888 4024 a aalto6657 ill Dat Sun 202 a Ess then a too Miles i still on Spyr Pney a up. A a am pm mpg wheels Sheet Bbott e outfit son by owner shoes by it 84 by owner it4 fire Biro. Pron with Areng accents. To it i fins Power in Dew in wer 4 fat i tear tag. Pew Quot for is a to in a a a 4 topeutcm#t.< t is # r tend ,404 mile 14 of f to mum wee de to. It. Etal weekends _ f f or so 111 Imper Ell a run a Deo. Tun to rid sow Mitae. A Reid it Tnp fan phone i 94 jews i bom of a gets for sale7 tag tar 4 pins 2 co be. A a Tometta a i v stereo is Job cup 4 14eta n men in in at Menhir. Dearer i i or set by if to 11anger need tem Erie White with a 8 stereo built it a i or i set red Oit yes. Owe Jip in ii a on Rote tax of h Horn Chat mar to no we i Wear or Las a ask tar James ii be s Trade be car 12 Mont n Beckt no a top p a a c. Am pm track tape Pic a new Tass then t�,9o0 mites s a it a ired tar Eider i up Pew ments prefer or or be a pro who we a Pew ments it you be in ital. E�1 141 14 Mustang m. S too Miles ism Down end take up payments a Hen to pm in t b re clean up Down end in jeer month cnm14ft> or Imi ims Chev. Or. Sam Cen mall a see it Uto Bragg it 113 Buick River but my Actu in Lei like new Maroon w Whit Vinyl Ftp spoke wheel towers f m stereo Etc West it Man a win see Rit be tor 14 boo firm ret thence or pay off it 1119 loan it u am Beta Fite Ell Tao Cash or Witt Trade quo a it us phone by Hie army 447 i till Chevy suburban a pest i Cheyenne super 4 or it Lute p t a b Eta. Am pm Yeti 142 a after 8 i Ftp Iha Dodge Polar a far Seta rapt Cnapp cps m7 422# i. Am pm Rte sell or Trade left camping Fretter sleeps six. Stave ice be. Data Rem. Inn or Fred tar beet. Meter 4 trailer Phep after s i >44 Ford Mustang p m. 48 Asia special this Shiek Only truck covers him custom beet hitches to Cor Wagon St installed Meh campers inc end near Midway Ort Len them la Reed phone m2 Ibi cup rite Howard own Imi Chevret Steeve Voton in camper cower tar Short w de pick up bed sin an sae 144 orc truck tit sob mow silo twi Ohi vhf to tatar pm 74. A Utam to it it Fraps pred to tote Cen 442 42 Aik tar Dennis bad dlr jibs 114 Mazda Puj 4h 714 before so m 47 444 after 8 Job to Pontiac Bonneville a peer her Tup a c. Full Pawer excellent condition. Sas a Sass ital cup Vreta is 221 Cid Euta to floor cower steering Lff a owned Ca cell Dennis in int dlr jibs Itta Mustang it Tes Bpck a Speed too oms eng a Reed Tapp cup Oenn to 1 i 42 Olp jibs Cah l 1 4 Volkswagen be Dawn payment de 442 Kyj dlr jibs 1 to Mark i Mustang us Down. Be per month Cah 441 421� 0�r 4041 Quot to Quot a j Quot i to f 9 Quot Wolf equip pod. Abby in Vee phone my in i. 199 automobile or Holt a a a Nova is Momo or Fich a Dis , headers. Hurst or Theckla traction Bors. Bam fur Ocny tax it to in is in Hurst in Tea a i i44 term coh is Moc Atter pm As Nomad travel trailer ill. Sett anti be with Shew Gas Furnace. Waler Heater rang 4 a won a Coic Pas lights twin tanks to or try4 to heist i a lets to cedi nuts. Tarp Star age spec single Oil with new pay tues. Reese Sway control Tau 4 White Best Eft ewer 180 see Ai 144 Grantham or. To Ceil 14 toc 14 i a scout. 4 wheel Dortre 4 Cpl engine Duel tanks redid Taw i tag Simo Cpl too Ian 3 w Aunofo a t he Hub Hgt to. 3 Deer her tap. Very Good per no Brown Vinyl top Ever Ivory 1j0c pm Oji Mai Saval ant Acyl sus pm 4-442 after weekdays a p m 110 Buick Skylark Eta air. Csc Vinyl reef. Power steering 4 brakes. Geed Cand Sias m2 Vijh Dews. By �7m evenings. 0� log Delton. In p r fury Cen vocation spec Tai priced a sen local awned Budet our jibs be Triumph Trita set Orta Privet owner c tire clean. Must see si50 phone m2 2444 11114 chevre it impaled. Both Good cars end priced to stat be Money Dawn Yeti i cd m ibis do j706 j Ford tonne it s Aufu 4 straight drives take r pm a i on no it t these cars Chat Bud Iii <4 or 2iqs 44 fat Iso spider Orange is Ioc a is 4. Speed new Needer Mso in a la sj8 i Tater 7 p m a Poto Fem to to Nso a p sep b # f a a Ltd cens Der ired far i is Grotto or Boot All-48 i _ i 2j mob Taw mileage Greet condition j Taup end ten Interior. Phon#42 i Iem 22 Vii a a like new condition ukr in Cernie trod tor motorcycle to coot in Ait a is be to to Blue to imp4 too ii too in is Wen equipped perfect condition 8340 end assume consider Fred Eider tar <01 e russe st14 but cd estate Wagon. 3 see a c. Power equipped Taw new tires. Very Good condition 12 is 4s4 Haj 70 grand prix Power steer i of Power of trades automatic radio \ in Mirk Pontiu n. Main at Mon lieu 888-4024 dealer6657 a we jeer wait equipped. 2806 . Ret a must see appreciate a be Mew pc >�1j �?~72 la m 81 Irsh vhf tvs rower steering 4 Breves automatic. A a at be it be with Brown top a real Beauty \ in n ukr Hinh \ n main at Mon lieu open nights 8884024 dealer6657 a must sell 120 Poe Quot cd 400. 2 or Quot it t p i a r conditioned Auto co m2 42 it tor Budos r j70s Peugeot Joa Quot of 4 door on owner o Gas a i of must sen Imo of i s i or 142 Pajk Toke Ever payments Ftp 4 All the est a m3 42 Olp j 70s in it Buick Ceil Dennis trn up i Buat Enon it sell its Phall 4s Brawner l2 cml t. Automatic. Power steering Good cond 11 tan. Stiver Grey the Vinyl tap 47ast _ in Vin Nautam pita Trens Missien. 11244 Asa 1231 Al Toyota Corona deluxe of to owner. 4 Doc Miles acc eur Tamette reel Gas sewer Royal Blue must be toe ppr it. S3 acc Cali 431-4710 after s today s special 122 Plymouth fury Iii Alf pm pm Vinyl too clean 33 too Mas 17#s, now i m Cam m3 42 0 dub 4048 Fop Sale in for Torino tire get dr., reos Nepie All All 114 Vega. S.004 Miles still ingot warranty a c Power Clearing custom Interior smelt Down payment end assume to i Steep one opener 72 Nova any i m. Tag s3. Joo be i m2 3341 to i 7j3cen is amb Atter s pm to Nova is Iso 300 Hechim Dis to Butta. Heeler a mar stir shocks tree lion oars. Bam Turpo Hydro Ftp a i Smit Stah. Hurst shifter firm. To pro at or camper with canape 4 other eat rps la yet Tang lust the time for vocation sleep 4 fully it contained. Etc Tam condition used j times 12240 Yeti Atter up m 43 Tho of or spi to a so Grady Ahi. 21 Model Bool 123 tilt feet tar. Usu or Huo 4 a nume payments. Re m2 4ij1 offer is pm 4 1 204 98 Motorc Clet a scooters 22 Monda Cleso. I Awner Only j Miles like new make in after. Cen i ,3 ter information ims sports ter to oct. Alec staffer. Custom pain to Harte wheel base. 4&Quot a tended from end Ceil 422 sus i my Rosa Victor Aal cd. Good Bike tor Street or Trail needs repair 1300. Ceil a be Smi. In Honda in ital Rise bal Sissy Ber. Etc Metal Flake Burgundy. Mel or rebuilt too end lets can left20 to fcb pickup truck Pav 1740 4 take up payments Ceil m2 4401 Taft Shasta lip tar sleeps 4 Steve w a Wen. In Boi plenty of i tor age. Good condition Pii-1914 Lej Ford pickup Malta has to cab mites Smice overhauled 4 1421 Imi Ford Breed Huck camper. Geed condition i too re Phi 04 in Ford pickup. Doo or Best ofter. Cen 442234 13 Jiff. International furniture Van with tandem rear Axle Good condition 411 lip iwo Ford sport custom pickup be Ever camper Ops Steve ref 4 doubt Sinh re 44241 Hollingsworth am new Trade ins �?T3488 1 72 grand pm Wen Muir mat a it a a a it Bwye Cyl my. De yet knew. Wee. Shut tel to 1972 Che tout Impala 4 peer he a iut per or it in a no a a Bak a. Of Twat. On a a in s fed Putti red mid Toik Wyl Lap Koivu Adeel Nivon Tak Nek tire. 1972 Buick sport Wagon 1974 acc Hornet �?~3300 �?~2688 Heem Edw Khz a Heck we tee. 1974 us Chmunk 3 Iez a it. Re �?~3188 Elm Nick a Oil a a it of. It mph Gnu cd �?~2800 1973 inc Gremlin 3 Weed pottery or to upturns de. Lew alternate i wily a bios i. Me , Seta with pm in him. 1972 Nova 4 peer tide Quot of toot to Peart t in Ling Fuller air to �?~2200 1972 Volkswagen bus Lade. Lhez toe Fem 1971 Ford econ me 300 2250 la be re Law �?~2375 wet. We Taewuk. $2275 tagged for clearance 107? my a Toft roadster. Is Triumph gt4 1071 me Velic Maheu 2 door Hardtop Iho Plymouth Road runner Aulo Motic v8, Thorp. 1071 Monti Carioss �?~2388 m500 1900 �?~1775 �?T2775 in cumin in Pori custom fully equipped 104 Mustang 1199. �?~595 no nun my 2 door Hardtop. 775 1040 univ Royit Capric fully equipped. Many Many More to choose from. Many Makis a models. 1499 by sure to Stop by and guess the mileage on our 1968 Impala. Car to be Given away aug. 1�9, 1974, of 6 00 pm. Winner need net a present. In Casa of Fiat a special Runoff will by held. Be employee of Hollingsworth am their advertising agencies or members of their families Are eligible. Licensed Drivers Only. Hollingsworth am 2908 n. Main i 5592 869-2175 Charlet t. Sheldon president Jerry Showfety vice president chair City Plymouth saturday Juke Public cordially invited come i come All we have fantastic buys on both new and used cars come in and make us an offer meet our Fine sales Force Johnny Hoover a c o. Shelton a Harold Dinkins Dalck if bl54 chair City Chrysler Plymouth 410 National Hwy. Thomasville . Phone 475-6111 16 it 4

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