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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ryun refuses to accept defeat High Point . Wednesday Juno 21, 1171 so new York Nea after the tat race of the recent pro indoor track season. A race in which he ran tat Miler Jim Ryun. Wheeling like a lean Bellows staggered out of the Arena and disappeared into the Concrete Underbelly below the Madison Square Garden stands one wondered if his fading Click of cleats played taps for the end of Jim Ryung a poignant career again he had retired in 1971 after having lugged for three years the Burden of being considered a loser in the 1968 olympics after struggling with Hay fever in outdoor tournaments migraine headaches the inability to finish races let alone win them he retired then at the Ripe old age of 24. And. Soon after in retired. Ryun is still the world record Holder in the mile. Having run his 3 51 i in 1966 he is at once one of the Saddest and one of the most triumphant athletes in american history. His gaunt face registers pain and Little Joy even in relaxed moments this intense dedicated athlete seems to gird himself for Battle perhaps now the Bellows had burst and Ryun would just keep running on the momentum of his Jet Stream to hop his plane and be gone. Track writers remember How after some losses he has leaped fences to avoid them How at other times they have chugged Down a Street in Pursuit he Felt of his delicate privacy. Rut Jim Ryun on this last night of the pro track season was just jogging up and Back among the stacked boards from the circus of another Day. Jogging to snatch Back i breath. Then he sat Down on a folding chair and answered questions openly from a couple reporters. Intermittently he coughed and spit Quot i just Roulon t reach Down deep when i needed he said of his performance. Quot i just could t suck air. Maybe i should t have been Here at All with the migraines and the Hay fever i be been suffering from and All that junk in the air Here Quot but he is a professional now. One of the big names on the International track association tour he knows he cannot be As aloof As when he was an Amateur and when his name is introduced he invariably draws the greatest ovation a now he is the a sentimental favorite. Quot i hear the he said breathing heavily still and it s hard to face up to when you run last Quot you see. I run because i still want to make times and not strictly for the dollars and cents of it. Quot say what was my time tonight Quot someone said. "4 10 9�?� Quot better than tat year in the he said with soft smile. Quot last year i ran Sauer a quiet renegade responsive to Wal 4 11 Flat people ask me How i take defeat Quot he continued. Quot i take it like i took Victory a in stride ill be working in four kids Camps this summer. One thing i la be telling the kids is that you have to be Able to face both Quot Ryun however like Many athletes takes defeat by not accepting defeat that is. He can turn a loss into a personal Triumph. It is the difference Between resilience and despair. Listen Quot in 1968, when i lost to Kip Keino in Mexico City i still won the race that counted a against the sea level runners i ran a 3 37 for 1.500 meters at 7.600 feet. There s not a lot of air up there you know. Quot i never trained at such High altitudes. Kip ran that High All his life. A but the rest of the country did t accept that. I did t expect them to. People were never Able to accept me when i started losing but when you re on the inside you see things other people Don in in 1972 at Munich. Ryun fell at the Start of the 1.500-meter race and was finished Quot it was a Victory just to be there Quot said Ryun. Quot a lot of people wrote me off thought i would never even make the team then i ran a 3 52 8 mile Solo. That surprised a lot of Ryun is even preparing himself not to be let Down when his mile record is broken As he is certain it will be. Quot i want it to be Quot he said. Quot of it in t. Then the sport is stagnating. Nobody wants that i love the sport too much for he says since he is Only 27 years old he has several Good years ahead in running this summer besides the boys Camps and making some appearances for track such As at the Dewar s celebrity Tennis tournament in Las vegas he will begin running 20 to 25 Miles a Day to get in shape for next season. Quot i put a great Deal of pressure on he said Quot but i be come to realize that if you compete Well against yourself that s half the Victory Oakdale. N y. T Nana j a George Sauer is a quiet renegade wearing an altar boy haircut and glasses with thin Metal rims. Beside the other players he is Small and looks frail it was the week of his return to football a game he turned away from in disgust three seasons ago the All pro receiver was at the Heights with the jets when he blasted the sport of its commercialism its we or lose philosophy. Its dehumanization the world football league found a responsive target deep inside Sauer however now he was Back to play for the new York stars Quot if the Wal had t come along. In Wouida t be Back playing. He explained Quot i guess you d have to say it s an ant establishment league perhaps it will be More of a players league Quot surrounding him were men who would be his teammates a former Jet All pro John Elliott whose bulging gut was proof that a no Cut contract does t always go to a players head Gray haired Homer Jones a giant who was t sure if he d make the final Cut and kids dozens of kids some of whom had kicked around in the most minor of minor leagues other fresh out of colleges few of them looked longingly at Sauer a Symbol of Success Quot if babe Parish Wasny to coaching the stars i probably would t be Here either Quot he said. Quot i always liked him when we were on the jets together he treats it like a game Quot it was an uncommon compliment coming from Sauer. Asked what other players he Ever Felt close to he mentioned Winston Hill John Dockery John Elliott. There were no More Quot living on the West coast the last three years i watched some games on television he added. A sometimes they d be so Boring i d turn them off. My Only real Contact with football was coaching three months at Oberlin last year. Quot other than that i wrote Rode my Bike ran a Little and got into a few private projects i Don t want to discuss. Quot i m 30 now three years older and to pounds under my old playing weight and id be foolish to think that everything is at the same pitch As during the 60s. I m probably a step slower a fraction of a second slower. But i Don t feel i be forgotten anything. I never thought there was any hmm cerebral about the game anyway. Its trite but i d never forget How to ride a bicycle either a he called football Quot a Hobby a and then almost apologetically explained not that ifs really a Bobby. That might sound arrogant. Percentage Wise its importance is somewhere Between one and 99 per cent but a lot closer to one Camp is the hardest time for Sauer the players in identical White to shirts and Black and Gold shorts going through their drills were not unlike the cadets standing at attention on the next Field at Lasalle military Academy Quot i can to get a letter started to my wife Quot Sauer said Quot because i done to know what Day it his wife. Pam. Was one of those who urged him to quit three years ago. His first marriage had failed and Pam did no to want the same thing to happen to them. She remained in California when he returned to the Gme but Sauer said she had Quot no major objections the doctor say in going to hav triplets and they re due i ast 2 More Day or Wehe Headquarters for t$ufij>tu4 get All your needs now for your vacation and summer fishing trips. 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