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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 25, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Or High Point i ruins june 25. 1976 Anontine agents on the scene drag race Tho triad four wheel drive flub in is sponsor my a tar Heel Jamboree saturday and sunday on Highway 150. West of Brown Summit c am ground it pen tonight at 6 p in the Jamboree consists of a drag rare and a Motocross proceeds will go to the North Carolina bum Center. Legal notices invitation to Mio not Ici ii Mist a v Givin that inf m Mil Fly author Iff of i or cd to of la us Point w la until 1 of noon i of on or in Day of just Ith aft in Otto of the authority toi f Ait Riih no tire mull pm i rive Volm tut to or to hat anti red Vii it i mrw of la ii Imp Ngu m i uni in in Airn in la Southside or Mohoi Hood Vvs to it no i Orth i n f a i High Point North Cantina i inc. Pan t i a la in la land disposition map Utah Southside or Yahm Hokl a a lop Meni i i a Troy Imal let 43 on Arnut Quot Lirrel amt unpin., St a eat on Redding fret Lon Tammy approx. In Ami i la to,. tart the Tea will an. To a a Mort yay value of ii too Hini. Parcel m la on for land input lion map of la Southside development Proi Orl Aumi to a0 on Arnut Street and approval Matey Tao Dorp i tit to. Arr a the f a win attribute a mortgage Tan Iii ii Tami nil Paulk c la of or i and disco map Al la Southside a Lup Ifil Proton trn Pliny Appl unmake Golf on Arnot or and appropriately a on Redding la Tetania Niny applet Maine la to tort the f a w la Alii it hit a my i yay eau of 17 too by inc Pencil it la on it i and Oit postilion Van of la Southside try Hob. Hood development pitied Iron Tny App i a on or Dong Junr Ami approx it mat in Ike drop it or Tammy Acorn Mutt y v in Square in for i a will attribute a mortgage Tam Tull tip by ing papi to f la on or land disposition a a of la Louth id neighbourhood Volo Nirel prom i la palmy Appl it Miami a on Redding Street and approx in let lid Dorp pm tasting App. It a Lait tit to Guarr Tori t or pm attribute a Mpr Layr tame poll a t or ,.pm i n briny told Torr tid no a Ai it and Tuch a. Nit tut Turt in Dontai Ishri to at a Tat Forth in the tin Tai Alum at Resit n Mont on tit in the Zittu r with Mouthy Anthol he of la i ii of Misti Point toi i att Ginn of in m it than by Aing Mhamed by a in mad Hart in at in tit minting Ai Hoit of the to it it Mich Point in an amount equal or lie la or Rani of la bid Pinr a to a. Ate but a pm it or or submitted in into h it will in a paned Ai it of n i Ost in no tin Day it a jute i7a Ai it Rill a try la authority the author i rrt1 wet Ile Nyhl in i Neil an and ail bit and Lowa ran n Ryu Hinloi m b Ming submit to ainu let one i ii ii Al the lift of Mich shut f in Lur dry it mat or a i in Lei Liny la Alii r it a the mousing author of of the Clit of Mich Point. To Tat i teen one of re paint n nth the Isth of Dun it a Sumnr. A u f to if v of ii lit of High Point by car to t Stout c had Man i or a not in to Cit Pitons nor m i Arch Ina Guus Oro coun it the having qualified is Adit Mill All it of lit i to of Johnie thump in i at at gift o j county no h Carolin hit it i. Re it it All ,1 ton t in and Cor up Ilion a my i int my eth tue it John i air it pomp son or to it Hilt tame log or under signed jute f i Aih to Hontert i Hompton on or Bra in r la 20th Jay o was Ember itt o la. Tofu will or Pirard in a pm Chr in own Al persons turn and Tei Poi alien he Btry a it to d rot Wilt Pleat make , Pat Merit to la under signed the Chr Lith a of Jon it Josie Wrath to i Tutor Thompson ii arpent r 4 d Ian Altin Al Law the i Rya Cal i Poh Oft ii cd i i to mph pout North t a of Quot 77j4i to no Phot Fri a i is a Titi n to not in f of summons by publication Sun of North Cio it county of go Hoid in the crier Ai Cool i of jut i ii o tii n i i oui i i Titton pc Iai aul in , i h Rouson pm Mill it 8 c s i Mono t f Rouson i trn Danl to Ruten tond i cd Yuton defend1�?T i an i Noth i a a plead Quot a turn my or i Niay it it i Haum 1 i no in la abuse entitled a month Latte Utah in a Ormy sought it St follow thai or p. Mill hat or or., an Ai lion against Thye Man kit i an a Volute did scr on the ground of 0<n pc t on a i a r Yrd to Mas a a 0 to h pleading nut i in than Jolt m it id Ripon foul u i. I i do to Chr i a it a Ted Yin of Aye Nat Ai Quot apply it in Coon lot Chr a i sought the the Isle oat of Jon 7 Morgan Besiri it Post Hirring a Lehan a hard to l of off i Al fur Tift t for up Htit p to it ii i Bot a High to of j72�l All to t 7 not inc treed propose t a by of the c it manay of the cd of Mich n. I the Ca olm a a the count i i Nan but at the n ipad Oil by u a by until i to p in monday july j it at i n Tima it w by up no and read Lei la Lorn la by of la to Loa my Bio Labi Ial Hoult p u. To t air to by mar by Al c Abl not in by Ope re until i pc i pm Mono july la i9> lath Bill Rel re id it t of i a t h r a i Oft a us Irwim 6, la f War i i hotpot i i surant corp in in Mya Al in to Lac let h go up m no la i Aroma in la amount to Iii Par ital i i in a in fetal by Mutt anon pan Ai Pru Potapia n or i to a i comp Anc with in of. eth i w a it a Tath a a Ahi it for a i ant of All old in who a o in Peri at Marn la Ludyn tank of la court l i of la c i of n Yah Peihl North i Caroli it re ii but nor a and Toa Tvr a Yuri it and mtg Mani in an by hat a submitted the a i it a Chr it get Lor Lam tit in a of too of to hts i Dart bom the receipt of curb by it a requested the i Oulu int a g Van on a item a id up any i opt. To Lyra a be Tail #0 from la Ohto of a port hating Agni Roy b cd Quot i valor let c Van int rom id Mena c 0 or go Al i my pm 11 hat by a int it a Jacc Wax . The High Point Enterprise classified want and information Center a Index Noum run pets Mon Han lit a Prtrt Ortr Man 11 cd of thank lot a found a i on n i into a front my it by. Trawl a i no and pm part a i Landof a tool Wal 14 bpm dolt by a Tommny a s sep for tonic so inv 16 to Lari rep or i t up twitter in Bokko Pink Tai in Goral in div let a 7 my sri in it armpit 74 Boom a Board 7 s Boon to 76 turn mom Al of Una urn Moutot Apt 75 Homot spat bom 7r a tort Rvl to comm idol prop of Bort i wanted to rent 41, 44 4 j 46 47 41 49 so. Is 53 ski s4 ssi s6 so 61 67 61 Appl Tarcot How hold fur Thiny Anli gift farm Gordon equip Manl cloth by food Jav Velry comr at Mutual equip mini Didy Maiv Talt spoil my goad Gaia a Sui Al overt set aul Mont in Rol to Badro Sal sawing Muhm thu be lot a Firlit Mitt Llan out no nerd to buy 65 66 6j 66 69 la 11 Wal e to of of it a Sale 17 ii 14 Iii j6 of. J8 in 40 41 47 to tot t to Solo land far Sal mom i for Sale loft Homot Spart sol com Story Wolt ural Itta omit vial prop Ify Sal auf lion real it Alv Moi yay v Loam property wanted 76 77 i Mlp wanted troll Mlp wanted Mlp wanted my i wanted Mlp wanted Mlp Waniva Mlp wanted land out Mlp wanted tuna Job wanted child Carr Potot Waniva Mitt m admit cd viral f unit urn Houri sol toc Huxol Mitcel profit prot arid support in to pvt a Livoti Otic to pvt supp it j Nallia it b4 but Matt s6 Intuit in 87 Mon to loan Trant of tation to Auto an Otto i Auto Rapai r7 Auto wanted it boat Fiator t re Motok Advt r9 Flack a camp., too Auto of Sal Issue monday tuesday wednesday thursday Friday saturday sunday deadlines deadline saturday to of monday 4 30 tuesday 4 30 pm wednesday 4 30 pm thursday 4 30 pm Friday 4 30 Friday 4 30 errors Adivi Liitt ate Tequ Vafed to Cheet the lint App Zaionc of for to add let confection a the Eitler Pokr will by Tor Only on in co fret intr lion if need your and corrected Call 885-2295 Coffre Tiona can by Madr lot the Antr Day t Newt pain in Var party and t by calling the above phone numb i by 9 of a in court lion on conic racial add must by Madr by 4 30 the Prev out Day cancellations Call 885-2295 cancellations Tan by Madr tot the comr Day t Newt pain on in Var Patty add by tailing the above phone numb by 9 of a in cancellation to con by Madr tot the Nail Day t Newt paper on com Uncial and by calling Ishik phone numb by 4 30 questions about Bills it y of hour any Hurt front concert eng the amount of your Bill of Chr Way it a Handl re pm rate Call 885-2295 Type sizes the Type Tun shown below available tot any and a Prang by classification in Torma a Ion concerning thu Ign Tor using the Laigri types will by term shed upon or quest to now Snow Quot now �?o4 now now a now 6 Points counts As i uni 36 Point counts As 24 Point counts As is Point counts As 14 Point counts As 12 Point 9 Point counts counts As As results classified advertising is the Only advertising that your prospects Volun family come looking for. Most prospects have decided to buy and looking for someone to buy from. Place your result getting and today errors advert its Ai in a we std to Chack re firs x App Aron it of ads for v Corr Chon the fun Piitz will bar Pontil for x Only on inform into lion announce err trots i. Announcements Mary Mobbs w huh in. Ins Ita it 4. Personals services and repairs 13. Landscaping Var Dwork services and repairs services and repairs j cum rom would i no to borrow is too on Sto too Worth of property m ghz Al if to a i Oaid nor to paros Coll 411-1370 marriage ring Mhz a comp leu a Lam j or Sam to 7pm. Monday thru Friday Coit fur ap0othfm#ni Urz Jim c c Hugh Dau f Uff Lolur acc typos of tractor work Doh gardens Stewart Yard seeded mowing d a by built Sand Rock a s on mope Well landscaping 431 Tou Asphalt paving residential amp commercial or Verway sea costing Fri a Mal coh 431 7642 or 431 474 lonely confused can Contact ii in troubled coh cd someone Folly does have your Napkin is Mote tut printed at party galore can i t4 Tor Quick service Robby a Iti ukr Lanum apis tin 14. Remodelling painting electrician licenced bonded. Insured residential commercial wiring and repair no lob a of Small free estimates Dancy electric of il3-0t74 night 7� a Soa River fed topsoil Barkho worn d i grave a grading 44 1075 c a b tree service Complete tree car shrubbery work i Benwood car lawns re de a. Land i Ranii Bonner profess oui r St i scaling insured 4ji 74b__ a Aintabi for parties weddings recep a. I trusts. Etc Wail known entertain in la Piedmont singles or Rombo enter summent ass 7# o us #317 i will no Long by Ponsini for any debt other than my own signed pm so Miller _ _ i will not by Pons to for any Deb s other than my own signed Roger peace 5. Instructions bridal a Mother s or a., directing a Rater my la s4m anyone witnessing an 0j to Accident the evening of january i 1976, at Wrenn amp Kivett or. Intersection involving a White thunderbird please Call 885-2133 Between 8 30 Phi Natl by it All we w3 Atter 4pm__ summer tutoring comae Marina phone Mim _ Verna Low term if teacher of learning of Tab Mil will Tutor the any area Grade 1-17 tutoring i available in High Palm a thames Ile 5 oof i yo.,r Horn or mine can 47s f3si wive Beme a number Elvis Presley tickets for Sale phone m i 6oot_ Ope n i no june 30tht family putting course fun Lur ail a near Rose s on s a n St la ate saw Fried a f Laii Leif Iii lately t la ii a great Riper Lent a. Try one experienced r i men desires work free it mete will put oui Dogwood or smell Trees 431 7092 Foster amp Foster storm windows a doors sales installation repair phone 431 1959__ Bree is males addition a Rem of no to yrs in no Allwork i Aram de for prompt service a Quail a workmanship Call turn Joyce 434 painting 25 room a to reasonable on outside painting phone m2 us after 5pm 23. Mib Cellaneous will do 611 types of Light hauling merchandise or turn moving in triad area free estimates 149 7094 bicycle repairs professional service on All makes free estimates on guaranteed ii f bicycle Fater 713 n main is m2 of i to yrs eve penance i Day Denver guaranteed or less your fabric or outs 47s-s1ss _ dumpster service Container for Yale or Rem Windcrest leasing. Inc phone Day mph a Girt 44 3219 gravel a dirt hauling 431 937 of 431 s0s4 top soil Sand Rock fill dirt Panf bark mulch Complete landscaping service Call m7-0707 o my 9m painting i Coal 21 so per room or. Barnable on Tel error phone a 174# for Sale gravel Send och a topsoil will haul also do landscaping phone 431 7ss9 mauling topsoil Imi dirt a gravel Tor driveways will landscape Yards All Al Low prices 434 3m Maul lop som he dirt Sand Rock. Gravel Wilt spread a seed also tree ser Veem 9m3 painting inside a outside also repair work All work guaranteed Call m2 0#79 or i 7340 any Lane professional painting Interior and Evenor references furnished free i mates phone ms-2354 i 4h> i Ivy cd St to veers Eneri Nch phone #49 414 Tiller ropy in reasonable rates Washer a dryer repair a sales All work a sales guaranteed Coll 434 193 Rob s appliance service Appl Ante repair spec aiming in g e to Post phone my 4337 _ k ing s landscaping driveways Backhoe Bush Sog lop soil. Gravel Sandrock Railroad Cross bes a pm bar combat Tor rates m7 941 m3 749�?T vowing All types Yard work raking eave driveways a sidewalks edged rash hauled reasonable rates 43�?T 033 topsoil fill d it Sand Sandrock. New untreated Cross bes Pine bark mulch Roy s Sand a gravel of 431-5079 Surv hand repairs Hannam s husband Hector Hales hard wet so he cleans the rugs with Blue Lustre rent electric Shampooer Huffman paint 3. To a1 amp found lost Legal papers Kearns Sears 1 parking lot monday afternoon 4 i Reward for return 47 1711 Between 9 a j it i lost a e Gray a Whit Short hair Cal j f Ltd i ode Meadows area answers to i the name of Smokey Reward pm 44 ski or 44 7319 13. Land raping Yir Dwork Handyman a Yard Wen. Flowerbeds a shrubbery trash hauled repair work a painting Dey or night 431 4447 triad t re e service tree work land so aping driveway work tile work topsoil Sandrock a grave pm 431 2#_ All kinds of tractor work landscaping. Yard seeded driveways is Appad lots cleared off trash hauled blowing a dishing reasonable prices a free estimate Call anytime i 77b3 it s Here 24 hour clh5sified he service to place your want after 5 . Weekdays display tales and deadline commercial and teg Ulai private party rate will be furnished upon request remember to place your and Call 885-2177 to cancel or Correct your and 885-2295 during holidays and or weekends and just dial Crit a Telephone recording system will tape your message Accuro a Ely and the information will be verified us soon As possible. This is How it works 1. Writ out your and 2. Dial Sis 2179 3. Listen to instruct Sens and wait for recording tone 4. Speaking dearly and slowly read your and into Ore Telephone then Tell when want the and to Start in the interpose and How Many Days want it published allow one Day for Starling Date 5. Give your name Street address or p o bos City Telephone number and where can be reached a to phone Between i 30 a k and 3 by for verification 6. Limit Call to 2 minutes of less a deadline por sunday ads is 4 30 . Friday deadline por monday ads is 10 00 . Saturday daytime dial 885-2177 to place your and via aft Ali 1. Oui 885-2179 2. Listen to instructions and wait for recorder tone 3. Give your name and Telephone number 4. Teb the Type and to be cancelled or corrected 5. State correction to be made 6. Limit cab to 2 minutes or less. A daytime dial 885-2295 for cancellations or corrections the High Point Enterprise Aill Moa Yards k do Odd jobs Call my 4004 Day 431 1204 night _ Aill to Yard work during la Day % any j kind it Odd lob in a oui decl Quot out i gutters own my own Lawn Mower i available at All times pm 849 37__ Aill do Plo Aing. Chain saw work Clearing lot landscaping a seeding Yards i 990 in 431 0492 14. Remodelling painting aaa carpentry carpentry work i roofing a porches repaired Alto window i leaning pm 14 j 49q2 g a Mabe about that remodelling or repair too. A Usi can 431 74 Tor or estimate no i loft Loo sea Quot an work guaranteed additions r roof Ling k lichens Bam cabinets Formica Ops doting painting la types construction i j a to 449 4004 Mike 949 12_ Quality room additions a repair work also Brick a Block Concrete a i carpentry worked real cad 47 291j additions Sun decks �j0 build or remodel fireplaces also Small repair work can 475-9244___ addition remodelling repairs pram a reasonable free estimates phone in 2780 professional a mar a a com i Mer Cal Lse class painting a a Cove nos of reasonable rates 47s 704? hey nok pm i Kim i juju s Mam St Archdale Deal of Alcoa a Reynolds aluminium s any Stern doors windows i aluminium guttering 43l-4#0_ remodelling room additions roof i my a in rep a work be Quot Bryant construction 47 i33j__i Aall Pape r ing for the finesse of the women s touch in Wall covers can 49 498? i Aill paint a do Light repairs Call anytime 44 j Job or 412 ish Spivey s garage. He s Mam St tune Ops transmission work pick up a densely wrecker service. N c inspection station u haul rental service l Awn Mower repair m2 j910 trash hauling hauling gravel Bush j driveways a Yards blowing gardens a Landor Al Odell Ai Tiamson. Is 47# rentals 24 room St Flotard room a Board for men Gorki no a retired 41# e russe 1 pm m7 0774 25. Rooms 15. Septic tank service ban s septic tank a pumping service 431 70# or 431 50 custom ditching a pump no it nos Cai i. De Smith septic t4 co 431 ih7_ Mitchell septic tank service pumping a custom ditching oat a in work 134 1417 or 431 3710 16. To radio repair rooms with or without private Bath refrigerator to plat apply in person at Biltmore hotel bedroom 1 or rent in private Nom # work no or k Rte Hen privileges a More Call is 49#_ nicely furnished rooms rented by the month she Raton Motel Ioc n in a none 17 31 nicely turn room Lor lady in a Cap Jon bus me Kitchen privileges if All types j preferred m4 7973 private bedroom for rent lose fied gentleman clean due goad location i in air urn Phi 77 cd. C s repair on an discount Electron re Oft e Al Vert rpm Repa lit it made a Kersey 431 9474 Aill install cd radio equipment san Auto Burgar alarms phone m3 9209 of Ami kill it Rix sum siding set a awnings i 030 any i work go 1 417 392 Ype remodelling a repair work All Granteed tree estimates pm Austin builders inc remodelling do Fig sub contractor a custom Nome 0 Ider tee 7710 n gun Mi-7003 aaa better Home Rem Ade my additions roofing porch a Sun deck work free est be Quot h g map m3 0873 blown insulation Sears electric a 97#0 17. I pools trying repairing repair a refinish furniture any Toter free estimates pc up a delivery pm 434-1993 Tor information _ Quad to re upholstering Alt work Querna eed reasonable prices free pickup a delivery Call Doug rider a 4430 _ Quai to work on Nae styles a anti que furniture ii it selection of f Cee estimates 431 317 e upholstering Al types # upholstering refinishing restoring ant ques a go selection of samples tree p Ca up a delivery 47 jo34 26 3 Rhom path Rev y it All furniture extra clean near downtownj22.50 per week 303 Steele Dallas furniture store 215 n. Centennial pm 882-2654. 18. Books raping in come tax Complete accounting bookkeeping a a service Tor Smet Ous Meis 7s yrs eap ret Tai no pe7 r 1 Bullard Brick amp Block work 19. Garden directory butaud a repair chimneys foun i Jai on underpinning s eps put in dram tiles at it sagging Quot free i e estimates is a or 434 has Brick a bloc work additions a n a t Rig contrite work ail work tidy Gua. Anted Cai. 47� 4577_ retired plasterer will do Small Patch ohs Ca Quot Cetout i 30 or Attar spin m2 Imi professional Painter will paint re a to Sis each phone m2 133 Tomato a bean Sticks 34 42 in each 1 Greensboro re he no Aho 4701 Point re g Boro n Caill plow a disc gardens in Hillsville area can Iii 7034 23. Miscellaneous carpentry work 20 per erne doors a moot Oilton panelling Etc Yearse room add its panelling Etc Larry Proctor 631 i carpentry masonry Aoi room panelling patios packs ar., Type repair work Ca tit is i Don Rickert paint contractor i inter by Ester or Horn commercial Industrial free est mates m2 31s9 Gutter work install c Ean repair galvanised parted or Pant grip 47 Bijj or or 475 so Dol aluminium products co aluminium s o no storm w paws doors awnings room addition m2 1643-4 free estimate minish aluminium co. Alum nuns no Carport Stern windows a door mop in Homo underskirt my electric neat a air Conal thing free est mates 44 704 air comp computer service 313 y main is. High Point pc open 9am to 4 for computer time or service Call Jack Hurt or Bill Foster is 4 2 or it Jan Al t up o meaning service for commercial a yes Dent a properties. Untray or by lob 434 2739_ a a Jack Hub s Salvage first is 507 12j Mir Impi the i or i yrs is a up Mona s older cars help an ambit Ous Young College Man Lush his education a get your grass Cut at he san e time reasonable rates in is 127 att p in j room turn Apt of of entrant a Beth no pets no children Northwest Section 4sd Joos _ i 3 room furnished Apt downstairs private pain a Entrance 214 Maple so we Noch Dre pm so 4sa i 3 room nicely furnished Apt i close in no drinking information can Al 3773 i 4 Tate i room furnished Apt Down. I Star private Bath a Entrance Gas heat 14 we no children in 42 7 attractive a nicely furnished 3 i room Apt private oath a Entrance an fees a a coup e Only 447 97 i i room furnished Duple private oath a Entrance Gas neat couple Only Sis weekly soc s e m can is 12 Peter s 30 furn 7 room Apt upstairs private Bath Gas heat hoi engus re Sij a i no children 14 _ so of o 7 room Apt upstairs Pri ate a Quot. A Entrance newly painted i pod in in we no by 4717 lady to share Nom with retired school teacher Shat in to convenient a on the by in Cai 142 934 Between j 9 27. furn puff to 1177# Brooks 3 to Apt Siu cede St i pm painted Sis so Vail St 3 pm ass ish Al lard upstairs 4 Russo �?T703 Edmondson. 3 pm 40 to j we Toa Wood i pm fur trs r painted 75 ill a. Park 3 pm Sac 417 a a us j rms a join Hamilton 4 pm turn Sac 24 or Abl j pm Ute 2 rfcs 213 a Morgan 3 pm turn Sac to j we of Sharon j rms to 410 lifts de 3 pm 4 a a Lade 472 s Etc s 4rm$i00 Horton realty 200 Elk Vert Drca Quot in 794 need a Painter Pant churches houses anything urge or Small oot �?~2jhi reasonable rates is App Uyi ranges dryer washing maoism a hah appliance repair 43> appliance repair stoves rear Gerald washers. Of is Etc can t steered promptm2 1271 or 431 Ith City House of 20 it 4171 room. 3370 Cero Rente close in 4 rooms now 23 we. 4373/ _ Renick is 4171__________ executive Type Home for rent or ease with opt on to buy 4 Abr Den p a room 7 t Beth garage Ca Mary putt Mora realty a #49 1717 night #9 474mail in your want and today with this easy to Complete postage paid order a cup along dotted line and insert into envelope 5 Short words equal one line All ads 3 lines or More write one Short word in each to below. Allow two boxes or word o 8 letter or More decide How Mony Days want your and to be published the Price will be shown at the end o the line on which the lost word is written please indicate if name location or phone number is part o of Hoft a Hafl to Oats 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 t Days 3.36 4.41 5.60 6.72 is Days 1.98 2.64 3.30 3.96 above rates Fok non commercial advertisers Only publish for Days beginning name address City state phone clip Hill Basti mailing Lassi Bilow on your inns loaf first class permit no. 595 High Point . Business reply mail no Rostas stamp of Cussary i mailed in to United states postage will by paid the High Point Enterprise classified advertising diet. . Box 1009 High Point . 27261 to 71 4 a i

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