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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 24, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Nix onite gives his impression of John Dean Kansas City apr John Dean has been characterized by h h Haldeman. Former chief of staff under president Richard m Nixon As the Quot Hotdog swinger in the Square Nixon White House Haldeman. Who resigned from the Wiite House staff in 1973 during the watergate investigation said. In a copyright series distributed by Universal press Syndicate of Kansas City and coauthored with columnist Joe Scott that Dean would never have gotten his Job As counsel to Nixon if he had been Given a routine White House Check Quot i recruited him but never saw his Fri Haldeman said a i assumed that Dean had been cleared at Justice my former staff would be amused to know that regarding Dean. I violated my own Cardinal Rule Laid Down for All subordinates a a Don t assume a a in the fourth instalment in the five part series Haldeman said if he had seen Dean s dossier a allegations about a conflict of interest charge however slight involving his prior affiliation with a Law firm would have been enough to concern me about the smoke whether or not there was any Haldeman said Quot. Dean s relationship with the president despite suggestions to the contrary did not exist until watergate and Only then As a project officer Quot Haldeman raised questions of possible Central Intelli Geare Agency involvement in watergate but did not provide any answers he said that Alexander Butterfield who revealed the existence of the White House tapes sought to become a part of the Nixon team on his own initiative when he was about to become an air Force general a i have never understood Why he insisted against my advice on dropping hts commission Quot Haldeman said. A in View of his subsequent role Quot Haldeman said. Quot these actions seem even More curious today a was Butterfield a Cia agent1 maybe i just Don t know Quot in retrospect. I m ambivalent As to whether the Agency was out to get Nixon the Agency had the capacity and perhaps unknown to me the motivation a he said Butterfield in Washington has emphatically denied any connection with the Cia and has said a i could t begin to guess Quot Why Haldeman might be reviving the Issue Quot he May really think that Quot Butterfield added he also said it s not True that he had been selected for promotion to brigadier general before taking the White House assignment As Haldeman alleged Butterfield said Haldeman never advised him against dropping his commission As Butterfield recalls he was offered a Job As Haldeman a immediate Deputy in the White House but Only if he retired from the air Force and signed on As a civilian he actually did not advise me to keep my commission Quot Butterfield said he said to think carefully about it and i thought carefully about it Quot Butterfield who headed the Federal aviation administration after leaving the we Hite House is now Job Hunting he says and finding it difficult a i our Reo. 2.87 boys stars n stripes sneaker basketball oxfords in Star or 1776 print with Cushion insole washable upper. 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Main at Ward hours monday thru saturday 9-9 sundays 1-6 special school will close doors Raleigh api the state Board of education took Steps wednesday to shut Down the North Carolina advancement school in Winston Salem a state operated educational program for underachievers the Board voted unanimously to spend up to 150 000 to close the school and Transfer its resources to the late department of Public instruction in Hal eth the school s yearly budget was Cut by the 1975 general Assembly from More than Imo too to $186,000 for the 1975 76 year and nothing for 1976-77 the school was established during the administration of gov Terry Sanford it was designed to work with students of average or above average intelligence who had not been achieving in Public school it also has trained Public school teachers to assist underachievers during the 1975 general Assembly the school came under fire several influential legislators contended it had outlived its usefulness a opponents of the school sought at first to eliminate the appropriation for the school entirely but the legislature eventually agreed to provide a a Grant m aids to enable it to be phased out. At one time the school employed nearly 60 person. State superintendent of Public instruction a Craig Phillips a Strong supporter of the school said wednesday there Are now seven professional employees on the school s payroll the Board unanimously agreed to spend about $50,000 to Transfer an undetermined number of the school s staff to Raleigh to help in teacher training efforts by both the state department and local school units with particular emphasis to be placed on Reading Asheville policemen dissatisfied Asheville a nearly 20 policemen have complained in interviews with the Asheville citizen at Low morale they said they have lost Confidence in chief j c Hall and that he orders them to go easy Quot on certain persons the policemen ranging from patrolmen with less than three years experience to 20-year veterans asked that their names not be used Hall disputed the claims and called them just a move to oust him he said he is willing discuss and Correct complaints and would not take reprisal against officers who brought them into the open a the accusers somewhere along the line Are going to have to face me he said Quot i think that anyone who takes this kind of a Anonymous route to express their gripes does t have Loo much guts there were these other allegations in the interviews a Hall has sent officers on personal chores qualified officers Are passed Over in promotions a a Man with a gambling arrest record gives free whiskey to officers and that funeral Home directors feel compelled to give honorariums to policemen City manager Ernest Ward said. Quot unsubstantial allegations from Anonymous sources do not provide the Means for a fair and impartial several City officials said the policemen should have filed their charges through Normal channels spirits Viki it i figureheads Are about As old As sailing itself the Art grew from the ancient custom of decorating ships bows to invite guiding spirits to dwell in the vessels throughout the centuries nations decorated their ships bows during the Commonwealth of England period the ship Quot Naseby carried an image of the lord protector himself Oliver Cromwell nun Muus Jas in the awl by re Peel. 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The Council vote was ii i tuna did not participate saying it is Quot firmly against providing the soviet Union a pretext to prolong its interference in Angola ambassador Albert w Shererjr told the Council the United states opposed Angola entry because of the continuing presence and apparent influence Quot of the estimated 12.000 to 15.000 cuban troops in the former 1�?~ortuguese Colony there is no justification for such a Large armed foreign presence in a truly Independent african slate Quot be said however it was generally understood that the United states vetoed the application because Lyes ident Ford did not want to give Ronald Reagan More ammunition to use in their fight for the Republican presidential nomination Sherer in effect confirmed this when he said his government would have acted differently had the angolans heeded urging to delay their application until Quot a More propitious time a us delegates had pressed the marxist angolan govern ment to postpone its membership request until after the Republican convention in mid August a string of third world and communist representatives took the floor after the vote to denounce the action ambassador Salim a Salim of Tanzania who tried to work out a Compromise asserted that the veto was politically unjust legally untenable and morally in sound soviet ambassador Jacob Malik whose government has used the veto to times often to Block admission of new members termed the vote a the most flagrant misuse of the veto Power Richard Alarcon de Quesada of Cuba accused the United states of hypocrisy in protesting the cuban presence in Angola while us troops roam around the world from the carib bean to the Pacific from the far East to Western Europe a a the cuban troops be said. 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