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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Tiik High Point Enterprise ,4n Hrut paper Randii b Terry prudent. Co publisher d a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley or Vici prot mrs c h Lockwood vice pres Jose rep Rawley Gen mgr of Brown editor Washington merry go round Cia has Long run its own sex Black Book 4 a or Durida. Lune to of new faces in a new Day the prod in or no currently faring has a Hall Ommie Marr Bowie Kuhn la a or that judge Kennesaw Mountain loin Din would never have Aren Kuhn tried to put i foot Down Bat week and Stop a Multi million Dollar Sale of ballplayers from the Oakland athletics to the Boston red sox and new York Yankee because he Felt it would he detrimental to baseball it Wras a move very reminiscent of Landis who ruled the sport with an Iron fist from 92l until 944 operating on the theory that anything bad for baseball had to be stopped Lander his Rule and with a Little help from friends like Fiche Ruth baseball blossomed into our National pastime the first major crisis i bindis fared was the now infamous Chicago Black sox scandal which happened before he took Over As baseball s first commissioner Landis handled the eight players involved with severe abruptness they were banned for life from baseball depriving those men of their Means of making a living was a strict punishment but a necessary one in Landis mind to preserve baseball s integrity in no Small Way. Kuhn s action last week to invalidate Charlie Finley 13 5 million Sale re three top ballplayers bears a resemblance to Landis handling of the Black sox scandal baseball Ami most other pro sports for that matter a been suffering in the Public eve because of growing list of court Case and player negotiations Etc Finley Trade grew out of a court decision that baseball s Reserve clause was not constitutional current regulations allow a player to play oui hts contract years plus one Tan option year and become a free agent All three of the players Finley sold were playing out their option years Kuhn saw Finley s Sale of the players As dire predictions rom my True owners had Long contended that without a Reserve clause the Richer teams would be free to buy up Talent As it became available Boston and new y Ork Are certainly two of the american league s More prosperous teams and there they were buying Talent Kuhn saw the voiding of the Sale As necessary to keep pro baseball credible As Competition Between 24 teams with almost equal chances at gaming and keeping Talent and not As a Battle Between wealthy owners to see who can outbid the other the difference or at least one difference Between Kuhn and i my is is the times they live in before Laking his Job. Landis demanded and received carte Blanche in All matters he deemed detrimental to baseball in these Days of lawyers and agents for everyone involved with the team except the Bat boy. Such Power would never be Given to Kuhn liven though none of the eight White sox players were Ever convicted in the court. Landis order to ban them from baseball stuck it does i appear however in the Wake of Finley s suit to strike Down Kuhn s ruling that the voiding of the Oakland Sale will stick it also does i appear that the Days of a benevolent dictatorship of a Man like Landis who became known As the ballplayer s Friend for All his strict ways. Will Ever return to baseball or any pro sport again Hie interests of baseball Are no longer As simplistic As they once were and deriding How to Rule the sport is no Hinger As easy Asti once might have been. By Jac k Anderson i ailed feature Syndicate w Ashington in contrast to the haphazard sex on Capitol Hill the Central intelligence Agency for years has Ronda it Ted an elaborate and efficient sex operation few National secrets have been More carefully guarded but the Cia has provided Kings presidents potentates and magistrates with female companionship on a lower level girls have been made available to defectors and the Cia own agents sometimes the Cia s guests bring their own partners More often the Agency selects girls from its vice files according to specification the Agency also provides a Safe houses where the liaisons can be consummated in protected privacy the Cia s sex shop according to sources in a position to know i run by the office of Security although this division has Many tune Lions it act primarily As the Cia s internal police Force through Field offices scattered around the country the office of Security maintains close tie with state and local police forces in each Field office a Quot Black Book is kept of the males and females who can be safely recruited to entertain the Cia a visitors the Black Book contain names phone numbers and titillating details which Are gleaned largely from local vice squads in Washington for example Cia agents used to pay regular visits to the police department s vice squad to photograph documents the late Deputy chief Roy e Blick who headed these squad for years kept exhaustive records on perverts and miss Crea nit around the country he had a close backroom relationship with Thecla. Say our sources during the i a 74 period the sex operation was super he sounded a clinker Vised by Security director Harold Osborn some of his subordinate according to our source regaled their friends with stories about the sex episodes they were privy to As they told it they were called upon to fill some occasional bizarre requests each Black Book entry according to sources with Access to the files contains some fascinating vital statistics a physical de scrip lion measurements health status and sexual specialities this inside information is used to produce sexual partners for princes and potentates defector and agents the congressional investigations of the Cia. However skirted the sex operation the House intelligence committee stumbled onto the information that the i a once provided an unidentified Middle East Monarch with female companion we have Learned that the King in question was Jordan a Hussein but the painting was actually a one Way Mirror i the other Side of the Wall. Cia agents could watch the Adion through the see through painting and film the most intimate moments the painting was strategically placed so that it gave the i a observers a full View of the sofa which opened into a bed a japanese screen implanted with microphone provided the sound for the Cia s blackmail movies in san Francisco the Cia operated a similar apart men equipped Only with bugging devices not Obser vat Ion mirrors the new York apartment was used from about 1980 to Ipp the san Francisco apartment from the late 1950 to about is footnote we confronted Harold Osborn with the facts about the sex operation he denied that any such operation was conducted Quot during my tenure a Cia spokesman had no comment. _ our Calls to the Washington it the a own it Ltd # police and jordanian pm agents coming in from the returned a to to nuke the motto. A a Lam of the Quot Safe houses when an undercover operative reports Back to the inned states he is whisked to a Quot Safe House and a Quot Case officer la assigned to watch Over him Iii it a difficult to select much real difference arising ail the various candidates for governor of North Carolina on the general topic of new Industry to a Man. They Are calling for a it Tad Ion of big new. High paying industries into the state to create big new High paying jobs and thus work our Way to collective Lulu lion of he Revenue problem in particularly do they want them spotted around in some of the poorer sections of the state but int. Ill this Harmony a sour note has Laden being politicians Whit Are Well rehearsed in accentuating the positive and letting the negatives slide. They Are not Likely to pay much attention but in the interests of reality the rest of us must the sour note was sounded by George Little Secretary of the department of natural and economic resources speaking in Boone Little suggested that Many areas of North Carolina simply Otter too Little in the Way of inducements to location of new corporate citizens particularly Hume which carry upper level payroll along with some of the projecting the news lowest lax Rales in the country. Little a wild Many of our Rural counties Are Short in educational recreational health delivery and cultural facilities that Are a very real part of the package thai must be presented to prospective new citizens areas which have turned their backs on planning and zoning thus allowing indiscriminate development or which have economize on Utility development Are not Likely to be very enticing Tor people what it Are greatly concerned about Quality of Lite for their employees Here and there there May be successes. Cutter laboratories has just opened the kind of operation the candidates Are talking about near Clayton i tut then Clayton is hard by Raleigh and the research Triangle where an atmosphere not exactly typical in the state exists. The candidates might Well to urged to Back up a step and talk about what must to done to create the kind of climate necessary before they nuke too Many promises about who they can lure to North Carolina a sow that s the kind of platform i can live with Quot a conservative View the officer is supposed to keep his charge Happy and to provide for his needs if occasionally the need should be sexual the right Contact in the office of Security is called upon the Black Book is whipped out and the desired companion is procured the Cia uses sex for an even More seamy purpose As we reported Over a year ago the Agency has used prostitutes to lure foreign diplomats into love traps where their sexual antics were filmed through one Way mirrors the film was later used to blackmail the foreigners into becoming informants in new York the Cia maintained adjoining efficiency apartments on the sixth floor of a High Rise building in Greenwich Village on the Wall of the blackmail apartment was a Large painting of two ships Washington whirl at the end of a grueling Day president Ford takes a plunge in the White House Pool to relieve the tensions he usually manages to get into the Pool about i p in. Bul sometimes he does t make it until late at night the murder in Lebanon last week of u s ambassador Francis Meloy or for example upset the president and kept him at his desk later than usual but a late night swim helped to revile the is Hausted and depressed Ford., before Myron Kuropas left the action Agency to become president Ford s ethnic affairs adviser he issued some intemperate instructions to his staff Quot in View of the in ordinate number of meeting being held by women during the past month no additional meetings Are to be held by women without prior authorization Quot he told us he regretted writing the memo his intent he said was to get the women on hts staff to work More and talk less time has arrived for do nothing party fashion in flux Penny loafers Saddle shoes a White Bucks a Madras shorts shirtwaist dresses none of these Goiden Oldie fashion crazes is sweeping the country but Don t bet hat one or More of them won i and relatively soon the eve changing world of fashion appears to be heading into yet another phase the scruffy. Unisex look of the late sixties is on the Way out the neat buttoned Down look of the fifties and pre Vietnam sixties is finding favor again department store sales provide evidence of the new trend Quot it s going Back to the said Mary Hamilton of Macy s in san Francisco Quot we Are ordering three piece suits with Little vests for the boys they want Argyle socks and sweaters Loo and the girls All want dresses again All lace and Long or else Black and sexy Quot the Crew Cut also is staging a comeback at least in new York City Quot it was an honesty thing said fashion designer Jesper Nyeboe. Explaining Why he had decided to have his Pony Tail shorn off. Quot i wanted to be Able to see the shape of my head i was Riding behind All that hair a other straws in the fashion wind the return it the Vest has led to rising demand for pocket watches adorned with fobs or fancy chains according to the Wall Street journal about two million pocket watches were sold in the i tailed states last year. A 40 per cent increase Over 1974. And a further 40 per cent increase is expected this year and students and other Young adults Are rediscovering ballroom dancing at Yale about so students have signed up for twice weekly Fox Trot lessons the return to what taught be considered normalcy in fashion cannot be dismissed As just another outburst of nostalgia for it has always been True As the japanese proverb says that Quot what has been the fashion will come into fashion author James Laver went so far As to formulate a Law governing shitting tastes in fashion Quot the same dress is indecent in years before its time. Chic in its tune dowdy three years after its time. Hideous 20 years after its time amusing 30 years after its time. Romantic a Hundred years after its time and Beautiful 150 years after its tune Quot it has been argued also that abrupt changes in economic and or social conditions soon find expression in clothing fashions great wars ordinarily create a Vogue Tor simple even proletarian styles this was the Case after the French. Russian and chinese communist revolutions and world War i during the Peak years of the Vietnam War. Moreover virtually every Young person in the country seemed to have adopted jeans and to shirts As their Basic items of apparel. The emerging fashions will not be slavish mutations of those of 20 or 30 years ago designers look to the past for inspiration but they Are always careful to work variations on their familiar themes aside from Hemline lengths the Short skirts of the 1960s had Little in common with those of the 1920s and the full pleated trousers now worn by men Are Cut differently than the similar style of the thirties and forties it is to be hoped that some fashions Are revival proof does anyone really yearn for Gray flannel suits and narrow knit neckties or for Ballerina slippers and flared skirts with crinoline a let them rest in peace along with the Nehru suit and the Edsel i by Jas. J. Kilpatrick Washington Star Syndicate of the Republican party truly is headed for the elephants graveyard As the pollsters and pundits believe. A new major party will have to be fashioned to put in its place after an hour s industrious snoozing in the Hammock i Ain prepared to a int1 the successor it will be known As the do nothing party los Symbol w ill be the rocking chair its motto will the Takon rom the Creed of that famous architect who taught his pupils less is More our spokesmen will rarely speak they will merely significantly Yawn plainly the time has arrived for the do nothing party to emerge while we not Hingers have been napping. Or nipping or out on the greensward pursuing the putting Art the activists have been running the country listen to messes Reagan. Carter and Ford things have Seldom been worse for too Long the nation s statesmen have heeded the exhortations of those who cry Quot done to just sit there do something a the first principle of our party will be just sit there this was what John Randolph once described As the Cardinal Rule of statecraft a never needless a to disturb a thing at rest Graffiti it the Well. You May ask. How would this principle be applied to contemporary problems9 let us take the Economy. More to the Point let us not take Quot the Economy let us leave the poor old Economy alone of we leave it alone it Likely will get Well the alternative is to put the suffering patient in the hands of such eminent quacks As or h Humphrey the painless surgeon who will prescribe every Pill in the Book the do noting party would propose to leave labor alone and business alone and Consumers alone a few mild Laws As to pollution safety and fraud would suffice our party would get off the people s Back. One Happy result of this fortuitous policy would be that the do nothing party would dissolve the bureaucracy the bureaucracy would have nothing to do the people would be told to attend to their own health their own nutrition their own education in their own communities Farmers would have no subsidies industries could claim no tax Bonanza nobody would Ever fill out a form again so much for Domestic policy what of foreign affairs an example of our party s Superior Wisdom could be found in the matter of China among Washington liberals the cry is Quot normalization Quot the idea is to Exchange ambassadors to open embassies and to abandon Taiwan our party would pursue if so Active a verb May be employed the opposite course Why normalize9 not one single Benefit can be perceived the chinese Are now represented in Washington we Are represented in peking if something of interest comes up. Our Guy can Call their Guy on the phone if the number is Busy he could try again in ten years there is much to be said for a simple sturdy incompetence there is much to be commended in the a hassled passing of time. Somewhere quite recently i read a splendid fable next week or the week after i will try to remember to look it up the Story had to do with a philosopher who. Once upon a time became the prisoner of an Oriental potentate he was about to be put to death when he made the potentate an offer in two years said the philosopher. He would teach the despot s horse to talk the bemused tyrant granted a two year reprieve Why had so absurd an offer been tendered said the philosopher Quot in two years i May be dead anyhow or the potentate May be dead anyhow or the horse May talk Quot an eminent historian once observed that the happiest hours of Mankind Are inscribed on the Blank pages of history toward that cond Hon of National Contentment our party pledges it a Yawn a unrelenting inattention the Art Buchwald column he never met miss Ray Washington a i know it hard to believe but i met a High government official the other Day who never met Elizabeth Ray the reason ifs hard is that according to miss rays Book Quot the Washington fringe Benefit Quot she met every person of importance within a 50-mile radius of the nations capital in fairness to miss Ray she did t claim she slept with everyone she met though the guinness Book of records has suddenly shown a great interest in Hen but she does insist she knew everyone from Eugene Mccarthy to Henry Kissinger. The High government official who asked that his name not be mentioned because he had never met miss Ray did t seem to have any logical reason to explain Why their paths had never crossed Quot in a not much of a party Man Quot he said so maybe that s the reason she left me out of her Book Quot Quot but surely i said Quot you could have been in a restaurant where she was dining she said she met a lot of important people in restaurants Quot in be wracked my brain Quot he replied. Quot but i Don t think i Ever ran into her in a restaurant if i had she surely would have remembered what about at the Washington Redskin games a in her Book she claims she met almost everyone of importance at the Redskin Quot i must admit that puzzled me because that would have been a place we could have met. I guess it was just Chance that we did t. My seats Are behind the goal posts at the West end of the Field and i understand she sat in a Box on the five Yard line on the East end of the Field ifs possible we could have waved to each other when the redskins scored a touchdown but if we did i guess she forgot if Quot Quot what about up on Capitol Hill in one of the orgy rooms she wrote about Quot Quot i never did hear about those rooms until miss by started talking about them in the newspapers i believe they were on the House Side of the Capitol and i spent most of my time on the Senate Side i wish i had known about it in those Days it certainly would have been a Nice place to wait while i was waiting to testify in front of a Dull Senate committee Quot but didst a congressman offer to introduce you to miss Ray and recommend her As a dinner date9�?T�?T he said. Biting his lip Quot it s hard for you to believe this. But the answer is no i Don t understand Why i have a lot of Power. In a not bad looking and i like to have a Good tune As much As the next person but neither or Hays nor anyone else on the Hill had the Courtesy to say to me. I d like you to meet my Secretary she can Type four words a minute Quot Quot sir. Do you think the fact you weren t mentioned in miss Ray s Book could Hurt your career a Quot Well. Let s say it can to help it that Book is a who s who of Washington you re not anybody if miss Ray did t meet you this town pays attention to things like that. I Haven t had one Call from a Newspaperman or woman since my name was left out i Don t mind telling you it Quot perhaps she disguised your name because you were one of the people in the Book she had an affair i said trying to cheer him up he Shook his head sadly Quot no i read about every person she gave a phony name to and none of them fitted me i might As Well learn to live with it i never met miss Ray and she never met me i think the Public will have to accept the fact and decide for themselves if they still want me to serve the there were tears in his eyes Quot everyone makes mistakes sir Quot i said gently Quot it s a Rotten Deal that you never met miss Ray but in a few months people will forget Quot what a fool i was Quot he sobbed Quot if i had known she was going to Tell All i could have had my Redskin seats changed to her end of the football

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