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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Government attack on Job discrimination costs Industry Washington a armed with strengthened Laws and a supreme court Victory the government is intensifying efforts to wipe out Job discrimination. And the Campaign is costing american Industry millions of dollars for Back pay. The Baltimore and Ohio and Chesapeake and Ohio railroads were the latest to feel the sting a suit filed in Federal court by the labor department last week asked for at least 120 million in Back pay for Joo workers allegedly discriminated against because of age it followed a number of settlements in recent weeks both in and out cd court involving some of the nation s biggest corporations. The government s attack involves All forms of discrimination in the work place a race be age. Religion and National origin and while the Campaign so far has dealt mainly with private Industry government attorneys Are beginning to Challenge universities Public school systems police departments and hospitals. Three weeks ago. The supreme court ruled for the first time that employers must pay men and women equal pay for essentially the same work the decision Wilt Cost coming Glass works is million in Back wages for women inspectors who were paid less Basic salaries for daytime work than men who performed similar work at night the ruling was viewed As a major Victory by government lawyers seeking Strong remedies under the is equal pay act for past wage discrimination favouring men. There also were settlements with american Telephone it Telegraph co., Bank of America. Standard Oil of California the major steel producers and the big trucking companies. These resulted in Back pay awards totalling More than 170 million Pius millions More in higher future wages for More than 50.000 women Blacks and other minorities and older workers. The settlements also included goals and timetables for ending discriminatory employment practices which will open up Job opportunities traditionally closed to women and Blacks. Government attorneys Are hopeful that the Quot trauma of multimillion Dollar settlements will induce voluntary compliance by other companies Quot i want to make it costly not to comply and i want to make Industry aware of How to comply. Said William j. Kilberg. The Young Harvard trained lawyer who Heads the i Ai Bor departments ant discrimination Effort. Kilberg 28. Was the youngest presidential appointee to a sub Cabinet Post in history when he was named solicitor of labor last year. Some employers disagree with the government s approach and contend that the settlements Are exorbitant Quot companies Are settling to avoid the bad publicity when they would have been better Oft of they fought a Little says an attorney for the . Chamber of Commerce. John h. Johnson vice president for Industrial relations for the National association of manufacturers says that while Industry Quot subscribes to the tenants of equal employment Opportunity a the government May be overreacting he contends that Quot measured social Progress a has taken place in Industry particularly since enactment of the 193 civil rights act hut adds that the government in some cases. Is a a putting artificial pressure to achieve Chatta Mable government lawyers Quot May Well be caught in a big numbers games and Are impressed Quot with the Glamor big settlements win for their Johnson said. Despite new Laws Over the past decade and the pressure of the women s rights movement statistics still show a Broad imbalance in such areas As employment and salary Between the White male work Force and women Blacks and other i non lies. Black unemployment runs about double that for Whites. Unemployment for women is almost impossible to gauge since Many discouraged have Given up seeking jobs and thus do not appear in the unemployment statistics. Accord i no to government figures a working woman still lags behind in earning Power. The equal employment Opportunity commission says that on the average. Full ume working women get $3 for every is earned by similarly employed men. The governments machinery for combating Job discrimination is split Between the labor department and the Leoc. Other agencies Are involved to a lesser extent inducing the Justice department there Are a half Dor in Laws and executive orders on the books now but the real impetus in the Field started with the 1984 civil hights act. Although some Laws such As the fair Tabor standards act of 1938. Have been around for a Long time. Either they specifically did not address Job discrimination based on race or sex. Or enforcement was sporadic or weak recent amendments have increased the scope of Federal enforcement Powers As Well As the number of people covered by ant discrimination Laws More than 60 per cent of the work Force is covered now a 1972 amendment to the equal employment act gave the Leoc authority for the first time to go into court to enforce its orders. Since then the commission s budget has been tripled to 344 million and its staff expanded from 300 to 2.-500 employees including 300 lawyers. Chairman John h. Powell or. 43. Said the commission filed nearly 200 cases Between january and june compared with Only 16 in All of fiscal 1972 a joint government task mayors of nation gain new political clout san Diego map the nation s mayors Are trying to Lex some new political muscle this year after toiling for years in the Shadow of the White House. Congress and the 50 state governors five of the delegates to the 4 annual . Conference of mayors which opened saturday Are running for the . Senate in 1974 Quot that has not been paralleled in a Good Many years said Indianapolis mayor Richard g. Lugar. A Gap candidate for the Senate from Indiana another half dozen or More City chief executives Are seeking House seats and several figure in the wide open Early speculation for a possible spot on National tickets in 1976 the number of candidates for higher office gave the meeting unusual political interest and the Agenda included potentially controversial resolutions dealing with the watergate related issues of presidential executive privilege and political Reform and ethics three of the live mayors running for the Senate Are republicans although democrats outnumber Gap mayors 13 to 4 among the nation s 20 largest cities the other three Are registered As independents or non partisan the Senate candidates in addition to Lugar Are he publicans Ralph j perk of Cleveland and e j Gam of Salt Lake City and democrats Peter k. Fla Herty of Pittsburgh and Lee Alexander of Syracuse. N y the House candidates include Democrat Norman Mineta. The first amen can of japanese extraction to head a major . City a san Jose. Calif a neighbouring mayor. Gary c. Gillmor of Santa Clara. Calif., is the democratic nominee to oppose Maverick Republican congressman Paul n. Fri Loskey. In an associated press Survey of selected mayors in Advance of the meeting Only two volunteered to name colleagues with the potential of National ticket stature in 1976 new Orleans mayor Muon land be u said Quot there Are really several Good candidates among the nation s mayors but i would prefer not to single out anyone will say this the mayors of major cities Are men who recognize the problems this nation faces domestically because they Deal with them Day after Day. They meet the citizens they get the complaints and they implement the programs. You might say american mayors Are very close to where All the action is taking but their closeness to controversy has also made it difficult for them to win political promotion. When former new York mayor John v. Lindsay campaigned in the 1972 presidential primaries critics questioned How he could expect to run the country if he could i run new York City. Lindsay contended new York was a Well run Metropolis the mayor mentioned most prominently As a Likely presidential running mate in 1976 is Thomas Bradley the Black chief executive of los Angeles but Bradley said. A i Haven t heard any of the mayors express an interest or a plan or a desire for either the presidency or the vice he said it would be premature to consider him a potential candidate. Norfolk mayor Roy b. Martin conference president said he considered democrats Kevin White of Boston and Henry mater of Milwaukee and republicans Pete Wilson of Sandiego and Lugar As potential National candidates. White was under consideration As sen. George Mcgovern s running mate in 1972 Wilson May run for the . Senate in 1976 Lugar said most mayors probably would seek intermediate office such As the Senate before aiming for a National ticket. Quot but i Don t want to be thought of in that group a he said. The Man expected to become the new conference chairman san Francisco mayor Joseph l. Alioto. Just completed an unsuccessful Campaign to win the democratic nomination for governor of California there Are Only five former mayors now serving in the Senate according to unofficial biographies listed in the almanac of amen can politics. The most prominent is sen. Hubert h. Humphrey dam former mayor of Minneapolis the incumbent mayor considered to have the greatest political influence in his slate. Chicago s Richard j. Daley was not expected to attend the conference because of his recent illness sewing machine bargains a cordial invitation is extended to you to visit our modern and larger facilities for All your sewing machine needs. 1100 English Road on right Side of English Road Midway Between n. Main St. And West end Glenn s sewing machine co., inc. Telephone 883-1922 sales amp service a by sewing machine specialists Are always downtown whether your shopping for a new summer dress or a Monkey wrench you la find great bargains. In Complete shopping in the heart of highpoint i High Point Force involving Leoc Tabor and Justice resulted in the complicated and expensive Industry wide settlements negotiated with the steel and trucking companies. Kilberg says this cooperation among government agencies made it easier to obtain Industry wide pacts. He predicted that similar agreements May be forthcoming possibly in the Copper and aluminium industries which maintain the same Type of seniority systems that prevailed in the steel Industry each Agency also pursues separate investigations Powell said the Leoc is continuing with an investigation announced last fall into allegations of Job discrimination against general motors Ford. General electric Sears Roebuck and the International Union of electrical workers. Kilberg who won the com my Glass suit predicts that in the future More cases will be pressed against universities where be contends Quot the wage differentials Are enormous Quot earlier this month Rutgers University in new Jersey agreed to pay More than 1375.000 in Back wages to women and minority group faculty members who charged in a Federal complaint that they were paid fess than their White male colleagues Quot we re trying to enforce the Laws to achieve what we believe is the intent of Congress a As free a marketplace As possible for labor Quot says Kilberg this he says will place the Best people in the Best jobs increase productivity and create More jobs to answering what he say is criticism that the government is insensitive to corporate problems commission chairman Powell argues that his Agency is Only enforcing the Law Quot some corporate officials Tell me their top people took 25 years to get into executive positions and that it s unrealistic to expect minorities to move up any he says. 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