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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Pressures build but first lady stays Cool by Frances Lewine associate press writer Washington t a it a late at night when Pennsylvania Avenue is deserted. Pat Nixon sometimes leaves the White House to walk the quiet nearby streets often she covers her blonde hair with a Scarf so she won t be recognized her daughter. Julie Nixon Eisenhower reports. The late night walks two or three times a week Are something new. In a watergate troubled time. The strolls offer the first lady privacy relaxation. An escape from the Quot hermetically sealed in Quot and constantly bustling White House says the youngest Nixon daughter some evenings. Mrs Nixon is joined by Julie others she walks alone save for the Ever present secret service agents those close to the first lady see the signs of watergate Strain. She Quot feels very deeply about this Quot and sees in watergate an attempt by some people to get Quot her husband s last Pound of flesh. Says a very close Friend. Mrs Helene drown who has known Pat Nixon for 35 years they were teachers together at Whittier High school in California before the Nixon married but i Don t think watergate has affected her any More than any crisis they be gone through in their adds mrs drown Quot Pat Nixon a motto has a1 Way s been it s better to laugh than to cry. The laughter the Good spirits Are what the Public usually see hundreds of people who meet mrs Nixon in receiving lines find her a warm Friendly smiling and responsive hostess. Quot she goes merrily along As if nothing was happening says curator Clement Conger who works with mrs. Nixon to refurbish and replace White House furnishings Quot she tries to relieve the tension a daughter Julie adds the first lady a social Secretary. Lucy Winchester bears that out with a report about mrs. Nixon carrying off a poster showing a Kitten clinging to a curtain Rod it was captioned. Quot hang in there baby a mrs Nixon took it to display in the president s bedroom the Nixon observed their 33rd wedding anniversary last Friday june 21 and mrs Nixon expects to observe two More As first lady. Mrs drown says. Quot she does t seem to think her term in the White House will be terminated reporters think mrs Nixon. 62. Is showing signs of Strain and her press Secretary Helen Smith admits that a it s a difficult time for her in the few times she has spoken out after being pressed by reporters. Mrs Nixon has proclaimed Quot i m full of Faith and Confidence. My have Faith until five year old Mike Hemd signifies age in a proven wrong Quot when a reporter said. Quot this has been a hard year for you and you seem to be holding up marvellously. What is it that sustains you a mrs Nixon responded the truth sustains me. Because i have great Faith in my husband he san honorable dedicated person and when you know the truth you have nothing to fear i have a very positive Outlook while criticism mounts against Nixon. Almost nothing is said against his wife and partner in 28 years of National politics. Except for the fact that she was a wifely cosigner of the income tax returns on which Nixon was found to owe $476,000. Mrs Nixon has not been linked personally to any of the presidents watergate related problems the administration reacted with defensive outrage when it was disclosed in mid May that mrs Nixon had been wearing $50 too Worth of jewelry Given by the saudi arabian Royal family but never publicly acknowledged by the Nixon As a gift belonging to the american people Quot blown completely out of proportion and said the White House spokesman when the Story broke Quot it shows the lengths to which some people will go. By inference to cast the first family in a bad Light Quot for the Wise cracked mrs Nixon about the incident. But. The jewels were transferred from her bedroom Safe to custody of the White House gifts unit and she sent word she would not Wear them again Quot mrs Nixon was really upset at the intended embarrassment to her husband a implied in the jewelry Story mrs drown related Quot of she did t use gifts a Given her. Mrs. Drown said mrs Nixon had told her. Quot it could Strain diplomatic relations a a mrs Nixon disclosed recently that she has read All of the published watergate transcripts. Quot it takes 9 to 12 she said mrs. Drown says mrs. Nixon Felt that the presidential tapes should have been considered Quot like personal sensitive diaries. Never to be released to Julie Eisenhower frequently the family spokesman on watergate has described Ber Mother As Quot Able to Uke things with a Grain of Salt. She s very philosophical and i guess she finds she can hold up under All this because she mrs Nixon celebrates birthday on plane map p0#i the High Point Enterprise sunday morning june 23.1974section d loves my father in him Julie related mrs. Nixon s reaction to a recent Magazine article suggesting the president and his wife might be contemplating divorce her Mother laughingly suggested Quot i should think of an exciting third party she could name and mrs drown telling the same Story said mrs Nixon had joked to her Dick s so Busy he have time it was a year ago that mrs. Nixon expressed her Faith and Confidence in her husband on watergate. When someone gave her a copy of a weekly Pennsylvania newspaper during a reception she joked Quot Well. I done to see watergate on the front Page something i wrong Here a. Since publication of the transcripts mrs Nixon is less inclined to joke about watergate once Friendly and relaxed with reporters she has become irritable with them. Quot i u Pray for the press Quot she Flung Over her shoulder in turning aside questions on one White House occasion. When House minority Leader John Rhodes of Arizona showed up at a capital Hill Republican club reception for mrs. Nixon after be had suggested that Nixon should consider the possibility of impeachment the first lady welcomed him warmly. Taking Rhodes Arm. Mrs Nixon turned him to face a Battery of news cameras and smiling archly said Quot let s look like we re mrs. Nixon even has displayed what her press Secretary described As a a Flash of anger a during a talk with reporters aboard her plane on the Way Back from her six Day latin american Goodwill visit last March. It came when she was asked about the Strain of the past year Quot i really Don t wish to speak of mrs Nixon said. Standing up to Cut off the interview Quot its just a personal thing and Why bring that into the Tnp it mrs Nixon reportedly is distressed at the news Media s constant efforts to get mrs Nixon to discuss watergate at social events Quot she wants to focus on the mrs Smith explains mrs drowns adds that mrs Nixon has complained to her that reporters ignored events at the White House and she wishes they would give More recognition to volunteers and other groups she entertains just As president Nixon has sought Friendly audiences for his Public appearances lately. Mrs. Nixon also entertains apparently supportive groups sometimes As often As three afternoons a week she will have two events on her Calendar to Greet such visitors As the daughters of the amen can revolution or wives of a doctors group though she once travelled across the country promoting Volunteer work. Mrs. Nixon now confines her efforts to meeting groups in the Washington area since the fall of 1971. Her travels in the u s. Have been limited solely to trips with the president at a recent Washington luncheon when congressional and Cabinet wives gave her two standing ovations. Mrs Nixon showed her feelings Quot your words like i love you we support you. They cheer me up these Are the things that give you a Chance to fight for what s right and that s what we re doing Quot despite her Many years in the Public spotlight those who know mrs Nixon say she is basically a shy and private person. Staff members do their Best to protect her privacy. It is difficult even to get information now on a typical Day in her life As first lady one staff member describes mrs. Nixon s role in the White House As that of Quot glorified housekeeper a a she a involved in everything from refurbishing and replacing Antiques to approving menus and cutting out beef when the prices go up there appears to be Little entertaining of friends by the Nixon family and a protective staff can to or won t a report the frequency of such occasions or who s invited a few months ago Nixon stopped the 90-year-old practice of keeping usher j office logs of visitors to White House family quarters. There seems to be general agreement that mrs Nixon spends an unusual amount of time on her mail. Which is said to average As much As 3,000 to 4,000 letters a week. She works an estimated four or Ive a a it is suit i on 20 innovations bolster image of fire department by Gay Payne Enterprise staff writer it ainu to like it used to be and maybe that s Good. Just As society and the environment change so should the institutions which serve society. The High Point fire dept has been Able to change and adjust to the demands of a changing society. The fire department was organized in 1890 with a Volunteer Force of about 36 men. In 84 years it has grown to 108 men to accommodate the residents of High Point. Traditionally firemen have been thought to be some of the Best card players in town after All that s what firemen do when they Arentt putting out fires Isnit it for the High Point firemen that s not True at All fire chief h u Thompson explained. We Are trying to change the image of the firefighter. In changing the image we Hope to make it a More professional the firemen Are not allowed to play cards at the station. Besides that they work a full eight hour a Day shift Uke everyone Els even though they Are on duty for a 24-hour period during their eight hours of labor additional training and pref ire planning along with a Strong fire prevention program Are worked on. According to the chief approximately 95 per cent of All fires Are caused through carelessness. Since the leading cause of fires in High Point is the results of faulty wiring and electric appliances the chief and his men make annual inspections of the Homes in High Point in an Effort to get rid of potential fire hazards. Quot building and construction codes have helped Quot explains Thompson Quot but sometimes it is Bard to get people to rewire their Homes rewiring of Homes is sometimes necessary when there is an older House involved aside from House inspections the firefighter division one of six divisions of the department makes Pendic inspection of the fire hydrants around the City. Fire prevention is the most important aspect of fire work and the department does All it can to inform citizens of the potential fire dangers. There is a fire prevention program in All the City schools and the firemen Are ready and willing to talk to any group on the subject. Civic club members have often seen the slide presentation and have been reminded of the need for fire prevention. Not Only Are private Homes inspected for fire hazards but firemen go Over building plans and building blueprints with the City inspections office to make sure buildings Are constructed As fire Safe As possible. Pre planning an operation not overlooked by the department helps if there is a fire. Firemen have plotted out strategy to extinguish fires in different buildings and areas in the City if the need Ever arises. Pre planning is one of the Many exercises that firemen do to help the City become fire Safe. Over the years in an Effort to serve the Community with the Best fire arrangements and in the most efficient Way possible the department has replaced old and worn equipment and expanded and moved into new quarters. Another such move is scheduled to take place shortly. A new fire station located on Centennial Street will be occupied by the firemen and fire equipment housed currently on n. Wrenn Street. Quot the building on n. Wrenn Street is very old and outdated Quot explained the chief. Quot it is not structurally sound a he added. Quot the men have been there for years and years ago the jail and City Hall were housed there Quot he noted. Also during the past year the no. 2 engine was replaced with a new truck that is Able to pump 1,000 Gallons of water per minute. There is another such truck on order which is expected to come in sometime in january according to Thompson another added piece of apparatus is the Rescue truck and boat for water Rescue and recovery. There Are nine men enrolled in scuba diving courses who will be Able to assist in the Rescue recovery program the truck can also be used during fires and wrecks. Construction of an additional firehouse has been included in the budget just adopted by the City Council for the coming fiscal year the fire station is to be located in the Eastern Section of town and will service residents in the Ridgecrest area As Well As serve As a Back up unit for other stations. According to Thompson construction of the $225,000 building should begin next year. Though the exact site has not yet been determined the proposed style will be quite similar in Structure to the other two base stations that Are associated with the High Point fire department. The fire department has also included in its budget $130,000 for the Purchase of a snorkel. Quot the snorkel Quot says the chief Quot is for More Manu Merable use during fires and will facilitate in Rescue operations a it will be approximately two years before the snorkel is delivered to High Point the local fire department will draw up specifications for the snorkel and submit it to various bidders True the fire department has become quite efficient in its service to the Community. But firemen have not forgotten that putting out fires is not their whole Job. When extinguishing fires the department tries to keep things As clean As possible. Quot we cover furniture and carpets whenever possible in addition to getting up As much of the water As possible Quot said the chief Quot this is done for two he explained. Quot first of All it saves the insurance company Money when we Are Able to prevent smoke and water damage also it is not so bad for the occupants when they go Back into their Homes or businesses if there is not a big new no. I on Centennial Street stat photos by Sonny Toga cock soon to be vacated station

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