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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Bailey yearns to be himself Hollywood Nea a on of the hottest club arts these Days is when Barbara Streisand Judy Garland and Phyllis Diller come out and entertain you and then they All turn out to be Jim Hailey doing his devastating impersonations of you get a Chance to see Bailey in action grab it Quick because he won t be doing it too much longer Bailey says he Hopes that sooner or later hell be Able to give up the impersonation business for Good. He wants to he just himself appearing As Jim Bailey and entertain my the Public As Jim Bailey. Bailey objects undershirt Dably to the old term a female Impersonator Quot for what he does. It has come to be sort of a Sleazy term head rather you Call what he does a character whatever it s called it s a smash. But it was Only designed As a kind of Stopgap a gimmick with which he could establish himself. Gradually he plans to Fate it out of his act. Already he s dropped his Mae West character enactment Quot completely Bailey is a philadelphian and his Early goal was to be a concert pianist. But after seven years of study his teacher said Quot you Don t have it a have you Ever considered singing?"1 so he considered singing he was doing fair to Okas a Singer but no More that is when he decided he had to have a gimmick. He had come to know Phyllis Diller Well and he had a natural gift for mimicry and decided to impersonate her Quot i was afraid at first Quot he says Quot it was so different for a Singer. I worked at it five or six months before i began doing it in he added Streisand and Garland and suddenly the gimmick began wagging the dog people wanted to see Bailey As the ladies and his singing a which is very Good a was Only secondary in the Public s mind. He s so accurate and funny with hts take offs that some of the audience refuse to believe he s doing them no More deep throats move a afters agree screen sex is on the Way out High Point Enterprise sunday Jane 23, 1174 is by Bob Thomas associated press writer los Angeles a for to years. American films have piled Shock upon Shock As movie makers responded to tile sexual revolution. Now the trend seems to be slowing a live noticed it in the scripts i read says Jack Lemmon Winner of this year s Best Achor Oscar. The raw sex seems to be on the decline. Quot after All. What is left to Shock people with everything has been done on the screen and familiarity makes things no longer shocking. If everybody streaked nobody would notice. Quot even so look How fast streaking has faded As a Lemmons views Are shared by other leaders of the film Community. Says Robert Wise. Maker of Quot the sound of music and Quot the Andromeda Strain Quot and president of the directors Guild of America Kim Darby s daughter faces life with smile by Dick Kleiner Hollywood Nea a Kim Darby told me this touching Story about her a husband. Jim Stacy and their five year old daughter Heather after Stacy was so badly injured in that motorcycle Accident Kim had to do a lot of explaining. Jim and Heather had been very Clote. Quot Heather is More like Jim than me Quot Kim says. Quot she in t afraid of anything. She s a Tomboy very sure of herself. I was always the insecure sort. A Jim would always do physical things with her a be d take her swimming and skiing and do All kinds of activities with her she loved that Quot after he was Hurt a he lost a left Arm and leg in a motorcycle car Accident a Kim had to explain to her daughter that her father would t be coming Over and taking her to the Beach or to the mountains Quot he won t be Able to take you swimming or skiing any More darting Quot Kim said to Heather. Quot but Quot the Little girl said Quot hell still be Able to smile at me wont he Quot Kim says Jim is doing nobly with the me Arm and one leg he has left. This past easter he brought Heather an easter Bunny As a present one of those Plush stuffed toys. She handled it roughly and its nose fell off. With his one hand. Jim sewed a Button on to replace the Bunny s nose during the disastrous Goldwyn studio fire some of the fireman looked around and were startled to see Steve Mcqueen Manning a Hose. They should t have been startled a he s an accredited Volunteer fireman and often helps out at major los Angeles fires. John Wayne is in the Hospital again and his friends Are worried. No word yet on whether this is just a or if there is More serious checkup anything involved. Your Horoscope. Monday june �4 your birthday monday you la soon find yourself in demand to help bring in results increased production in whatever your Field is. Administrative chores multiply. With rewards in proportion. Relations serve you Well in terms of High morale encouragement. Today s natives often have special capabilities in sensing sounds or else a reverse limitation with a High threshold to Cross. Aries March i april la career matters move up steadily a be definite where possible to avoid misunderstanding about terms. It s an excellent time to enter a new Home or Headquarters. Taurus april 20-May 20 daily living habits flow so smoothly you take them for granted. Seek new contacts learn another skill. Close friends Are All Busy generating schemes a let them alone gemini May 21-june 20 attend to important issues Early As your Day includes Many pleasing distractions. Be sure anything you write today is strictly the cancer june 21-Juiy 21 i amid generally Good news there san item that later comes to mean something serious to you. Correct any errors at once. Correspondence needs attention. Leo july 23-aug. 22 temptation to speculate is Strong. Projects intended to Sharpen your Public image do just that but not quite the Way you a want. It s Best to play it straight. Virgo aug. 23-Sepl. 22 older friends Are of great help through their connections and interest. An Overall successful Day if you refrain from picking at trifles. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 leaving Money questions to one Side consider purely human values express your feelings for those you love. In evening you can think about new plans. Sagittarius nov. 22 dec. 21 Early transactions make your Day. The rest is mainly satisfactory work done at a reasonable Pace. Done to be Lazy get moving while the going is Good. Celebrate tonight Capricorn dec. 22-Jaa. Of practicality is always in season. With just a Little extra push you can establish a base or further expansion pause occasionally to give thanks. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. It in Lanace with having stayed out of the financial ventures of friends leave them out of your speculations. Its a provocative Day for Bright ideas and a Long one. Pisces feb. Of March 28 your social life runs Rich and full according to what you put into it. The business angles though less amenable to fluent management also go Well. A Nice note at hand from the old timer actor Erie Linden. In my question and answer column i was asked about him and i cheated him out of one year in my reply. Quot the wily thing i mind Quot he writes Quot is your making me 65 before my time a i won t be 65 until september 15th of this year. The years go fast enough. Dick. In Case anyone s interested in a very happily married with three Beautiful children a Andrea ill. David 12, and Karen. 17.&Quot he lives in South Laguna calif., and it s Nice to hear from him. He did some wonderful work in his time. Quot i see a definite trend away from daring material on the screen. Not Only because audiences have grown accustomed to it. There is also a concern on the part of most filmmakers about what course the supreme court will take Quot Wise referred to the june 1973 decision by the u s. Supreme court allowing states and communities to decide their own standards of obscenity. Mike Nichols carnal knowledge Quot was ruled obscene in Albany ga., and an Appeal is pending before the supreme court. Quot personally i know of eight films that have not been made because of the decision Quot said director John Frankenheime of a the manchurian sue stingers who represent barbra Streisand. Gene Hackman and other stars for the creative management Agency observed that the studios have Quot been afraid of the a rated picture for the last couple of years Quot the reasons for that fear include the supreme court decision and the threat of having to fight Legal Battles in communities where such films Are banned Pius the damage to corporate dignity. At least one filmmaker believes there is a trend toward implicit is explicit sex on tha screen for aesthetic reasons says Tom cries director of Quot the hawaiians Quot and a Blip a live always Felt that graphic sex does a disservice to the film and it counterproductive. I base that on my belief that the american audience in particular is not ready to sit through a sex scene it takes them out of the Story and makes each person aware of himself. Quot this is not any moral abjuration i simply believe and most directors and producers agree that it just does i work to put sex scenes in another filmmaker. Jack s might now directing Quot Airport 1975,&Quot said he sees a decline in depiction of sex in movies Quot from now on i think it will be used Only when it fits into the Story not extraneous by Quot Smight observed that the current trend is away from the intimate Story which Lent itself to sexual scenes. Producers Are no longer concerned with the relationship of two people the big thing now is the catastrophe film. All Star casts Are fighting to survive earthquake in a earthquake a fire in Quot the towering inferno a air disaster in Quot Airport. 197 Quot Quot Hinden Burg Quot Etc. Actress Susan Clark cites another trend against sex in films Quot love stones in films nowadays Are not about Man and woman a they concern Man and Man. Instead of Clark Gable and Jean Harlow it s Paul Newman and Robert the decline of interest in sex movies has hit the pornography Industry too. Quot our biggest problem is apathy a explains David Friedman president of the adult film association and maker of such flicks As Quot the erotic adventures of Zorro Quot and Quot trader Quot business for adult films is Way off and i Don t see another a deep Throat 1 happening Friedman estimates there Are 730 Heaters playing sex movies the year around with a steady audience of one million to two million when the major film companies Quot dipped their toes into our Pool with a rated films like Quot a clockwork Orange Quot and Quot last tango in Paris a More Heaters and wider audiences were opened up for adult movies Friedman said. Quot then came deep Throat and behind the Green door which were creations of the Media. Without ail the National publicity they would have done Ordinary business Quot but everyone read about Linda Lovelace and for the first time sex movies were getting the Carriage Trade. I would guess some 30 million people saw deep Throat. Quot some were amused some were shocked. But most of them said All right i be seen a porno film. I Don t need to see another that s the element of human psychology that seems to hamper both the skin flick makers and the establishment producers who have introduced sex into major films. Says a University psychiatrist Quot we Are teaming what the scandinavians have known for a Long time once you remove the mystery of sex. It no longer holds the same fascination. Dusty uniforms Khaki is a Hindustani word meaning British troops during the Indian Mutiny of 1857-6, dyed their White Drill uniforms with Curry powder or the mud and dust Khaki available for camouflage. A permanent Khaki Dye was later developed for the Drill uniforms and its name was adopted by other armies. Fillet of Perch Cele Slaw hath pop pts i French put Butcha the kid Are Bachi Raul Newman Robert Redford Katharine Ross. Butch Cassidy and Thi Sundance kid a f1 held Over 5 in flight shows sat Sun i to 3 25 5 20 7 70 sunday v disc of too i staum it 1718 North main St. All you can eat 29 i children under 9 i Only .75 a it uvas the fall of v54 a time when laughing was easy and laugh they did until they crossed the. Macon count Linc Samuel i Arkoff presents a Max Bier production la a in Chii into i in c0,<m by Chi a Road in Wuu Iii Linen american International release another piece. Another t iroe11 composed and Sung by to Bocre Gentry 2 00-3 50-5 40 7 30-9 20 next Issac Hayes As a truck Turner Quot r is Tow be to theatre Jabris a showing tonight caged heat �?2nd features hot Box rated r tor decades the burlesque striptease intrigued Adole cent boys and Middle aged men who indulged their fantasies in watching a shapely woman undress. Quot but now they see famous actresses totally nude on the screen and in magazines and the striptease is dead Quot sex in movies is a relatively new device for american filmmakers although it has Long flourished in foreign and underground films. It was not until the mid-1960s that the self censoring production code a which prohibited a excessive and Lustful kissing Lustful embraces suggestive postures and gestures among other things a began to crumble. The code administered by the Hays office said Quot passion should be so treated that these scenes do not stimulate the lower and baser passion As Well As nudity and rank language began seeping into american films As filmmakers sought to reflect changing moral patterns. In 1968. The production code was finally abolished. A rating system was introduced restricting films with sexual Content Linda Lovelace poses topless London a Linda Lovelace whose sex movie Quot deep Throat has been banned in Britain posed outside her hotel Here m top hat tails striped pants and no shirt Quot i think its the american actress said chiding customs officials for seizing her movie. As she spoke spectators craned their necks to see her bared bosom and cars nearly collided in the Street from being seen by children. The Academy awards Are usually a Good indication of film Industry thinking although lavishly praised by important critics a rated Quot last tango in pans was not nominated As Best picture in the Oscar race. Quot the a exorcist Quot was expected to win a Best picture Oscar but didst. Instead the film establishment this year honoured Quot the Sung Quot As Best picture approving the tale of two con men More interested in fleecing a my time gangster than in bedding broads Abc Southeastern movie ratings for Barents Ano Young people in of i of a font Ila my w a Ages admitted to a Ages admitted Twat ammo Ltd b so a a Tai us a a o in a a men cwt e by a obit the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise Tau airy a. Razz i Sec Cinter is Thi of the exorcist it Iii Nim n minium Welcome aboard Gall More Dairy re. Ill former showboat location Ibi Cha a a a Steak a seafood a Contone cuisine a a a we it cd a bag a of reservations Cau Asa 3473 Omen nightly sex Cert monday a Airport Marks St i it j no in y Ori i Sec to j Jung s i a Gaudy Alf a s who do you soy a a when o boy lit i Itmann the barn dinner Thea thu with new York cast on the Quot magic stage Stagecoach Trail near air erf reservations dial 883-7914 Orin 7 nights Uch Wiik sunday night special 8�� per person dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing a no sex please we re British a comedy half your age tells you he loves you Edward Albert 40 carats pm Martin twin 3.00, 5 00, 7 08, 9 00 i i of j of too Jovan t j to to Imi or Msomi All Disney. All adventure a great Frontier adventure. Walt Disney a technicolor Fife Creal wilderness adventure i wait Disney g olo Mammie a in or a waxy tecmn1cocoh f my in now thru thurs. 1st run in area As advertised on . Drive in theatre adults 2 ail under age 12 admitted absolutely free at the Midway impulse starring William Shatner Ruth roman Harold Odd Job Sakata plus hit no. 2 at 10 is Quot tales that witness madness Quot Quot a Quot in Contr starting Kim Novak a John coins Jack Hawkins a Suzy Ken Palt come Early Foh St space Polk g . Features at 9 10-10 51-12 28 j where you get the Best hot Doc in the county with All the trimmings

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