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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina My High Point Enterprise sunday. June a 1974 sunday crossword Puzzle sek Puzzle solution on Page 15c edited by Margaret Farrar by Alfio mini 50 51 i to 52 Miniver s3 4 churchmen abbr. 54 7 Lamb 55 to offer la Wax Able to 56 15 Heath Plant 58 17 count calories cd 18 treat for Rover 63 to choir conjunction 65 30 Himalayan land 66 21 was for. 67 22 Shoppe 70 adjective 72 21 sorrowful tree 77 26 salivate noted Fountain 78 28 80 20 , atop 82 no Dwarf Shrub 82 certain note. I for Short 84 14 it c i to it live unit 85 abbr. 87 36 single 88 37 summer of Righta 41 keen of vision is 48 in the Middle of 49 Johnson s 04 partner Assn. Ration Tref Clear that girl in Milan loud outcries pro tuber once seed. Neighbor peruvian Indian sounds Ltd act i Itsvo corp 95 French pro noun 96 trophy or too East Ger. 103 chemical compound 107 wearied 108 celestial sights is 112 Sharif 11.1 Caesar s to saw 113 join i id. Berth 117 depend on 118 of discord 110 British a ube i 120 relaxes 121 Matt rope 122 Reed or Stout in Aberdeen s River 124 primary color Tine Dostoevski s a the Quot i Down French sinter abbr potatoes of a kind Princess pm 2 less polite .1 Hillside 4 concocts 5 tit Lark 6 Mountain adjective 7 German article 8 ceremonial confection 9 unending to Spanish Bun 11 catalogue 12 act 13 by d s cry 14 practice area 15 part of Brit. Id entirety 17 slovenly Gal 18 numbskull 24 Coconut Palm 25 poetic preposition 27 Eye amorous by 31 tropical Trees 33 on top of 35 service Monogram 37 Lave 38 Island off China 30 completed 40 a a uproar 41 Cassini 42 Large Birds 43 Basic 44 biblical site 45 Mournful cry 46 wings 47 Moines or Plaines 54 Gabor and Legallienne 55 crucial matter 57 self for. So regarding 60 old Coin 62 note prefix 64 Active Blaze 67 guinness 68 Erik Bruhn for one 69 like of bricks 71 cheer 73 of a verse form 74 latvian City 75 take to the Road 76 african Village 77 mayday 79 impassive 81 actor Pickens 85 school Subj. 86 stranded 89 dry 90 rehearsed 92 egg drink 94 away from prefix96 British gob 97 Fanon 98 selfsame 99 applications Idi Fence adjunct 102 name 104 Market term 105 mistake too cornered 107 wrongful act 109 absent 110 Napoleonic marshal in certain students abbr. 114 actor Richard a f in 14 in is to 40 48 so Quot authors returned to nature a country journal by Michael Harwood a Mary Durant. Dodd Mead. 245 Page $7.95. As society becomes increasingly urbanized fewer and fewer of us have any sense of Contact with the Earth the land is still there but we re not. The authors note at one Point in this journal a another on the steadily growing shelf of books dealing with a return to the a Good life what they say is True but Only up to a Point for not everyone can decide As Michael Harwood and his wife. Mary Durant did that Quot it was time to leave new York and return to civilization it was time to move Back to the country. Whether because of Job family or Lack of Money Many who think they would like to move to a simpler life cannot the authors of this Book were Able to do it. However and they cover in these pages about a year spent living in a Small town in Northwestern Connecticut. Village voice collection shines Chez Joey. By Joe Flaherty. Coward Mccann a Geoghegar. 229 pages. $7.95. Many of the pieces that make up this sparkling collection first appeared in the Village voice a so it follows that much of what Joe Flaherty has to say in them celebrates new York City a even when he is knocking it. Which is not to say that Only new yorkers will find Flaherty a writing of interest. Far from it. For while his scenes of action May be set in Greenwich Village the Bronx or an outlying race track the things Flaherty has to say about what is going on apply equally Well to similar places in other parts of the country. In one piece for example Flaherty starts out with the return of the horses to new Yorkus tracks but it is not Long before he is discussing the various forms of gambling noting that Quot poker playing is a lot of Beery camaraderie and Dice playing is a for or while specifically describing the action at a professional wrestling match he easily moves on to the thought that the Knock against wrestling is that no one really gets Hurt. A new taste authentic a chinese food or. Chinese 7 East 1st a. Lexington Mon sat 11 30-9 pm closed sunday Wong s i Conese restaurant 2872 n. Main Lei. 869-3915 closed mondays open tues. Thru Sun. 11 30 to 2.00 5 00 to 10 00 serving the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Call i be 869-3915 warn to Western Grain fed new York strip a a it fax steaming baked potato Crisp tossed salad Western bread regular Price $2.69 Spe Cicil 24� Riverso 1718 n. Main St. Television log june Allyson nostalgia kick takes june Back Hollywood Nea a thanks to Mem a Good Many americans Are embarking on a nostalgia trip these Days. They go to Sec the studios current release a a that a a collection of numbers from some of the great Mem musicals. Suddenly they Are whisked Back to the 30s and 40s. The curious thing is that it Isnit Only the audience that is having a Case of the galloping memories its happening to a lot of the actors too a the people who were involved in those glorious musical films of that glorious Era. June Allyson is one of those who is suffering from a bad bout with the past. June who still looks great and is still under too pounds saw the film a in which she s very important a and it brought Back floods of old times. One of the snippets in the film has june dancing and singing to that great Standard Quot thou swell a Quot i remember a she says a that we filmed that number right after i married Richard a Richard of course was Richard Powell. Most people think of him As Dick Powell but to june he always was and remains Richard. They were married 17 years when he died. A the was the greatest Man i Ever knew a she says. Quot second marriage i Wasny to so june spent 13 years at Mem. They were Good years for both the studio and the Star. She did everything from musicals to comedies to dramas. She remembers doing a Little women in 49 for director Mervyn Leroy. Elizabeth Taylor was also in the cast. What Sticks in june s mind mostly is one conversation with Liz. Quot she came Over to one Day june says Quot and said How she wished she could Trade faces with . Her exact words were i d give anything to look like you coming from that exquisite face that was quite something a her first film for Mem was a Best foot in which she recreated her Broadway role. She remembers that too especially her first few Days on the Culver City lot. A i was brought out from new she says a and tested and they signed . Then they said i should go Home and rest and they d Send a doctor Over to see . I said Why. I Don t need a doctor and they said what about your laryngitis a they were fooled of course by her naturally husky voice and tried unsuccessfully to change it. She says they also tried to change her smile a Quot i closed eyes when i smiled a but they change that either. Open for the Tommor with yur favorite Climaco control Al formation sports Public skating schedule june 23-29. Sunday. June 23 Patch 9.30-10 30 a in. Freestyle 10 30 la 30 ant. Stick practice 12 00-1 00 . Public skating 2.00-4 30 ., 7 30-10 00 . Monday june 24 10 00 .-12 00 p a 2.00-4 30 . 6 00-7 00 . 7 30-10 00 . June 25 10 00 .-12 00 ., 2.00-4 30p. 6 00-7 00 . 7 30-10 00 . Wednesday june 26 Public skating 10 00 a.rn.-12 00 . 12 30-1 30 . 2 00-4 30 5 00-6 00 . 6 00-7 00 . 7 30-10 of . June 27 10 00 .-12 00 ., 2 00-4 30 . 6 00-7 00 . 7 30-10 00 . Friday june 28 Public skating 10 00 a.rn.-12 00 ., 2 00-4 30 ., a oo-10 30 . June 29 9 00-10 00 am. 10 00-11 00 am. 11 30 30 . 2 00-4 30 ., 9 00-10 30 . Public skating stick practice Public skating tuesday. Public skating figure skating Public skating stick pro tic Public skating Patch frosty Public skating thursday Public skating stick practice Public skating saturday Potch freestyle open hockey Public skating climate controlled ice and Tennis facilities Quot Piedmont sports Arena phone 299-6969 825 Norwalk avo., Greensboro n. C. Off West Wendover at Mcneill farm Center <21 3 huts j ii it harlot Huff pole Marten to it Mim to 12 w Vil to la a i is i 12 00 meets f 3 of cd the nation is reaction 01 101 12 meet the pms 18 30 . Is survival 3 Fred Kirby Rascal a help yourself 1 00 . 8 baseball 3 movie a directions a fishing i to religious program is b Gordon theatre 1 30 . A lasses 4 answers it the world. 2 00 . Is sunday Klick 0 Tarzan to movie 3 00 . 0 movie 3 30 . 2 putt putt 3 other people Loo . 2 3 american Golf 4 French chef i no the arts s country place. 8 the Fri s is is Disney �1 3# . I Antiques 8 3# . S Wilburn Brot. 2 i Mannix s movie i performance is Abc religious Spicl. 8 movie Shis is mystery she . Movie i now s Nashville music 9 9# . I masterpiece 3 3s . 2 nil action 74 # 38 . I Wall Street 2 3 Barnaby Jones 8 Porter Wagoner 12 Sale of the Century i . I firing line a n . 9 i is no news Spe 2 3 to minutes Cial i Book beat s Tarzan 19 10 . F is a tech 2 news maker is news 3 Lester Strong 0 30 . 11 no. People to to 12 news 7 00 . 2 3 news 4 zoom a a wild kingdom to Lassie 13 Hollywood squares 7 30 . 2 3 Apple Way 8 a Mer. Life style 11 00 . 2 3 news a a news to police surgeon 13 Twilight zone 11 30 . 2 3 movie is movie of tonight to news 13 speakeasy sunday flick 2 00 a eth fallen idol sir Ralph Richardton Bobby Henry a a 13 jeopardy ugh pts anal in 0 00 \.m. 2 Good morning 1 Arthur Smith 12 nears 0 30 %.m. 3 Art Lek letter s romper Boom 0 g. T. Armstrong to on the farm 12 Arthur Smith 7 00 pm. 3 lbs morning news a i new zoo revue a to ii today show 7 30 %.m. A Garner ted Armstrong too %.m. 2 3 Cap Kangaroo t Bill Boggs 0 00 %.m. 13 old rebel 3 Green acres s dealing for dollars 0 High school diploma to Phil Donahue 12 today at Home 0 30 rum. 2 Comer Pyle 3 tattle tales a Dick Van Dyke 10 00 a. 2 3 the jokers wild a sesame Street a to 13 dinars place 10 30 a. 2 3 gambit 11 00 %.m. 3 3 now you see it i mister Rogers is password 0 i0 i2 wizard of Odds 11 30 a. 3 3 love of Lafe 11 electric co. Is the Brady Bunch to it to ii Hollywood squares 12 a Hon 8 newlywed game tio is Days of our lives 2 30 . It 3 Edge of night is girl in life 0 ish 12 the doctors 3 00 . 2 3 Price is right s general Hospital Shio 12 another world 3 30 . 2 3 match game 2 the Young it restless 8 one life to live 3 news 9 ish 12 marriage b 9 news his 12 Jackpot 4 00 . 3 tattletale 13 39 . Shn Gilligan s Island 2 3 search for Tomor i mister Rogers Row s $10,000 Pyramid s split second 9 Mike Douglas 19 news 12 Green acres 9 12 celebrity sweeps 4 3# . 1 00 . 2 Merv Griffin 2 Sandra it friends 3 Lucy 3 Betty Feezor i sesame Street s All children s anything you can do 9 Jackpot i Daniel Boone 19 Somerset 12 get smart 12 concentration 3 . 1 3# . 3 12 Bonanza 2 3 As the world 8 that girl turns s let s make a Deal 3 30 . 9 9 i2 three on a 2 dragnet match i electric company a 8 Mayberry 2 . 9 truth or consequences 2 3 guiding Light to what s line j capsule views of today s evening programs j i . 1 braves baseball a the braves Are at Cincinnati. 7 . 8 wild kingdom Marlin Perkins visits Africa Quot where the Crocodile is 7 30 . 2 apples Way Grandfather Apple shows Little interest in coming to live with his son s family until he learns that he and his granddaughter share a common love for horses. 8 the Fri the owner of a trucking firm is persuaded by his brother to cooperate with the mob in a hijacking scheme to eliminate Competition. 12 Disney a the not so lonely Lighthouse Roy Barcroft narrates the Story of the Day to Day life of the keeper of a Lighthouse on a Southern California Channel Island. The islands inhabitants in addition to the keeper and his family Are Birds seals sea elephants sea Lions and wild goats. 8 30 . 8 movie a assassination Bureau a with Diana Riggs Telly Savalas Curt Jurgens and Oliver Reed. A world television premiere of a drama about an International ring of killers who Are imbued with the highest motives they work Only if they think the victims deserve to die. 12 mystery movie a the Colorado cattle caper a with Dennis Weaver As Mccloud. Mccloud enlists the help of Deputy Dewey Cobb John Denver to crack a modern Day cattle rustling ring operating in Colorado and new York. 9 30 p a 2 Barnaby Jones with the Aid of plastic surgery a Beautiful woman impersonates the dead wife of a businessman in order to get healthy Alimony. 11 30 . 2 late movie a Nightmare in Chicago a with Robert Ridgley. As escaped murderer turns the turnpikes of Chicago into horror strips for 72 hours before he is captured. 8 movie a a Bushfire a with John Ireland Everett Sloan and to Morrow. The Story of a makeshift band of residents of the Southeast Orient led by two Veteran soldiers and their attempt to Rescue a pair of Young americans being held hostages by communists. Read the Enterprise classified ads

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