High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 22 1974, Page 15

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Hick pm . Sat Armav. Jut is. 1974 7b sold in Only 4 Days says or. Terry Lukehart when he placed. Moving mini a Al i Ria to hit my i to drip Inigo a to 00 4 p v9fwsnhbi a Phi Tofft psf Nill amp of cctsb1t& Quot 1"1 Quot 888 j 8x893 0wke3o cwt i i via it dry of Mil or comb us 0 a to to or tto Volt co 472 a aunt and got results puce your and today Call 885-21t7 l employ mom 6$ technical ii Mechanic experienced Only a Nice clean shoo a modern equipment a lifts �?�5 Day week a guaranteed salary a paid vacation a paid holidays a paid life amp Hospital insurance a retirement plan a uniform Cost shared see Tommy c pm a a High Point Dat Sun inc. Hoi s Masi Altio of Thi olo pout inc i pm Mimi Seeling Eva rated Moca Quot Eft War a Ltd umber t to in open a a a a a w Ray a a Ltd Odeon it frat Cam our a a u $ Navy at Cah ton tree no and Owoo a May my a it Nav a inc a a a a a ova vol to pft9f#m wanted 2nd class lineman amp groundsman to work on electrical Power line construction Crew. Located in High Point phone 082 9400 Between 9-5 think until in in join try 44 for Kig ret us to miscellaneous is. 50012,500 Cash Bonus a i 4 Mara of pm let i re a pm a a Jay rum a in a Cit it it Al two ii Vuk a Quot a met an a a a let a worn a m a a a a a a a a ifs vow Mutt morality tor up of Yaw of vote Tate a Brara m a in sum a a a Quot Row let win Row to i in Mon Cerat a a rat a tit toot a to do a of a Ltd of tvs a ewer an 9 of Cali Vaw Arm a a Wewt a a Al 8ftj7�4 i partic a Minter if in mtr a a or of tax alterations woman for full time work. Immediate opening. Apply Tobias Westchester mall i employment 72. Miscellaneous r Nebo Maio a aids Loti limn pm. To f re it 9 am to a to Taffy m i per ton we <4 a at Hll a Saa. Clift Vin at scoping Comer Opp it Prill mph. Or on 2 of Pun. Rte Wert my Fihn of Benefit in Nett mfg a i been Bobo a tinting co iou paint a ii anon Java a of one pull time paint a Call a i ��4 one mature Carpe nor a pull time por re pair work. Company truck or your own phone in no 0#-�f to letter pret Printer #�?�0�?�?hf oni affy to w on or at or opt part Tim waitress wanted amid in per ten Emit Erie Nolt Olive Iii nil Eft ro�4 part Lim met tote err Nymn Mer a �0r m set to in i by his it a Eventa a n Mai Sina pm a Cah Eman to Anim. Spent tempt a a at Pap my inc emr and or a to retired p a i or i a get a of a a it Al left Row it o Ivy i a to loft or Tom May can a Abb Iamaio party end Mug no Dali vat in a a a ice Felt to per a Orvaa Cah rate 0�?# a a Noma 1 1 sit Security guard Wewt i a hag pm a a Tau Al pm a ret. 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Its Phene of Awa for sow three Black cockatoos two the id of Tesso Mac r. Coil 431 5000 Bai Ara ism free a Kittens a week eld i Meme the High Point Enterprise hat a Large mater route coming Epan in to it in if to Mil area a i co a Otow fab person boat can or 80j0a�1 alter 7 to pm his veterans re looking tee Ai Motif Navy of air Force personnel. You May a am to enter in army Ai your termer occupation and pay o ado. Mony veterans Wilt net be a Orff to text Basic training. For Trainer Watermelon Contact your Ioc of army Recruiter at Prax orc a work olo Black a White puppies Call a a 720a or Astafa free Kittens to peed heme poof 431 3000 wan Teo hostess to Terra ranging Machina in if it trip a location in High Point Good per of iring Bara of Cah Kat Hartville. At sea wanted cathar a hottest morning worn apply in Par in to or Inwood Rosi English re by a Thomas built inc. Buses 1408 Courtesy Road High Point . Wanted plumbers helpers a Ere mutated it Quot Man who would Wixo to warn in or add of who at 0# Pendant. Apply Btl Ween a a in Loflin plumbing a heating company Iii Kasi main sue Jamestown wanted Mechanic. Must be hard working 4 very dependable. Good Opportunity for the right Man reply to Box 0-3 in care of the Enterprise immediate openings welders body repair workers excellent benefits and full time employment. Apply in person w. F. Mickey body co., inc. Sos Bethel or High Point equal Opportunity employer. Individual to work and train for position of automotive accessories manager. College preferred must be neat in appearance. Excellent pay and benefits apply in person k Mart automotive kept 2300 n main St _ look this is a sincere Effort to reach a Good woman As a permanent live in companion a nouse Crapar for elderly couple in High Point. Gof Christian Home and Good pay. Call collect Asheboro. 621040 Day a2s-4730 nigh. Maio for general housework i to x one Day a Waak references required. Call Kfir 7 30 p.m., 84m297 _ Man to work in used parts business hand tools required apply of Lollon Auto parts Greensboro re. Wanted night watchman part time a Peasand apply in Parson William Alan inc2401 Ashford beautician qualified to do Poth High styling and blow styling Siso of business per wee already Here to tax Over Pius what you bring with you Choice of rant Booth or commission Contact Ruth Monon at Oak View Beauty Salon. Pm lab-4444 73 professional registered nurses 110000-112,000 starting salary. Fringe benefits opportunities for travel and further education Call army nurse corps representative collect. Tlb-7s> 4j79 wanted mat ure woman to help few hours a Wax with Reading typing general Light housekeeping in apartment. Retired teacher. Phone miss Moor at a Gnu in wanted hair Dresser to rent Booth. Ms-2311 or 47s�04 jobs wanted Al 76 child care Chilo care at it s Best guaranteed attention love a care Hospital area. Pm m2 3273. Middle age woman will keep children with spacial care in the daytime s Days a weeks Soa Newton 882 9442 will keep children in my Home first shift. Brentwood Section. Phone m2-466i. Free of Ween of Kitten a Hee Ion a 10 a Gram. Pm Ftp tools free the gof Home. 4 lofty Yourow 4 White Kitten House broken. Poof a it Ftp eight veer old Bay gelding rocking horse an of can ride tack included 400 a Sam Atter i Homes for baby Kittens. Call 8862582. Horses for Sale will Board break and Ham inn 437124 0/ 431-7791 lovable free the oaf Home tilter re red Yeti m5-4744 after pm unique acc registered Chi pug Poppa wonderful Pelt i or children. Champion Stock 431-4301 acc Ragister pekingese i year old sos 43x2s19 pig o Vee phone 199-5443. Female Pointer Pup it months old. From gof Hunting Slack Sis Coll Fttt-4474 alter it on weekday. A ome parian puppies toy acc rag. Championship mood unas. Give tora 4 affection. Pm m2 ism room j gloomy k in. No appointment needed of i boutique. Saj 4407. Mrs Bock poodle puppies Beautiful Black acc Reg. 7 was olo sire Champion blood line. 8100 to 12 phone is 5292 puppies Ira Soto s Irish Salters Iii is old pure bread acc i maw 3 tame cats m2 Josi after a or m7 Iso or bad Jiji registered Quarter horse 431 Good an around pleasure horse. Asb at Atter pm Ragister Quarter Bors can a used tor beginner or adv Kcf rider sound Good disposition. Also Ragister Quarter filly a App Coll. Both have started training. Registered Golden retriever puppies. Beautiful vary affectionate family pets perfect markings gof for showing a Breeding Call Winston Salem Mem Quot sacrifice Quot attractive Buckskin in Ara enjoyed for any one to ride. Yrs. Old e Callant disposition. Pm m3-294 Atter 5 Silver poodles 2 males a 2 females acc registered 75 tech or Best ofter seven weeks old phone 431 -420ft Saint Bernard male 5 mos olo Reg. Phone 834841 acc registered Collie puppies English championship Blo Odline. Born May la 125 pm 431-4530 80 pot supp is everything for the horse end rider All at discount prices. Mann s no. A 800 s main St m2 4123 grooming for poodles schnauzers and various other Bra ads. Pick up and delivery service Eva Dible tor appointment Call 475-4934 Western Wear a tack Headquarters All tack at discount prices Hester trading Post Hwy. 311 s. Of h p. 431-5311. Financial 84 business opportunities investors special Duple apartment 908 Newline pm excellent condition annual rant 1540, priced at 89850. 14% return on investment Call 889 4010 after 5 wanted to borrow 81a000 for one year will pledge $80,000 equity in prime commercial property. Send replies to p o Box 5402. We buy used cars late models will pay top Dollar see Junior Hembree used car manager Vann York Pontiac n. Main at Mon lieu 888-4024 or 885-2183 8 it. Truck camper Steep 4, Oil Aoby Tencati. Put intercom Heater of carpet t a Cen sent of Rion Cen a ad4 vow Beech buggy Light Cooter rack. Tew bar Ira Teeter Cany by no Ste Coll 883 ski i9s7 Chevrolet a ton truck. 1994 Chevy engine with header Igor sniff mag cheats of new tire Sam or had tor mater Cycle a Siaa of you Nico furniture truck Large or smally Ino Ford i Tow a i. 1973 Dodge 35 it Tong. Ion Ford Dwyet toed tractor. Furniture Tradar 3b in Long. 2 alias Call i tear Oro bus he sate i already primed Reedy to porn per fee for Church or camper Coll 8tt9535 9 am s pm prs pm anytime for rent it Winnebago motor Homos fully wit contained con i Tofta oops Winston Salem or 8% f9 alter 9 pm for Sale in. »7 of frolic sail contained travel Hailer a i rendition Call 8tt he in Sofge oar a Civ aute Ikon of Ca tor lust graduating no Money Bown Coit Oran t Byre by do it in Lincoln Sedan Arf of Mon Ras. Red Al tires Fry gof of if ars. Simc com 8ft39j 198 Mustang it Fastback 4 Speed. 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Jim f m stereo Lum Cap jux by 70 g i d of prix Gold r i leering it b Ternate Rod wrung i it Arf Caf \ it we Kkt pontus n main at Mont Tau 888-4024 dealer #6657 174 i up Cottew must of Ca bm3�j m Omott appreciate Tell i to in Hwy a tits Ino Buick Lasara full Power prof the soil end Reed to go can Linda m3 Mil Olp 3105 As Oldsmobile Errara a to gof of Agur phone 47 7�33 t Ped steering it Arf loft by auf by mos a a a Brown tap a 1949 Ford Torino it Block 351 Venu Over payments. Can Linda Soavi. Or 37bs it Situ spy de Aranga to me mops. 4 Speed new Heeder Sam off #49-529 Attar i p m. 1949 Mark i Mustang Sho Down. 149 per Monte Coil Bra ult a him m Mercury men Egu. I it factory Arf. Automat has my ter 4 doer. In it Hooter pm m2 met 75 n. Main at Monti Iau open nights a 888-4024m pc 1949 Oldsmobile Delta m a c. Prot pm Al Joo Miles its pm att u47 or 89-347 Atter a pm Hase a to excellent Dodge truck for Sale condition c phone 890334 97 boats 4 trailers 14 toot Hoer grass of i of Hurra motor. 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Good starting salary. Apply in person artisans Guild inc. 1137 fount ave. High Point _ phone 885-4521 Eta t 1972 Yamaha too like new ism mites sir Tana Trail Bike of too pm 8a-23a5. 1973 cd 500-4 Honda High Rise handle Bors Sissy bars was Man 450 mites si400 firm. Pm. 431-4459 or after 4 p m. Call 883-0303 1973 Harley Davidson tx-i2ft frail or Street Bike 125cc, i Joo Miles a cadent condition pm 849-3314. 1973 Honda xl-250 excellent condition 775. Phone 475-327 1973 Honda cd 350 Sissy bar with pad. Crash bar Low mileage. Excellent condition. 950 983-9513. 1973 Triumph trophy train Soock i too mites like new condition. Vry Good Street or Woods Bixa. 900 Call 83-8511 before 5 1974 Honda Elsinore mt-125 has just bean tuned up. Bridges tone tires a Zuj Casa i Cycle Oil. Call 882 3ftl5 Atter 5 p m. 74 Honey Davidson 350 so s200 Cash amp fake up payments of Isi. Per month. Pm. 849-4303 after 5pm for Sale 1974 Yamaha 250 endure. Call 886 7421 for Sale 73 Honda 750 Call 431 958j 1971 Honda so 125 Tow mileage excellent condition 350. Pm. Randleman 49 3934 Monarch furniture corp. We Are now accepting applications for a repairmen a polish Sander a Router operator a Edge Sander a Sander a Molder operator a Frame assembler a Tow boy a buffers a welders Call or come by Thi personnel office 600 scientific St. 454-1131 employment opportunities duo to a very Large backlog of orders we Hove immediate open mrs or the following positions final furniture assembler Frame assembler shipping room workers experienced upholster Boring machine operator our Benefit includes regular overtime paid Holiday paid Hospital insurance paid Lle insurance profit sharing vacation Bonus of you Are looking for a position with a company that i Ion the move apply in person to ohs Horn a is furniture Ndu Stres a corporate 602 w. Linden St., High Point equal Opportunity employer need a plumber. And fast of with reasonable rates one who Apfer Ettote All jobs big and Small of you con do Pond on of so Coll 472-9104 Day or night Younts plumbing co. No Ucon a no. 6302-p j room supervisor new desk Plant we Are looking for a self starter with the ability to take charge and supervise a Cabinet room and machine room operation this individual must have o Strong background in All phases of Case goods. We Oiler excellent benefits with a new and modern Plant. Ii you want to grow with a growing company Why not Stop by and talk with us Davis furniture industries inc. 602 w. Linden St. High Point see Otis Harris phone 885-5004 equal Opportunity employer 4-704 wanted experienced upholsterers apply in person William Alan inc. 2408 Ashford Circle High Point . Ali

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