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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4b High Point Emery rate. Saturday. Jane to 1174 Cincinnati zoo cubs w mph Tol rare White variety Ohio zoo feline bears four cubs by Norm Clarre Annot Tate pre writer Cincinnati Ohio api a whining and whimpering three rare White Tiger cubs were watched around the clock by anxious zoo officials today. The Odds that their Tawny Orange Bengal Mother would produce just one White cub were 4 to i. But a Vear old Kesan. Descendant of the first White Tiger brought to the 1�?Tnited states produced three White cubs and one Orange cub thursday Pepper Wilson spokesman for the Cincinnati zoo said there Are Only about 30 White tigers known to exist in the world five Are in the United states he said not albinos they Are the result of a genetic quirk the three new born cubs have greyish fur with Black stripes later their fur will lighten their noses and Paw pads Are Pink. As any Newborn Kitten their eyes Are tightly closed. But when they open they should be icy Blue Uke those of their ancestors Kesari rejected two of her cubs a White male and an Orange male which despite his color Wilt have the potential to sire White cubs a she is taking Good care of two of them Quot Wilson said. A she is Licking their ears and nursing them but she rejected two others Quot the two rejected cubs Are getting the kid Glove treatment bottle fed with concentrated milk and coddled by an 80-degree incubator the two became instant hits at the 9 year old zoo a we had people jammed in the building a couple hours after news of the births got around. Said Wilson. But no one is being allowed near the Mother and the two White rubs she has chosen to nurse a sudden noise or anything that would frighten her and she d kill the Wilson said. Survival of the four is the primary concern at the moment a the situation with All of them will remain critical for several Days. This race of Tiger has a history of genetic Wilson said. The cubs father Kamana. Died in the past week the cubs in the incubators Are handled gingerly by Smock wearing workers with so much As a Case of the sniffles does i get close to i hem w e re not taking any chances we re pulling All stops to give them the Best chances Quot said w Ilson a this is important to the the cubs weigh about 3 pounds each full grown the White tigers will weigh 400 to Soo pounds considerably More than the average Orange Bengal the five White tigers in the United states Are All descended from Mohan a male who was captured in India by the Maharaji of Hewa in 1951. Only nine have been sighted in India since the turn of the Century. Kesari was loaned to Cincinnati by Hie National zoo in Washington dc., where several generations of Mohans descendants have been housed. In antitrust Case Coop moving to settlement san Antonio Tex. Apr attempting to remove Quot an unfair Legal Burden to Dairy Farmers the Board of ass ated milk producers inc has stepped closer to an out of court settlement in a Federal antitrust Case an executive of the nations largest milk cooperative and a Dairyman who is a member of the coops Legal committee confirmed thursday that the Board has approved a proposed consent decree. Of the decree is accepted by the Justice department and by the presiding judge the complicated Case wont come to trial. The antitrust suit charges that the Coop used Strong Arm tactics to gain a hold on milk production in 14 midwestern states. The suit was filed Here on feb. I 1972, but has since been moved to Kansas City. Some of the Coop s competitors also filed suit numerous depositions have been taken millions of documents have been reproduced and Coop sources say the Legal costs May total Between $3 million and 4 million.78 from the depositions and documents emerged in nub the disclosures in the watergate related milk fund controversy including a 4100,000 contribution to president Nixon a Campaign in 1989, which an amp1 lawyer declared was illegal. Many of Coop members say any political Wheeling and dealing was done by the Coop s former management. Meanwhile in Washington Ralph Nader has asked a judge to order Federal milk Price supports reduced for the next to years to repay Consumers for president Nixon s 1971 support increase Nader s request was contained in a series of last ditch motions filed thursday in an Effort to save a 3-year-old lawsuit. Ile asserted that the increase resulted from a a corrupt bargain Between officers of the nations three largest Dairy cooperatives and tile highest officials of the government to barter a government decision of tremendous value for a Large contribution to the presidents Campaign business Mirror Economy straining at limits by John Cunniff a business analyst new York a the groans of an Economy straining against its limitations Are being heard now from almost every direction the latest report of tension comes from the banking Industry where a Survey shows that losses on commercial Loans Rose 24 per cent last year to an average of 126 for each 410.000 of business the average in 1972 was $21. The Survey by Robert Morris associates made up of Bank loan and credit officers. Shows that total write offs by the 473 Banks surveyed amounted to $374 million the Banks involved in the study represent about 65 per cent of commercial Bank Loans. This Survey report follows one by business week Magazine that suggests Many utilities Are feeling the Strain too. And Are trying to cover it Over from investors by paying out More in dividends than they Are earning. Of 21 utilities studied it said actual profits fell Shor of dividends by 1340.3 million. Earlier signs of deteriorating credit conditions have appeared in Stock Market margin instalment Loans and Home mortgages in april the new York Stock Exchange announced. A the Quality of Security credit deteriorated margin debit in accounts under 40 per cent equity Rose to $1 98 billion. And the percentage of such accounts Rose to 16 per cent from 12 per cent of All Marginet portfolios in the previous month this was the fourth straight monthly Rise of Security debt bringing to 45 4 billion the amount of borrowed Money supporting Stock prices Many of which nevertheless remain badly depressed margin in the Stock Market is like a Down payment in the automobile or housing markets at the moment it takes 50 per cent Down to become a margin customer of a broker who lends the buyer the remaining funds when the value of those shares Falls however the broker invariably asks the buyer to put up More margin. The effect of High borrowing rates therefore is compounded by falling prices. The delinquency ratio or the proportion of repayments that Are at least 30 Days overdue continues High in the instalment loan category Early this year it reached 2 89 per cent a record High the mortgage Bankers association also has reported record High delinquencies on Home mortgages although the situation in that category is somewhat less Clear. Savings and loan associations report a no appreciable Quot Rise in tardy payments. Carmichael for More Energy Pep / Malyj i my of be Point to a tint Var onto Tex i to close operations Greensboro a Tex i industries will end its single knit operations at it. Gilead about july 12, the company announced thursday. To your Good health Legal notices surgery for too muoi perspiration by George to Tosteson . Dear or Tho tenon my problem May sound trivia but it is very big to me. No antiperspirant i use works they Stop odor but do no Good in keeping me dry. I am so tired of being embarrassed even in Winter or in air conditioned rooms. I am easy to excite and stay tense a lot. Could this have anything to do with my problem my Mother says it is a sign that you Are healthy when you perspire of so there must be just a few healthy people on Earth. A . Perspiration is one of the bodily functions Over which you have no voluntary control but your overactive nerves have a great Deal to do with it. It May Well be that As you Calm Down with the passage of time your problem will moderate. However that does t happen overnight and i can sympathize with Young women who have As extreme a difficulty As you do. For the majority the various antiperspirants plus a deliberate Effort to relax is adequate and the More Confidence they gain the better the results. It in very severe situations surgical help can become necessary for Comfort. While there Are drugs that suppress perspiration the required dosage is such that Side effects result. As to surgery there Are two methods i am aware of. One is removal of tissue in the armpits that contain sweat glands the other is a procedure called sympathy Tomy. This involves severing nerve trunks having to do with perspiration control and is done by a neurosurgeon. You would have to consult your own physician for referral to surgeons who do these operations. If you live in a City without such facilities you can go to one of the larger medical centers. Dear d Thosteson about a year ago a Guy on a to program claimed he had accidentally mind a cure for baldness he said that while curing ulcers on the head of a 90 year old Man. He found a compound that grew a tuft of hair. It seems to me he said Vitamin a and Are you ready oestrogen please Don t think i am a nut. I a Nom i saw this show and he claimed it would be marketable in six months. Have you heard anything or can you find out a mrs. no. I done to think you re a nut. But i have Over the years heard and sometimes talked to so Many people who were utterly convinced that they had found a a cure for baldness that i have Learned to pay no attention to them whatsoever. When or if some University or medical Center Jacoby on bring final twist shows Dummy by Oswald a James Jacoby today s hand was played in a match Point game Back in 1938 South was a Bridge Genius a or at least he thought he was. West was the late Jimmy mater a real Bridge Genius. He might Well have turned out to be one of the greatest players of All time if he Hadnot died at the age of 31. Our self styled Genius might have bid just seven clubs which would make without depending on any Luck in hell cts or diamonds but he wanted a top score and bid seven not Rump looking at All the cards it is hard to see How he could get himself set at that contract but he worked it out with a Little help from Jimmy. He started by cashing three rounds of clubs and Jimmy discarded his Deuce of diamonds our Genius stopped thought thought some More cashed his Queen of diamonds entered Dummy with the fourth club thought some More led a Low North z3 4 a62 Vas a a 74 3 a k 865 West East 4 a a 1064 4 953 a 863 a q 109 7 2 a j 5 2 �T�986 104 73 South i 4 k 7 a k j 4 4 kq10 a a j92 both vulnerable Welt North East South or i 16 pass 2 n t. Past a pass 4 n t. Pass a pass sex pass by pass 7 n t. Pass pass pass opening Lead a Diamond took some More time and finessed his to he explained later and with considerable bitterness that he could not see How anyone could be stupid enough to discard a Diamond from three or four to the Jack Jimmy said nothing at the time but explained later on that he needed to develop some sort of swindle to beat the Lay Down grand slam and that South was just the sort of idiot that might fall for it. Noted names Amaio previous Puu at Hoss i Houston 4 Irish dramatist 5 a Riligh Arctic navigator 12 Siren director i up no is sheltered Inlet 14 i Refon Kilton 15 Moccasin is ancient egyptian lung is not As Large Zug particles 21 american clergy Man 22 Tram Grey com 24 social insects 26 tear asunder 27 age to hold fast 32 Kur Pean Herb 34 habituated Van 35 bluer nailed 36 Indian weight 37 change direction is anatomical Twat 40 Mother it Apollo a myth it 41 42 Academy award 45 turd 49 term in Lawn Tennis 51 state Tab i 52 occasion 53 noun Sillix 54 sick 55 proofreader notation 56 and 57 Horn Man 909 Down slight tastes eve s spouse Bibl return general climb by ladder 5 scottish Jurist 6 reluctant 7 Small tumor 6 tumults v existing a comb Lormi 10 Plant part 11 steeps in Graw 17 passed by Liand it also ran 23 surmise a Coll i 24 High cards 25 not am 26 put Gem in new setting 27 Amus 26 stagger 2v american Soprano 31 venerate 33 Haiti Micier 36 Al epoch 4u Hoot lace 41 deadened the sound it 42 houses 43 narrow aperture 44 cast Lead Rod 46 Tine time 47 French run out River Valley 50 demented Ort 46 to Ivow Sci i s to ii Al St a a a 42 43 44 48 52 58 47 48 51 57 or reliable pharmaceutical firm reports such a thing along with some factual data instead of a Mere say so then ill take notice. Feminization of males can occur from oestrogen used this Way. Dear or. Thosteson does homemade Maple sugar or Brown sugar have As much effect As Cane or beet sugar has on diabetes or How about molasses in baking cookies or muffins a mrs. Is. The colouring and Flavouring make no difference. Anyone with diabetes should stay away from everything you mentioned they All have a High sugar Content dear or. Thosteson i have glaucoma but the drops i have to put in my eyes Sling for one or two minutes the doctor has changed brands several times but the stinging continues. He says i should get used to it after a while will this stinging do any damage to my eyes a j f. It is not unusual for the drops to sting momentarily. So you Arentt alone but unless they produce redness or greater signs of irritation the advice to continue them is Correct. Dear or. Thosteson is there a preference for natural vitamins Over synthetic e no. Because the chemical Structure is identical dear or. Thosteson my legs Are breaking out pretty bad with varicose veins and they Hurt Alt the time. I get up in the morning and ten minutes later they Are hurting. I be tried support stockings and they done to help at All. Is there any special exercise i could do to strengthen my legs i am 20 years old and weigh 103 pounds i can to understand having this problem already a he. At your age and at your apparent leanness. I seriously doubt the varicose veins diagnosis you have seemingly made for yourself. Your blood circulation would have to be mighty poor so bad in fact that you should be under a doctors care. You should have your feet and legs examined by a doctor and get a proper diagnosis and i would be interested in the results notice of Alc or Laud nos to Carolina Guilford county Anotn and by virtue on the Cowen on sacs contained to a certes owe of Trust executed by instance repair specialists of North Carolina inc to twos w Sprinkle trustee dated he 4�h Day of december it and recorded in Book me at a 567. In it office of in Register of deeds for Goulard county. North Carolina and do Fawett non it nth payment of la indebtedness the ratty tot had. And the i id deed of Trust win try the form for of tub tee t to foreclosure and the Cdr of the indebtedness Thor try secured hav no a Mand a a foreclosure Thorou for Tho Pur pot of tat. To ring to id not up Tad no to Tho undersigned t rut no will Otner for Tate of Public awed ton to the bidder tor Cath in front of Tho City county build a on s Hamilton Street Mian Point North Carolina on wednesday. Tho 19th Day of july. A at it to a a. Or at Toon Tho roofer at May to Tho land conv Yod in said 0d of Trust. Tho Lama lying and boing in mph Point township a Milford. County. North Carolina and Moro particularly at of How being All of left not a i and a a lock 4 of e allover Park Section to plat of which it duly Roc or dad it Ute a hic of Tho Reg tier of deeds for Guilford county North Carolina in plat Book to at Page 73 subject to ail unpaid fat Mattot Montt of record and prior i tent of record Tho highest bidder will by required at Tho Tate to mat a Cath Deposit net to rioted �0�. Of the amount of Tho fed up to and including to too of Pius a of any pc to Over la too of this Tho town Day of Juno. »074 Tho. M Sprinkle Sprinkle Coefield a Stackhouse suite tax perpetual building High Point Norm Carolina All 77 of 74 j sonnets and repairs 14. Remote Long Pilot Lilg. In ii r Nikii Ca ppe step work room addition. Remodelling panelling a cabinets. Contract painting fro estimates. 431-7331 _ carpentry rooting tiding prompt reasonable we Rood work phone Siai i ofter san. _ carpentry work remodelling repairs and painting for Home or Butine St. For estimates Call 47s-ism. Carpenter work. 30 years �0#r.onc� doors windows room add Tont panelling Etc. Larry Proctor Dpi a _ Ceramic tile work new a remodelling work terror of floors Quarry to Shower doors Call 43mss7 after s pm. Concrete drives patios walks Etc a Brick work to years combined experience we guarantee to save you Money Call in we announcements Davis aluminium siding and guttering tree estimates Call after 4314ft _ Don Rickert paint contractor. Interior e Tenor Home commercial Industrial free estimates m7 3139 e arts r s paint contractor f re estimates Aik tor Joe Wolfl fireplaces a it Tell yrs Ether enc we special in building fireplaces for fret estimate can 414312 a utter work. Install clean repair a at United. Painted or paint a rip if she or 47v Iha i announcement a utter cleaning service co cleaned chocked Call David Benson Iii 7374 after 4pm fishermen sinks Lake freshly stocked pries a tag fish. Open 7 Days week out w la Hopton ave Topilow signs help Stop burglary going on vacation or a weekend trip let us patrol your Home or business while you Are away. North state patrol 518 n. Hamilton phone 883-2273 1 if carpets took Dull a Roar remove the spots As they appear with Btu 1 Lustre rent electric Shampooer St Huffman paint a Wax paper a Stop line know a drug Pusher for oct on to help Alminate this problem Call Stop. Line at be ?147 Day a Negm. For Sale live bait. Red wigglers fishing Worms bad Silt to per cup or to to per i Ogo it if by Wood or. Of my Tou 3 Lei amp found lost in Oakview area lost do Ternate Beagle to phone a s43 4 personals dial Amess age mss 7 marriage arrangements Complete with it a 7 hrs. Lam to 7pm. Monday thru Friday Call tor appointment Motas c. C. Hughes. Deltas furniture 5 instructions certified team of r wishes to Tutor in Hor Home. A Redes i thru to. Cell super i \ it it in Leskov pm m4 n after 4 pm. Teacher with a Dogie in music will give piano lessons at beginner or advanced lessons in her Home Celt Lee 7410 Atter s to 7 travel opportunities troubled with varicose veins to make sure you Are doing All you can to relieve the problem write to or. Thosteson in care of the High Point Enterprise requesting the Booklet a How to Deal with varicose veins Quot enclosing a Long self addressed use zip Codet stamped envelope and 25f in Coin to cover the Cost of printing and handling or. Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. W on Denny shut to do Uilah on Idle piano.9 sell it Uilah a clot lifted and Legal notices drive our car travel almost free Philadelphia lot Angelet Palm Spring. San do Cleveland. San Antonio Ano Many other cities 883-7532 Auto Duvea Way Lei wet in better springy Nentas City. Beden Raleigh ego new York. St. Lout. Services and repairs notice of Public hearing not a it hereby Given mat the High Point zoning Boer a of Adieu tement Wilt a tub 4 or on by i regular Muon. Thursday june 71th, 1974 amal claim room 30? City c a Only building Al 4 of p m to hear the following Appet ant Casein 74 or David b Oden representing the owner. Carolina Container company located it Ilia Sherman Road in an input trial zoning of strict request 2s% above the 0% limit lot coverage of a tincture it provided in Section 77-45 the total lot coverage would a 15% Thi being appealed from Section 77-45 to Section 77 54 of the High Point zoning ordinance Case 74 or Odell Johnton. Representing the owner or William vane Netter and located at 7i North Avenue in a residential a-2 zoning Dettrict req jetty a rear Yard variance of 12 s to allow tor the re division of hit property. Thi being appealed from Section 22-45 to Section 27sa of the High Point zoning ordinance Casefllo-74 or. Odell Johnton. Representing the owner. Or William vane Hatter and located at 115 fifth Street in a residential a z zoning Dettrict request a front Yard variance of 21 to to allow tor the re division of hit property this being appealed from Section 72-45 to Section 22-5 of the High Point zoning ordinance or. Arch Schoch or. Chairman of the High Point zoning Board of Adieu Tameni a 21/74 4 72 74 notice to creditors North Carolina Guilford county the undersigned having qualified a the executor of the estate of Mary e Woodburn deceased late of Guilford county this it to notify All person firm or corporation having claim against said state to present the to the undersigned on or before the 2nd Day of december 174, or this notice will be pleaded in Ber at their rec Overy All person indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment to the undersigned Thi the i of Day of june 1474 r a. Short e executor p o. Box 200/ High Point n c. 27241 Bencini Wyatt Early amp Harris p o Box 2003 High Point n c. 27241 4 i. I is 22 13 landscaping a Yard work any Type loader i tractor work fill dirt gravel cat 431-3171 Arnold s custom hauling loader work Sandrock gravel 4 topsoil pm 431-4719 Atter 4pm bad Witcher Black topsoil till dirt gravel driveway work grading a landscaping 4s4-i07s c amp b tree service Complete tree cart shrubbery work. Boxwood care Lawn re seeded landscaping insured pm 4314741 Doz in r All kinds tractor work we haul dirt a Sand All kinds Yard work roadrunner Yard work. 431 5049 driveway work landscaping reek Sandrock dirt any Type tractor work. �?�49 5109 or 145094 dump truck Bulldozer loader service Sand Rock gravel tot Clearing top Sod Call Frank s. Davit at is j4s4 before i a in. And Atter 4 p m for a Radinz and Lawn seeding also Sandrock or gravel Call Branson Holland. 431 1454, a racing lots cleaned gravel and loader work Call 431 49ts or 43 4427 Day or night Handyman trash hauled Yard work painting repair work phone 431 5505 j r Welch landscaping. Sandrock gravel Trees Cut. 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