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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Think tank betters transatlantic Harmony Kidnap detective returns to Post by John Gale associated press writer Amsterdam the Netherlands apr its been 20 years since Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands first produced his formula for promoting the cause of transatlantic Harmony. He introduced the idea of an International think tank comprising top people from the United states and Western euro get Able to speak with total frankness on issues ruffling the Atlantic Alliance Bernhard gave the partied pants privacy. The think tank was almost hermetically sealed from the press the first Assembly was held in 1954 at the secluded Hilderberg hotel lying in wooded Countryside not far from arnhem. Holland. The name of the hotel caught on and the Hilderberg group has continued to meet in different countries with different participants always however the chairman has been Bernhard the German born Prince who married Queen Juliana while she was still a Princess. Bernhard later fought with the allies in world War ii. Gerald r. Ford attended two Hilderberg meetings Long before he became vice president of the United states. A a you Don t really belong to the organization one gets an invitation from the Prince a Ford said in 1965 at various other times the Prince has requested and obtained the presence of Henry a. Kissinger a 1971, Wood Stock it. A Helmut Schmidt now West German Chancellor a 1973, Sals Joe Boden. Sweden a former . Secretaries of state Dean Rusk and Christian a. Herter Thomas e. Dewey former governor of new York and twice Republican presidential nominee former British prime minister Edward Heath Amintore Fanfani of Italy and so on Bernhard promised the conferees privacy and the 1974 meeting in april was no exception it was held in a luxury hotel at the French ski resort of me give. Before the meeting. Bernhard entered the downtown press Center the me give sports Hall which was practically surrounded by police for the occasion. He announced who had been invited to the meeting and what the topic would be. He then declared there would be no More information on the three Day session. Reporters were never allowed to enter the hotel where the sessions were held. There was Only one topic at the meeting prospects for the Atlantic world. Eighty persons were invited and among those americans who turned up were nato commander Gen. Andrew Goodpaster former undersecretary of state George Ball. David Rockefeller head of the base Manhattan Bank and sen. Walter f. Mondale. Let Minn. Bernhard has made it Clear that participants who Deal with the press won t be invited Back apart from that he likes to change the faces. There is often a 50 per cent switch in representation from one year to the next. Procedures have become Well established. The main speakers get to minutes other participants Are limited to 5. Papers written by both american and european participants Are Dis Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Cathy Shyrie age 12, of Niagara Falls Ontario Canada for her question How is Cork made Cork real Cork is a gift from the Plant world. The ancient romans used it to Seal bottles and made sandals and in the modern world it has countless other uses. We also have synthetic corks but none of these Man made materials have All the Good qualities of the real thing. For that we must go to certain sturdy old Oak Trees that prefer to grow in sunny parts of Europe. Chances Are there is a slim lining of Cork under a bottle Cap and maybe a layer of Cork in the sole of your shoe. There is Cork inside the Walls of most refrigerators and often it is used to line entire rooms. For Cork is used to Nake materials used to cover floors insulate Walls and soundproof ceilings. Some is used to make bottle stoppers and of course Cork is the most dependable material you can use to stuff a life Belt. And All of these Corky materials Are made from the bark of the Cork tree. The sturdy old tree is an Evergreen Oak that keeps its Lively Green leaves All year. A obviously we would like this valuable tree to grow around the world. But it does Best in Spain Portugal and the algerian Region of North Africa. There every summer they Harvest thousands of tons of thick porous bark from the Cork Trees. For the first 20 years of its life a cultivated Cork tree produces nothing More useful than Shade. Meantime it gradually grows a layer of remarkable outer bark around its trunk and branches. All Trees of course grow a rough layer of outer bark built from boxy cells of dead Wood. But the Cork tree s outer bark is something special. Its thin Woody cell Walls Are thickened with waxy material and filled with air. There May be too million of tribute in English and French the two languages of the conference. Votes Are never taken and titles Are never used. A government official or an ambassador is Plain mister. Bernhard is or. Chairman. Quot the purpose of the conference a he has said a is that eminent persons in every Field get the Opportunity to speak freely without be ing hindered by the knowledge that their words and ideas will be Analysed commented upon and eventually criticized in the press his pulling Power appears to Date from world War ii. Having taken his family into exile he won his wings with Britain s Royal air Force and reputedly got into rows with the British for going on unofficial bombing excursions Over Germany. He ended the War As commander in chief of the dutch armed forces and a Good Friend of Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower. Bernhard now 62. Unhesitatingly used his wartime contacts to get the Hilderberg Conception rolling. He has consistently asserted its Only aim is to Foster the transatlantic relationship. Bernhard clearly expects that within influential circles the ideas emerging from Hilderberg will make their impression. Of his personal role he said a i d consider my own work in the same Light As practically everything i do. I am Only a Richmond a. Apr the Richmond police detective who handled the Case of a child kidnapped from Georgia earlier this month has been reassigned to his Post after a stint on uniform patrol duties. City manager William j. Leidinger said in a letter to City Council members that det. Luther e. Cain was returned thursday to his Job with the juvenile division s missing persons Bureau. Safety director Jack m. Fulton said. A i have no comment on the Transfer. More than necessary has already been made of this. He s been restored and that s the end of the a Caine a Transfer involved the hours that passed Between the discovery of a 4-year-Oid boy in a Richmond store june 5 and the notification of authorities at the boys Marietta ga., Home. The boys Mother and police in Marietta strongly criticized Richmond police for delay in notifying Georgia authorities. Cain had been in the missing persons Bureau for 12 years and had a clearance rate of cases exceeding 95 per cent when he was transferred following the criticism. The child later identified As Gabriel Goodman was found the afternoon of june 5 with a note pinned to his shirt saying a i am from Atlanta. Please help me get Atlanta police were notified the following Day and his Mother flew to Richmond to pick up her son that night. In his letter Leidinger said a it appears to me that det. Cain made a mistake in not following up on the note which was pinned to the Young child stating he was from Atlanta and requesting help in getting him the City manager said. However that Cain had checked the police message Center and the missing persons file and a no one had reported a missing child either on june 4, 5 or 6.�?� Leidinger said Cain sent a teletype message to Atlanta june 6 and a Short time later a Marietta policeman telephoned for More information. The child was kidnapped june 4 in front of a Marietta department store where he d been left while his Mother shopped. Marietta police said police and the Fri Are seeking an unknown Man whom the child described As his kidnapper. In manslaughter Case Mother regrets child s death these tiny cells in a Cork bottle stopper. Because of the porous pockets the total weight is Only one Quarter As heavy As water. Because of this porous Quality Cork floats on water keeps out moisture and tends to insulate against heat and cold. After 20 years Cork strippers arrive with Long handled knives. They make careful slices Down the trunk and along the main boughs and Peel Back the valuable outer bark. The Job must be done with great care for if the inner bark is bruised the next crop of outer bark will fail to cover the wound. If All goes Well the patient Cork tree will spend the next ten years or so re building outer bark Over the stripped area. The Best Quality Cork begins with the third Harvest when the tree is 40 years old. Ten years seems a Long time to wait Between harvests but cultivated Cork Trees live and keep on yielding through three or four centuries. And usually the growers arrange to strip about one tenth of their Trees every year. The strips of Corky bark Are boiled to remove tannic acid and to soften the Woody cells. It is sorted into different grades and the Best qualities Are made into bottle corks and such. Poorer qualities Are ground into crumbs pressed and remodeler to make Flat Rolls of insulation floor covering and soundproof materials. Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of Nar Nia to Mark Salerno age to of Utica new York for his question Why does a Hippo spend so much time in the water the big Bulky Hippo May weigh four tons but his legs Are quite stumpy. Though he can walk and even Trot on land he is rather Clumsy. Actually his great big body is much More comfortable in the water. Under his skin he has layers of lightweight fat and this makes his body buoyant and floatable. In the water he moves gracefully with the greatest of ease. Since he lives in tropical lands you would expect the hippos skin to be Able to withstand the hot drying Sunshine. But this is not so. He has a very sensitive skin that needs to be kept moist. This is one reason Why he spa ads the Day dunking and comes on land after dark. His skin has pores that give off a Pink oily liquid. He seems to be sweating blood. But actually this pinkish Oil helps to keep his sensitive skin moist. Panel asks abolishment on food ads by Brian b. King a associated press writer Washington a food advertising directed at children should be abolished a panel of specialists on obesity and disease told the Senate conference on National food and nutrition policy Friday. The group also said food advertising directed toward adults needs Radical revision and an advertising review Board should be created. Also among its recommendations was a probe of a the Root causes of obesity. It must examine the a american Way of life and How it influences the twin contributors to obesity increased food consumption and decreased physical the panel one of six coordinated by Harvard University nutritionist Jean Mayer for the Senate select nutrition committee issued one of three reports on the final session of the three Day conference. All six panels reported during the event billed As the most comprehensive examination of hunger and nutrition since the 1969 White House conference on the subject. Most recommendations from the earlier conference have not been implemented today a panels said. The administration leans toward associating nutrition Reform with welfare Reform when a assuring the optimal health of the entire population should be the goal the report said. The health panels said 40 per cent of americans Are overweight and recreational facilities need More development to encourage increased physical exercise. The experts also recommended establishment of a news Media advisory Board to help reporters evaluate the merits of various claims for Quick weight reduction initiation of in school education at age eight on the relationships Between How much you eat and what you weigh an end to government programs that subsidize or promote certain industries such As sugar producers. Looks for help new York a ensuring variety and nutrition in each meal is a difficult task according to an in depth study of homemakers conducted for Hoffmann la Roche inc. A the food Industry bears the responsibility for giving the homemaker the guidance she needs a said John Gage Roche food nutrition marketing manager. A and one of the Best ways is easier to understand food labels with clearer nutritional san Bernardino. Calif. Apr Alice Parker says she now thinks she made a mistake when she took the insulin away from her 11-year-old diabetic son. Wesley Parker died last aug 22 after his parents threw away the life sustaining drug in the belief that he had been cured in a Faith Healing service. The parents Are on trial for involuntary manslaughter. A i believe now that the insulin should have been Given a mrs. Parker 30, said in testimony thursday. Women s lib she said she and her husband. Lawrence had Quot come to believe that god answered prayer Quot and joined the Assembly of god Church in Barstow where the Faith Healing service was held. She said they had believed that Wesley was inhabited by a Demon and that they were permitting the Demon to exist in him by letting him continue to take the insulin. After Wesley died the parents declined to permit his body to be buried for a few Days because they believed he would be resurrected. Lisbon chief s wife outspoken by Fenton Wheeler associated press writer Lisbon Portugal a Quot in Portugal now four million women have the right to speak out. One does not and its me a says mrs. Palma Carlos wife of the country a new Premier. She adds a you can hardly hit the Premier with women a lib when he comes Home from a hard Day at but few if any women in Portugal today have better qualifications to speak out on women s rights than the 70-year-old water lawyer. For years she has been fighting for those rights a tiny Ripple in a sea of . In another place and another time perhaps Elina Guimares her Maiden and professional name might have become a portuguese Golda Meir or Indira Gandhi. The daughter of former Premier Vitorino Guimares she began at age 7 by writing on her toys a women should since then she has written More than too newspaper articles on women s rights or the Lack of them in Portugal. She and Palma Carlos were married in 1926. A i am a feminist a says mrs. Palma Carlos. Quot i have been for 60 years. As a simple citizen i could say anything i liked As the wife of the Premier i am the Mother of two grown sons mrs. Palma Carlos says she will not use her new position to encourage women a liberation or to try to influence her husband. A we respect each others views. He knows what i think. But i would not dream of asking him what As Premier he has done about women s liberation. It would be an nevertheless she has firm ideas on what changes for women should be included in the new portuguese revolution. Divorce a revolution All by saved by a sofa Kirk Troy and his wife Sylvia of los Angeles Comfort each other in the damaged living room of their Home after the automobile which they were backing out of their garage thursday suddenly sped Forward. It was stopped by a sofa which prevented it from plunging through a window and Down a 100-fool Cliff. Repco s earnings decline further Richmond. A apr Virginia electric 4k Power co. Has reported a further decline in earnings the Utility said thursday its net income for common Stock in the 12-month period ended May 31 totalled $92 9 million or 1189 a share compared with 193.1 million. Or 12.12 a share in the comparable period last year. This year Tolje Utility had 5 2 million More shares outstanding. For the 12-month period that ended in april Repco s net income had been $94 4 million or $1.94 a share compared with $92 5 million or $2.12 a share for the previous april to april period. The Utility also announced thursday that its $150 million Bond offering next week will consist of $100 million in 30-year Bonds and $50 million in Bonds that will mature in nine years. The Bonds Are to be sold through a negotiated Sale next wednesday the rating of Repco Bonds were lowered wednesday by a second new York Bond rating service Standard it poor s corp Standard it poor a joined Moody s investor services in lowering the Bonds rating from a to a. Standard it poor s also lowered the rating of Repco s 3�?~� convertible debentures due in 1966 from a to bbb and gave a similar rating to All the issues of cumulative preferred Stock. The a Bond rating was Given to the $150 million Issue scheduled to be sold next week the Bond rating service cited Repco s a continued Low level of fixed charge coverage a the Inadequacy of rate Relief accorded the company by the most recent rate Case has precluded any recovery of these coverages to an acceptable level for the foreseeable Standard and poor a said. Mayors face Urban problems by Bill stall associated press w Riter san Diego Calif apr inflation and its squeeze on municipal budgets is the major problem facing Urban chief executives gathering today for the 42nd annual meeting of the . Conference of mayors. Some mayors surveyed in Advance cd saturday s opening session said Federal Revenue sharing and the Quot new federalism Quot have Only helped offset inflation and have failed to relieve american cities of their perennial financial woes the sharpest criticism came from Bostons Kevin White who said. A inflation ate up Revenue sharing before it could even be spent. Its implementation has been a hoax and a hollow Shell game for the cities cd White a Democrat added a we have been forced to Rob Peter to pay Paul and we end up nearly starving both a television log 2 i , f i Vii it i in. Station �?�r--"1&Quot, Quot a i i in Sik. 4 harlot or a in Sis maa Noke to Xii Vav Inston Salem today itself in Catholic Portugal should be permitted if both people want it mrs. Palma Carlos says. She is against abortion As a a infanticide i oppose it As i do the death penalty there is no right to take human Portugal Law she adds needs to be enforced for a change to rid the country of widespread prostitution and child labor abuses. But she says she will not take an Active part in seeking Reform affecting women. A your women think of me As a museum piece. I belong to the silent generation that never managed to speak out but somehow was Able to say not she acknowledges that she is not overjoyed that her husband is Premier. A it is a terrible Load a Man has to carry i know because of my Palma Carlos is scheduled to continue As Premier of the provisional government until elections next Spring. But he could be elected then to the same Post president Antonio de Spinola named him to three weeks ago. Mrs. Palma Carlos appears to be looking ahead already a the had to take the Job for a year. We done to know How this will end but he will be in it together. After that we will go As they say and look at the Birds and music group honors woman Memphis Tenn. Apr Nancy Hanks chairwoman of the Nati Dhal endowment for the arts has been awarded the american symphony orchestra leagues 1974 Gold Baton. The award was presented at the leagues annual conference wednesday for miss Hanks and the councils efforts to open Quot the doors to the Golden age in music and the arts in i m . 2 3 news a mis news in Porter Wagoner a 3� p. I. 2 3 news a a Reasoner report a Arthur Smith id news 13 Sci i flicks 7 1m� . 2 Hee Haw 31 Tommy fade a my Lawrence Welk id Watt till your. 7 3d . 3 Hollywood squares id sports highlights add . 2 3 All in the family a Partridge family d old l2 emergency a 3d . 3 3 Mash a football did . Football tonight 8 30 coaches All America game 3 3 Mary Tyler Moore d old l2 movie a 3d . 2 3 Bob Newhart id do . 2 3 nobody s perfect i l of . 2 3 news 11 3d . 3 3 movie a news id 12 news ugh pts capsule views of today s evening programs in in. Iii a in i m 8 . The Partridge family Quot Danny drops out a with guest Star James Gregory. Danny wants to drop out of school to pursue a career and the school psychologist suggests that Shirley let him have his Way. Emergency a Messing Gage is besieged by a fireman a water bombs. 8 30 . Coaches All America football game a live coverage of the game in Lubbock Texas. 9 . 12 movie a i want to 12 live Quot with Susan Hayward Simon Oakland and Theodore Bikel. A a girl finds herself in the Paradox that was her life when a Man turns states evidence and names her As a murderer. To . Nobody a perfect a Telly Savalas narrates four Quarter hour situation comedies. One concerns a pair of Loving petting senior citizens another shows a lunchroom owner and her construction worker husband while the third depicts a pair of bachelors who share their pad As 12 Well As their women an the final one concerns recently divorced Mothe learning to swing again 11 30 . Lave movie a eth ride to Hangman tree a with Jack Lor and James fare tin starring in the Story c a the Black Bandit with Spanish accent we escapes the noose an flees with a $10,000 pric on his head. 11 45 . Movie Quot the blazing Forest a wit John Payne Susa Morrow and Williar Demarest. A Story of the men who fell big Trees of big stakes. Read the Enterprise classified ads High pout Enterprise. Saturday. June 22. 1974 3b i i

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