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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ii High Point Enterprise thurs4a>, june 29, 1974 animals a a a a. Al m Hoss i to a tar crw a re s Stim a Tifre for in tiv is Premium is ism 14 pronoun to him it a Terai it swim Canion it tvs not dramatist it mutation to let it Manti 23 Tram 24 Birlie it or Intel Etc a 2t Manre a Rwjr Urr 32 sojourn 34 41 though ii Momu it cd tar i i Tam pan a Mara 41 won 42 f a 44 t Atli Atice 4t spiritual Mercer it wan fiber is a Nau 34 maim re Taw is finont farm it Civie a Haw ii eve t Montiy it St Wuhu mph nirm St 4�r and Aerio French pronoun to prevent nne a 1 mincing ii Hert 2 to menu i Mitru fruit 4 fencing i to la addres i Mouth Rod 7 Ireland t a rain fends at car i in ��., St n a ask Andy f Prore t Mitt attendant it in in we emanation la i Annale w Ith ornaments ii inn 20 Veit in keyed with Nora 23 Hie mite 24 furn cart per Ltd 23 ii Kitten a a met 21 part Al a mat Stead French verb to he ten is i Eft Ain a mar animal 40 pendent a ten Amend 43 Hind cd torte 4s Mica ii 44 14. 47 c Art tan oath Ham pm in �?��?��?�1 St hand italian 51 52 tel is a land or i Andy Utada a Complete 29-volume tet of the Merit students encyclopedia to Tammy Benedict age la of Powellton. West Virginia for Ber question what it the life Span of. A Frog some 2.000 different frogs Are at Home in various wet Green Shady regions around the world and each species has his own life style with a reasonable time in which to grow up and grow old some can expect to live five ten or even is years. But the Frog populations provide food for numerous hungry meat eaters and in tin wilds few of them live Long enough to reach old age. Most Likely the oldest frogs Are those that Are protected up in Captivity. We know that captive bullfrogs can live As Long As is years. Ordinary Green frogs often live 12 years in Captivity some of the smaller species Are old timers at the age of three or four. But none of these species would live As Long in the wilds. The frogs of course Are cold blooded creatures who depend for warmth upon their surrounding. Living cells need warmth to carry on their chemical activities and when the temperature drops they slow Down. Hence the frogs must hibernate during the Winter season this is a risky period in the life of any Frog and Many do not survive their first Winter. Life is fraught with hazards from the very begin Ning. When the next generation begins As a Batch of Jelli fied eggs. Species that mate Early often leave the eggs in deeper water where late frosts Are less Likely to Freer them. Even so countless Frog eggs Are devoured by fishes turtles and hosts of other gourmets. The pretty Little Black tadpoles also live risky lives in the water. However in a few species the male or female Parent carries the eggs in pockets in their skin. The protected youngsters do not leave Home until the tadpoles mature to the stage of mini adults and so have a better Chance of surviving at least through the Early stages. The common Leopard Frog alias the Meadow Frog lays a great mass of eggs in the water usually in april. The tadpoles take two to three months to become miniature adults depending on the weather. Come fall the Young frogs go into hibernation. They continue to grow during the following summer hut Are not fully mature until the age of two or three. In certain Green Frog species the tadpole stage lasts More than a year. During the first Winter they hibernate in the mud at the Bottom of their streams and Ponds. When Spring comes they soon transform their fishy Gills for air breathing lungs lose their tadpole tails and take on Froggy colors by the third Spring they Are mature enough to mate. The big Bullfrog is in no hurry to grow up. He remains in the tadpole stage through two years and sometimes through three or four. He May grow to be five. Six or even eight inches Long but at last he matures. Barring accidents the Bullfrog has a life expectancy of fifteen years a counting the time he spent As a tadpole. My by 44 47 i 54 m 40 50 is 52 six i to Burrow tire service see us for the Best Deal in town on a wide Oval White letters a regular retreads a Remington tires a Snow tires buy now save a ii 11 we it a Jacoby on bring Reese slips out big slam painfully that i knew she had blanked the King and that was All for the defense i1 in per is fest two ways to be Quick without hurrying. Snapper is fast so you can get through fast. Here s Why grass bag is mounted behind the Mower. A extra Large grass bags for fewer stops. A powerful vacuum act Ioner an extra clean Lawn. Get yours today. Snapper is fast for you. Pc. Mapper All snapper mowers meet a n s i. Safety specifications. High Point Lawn amp Garden equip. Co. 2928 n. Main tel. 869-2212 authorized snapper dealer free Bonus offer get free Gro Scotcher kit $65.95 Volue with Comet Riding Mower or free replaceable Gro Scotcher bag. 513.00 value with v Mower. Offer applies to retail priced mowers at participating dealers. Offer expires july 31, 1974. A or 4 by Oswald a James Jacoby Terence Reese s reputation As one of the great players is so secure that he can kid himself on occasion we quote in part from his description of today s hand a the game was a mixed1 pair event my partner s three no Trump was an Effort to get a top and my jump to six no Trump was precipitous to say the least. I really should have bid four diamonds and continued with a Rue bid in Spades which would have got us to a Safe seven diamonds a West could t stand Prosperity and doubled it was now too late to Experiment with diamonds and obviously six no Trump was not going to make so i ran to seven clubs. West doubled merely because she was mad about my getting out of six no Trump a the play at seven clubs was quite easy. I ruffed the Spade Lead and after cashing All the clubs and diamonds found myself with the Aee Queen of hearts and Dummy with the Queen of Spades and a heart West discarded a heart on the last Diamond so North a a q63 v j7s a k�74 j a a4 West East a a k j 10964 a 7 52 f ki3 v 10962 Abb a 6 South by a -9 aq4 a a j 102 4� k q j 17 2 neither vulnerable w ext North East South 1a 3 3 n t. Pass 6 n t. Dbl pass pass 7 a Elble pass pass pass opening Lead a motorcycles expertly tuned by real experts swe 50 on Auto parts replace spark plugs to Pawer min lot smooth a sats new shocks replace Hom ii Ion Nuce advai\ice/aut0 to sure me Tenuto it is in to a a i imm i flues a Sisto duos 7ft suppressor Type silicone spark plug wire set we in mos cars each 89 to 40910 a Neil lubricated inc inc saws Gas filter a Mill in a in Tim to Kern per Loi Mac 277 1 428 7 pour your own a Savi quake a Stati motor Oil Sai 20. 30, 40 was. Auto wiper Blades seale0 beam Auto headlamps 12 Toli i j j save big on foreign car parts amp accessories <4? Turtle liquid of snips Auto car Wax Auto Vinyl top 1202 Lotf cleaner Cle my a de is 02 a oms in. Resides \ oath my be be \ / your to till \ a Truiti / Choice \ Oti omit Moro j a set 0 u 2si30 21 a Usu i qts a at hit t Tai bumper i a Jack san a 99 a Sia 5 be. Combo wrench set k up Auto Jack j. Stano 4 00011 14 Cap Acu r i a worn Sak ii 033 i if open Tai Rox mus 4-wav rim lug wrench Savi Gnu cd Lisi tits 4 slits of tues 13 Ami to we have motorcycle parts at Low prices spark plug wrench hex wrench 7 puck in than i oct 4 kit r in Mutt Law Thimi by tin a Johp your Cool this Summe i Roll 20&Quot portable fan ii 2 spee0 snap n clean witty kids. 5 comport we. 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Of storage space Ltd 2 door Model in l r lib Tom it a Uble trap earners. 2 f ult Eidth shelves separate a it Gorder my Iritzer controls enclosed build keeper deep shelf Slot age door Phil co a 248 Aoi a Rice Auto Quantity rights reserved 142 s. Main St. High Point 882-2012 you get Philco Quality amp warranty plus free delivery Philco refrigerator j Philco big 2-door with 102-lb. Freezer refrigerator Freezer 1312 3 i Mai vegetable crisper plus plenty of door Louie spice. Big value Low Price Whitco 33121 of a Flint of Stonage Spach with a we free ice maker with refit editor and Greer to door a Rife a big 6379.9s value amp Philco s3 j30 Savi Alo on this oni Godovan superhighway truck tires 6 Nylon Cord at a sex Wall to Ackiss rials look la i i Price a 1 a a a Quot it a a a a Are. If buy Cash p charge it on Advance Auto charge Carp

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