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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - June 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warmer More data of Page 3a Mth yearn 169 the High Point Enterprise callus circulation si2171i High Point n c wednesday afternoon june 19 1974 76 pages classified ads 8852177 other depts 8852161 daily Loc sunday 25c judiciary members report Nixon made decision 7 0 Days before Cox fired by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a members of the House judiciary committee said to Day president Nixon decided to fire special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox about 10 Days before he actually did so they said a affidavit from former atty Gen Elliot Richardson quotes Nixon As saying now we can get rid of Cox shortly after vice president Spiro t Agnew resigned last oct 10 Cox was fired oct 20 after he refused to accept Nixon order that he cease efforts to get White House tapes and other evidence Richardson resigned at the same time rather than Issue the order firing Cox the judiciary committee is winding up the watergate phase of its impeachment in Quiry the last tape in the committees Possession one made june 41973 while Nix on was listening to tapes was played tuesday it produced doubts in the minds of some members that Nix on As he has said frequently first Learned of the watergate coverup on March 21 1973 some members Felt the tape showed it was four Days earlier other members disagreed with that assessment it is not the four Days that is significant in their View they said the apparent discrepancy raises doubts about Nixon watergate explanations he repeatedly has Given March 21 As the Date he first Learned of efforts entered in the White House to contain the spreading scandal the committee heard an excerpt from a june 41973 tape made while Nixon was listening Toa number of tapes and commenting about them to aides Alexander m Haig or and Ronald l Ziegler members said Nixon comments about a March 17 conversation he had with his former counsel John w Dean Iii indicated he and Dean discussed the watergate coverup then members could not hear the tapes Nixon was listening to stung by criticism of a new leak of a confidential com Mittee memorandum members were reluctant to discuss what they heard but May 21 in a press briefing chairman Peter w Rodino or Duj had said the june 4 tape showed the March 17 meeting with Dean included a discussion of the watergate matter and the possible involvement of White House personnel and others ill stick by that statement Rodino said tuesday other members said after hearing the tape they agreed with it asked whether he now had doubts that Nixon first Learned of the coverup March 21 rep Edward Mezvinsky d Lowa said yes some members however were not so certain rep Don Edwards Calif said its not open and shut and rep Charles Wiggins r Calif said that although Nixon got an inkling of the coverup March 17 it was Clear he did not get the full Story until March 21 the March 17 tape is one of 42 the committee subpoenaed april 19 but for which it got a White House edited transcript instead the transcript contains no reference to a discussion of watergate meanwhile former atty Gen Richard g Kleindienst told the Senate judiciary committee that he stayed deliberately aloof from the housing Industry decline continues by g David Wallace associated press writer Washington a government statistics show that the housing Industry deepest decline apparently has not struck Bottom for prospective buyers entering the busiest Home shopping season statistics released tuesday by the Commerce department mean continued rising prices and fewer new houses to choose from for the nations Economy it Means the Industry that the administration once expected to Lead the Way to a rally instead will be a drag on productivity and employment the figures showed construction starts on new housing units in May were 38 per cent below a year earlier building permits issued were 43 per cent below a year ago Commerce said housing starts after adjustment for seasonal variations fell in May to an annual rate of 1450x000 units a drop of More than 1 million since supreme court upholds Levy court martial for answers to questions or help with problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one clinic is open q when will the clinic for abortions be open in Winston Salem thank you is a the Forsyth pregnancy termination clinic has opened according to one of the physicians operating it it is located at 3010 Maplewood ave open tuesday through saturday from 8 am to 4 pm and the Telephone number is 7682980 i replacement vehicles q How often and on what basis Are trucks used by the City pickups intermediate two to Threeton and larger vehicles turned in and replaced anon a assistant City manager Eric Scott says every vehicle for which a replacement is requested by a department is taken to the City garage for an inspection the shop superintendent gives a report on whether it is in poor fair or Good condition and determines if parts could be replaced rather than purchasing a new vehicle the general Rule of thumbs five years or 50000 Miles whichever comes first before replacement is considered sometimes they Are still in Good shape after these milestones Are passed each is Given a Good hard look says Scott a bed of a truck May be replaced sometimes the whole Chassis Scott read a few examples of mileage and age of vehicles to be replaced if approved in the pending budget a pickup truck 56000 a Van truck 65900 two station wagons 50400 and All six years old a 1965 Dodge Flat bed 20500 Miles nine years old used for hauling sludge a 1965 pickup 103000 Miles a 1965 Flat bed 60000 there is a request for two new rear loader packers for garbage at each one is to service a new route the other to replace a 66 sanitation truck with 103000 Miles of two dump masters requested at each one is to service a new route the other to replace one with 88000 Miles behind it one other consideration besides mileage and age is How often the vehicle keeps coming Back to the garage for repairs if it Breaks Down and is out of service too much of the time it May be replaced before the usual retirement age help for anglers q is there any place i can get a list or maps of Good fishing areas along the Coas and where you can charter fishing boats no a there is a coastal fishing and vacation guide published annually by the graphic press inc to Box 26808 Raleigh 27611 you can order it by mail for it includes 33 maps of coastal and sound Waters to guide anglers to almost any Type of fish but gives no guarantee they will there Are also listings of lodgings charter boats marinas boat launching ramps historical and entertainment attractions singing this sunday q would Yon please print again when the singing of the Mountain will be held at Grandfather Mountain anon a this sunday is the Day besides Johnny and june Carter Cash Bob Hope and Arthur Smith will make appearances As Well As gov Jim Holshouser who will address the multitude at 1 pm the gospel singing and preaching will begin at 9 am and last until late afternoon people Are urged to arrive Early to be assured of parking space near the Lite on Macrae Meadows along us 221 near Linville Washington a the supreme court today up court martial of former army capt Howard b Levy for urging Black enlisted men not to go to Vietnam if ordered to do so in doing so the court up held the constitutionality of the so called general article which has been a mainstay of american military Justice since revolutionary War Days Levy had challenged his court martial on grounds that the article is unconstitutionally vague the article part of the uniform code of military Justice forbids conduct in becoming an officer and gentleman and All conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces Justice William h Rehn i list writing for the 5 to 3 court majority said Levy could have had no reasonable doubt that his published statements urging negro enlisted men not to go to Vietnam if ordered to do so were in violation of the challenged article while the members of the military Are not excluded from the Protection granted by the first amendment the different character of the military Community and of the military Mission require a different application of those protections Rehn quist wrote Justice Potter Stewart dissenting said i cannot believe that such meaningless statutes As these can be used to Send men to prison under a Constitution that guarantees due process of Law it May be that military necessity justifies the promulgation of substantive rules of Law that Are wholly foreign to civilian life but i fail to perceive How any legitimate military goal is served by a shrouding these rules in language so vague and Uncertain As to be in comprehensible to the servicemen who Are to be governed by them Stewart said Justice William o Douglas and William j Brennan joined Stewart in his dissent Justice Thurgood Marshall took no part in the decision Petersen questioned on watergate pro be Washington a assistant atty Gen Henry g Petersen is facing Senate questioning about his super vision of the original watergate investigation he was called before the Senate judiciary committee today after former atty Gen Richard g Kleindienst testified that most of what he knew about the Case came from Petersen the committee is looking into the Justice departments handling of the investigation and prosecution in connection with Earl j Gilberts nomination to be the us attorney Here Silbert was chief of the prosecution team under direction of Petersen who headed the Justice departments criminal division Kleindienst during a Day Long hearing tuesday said Petersen and Silbert were career lawyers in the depart ment who handled the watergate Case with integrity ability and dedication virtually All the question ing entered around Why the original indictments sept 15 1972 didst name higher ups in the Nixon administration or the Nixon reelection com Mittee Kleindienst testified it was Only after Jeb Stuart Magr uder the Deputy Campaign and former White House counsel John w Dean Iii went to Silbert in april 1973 with their amazing confessions that the whole Story began to unfold original watergate investigation he said jus Tice department aides assured him there was not enough evidence until april 1973 to go beyond the original seven defendants in the june 17 1972 watergate breaking and the us District court in Washington began disciplinary proceedings against Kleindienst who has been convicted of refusing to answer certain questions about the itt antitrust litigation the courts grievance committee ordered him to show cause within 30 Days Why he1 should not As a member of the bar of this court be disciplined despite repeated demands from the White House that the committee open its sessions to the Public Rodino indicated they will remain closed for the examination of any witnesses who might be called a decision on whether to Call any and who will be made next week construction peaked at 2509 000 units in september 1972 the worst previous drop since the government began keeping records after world War ii was in 1966 when housing starts dipped by 850 000 units before bouncing Back building permit issuance for construction mean while dwindled to 1055000 units a seven year Low housing Secretary James t Lynn called the figures disappointing but said House consideration due thursday for a housing and Urban development Bill offers some see housing on 2a helicopter crash kills patrolmen Reidsville Cap two North Carolina Highway patrol Meri were killed today when the helicopter they were aboard crashed and burned on Highway 29 near Reidsville the patrol Headquarters said the patrol Headquarters in Raleigh identified the Vic Tims As sgt John s Hackett 59 of Reidsville and trooper a Parker 42 of Eden they were the Only two occupants known aboard the Craft maj Jack cabe of the patrol said the helicopter involved was not owned by the state he said it was not yet known whether the two officers were on patrol duties at the time of the crash the Rockingham sheriffs department said the helicopter apparently struck High tension wires and plunged earthward further details were not available although cabe said an investigation into the crash was underway lebanese look at Nixon the Magazine Al Dinar in a traditional Arab headdress Tongue Incheck cover montage portrays Magazine called him Arabi Zed president Nixon in a Saffieh the a Wir the Nixon new portuguese president discuss Aid Henry g Petersen Lajes azores a pausing Here in route Back to the United states from his Middle East Mission presi Dent Nixon told the new president of Portugal today that an Independent free prosperous Portugal is vital to the Atlantic Alliance Nixon also indicated in his Farewell remarks to presi Dent Antonio Sinola that economic Aid is planned he spoke of working with Spinola in the great goals he has set for his government the two presidents met nearly two hours before Nix on headed on to Washington to conclude his 10day period of diplomatic barnstorming Nixon arrived tuesday for an overnight stay Spinola said the two presi dents exchanged views on the technical economic financial support which would enable Portugal to be economically on a Par with other countries in Europe the two presidents made no reference to the so onto expire agreement allowing the United states to maintain a crucial air base in the azores Spinola headed the military overthrow of por Dugals old rightist govern ment april 25 Nixon jetliner took off for Washington at pm azores am not As it did the president in a written statement said his meeting with Spinola was a valuable reminder that the challenges of peace Are israelis and arabs no closer by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Lajes azores a president Nixon is coming Home from the streets palaces and deserts of the Middle East for what aides Call a waiting period in the search for Ara israeli peace it May be weeks or months before the full Impact of his unprecedented five nation tour is known officials say but the tentative assess ment by both official and unofficial sources is summed up in two examples Nixon was leaving Jordan at the end of his tour see israelis on 2a not isolated to any single area of the world a truly effective Struc Ture of peace must embrace every area of world convincing every nation that its dreams can Only be realized in peace and not in War the statement said Nixon said he had been pre occupied with the Middle East for the last six Days and said he told Spinola of our irreversible commit ment to continuing an Active constructive role there but now As we return to the United states he said we will refocus our Atten Tion on two other crucial areas of the world Europe and the soviet Union i whats inside amusements89a bridge12c classified ads5i1d comics4d crossword12c editorials4a financial 2a obituaries2d sports15c television 6a women news14b weather3a us to buy too million of meat Washington a to Aid the nations cattlemen and hog producers the government will buy up to million of beef and pork Kenneth Rush economic Counselor to president Nix on said tuesday the meat would be bought this summer and donated to school lunch by buying no we help the cattlemen and hog producers who Are suffering from Low prices and we help prevent future dislocations in the Market that would adversely affect consumer prices Rush said agriculture department officials declined to predict How the new meat purchases might affect consumer prices but one department official said middlemen markups have been wide enough so that it might be possible for meat packers and retailers to absorb purchases without passing further costs on to family shoppers the president of the american meat Institute Richard Lyng said the action should not have any major Impact on retail prices but it could have the effect of encouraging some producers to stay in business the exact amount of the purchases and the breakdown Between beef and pork was not announced if the entire amount were spent on beef ror example it would mean about 100 million pounds of hamburger which is several Days cattle Slaughter the agriculture depart ment has purchased about 105 million pounds of beef and pork during the fiscal year ending june 30 Claire Robinson president of the Kansas livestock association and Paul Nauer president of the National Farmer organization in Kan Sas called the Purchase a drop in the bucket sen Robert Dole Ryan said this ought to give the cattlemen a shot in the Arm maybe the Market will go up two or three cents Arch Booth president of the us chamber of Commerce said the govern ment should encourage increased consumption of beef rather than having the government bail out the meat Industry the purchases were among the major demands of Midwest congressmen and cattlemen who also want the military to step up its meat buying livestock prices have fallen steadily at the farm level for eight months while holding relatively High at the retail level other proposed remedies being sought Are moratoriums on meat imports consideration of some form of credit Relief for cattle areas and probes of the middlemen share of the retail Price

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