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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 17, 1976, High Point, North Carolina So a of liquor reduced service alternatives to tax hike considered by Forrest ates enterprise1 City editor legalized liquor sales and curbside garbage service were suggested to High Point City councilmen today As possible Means of holding Down the City tax rate the suggestions were made to the Council at a Public hearing on the new budget by Hubert Gruenberg general manager til the Southern furniture Market Tenter the proposed budget Tor 1976-77 Calls for a 12-cent increase in the City property tax the Council is looking for Way to reduce the amount of the tax inserts be Gruenberg stopped Short of suggesting that the Council schedule another Ute store referendum on its own Ile urged the Council however to make Public facts and figures on current revenues from outside Abc operations compared with what the City could expert to make if it had its own stores on the basis of the facts he said High Point citizens could make their own decision on whether they want Legal liquor sales or a property tix increase his own figures which he conceded might not be accurate indicate that the City now gets about $85,000 a year As its share of Abc sales in Greensboro and Jamestown Quot if an Abc store were established in High Point these revenues would increase by a minimum of $200,-000 Gruenberg told the Council members the proposed tax in crease could be reduced by 21 z cents if the Abc revenues were available he added therefore i propose that the Council authorize a study to Analyse revenues realized if an Abc store were located in High Point it is the responsibility of the Council to report to the people the exact amount of Revenue received now from Abc stores in the county and what these revenues would be irom a High Point Abc store Quot he said then the citizens have the monetary Iscis necessary to make a decision on whether they would like to reduce their taxes through Abc revenues a he said. To emphasize his pitch for the study. Gruenberg presented the Council with a gallon of lemonade stating. This morning my remarks will cover refreshments and dollars for refreshments i have a gallon of lemonade for the Council and i am going to talk about the la reported to the Council Quot i have been told that about $400 000 a year could by saved by going to curbside garbage service in my own opinion and the opinion of my staff serious study should be Given to implementing curbside service a the service should not necessarily include Earls for hauling the garbage cans to the streets he said High Point is one of the few major North Carolina cities which still provide backyard garbage collection service Gruenberg s suggestions were for How to make or save Money but most of the other appearances before the Council during the budget hearing concerned requests for funding the largest delegation was the one representing the local Council on aging the group asked that the Council authorize the municipal bus system to provide free bus service to the elderly for essential travel within the City by agreeing to und it write $8 500 in bus service the gained would assure that the High Point office for the county Council on aging would remain open another year. Immy peer spokesman for the group said Euless this is done the High Point bit be for services to the elderly will be closed and services for our aging citizens will be entered in Greensboro. Quot Beer told the Council he noted that providing the service would require no Cash outlay in fact the City would get a refund of half the amount irom the Federal government he noted this is a tremendous buy in he added businessman Clarence Keever admonished the Council to hold the line on municipal spending the City payroll has gotten out of line with in pay for the private sector and the City a debt is the highest in the slate Keever told the Council the Lay of reckoning is now and we must have the nerve to say no More a he said caution against spending was voiced also by Joseph Hayworth of Alma desk co and by Doyle Early an attorney representatives of several local groups and agencies which stand to lose funding for the new fiscal year renewed pleas before the Council to be included in the new City budget Joe Brown appeared on behalf of the drug action Council and mrs Judy Mendenhall and Becky smothers appeared for the social services programs the National guard asked for an additional $2,200 allocation to allay increased costs of utilities at the a Mories and the local historical society requested $3,000 in order that a Par time employee can be hired full time the Council acknowledged the requests but did not act on them that will come later probably next week when the Council begins its studies of the budget proposal High Point Enterprise thursday afternoon june 17. 1976 Section d Bird Sanctuary ruling delayed in Jamestown by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Jam Stow n the Jamestown Council of Garden clubs will have to wait a few More weeks for a decision on its request for the town to be declared a Bird Sanctuary. The town Council needs to know a lot of answers mayor Harold Hall said after councilmen and mrs Ruth Shoemaker a representative of the Garden clubs discussed details of he request in other action. Councilman Robert Green urged that the town ask the state dept of transportation it Dot to recondition Penny Road now hat a proposal to rebuild the Road within town limits has tailed due to failure of property owners to provide the needed right of Way. Town officials said they will urge Dot to reallocate funds originally set aside for the project to recondition the Road councilmen John w Adams and w Illiam e. King said they need information in minimum requirements Tor a Bird Sanctuary ordinance and King Saiu he is not Adverse to some ordinance of this Type mrs Shoemaker urged approval of an ordinance which would meet the standards of the National Audubon society. Saying this would mean listing of the Community in a National Register she said an ordinance could prove to be a deterrent to Bud killing and that signs noting Jamestown is a Bud Sanctuary could to placed at entrances to the town councilmen objected to the Model ordinance provided by the Audubon society it calling for various civic groups to have a voice in action to remove objectionable Birds they also noted the City limits include at least three Bird Hunting areas. Attorney Arthur i hey said state Law does not allow cities to protect Birds listed As unprotected by the state he said the High Point ordinance specifically does not apply to English sparrows blackbirds and starlings discussion showed Birds damage vegetable gardens and see Bino Sanctuary on 20 Coble named new principal thu High Point Board of education was expected today to confirm the employment of Larry d Coble of pleasant Garden As principal of instruction of Griffin Junior High Coble is the nominee of supt Edwin l. West or for the principal of instruction at Griffin and his confirmation will Complete the roster of principals for City schools for next Vear Larry Coble James w Atkinson is the principal of administration at Griffin having been named to that Post about a month ago when a new system of two principals at each of the Junior and senior High schools was adopted and numerous personnel changes were made to accommodate the new system. Coble is a 28-year-old native of Guilford county and attended Public schools in Rural Guilford he is a 1989 graduate of Campbell College where he starred in basketball and was president of Hie student body during his senior year he earned a masters degree in education administration at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1973 since graduation from Campbell he has taught coached and served in principal positions in the Greensboro schools his most recent assignment was As principal of Vandalia elementary school in Greensboro he had been named principal of a Junior High for next year before accepting the Post Here. Coble and his wife Darlene have no children. Summer nutrition project defended we gotta Stop meeting like this Guys just can to seem to resist a pretty Young lady in a Bikini apparently at any age there seems to be Here the beginning of a summer love Between Michelle Robertson and Bryan Pickett they May have the technique mastered hut it appears that with Eves closed and no hug. The aim sometimes suffers but they be both got a lot of years to practice the Art i Plo Obi or Peire by Lee Mortimer Enterprise staff writer Surv Dillard director of High Point loud services appealed to City Council to a to keep he summer nutrition program intact the Bunch which we As expected to Cut the program by one third took her statements under advisement for action at a later Date \ Council committee had earlier reported thai considerable amounts of food in the program was being wasted die committee recommended that the number of noon meals served daily be reducer from i 880 to 1.200 the program is financed by a Grant from the Federal government which reimburses the City Tor the Cost of preparation of the meals the City is authorized up to $74,363 to provide the food meals Are prepared by the City schools cafeteria staff director of High Point Parks and recreation dept to Morgan said earlier this week that the City is not reimbursed Tor unused us a the Parks and recreation dept administers serving of the meals at 13 Sites located in Low income areas of the City there been complaints that older children bully smaller ones and take More Hun their share of the Tood food was also going to person not eligible to participate in the fir Ograin. It has been reported. Mayor a it it Culler said he thought the program was worthwhile but should be administered properly. Quot our Only concern is that those i 880 meals go to people who deserve the mayor said mrs Dillard said the amount of Tood wasted or consumed by ineligible persons is minimal she admitted that older children occasionally intimidate younger ones but that those problems Are ironed out in the first week or so of the program each h summer she insisted thai there Are a lot More hungry children in High Point than Are be my fed in the program a but if the children Aren t there you Don t have to worry about feeding them Quot she said. Implying that the Parks and recreation dept discourages participation in the program mrs Dillard denied that the City is stuck with the Hill for a lot of unused food the Federal Grant aph Orizes reimbursement of up to 70 cents per meal plus an additional 17 cents per meal to cover administrative costs she said the Council had been told that Only the 70 cents was reimbursed in other action the Council adopted a Resolution to encourage property owners to keep weeds cleared from their property which adjoins Public right of Way the Resolution instructs the City to enforce existing Laws which allow liens to be placed against property owners who Tail to comply the Council also approved expenditures Tor various equipment needed by the water and sewer department in the filler Plant. Members set july 12 As the Date Tor a Public hearing on several rezoning and zoning code amendment matters Rockefeller to attend convention Shaw May make Delegate bid but Carol Wilson i Tley Enterprise stall writer Greensboro state Republican party chairman Robert g Shaw was expected to announce this afternoon Blat he will try to gain a seat in North Carolinas delegation to the National Republican convention Shaw said today that his decision would be made by 2p.m. Based on what he Felt was Best for the Republican party i want to be a Delegate he suited Quot but i Haven t really settled in my own mind what the damage would be to the party it i get involved in a door tight at the convention i Don t want to damage the party those considerations come regardless of Shaw s decision a door Light at saturday s convention in Greensboro was made inevitable by gov James Holhouser s announcement wednesday in Raleigh that Fie would seek to be a Delegate Hie Delegate selection process is being controlled by the Ronald Reagan forces led by i s senator Jesse Helms the Reagan group has succeeded in winning 30 of the 33 delegates chosen at the District level and will present a slate of 21 on saturday to gain the remaining seats Holshouser was left off the Delegate list because he is the Southern Campaign Leader for president Ford while Shaw. Who has remained Neutral on the National race was also left off Helms had planned to stay off the Delegate slate to offset any reaction to Holshouser not being a Delegate the Republican convention will open Friday with the arrival of vice president Nelson Rockefeller in Greensboro alter a press conference Rockefeller is scheduled to hold a leadership conference with statewide Republican leaders then by honoured at a $30 per plate fundraising dinner and a reception a Friday night gala is planned with speeches by gubernatorial candidates Wallace Mccall. David Flaherty Coy Privette and Jake Alexander convention business begins saturday when delegates must select the final 21 of Hie states 54 National convention delegates and choose two National committee members Holhouser s statement wednesday was in response to published reports that he. Shaw and Helms had been left off prepared Delegate slates by the Reagan forces in the statement he aligned himself with Shaw and indicated he thought Shaw should in heading the delegation As Quot our elected Hohouser s statement was expected to Force Helms to become More directly involved in Hie National Delegate selection process which he has said in the past he was going to leave to the state delegates themselves Holshouser said wednesday that he and Helms have Quot an obligation to unite Hie party Quot Shaw said thursday that the current dissension in the Republican party was probably a reflection of the National party split Between Ford and Reagan but added that a floor Light would not do lasting damage to the Republican party Quot once the convention s Over and things Settle Down time has a Way of Healing these things he said Quot after All. It is the very Lew at the top of Hie party that Are very intense and very emotional Over All this the hundred.-, of people scattered around have a preference but they re not As Strong about opposing the other Side Quot Quot there s nothing republicans love More than a go it a a fight he added Quot i hunk a floor fight at this year s convention will bring More people out to watch and get involved Guilford county Republican chairman Jim Burnley of Greensboro disagreed with Shaw on the effect the Ford Keagan dispute would have on the party but emphasized that the Guilford county delegation has managed to avoid the hitter fights seen elsewhere Quot we have worked very hard to hold the Republican party together in Guilford county and we will be working very hard to hold it together on Burnley said so far there Are no real animosities Between the two sides in Guilford county we be managed to keep things civilized but outside the county there May in problems a regardless of the results of saturday s Delegate selection process the 54 North Carolina delegates will to pledged on see Shaw on 20 psychiatric care unit still without a Home Greensboro a Guilford county must decide whether or not a psychiatric in patient care service should by operated in a Hospital before the unit which closes Friday can be successfully relocated according to John Witherspoon county manager Witherspoon also said the county must decide whether the alcoholism program and the mental health services now being provided at l Richardson memorial Hospital Here should be split Board of commissioners chairman Gaston Faison believes the treatment provided for alcoholics should be split from that offered the mentally ill Quot we need a real alcoholic Faison said Quot i feel that some of the problem at l. Richardson came trom mixing the two types of \ Donald Fontana area mental health officer said a new in patient unit can work Only if the county does not enter into another agreement similar to the one it has used for the l Richardson memorial Hospital operation. Quot it can Only work if we Purchase the service from another Agency without any interference or involvement from the county or if we operate the unit ourselves a he said a it is difficult to function in a Multi authority the in patient unit itself will close after four years of operation on the fourth floor of the Hospital in the Southeastern sector of Greensboro. Guilford county will open an emergency evaluation and referral service at the mental health Center Here starting june 23 residents needing in patient care will be transferred to the John Umstead Hospital in Butner. Officials said the local unit was opened originally to strengthen a service needed in the Community and to keep patients in the Community with their families if possible and to help a Hospital suffering from under utilization of its space get on its feet financially however operation brought tensions and misunderstanding Faison said a we just never did get things to Fontana noted that when you try to provide services in someone else s Home you Are going to have problems a the tour year period has seen 900 persons treated each year 900 evaluated each year and too emergency Calls answered each month costs have been estimated at Over $2 million i think it was Worth the Effort to make it Witherspoon said. Randolph men deny signatures by Don w Renn Enterprise staff writer Asheboro both state and National officials of the libertarian party have expressed concern and issued apologies to three Randolph county men whose names were apparently forged in petitions presented to Randolph county election officials earlier this week the petitions Are required to have the party recognized in North Carolina Robert h meter of Washington d Ca coordinator with the party and Arlan Andrews said that they were very concerned about the wrong use of the local names they said the Man who accepted the petitions without checking the names will come to Asheboro to personally see Randolph on 2d ii j

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