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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 16, 1976, High Point, North Carolina To High Point enter prose. Wren relax Junr is. Is just to himself the ply swatter. Quot smoking Joe an sex fighter Uniondale n v i Al i today tomorrow la i want to put thew Glove up. I can do it with no trouble Quot mild Joe frailer in an interview in la Weinber of 1973 but As the months rolled into years Joe frailer had trouble hanging up his gloves always finding a reason to fight and not quit today smoking Joe has run out of reasons today he is an sex fighter the end rame in the Nassau coliseum tuesday night As George Foreman the Man who took the title from Fraier in 1073. Smashed him to the floor twice and stopped him in the fifth round Quot it s All Over for smoking said advisor Trainer Eddie Futch As Frazier his shaved head glistening from his exer Lions walked to his dressing room. Blood running Down his face tears streaming from his eyes forty five minutes later Joe emerged from the dressing loom to say. T in Haft pm my gloves on the Wall. It s time to Boogie Boogie Boogie his phrase for having a Good time. Quot Joe Frazier is a tremendous said Foreman. Quot he showed More guts than i thought any Man was capable of Quot huts Quot was Joe Frazier s Trade Mark in the ring hut he matched his courage with humility and compassion and there was his Pride a Pride that would not allow him to make an excuse Quot Jive will never admit it but he was overconfident in Jamaica Quot said Hutch on the Day after the Jamaica fight in which he was knocked Down six times Frazier called the press together looked at their faces and said Quot Collie on smile you Guys look Uke you got what happened joe1�?T someone asked Quot i just got whupped was the reply and it has been Joe Frazier s reply to that question to this Day Frazier displayed Pride in Many ways it led him to scuffle with Muhammad All when All called him Quot ignorant Quot during a televised interview before their second Light it led him to say before his Light with All that his main concern was that i handle myself like a Champion should Quot a it would t let him quit until he took a shot at wiping out his humiliating loss in Jamaica Quot the title i lost it. And there s something sad about said Frazier after losing the title to Foreman Quot but it s not everything i lived before i won it. I la live now that i be lost it Quot now hell have to live without the ring his friends and his family will be happier for his decision to retire but the fight game will be poorer the fat kid from South Carolina who went to a Philadelphia gym to lose weight painted some indelible picture into the sport s legends fight fans will never forget the Bobbing weaving pressure style the flashing left Hook people will remember the High spot a Frazier his Ace battered Lumpy turning away after knocking Down a. Knowing he had won Universal title recognition people will remember the Low Points too a Frazier going Down in Jamaica and going Down tuesday night but they la remember Joe Frazier finished on his feet. Arguing that he wanted to continue and then admitting to himself that it was time to say goodbye Foreman has Praise for beaten Frazier Uniondale. Is a George Foreman calling Joe Frazier one of boxing s most courageous men. Winced at the suggestion that he had been smoking Joe s undoing a the Only Man that can end Joe Frazier s career is Joe Frazier Quot Foreman said after stopping the former world heavyweight Champion in the fifth round of their scheduled 12-Rounder tuesday night and Frazier bloodied and tears glistening in his eyes. Told the world he had done just that Quot i have to put my gloves on the he said Quot from now on. It s Boogie Boogie Boogie Quot his phrase for having a Good time. Foreman who had taker the title from Frazier 3�?~ years ago in Jamaica and then lost it to Muhammad All in Africa last october had nothing but Praise for the Man whom he earlier had called a quitter Quot i m not that great a tighter and i can end a Man s career i d just like to say that Joe Frazier is one of the most courageous fighters that there s Ever been Quot Frazier came into the ring with two surprises for Foreman a a gleaming Bald head and a new strategy j Nastase s sensitivity is confined id \. A 4v Keauhou Kona Hawaii Nea around the flopping Black mane of Hie Nastase. The romanian Madcap controversy swirls As naturally and As Fren Fie Rily As a Pacific Squall. Nasty who May be the most gifted Tennis player in the world is simply too insensitive to the subtleties of Normal human relations to realize the Impact of his on court actions and utterances. Muttering Quot bloody Nigger Quot during his Avis Challenge cup finals with Arthur Ashe for $100,000 Winner take All confirms Nastase s tenuous grasp of the nuances of decorum in sports in fairness to Nastase. He probably did t even know he was saying it the words weren i tossed at Ashe directly Only that intrusive parabola network microphone at a outside picked it up a just As several years ago during an nil game the Field Mike broadcast to the country the four letter reaction of a player to the violence of the moment the circumstances does t excuse Nastase for his simple minded racist remarks Quot lie s a said Julie Heldman the Tennis expert who shared the telecast Booth and heard the remark. Quot a without realizing it Quot in Holuta stadium the Day before his showdown with Ashe. Natty As the Guys Call him. Greeted Arthur for a picture taking session Quot Hollo colourful Quot Arthur Ever phlegmatic looked at him blankly. Quot you Don t like that colourful shrugged Nasty Quot Well actually you not colourful habitually when the romanian sees the Black american Star he yells out hey. Negroni a during the match he cussed in French hell use profanity in a variety of other languages he has picked up in his dozen years As a world class player he has called Tom Okker a Quot bleeping jew Quot in a match in los Angeles he complained about 20.000 jews watching him when he played abut Harold Solomon in Maryland and was later forced to apologize for his remarks and yet the mercurial Hie has his own super sensitive that s easily scratched he is quickly Arous cd by questions about i his disruptive antics on the court and 2 his status with the romanian government what you Call antics a he fumed when the subject was brought up after he won the $100,000 outright by beating Ashe in five sets there had been a 30-second clock in operation to make sure Nasty s tactics a he fumed at linesmen As he usually docs and he gave Ashe the Finger la romanian version of Hook pm Homs three times did t interrupt play. Quot you can breathe you can take your pants off Laing As you play by clock Quot Nastase is a Tennis player with Rabbit ears he hit a tentative overhead shot and yelled to himself deprecating by Quot just like my wife he walked around in a Circle baking his head from the stands a voice rang out. Quot Why done to you play Tennis a a Nasty getting ready to toss up a serve yelled Back what the hell you think i m doing Quot it has become fashionable to enlist psychiatrists psychologists and soothsayers to Analyse the turbulent behavioural patterns of this Man who has let his tirades disturb the effectiveness of his play Ion Siriac. Another romanian firebrand who used to help Nasty with his game says a Nastase does not have a brain he has a Bird fluttering around in his head a a that Bird is a Little disturbed right now because the romanian government has shown some displeasure with its no i player. He defied a cabled order to join its Davis cup team in England preferring to shoot instead for the $100,000 first prize in this act extravaganza Quot i get More publicity for he explained. Quot playing Here before so million people on to than 200 people in England a he bridled at the idea his government might be hassling him if i have he sputtered. A a s my problem Quot but he flew off suddenly ignoring his con tract with the hawaiian leis of world team Tennis to return to Romania Nastase who is married to a Beautiful belgian woman and has an infant daughter does not Acly live in his native Bucharest any longer though he retains citizenship ostensibly he accepted a $125,000 wet contract so that he and Dominique and the baby could Roost in one place. Honolulu for a few months but his wife and child never came to Hawaii from Europe and there have been Strong hints of marital discord his companion and a settling influence is a romanian expatriate named Milch who once lived in Venezuela and now operates out of new York the positive facet of Nastase is that he generates excitement in a sport where its personalities seem mostly to be lucked out of cardboard when he plays As he will at Wimbledon or Forest Hills it becomes an event Aba May add 6 to new Aba Hyannis. Mass map the National basketball association s advisory Board having met with representatives of the american basketball association was expected to continue merger talks with the Young league about accepting four teams although an Aba owner suggested that a six team concept would make far More sense and eliminate Many problems the top officials from both leagues met for about 2>i hours tuesday night and both sides emerged from Ulm session with mixed feelings line Aba source said his league s advisory Board was nut satisfied with the Aba s proposal and financial status and would present a negative report to the Aba s Board of it to Vernon. However Jim Keeler assistant to Aba commissioner Dave de Buss he re. Was far More optimistic Keeler said the leagues had narrowed the estimated too to issues in dispute Between the Aba Aba As described by Aba commissioner Larry of Brien to about 20-30 Quot i feel the meeting was very meaningful said Keeler Quot i am very in co tag cd Quot Bill Alverson owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and a member of the Aba s five Man advisory Board echoed Keeler s sentiments whatever the season you can enjoy the fresh picked taste of summertime fruit in Flavo Rich ice Cream. A Superb. High Quality ice Cream with Crisp nuts. And luscious morsels of fruit picked at the Peak of perfection. Lavishly blended instantly Frozen. Into especially delicious. New Flavo Rich ice Cream All natural dairies div. Flavo Rich inc. United a new r All natural ice Cream brings Back memories of real old fashioned fruit flavors

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