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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - June 16, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaHigh Point Enterprise wednesday june 16, 1976 7e Don t forget the Beer for your next cookout 12-oz. Cans red White. Blue whether you re cooking out or cooking in the Best Cooks Start with we Brand beef from in Good Onwu iat., Jim urn i Tara to hot to Nom Sou to dubs the beef people. Mild cured Hickory smoked picnics whole 6-8 ibs. Avg la. Brand . Choice beef tenderloins whole 5-7 ibs. Avg free into filet mignon trimmings you save 80c per in. Beef sausage june hippy month Palmetto farm Pimento cheese spread Superb band it cottage cheese Superb and sour Cream super Brand Yogurt assorted flavors cons of 3 super Brand i mild of medium aged cheese super Brand vib Sharp or extra Sharp cheese krafts is Brand . Choice beef a Brand Choice beef Boneless full Cut round steaks Brand Choice beef Boneless top round roasts u a Brand Choice beef Boneless shoulder steaks u vib Brand Choice Boneless lean Stew beef Brand regular beef or dinner Franks Brand Salami Pickle Pimento or sliced luncheon meat 29 Talmadge a jams old fashioned mild country cured hams Okinis frosty morn Holiday time Franks frosty morn red smoked sausage Sec cracking Good it Sweet or Buttermilk canned biscuits Sunnyland 1 la fresh pork link sausage pkg Sunnyland hotel sliced Bacon pkg Sunnyland Economy sliced Bacon Turkey pacts wings necks hindquarters Jiffy Brand heat-n-ba5 entrees________________________4_boneless turbot fillet Frozen dressed croakers French Fried Economy fish Sticks to s9c la 59c Brand imported sliced cooked Ham Deli bakery specials f Dixie th81ftt Golden Yowh Fried Chicken bucket a Chicken 16 Choice pieces 5 in East 5 thighs 6lkjs lunches Ops smoked sausage 00 6 Ops Spaghetti with meat Salt win 3 it and Roll each 89c lean and tender cooked Ham sliced to of for la Pimento cheese sandwiches Joi Smi each 29c of 4 Kex 00 j Cheddar Blue or wine cheese balls la fresh French bread f oven fresh Home style Rolls .002 79c delicious cinnamon Raisin buns .6 for 89c. Soft ice Cream single dip Cones a 10 do Juble dip Cones a 19 father s Day please Call for special orders High Point mall Only Eastchester drive .869-6018 Frozen French Fried potatoes 00 Harvest fresh no Hud of to Astor Frozen cauliflower Green peas succotash mixed vegetables 10oz. Pkg lettuce Harvest fresh California Lemons Harvest fresh Green Beans Harvest fish red Bliss potatoes taste of sea Frozen Perch fillet 1-lb. Pkg lbs Harvest fish Orchard Hill Jun thy. Fruit pies Suk Wano whipped Topping Safuto party pizza Farmland meat ia1u with swedish sauce Tapak onion rings High Point mall Fairfield Plaza Jamestown shopping Center r. R. George mgr. Mgr. R. W. Barlow mgr. Harvest fresh Green cabbage Harvest fresh peaches to your i Good i infant ears a target of infection dear or Thosteson my son is 10 months old and has had four ear infections in five months apparently from a cold and congestion from teething he has been Given antibiotics each time and i was told the infection had cleared up Why Are the ears subject to repeated infection Why in t the Medicine permanently curing the problem Csc head colds often Lead to ear infection in the first few years of life in infants the slant of the eustachian tubes makes it easier for infection to get into the ears those Are the tubes leading from the Back of the Throat to the ears if the adenoids or tonsils become infected then ear infection becomes More Likely teething adds to the problem an infant s resistance can be lower during this period because of loss of sleep and appetite usually As the child gets older the problem goes away if the infections continue to recur become More serious or linger then the tonsils and adenoids must be looked at removal might be considered if they Are greatly enlarged antibiotics will have no effect on the cold virus itself they will help control secon Dary infections which May result from All the congestion in the area and they won t prevent recurrence of the colds ear symptoms in infants always require prompt Atten Tion older youngsters Are Able to Tell you where it hurts infants resort to Long crying sessions usually with piercing shrieks and rubbing of the ears your Pedi Atri Cian can prescribe mild ear drops for this they should t repeat should t be used if there is discharge from the ears however often a hearing loss follows such an infection but it usually returns m a few Days longer periods of loss should be investigated As Long As your child s infections Are being treated promptly i doubt you have anything to worry about dear or Thosteson what do the initials a s r mean on a medical report7 would a s r 10" be Good or bad a r it s shorthand for a certain blood test that helps a doctor measure How Well an infection is Clearing up the letters actually stand for Erythrocyte sedimentation rate erythrocytes he Rith to Sites Are red blood cells sedimentation Means a settling the e s r test tells How fast red blood cells set the Down in a tube of whole blood leaving the plasma at the top the 10" indicates that the cells Settle downward at a rate of 10 Millimetres an hour in the test you had but j there Are different kinds of j e s r tests depending on the tube used in one method the High nor Mal is 6 5 my thus the 10 would of course be High in another where the High nor Mal is 15 my 10 would be acceptable the rate for women is normally higher the rate is higher with infection because the red cells clump together More readily and thus Settle Down More quickly the test is used most often to keep track of infections in Long lasting diseases a single test usually does t mean too much High Point mall new store hours . Ojo . 10 . Sun. 1 . 7 . Jamestown stores open 1-6 sunday dear or Thosteson How can i gain weight without raising my cholesterol count7 i am about 5-foot-6 and weigh 101 pounds i m Down 15 pounds in the last year i am 75 years old Heb at 75, you Don t have to worry about cholesterol if you have been dieting to avoid cholesterol that could account for your weight loss because of a Low fat intake being sure you have Good nourishment is More important at your age than the cholesterol that reaches a Peak at about 50 or 60, and tends to decrease after that Are you bothered with ringing in the ears7 if so write to or Thosteson in care of this newspaper for his Booklet ear noises their causes and cures enclose a Long self addressed stamped envelope and 25 cents

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