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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 8c High Point Enterprise sunday june la 1974 classic from Page in j. A Walker. Ulva a pm Jok Fima. A psf Tujo to tir Fitow. In to jul g c ounce Beala in Jusmet Harris. By Bow 254 lorry Wilt a .77049-25 Jim Kinney. Ivb2 1-25 boobs <coni#t.744-213 richts plight Cory Awn. #24474-24 zoom Tutor Fowzi is of a 0�n sem i .1441-24 Jim Biec Burn. Mimi a Fred herring ton. Ava4> no bobs by a Icen. 14047-255 of if a Jock crests a to .744042-233 trim mmi44044-33 Corry Wicker. Mim clinic s fan Ivy .424740-754 Lloyd Gregory i -la0-250 eee Evoil. #242-Mo a Ozari or my. Wan Jai la a a Wail. T a a a ninth plight a in Cray Quot. 2 741-252 Hwo re of tar. 14741-252 a o gluten la a mtg tvs Don Baity. I Matt if surf a. Imich m a a of Gordon. 4544-25$ Harry Trues. Naff of Jim by or i vhf of a maid Tennit 114444-25 pm Horner. Warn a Oon Aid summer .1 7>�0 no Artw tan. �244t-Li Tam v.4t.th bt4njej James Burn. Of of of Byarly. 41407-27 Totth alight o m look. #14l7s-247 Grady Cook. 3440-752 worn Wirt. Bjwmu-754 so. 70n47�?255 Canty Hallam. Kim in Oak gtd Hayy Yorton. Of Flo jul Jimmy t re a i Mao. A a it jul Lawrence Tartlet. Nit of Novi Lowry #75 in cd Antnony pah 75 inv Byrd. A a a to j t ruts a. M4047-7so Jack e ban. Aaa i no Booby i Manit 1 0-27 Rennis i. La a 3-j$ m in Zachary. In Lim alight Davidov a can a. Char tat Laden bm04j-75 Matte Warnar ii Ava 254 t c my attic Hub it Dan Cacis it gtd a Tao by a Wetter jr.�704-jl Tommy Witt nor.0omv i Curt Moth. Aag Aarto Vannoy. A our a j Mien Aat Dor try .44447-23 a canny moor0454?j Jack Bolton. A i aaa rat Caon Loc ours42444-74 inv Ingram. I it 4 40-25 Kannan Lambton. Agar a rat Tim alight Oarr to towers 00o Tad Caon Wormin a 20 Ora Maroon ii 04-2 i Loon by Ray .b5-j 2j boo cacti. Tsar a in by Moo on. Non aaa Jim soil be. Bm34 a Tommy Garr to .2 4v 44-25 a w bowers44044-7 Gunnn con Ai Rar Jar cont my tenant .544 a 27 Jimmy Hatton .,a2#27 a Ondov grit Tom. To tort27 oar rate Hawk at boo to Marvin e mar ton. #743-l-27t Harold maw int Tsoyri Jet Jarry lady ii. As a to Jurj nay Stanny a to a a re in alight j erne Byrd. Futia Ai up Dan As Las Noovart Hughes. A a May icky t of Bari. In tit a word Snow. 2045-27 non a Ottar. To tilt a sorry Bulten fms at a oort Davit .>#�?�-7 to j a mat Moor. 01 a pro Dave Carraway. Bs-omg-111 Nan Hoot. 1430-771 n t. Mar noon. I Aff a in Tom Oor tax. Bambi Tatj Chi l Logan. Aa>-275 Don Young. #4>5-277 go Bart Crow ton. »�?��?�-27 j a mat l ward.0>tot24 Lam alight Arad Lowart 44740-Jj Mal Owensn nit at Joa Burton Abw in a icky Hembree. It 101-bj-m Marvin Coati Agar in c l. Minar a Jim a l. Montay. 14741-774 j a Nunn or loser Ira Kaw Smith 4344-275 Thomat a 11 Man .4407-775 Jimmy West two hrs a Natl Madrick fetes err ban Nan. Non Job Marvin Oak by non Wjk Donald John tonvjt2t Jarry Woolley _______047-2tl Chi rile a .�b44024j Barry Zachary. To 7-244 ism alight Sam me Swan. 43#-27 a ugh Bantly by too �?j7 a of g Mhz. A 7 0-27 Kibart kennedy442 to crag Mao 44474-j. A a Chard Inch amt .5 a Job Lavi Oil. �442l-2h Tarry Wood. 5451-21 m j. It to Ida jul Donna Poon Al 1011 Obj Jack car Jam Macon. E4v-2� boo la Diaw. 543�?24 a j. Rayno Idt. 3445-244 Jamett to tar. 2#� 207 Tony Mote a i to it �-20 Lam alight Bobby boo ton. 54444�?777 a Ovid Smith. 4 9 a Ibi Tam inn of. R--2-2�s 0 j Moo. Tava is its David i in ham.0-1041-25 c w potion. A 5-27 w c want and a or Hobart bruton.2 1034�?21 David muck or. A vt-21 Jarry Leonard 4-1014�? hot Jim Petit. 1 101-102-24 Jimmy Ingram #45 102 �?25 Jonnn Scott. Too 104-27 urn alight Nan vattai.7 i v t a 24 Virgil Brock. 4 1000-im Davy Davit. >l0342-2a# Knox Walker. A-l20�?2b Roy Man. 4-0s-2�?2 Larry Phillips. V4-1044 24 Kenneth Mucky. >01 a 25 Johnny Bont. Tai�?27 Robert Mitchell. In of i 20 if it i. 5-Ioj-2�?20 Dolan Tucker 3 of 102 Joi Lloyd Moor i0v97 100 102 a 6 Whitener go 104-Iot to Lith alight an Mclean too i of 2 tvs Dwight May Worth v-i054 �?20 i minor cd Cranford 101 it 7j0u f rank Mcclure 7-110-94-Xii lug Moore. 104 101 a to i Johnny pert 7 1077-301 Harold bit hop too Iova it Jan a Stanny 4 Lov it Poy Wilton it 102 1-302 Arthur Mcadoo riot Idov -j04 Mac be unit .i00l0df304 Ernatt Mun Aucutt 104 101 it 10v Taylor Brookbank 101-10104�?311 Cicone Grubb v#-Il-i0d-315 Michael mar Vail it to to a is a the alight Stanny Chambart Ioflll-Iot-321 John party it la 1-10-322 Jarry Davanport. 103-121 105-32 Grady Shiva 10120-103-32 Frank Shelton. 107 i 109-337 Brut Hul chant i2s107 100-330 Winn Baldwin. 110-135-107 352 Wing South wins Liberty Philadelphia a Marv Kowit and Irv Udell s Wing South made one big move leaving the Backstretch then proceeded to turn the $28,-500 Patriot stakes into a Romp at Liberty Bell race track saturday before a crowd of 12,933 Ridden by Buck Thornburg the meets leading rider Wing South got Home 15 lengths in front of Trenton Joe in the mile and 70-Yard feature. The Brave Chicken finished third a head behind Trenton Joe. In running the distance in 1 -42 2-5, Wing South returned $7 40, $4.40 and $4.20. Trenton Joe paid $11-60 and $6 60, and the Brave Chicken $6 40 to shot or. Jay Harris coils for third Roi so tee shot own own Kymm am Montreal defeats san Diego Montreal a Rookie infielder Jim Cox drove in three runs with a single and a double saturday night sparking the Montreal expos to a 6-4 Trumph Over the san Diego padres Cox who entered the game with a batting average of just 215, dulled a double to the Loftfield Comer in the fifth inning to drive in Ken Singleton and Bob Bailey and snap a $-3 tie. Singleton had walked to Lead off the inning and one out later Bailey was intentionally walked before Cox hit. Cox third inning single following a double and stolen base by Singleton had tied the score at 3-3. The expos took a 2-0 Lead in the first on an rib single by Singleton and Bailey a sacrifice Fly but san Diego erupted for three runs in the the. A on a walk to Bill grief successive run scoring doubles by Bobby Tolan and Nate Colbert and an error by Montreal shortstop Tim Foli. Lonborg 4-hits reds Sah of ibo of f i a Tolar of Sill Clark 20 5 0 1 0 Colbert Sill Mccoy alb 3 0 11 Grubic 4 0 10 orb Omeo 5 0 2 0 Kano aug 4 0 2 0 he Nanom 3 0 10 Dayton to 10 0 0 Mara Lam 0 0 0 0 Gretty i i 0 0 a Loup 10 0 0 Hardy p 00 00 Winthia Dpn 10 0 0 Tomlin p 0 0 0 0 to herbal a r h by Cincinnati a Philadelphia a Jim Lonborg fired a five hitter for his fourth consecutive Victory saturday night leading the phils to a 5-2 Victory Over the Cincinnati reds. It was the fifth consecutive Complete game for Lonborg 8-5. The 1967 american league by Young award Winner also chipped in offensively As he snapped an odor-28 Streak with a fourth Inong double and a sixth inning single the Phillies jumped on Jack Bellingham. 6-5, for a pair of runs in the first inning on three singles a walk and a throwing error by reds second baseman Joe Morgan. They made it 30 in the third on Dave Cash s Lead off double an infield out and Mike Schmidt a sacrifice Fly. Lonborg aided his own Semple wins British Golf Porthcawl. Wales apr american Champion Carol Semple of Sewickley a. Captured the British women s Amateur Golf championship saturday defeating England a Angela Liona Lack 2-and-l in the 18-Hole final. Terai 34 $ la 4 total 31 11 i Aghaee Tykia clip a 11 i Mea it oat i Obi i Morgan. Oria Tsan Day Cincinnati. In Ahi Lac a a a lob Ahila Dalpini 4 Cincinnati i 2b a o Cath. Monoog 1b-Dfitvn or a Bench Iii sub Robinson. A Billing Ham if Schmidt in Lonborg will Bilingham L.A-5 5 Mcquarn i ban a men i to i to a -15.712 m a he by so silts 5 s i i i 0 0 i 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 c 0 i Muir 30 foil to my evict Singleton of a my to Bailey it Woods co sad Foott Torr Oil Montegue j or Gen or of it Astorp Twa Korp Sih 4 110 s010 Jill 4 0 10 i i 0 i 0 0 0 0 4 0 13 4 110 10 0 0 10 0 0 Toio 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 total 30 4 la 3 total is a 13 a san diag mantra i aaa i a a Vaa a e a fell. , foot. Grail. Kendall i w Davis drs a Diazo i. Lob san Diego la. Montreal la. Job Munt. Foot. Tol a Colbert Singleton. Com so a Singleton of Bil Yip h r Erbb so Ore l,2l Hardy Tomlin tort Montague c Taylor t Walker save f walk 2 40 a-14 224 w i of 5 la 1 i 2 la 5 421 i 123 5 la 0 12 Wahbi i i 0 0 i i 0 0 i i 0 0 grail your insurance Protection is our profession Charles Fletcher Fletcher Agency inc general insurance agents 3216 s. Main St. Phone 431-4s14 431-5211, 431-3130 Auto fire life boat Home or business air conditioning special 32000 Butts of Cooling installed in existing duct work and adequate to Cool up to 1300 soft. House of properly insulated you get Oma a compressor Ataa i. Condenser j 99 ill Coli. A Cua Klei tubing a relay pack u l. A thermostat approved 5 or. Warranty on compressor. A in existing duct work and registers Are adequate includes no electrical Wigint Wake electric construction co. 2206 in. Main St. 869-2ll i or 869-2515 Complete Lmh a action amp service for heating and Cooling. E4p,44 baseball a dings a est w 4 pct go 33 a .$41 to i 5si i 27 of Soo 2 24 32 42 by 24 is in i 22 34 Jot a we a 43 to a a 34 25 .$7 t 3s a $74 t 32 31 sob it St 31 lie Iii 21 41 m i a wet cause in the fourth when his first extra base hit of the season a Bloop double Down the left Field line drove in Btl Robinson. Johnny Bench who earlier extended his hitting Streak toll games with a single in the first inning broke up Lonborg a shutout bid in the sixth inning with a Solo Homer his 13th of the season that blast ended a scoreless string of 191-3 innings for Lonborg the reds got their other run after two were out in the ninth on Dan Driessens triple and Terry Crowley s single. Hilao Lahia Cincinnati a r b blab r b by oath 2b Sill fatal 4 00 0 Law it Flo 1000 Schmidt la till batteries Cill Montana la 4 0 i 0 Patai Ibi 4 0 0 0 Unsay of 4 0 11 Oritt throb 4 110 Brobis Tny 4 10 0 Crowt Ayr 4 0 11 Mandr turf 4 0 10 Garom Moc 4 0 10 Boone 110 0 conce Pentt 10 0 0 loft Otap 4 0 11 big it a Gimp 0 0 0 0 Goi it in opt 10 0 0 Mcquarn p 0 0 00 Boney p 000 0 Koa co in 10 0 0 Mali p 0 0 0 0 Haho Aai la a St Lewis men to eel Chicago Haw Rota Aiyub Wogh to Angelet Cincinnati Atlanta moms ton san Francisco Sand go Houston i. Chicago i new Vock 4 Loi Anga i Philadelphia s. Cincinnati i san Fiano Ico at Pic Burgh Atlanta t. St Louis i Montreal 4 san Diego 4 sunday s Gambs san Francisco Bradl at Pittsburgh it Hooker i. I is pm lot Angeles metre 7 of nth York i a i a 3-11, i of p m. San o Coo Patlaf Poi at Montreal i Renta Aal. I is pm St lows mag Botnan by Al Atlanta Morton i s. I is p m Houston i of teen so at Chicago Rev Chai Yai i is p m Philadelphia Nelson >4 or normans is. I tsp in american league a att w l pc. Of Boston 3j la .59 a Chr and 30 to 517 1 Baltimore join .500 i oat roil to i Soo i hew York Jill 42 4 m wet is 20 41 4 wast Oak and i 20 .s4t a i 2 525 i Kansas Cit 30 2v Soi i Chicago a 20 47j 4 California 27 3441 a m Inasita 24 33 420 t i h to Iii till a a and i Minnesota i do of t it Kansas City 0 i demand 0. New York i Baltimore Chicago to innings to. As s Mii Nauka 2 Boston at California sunday s Gambs Minnesota Atour is and Golf it at c Tava tend t Peter son it a and j. Parry $.$>. I i pm Kantas City oat Canton >3 at of Trot Lanett my 1 30 pm. C twee go Wood iou Aiba of More Palmar item new York Pagan by at Oakland Hunter by. 4 30 pm Boston Cleveland Al at California Tonga Las p in. Milwaukee Colburn >1 at tat bit cd >2l pm. Area from Fage 2c 15-16 bracket while Kay Archer is seeded second and Beaver third Charlotte s Mark Dillon is the top seed in the boys 13-14 a group followed by David Gruhler and William Fautn also of Charlotte. Elizabeth Tolson will enter the girls 14 Competition As the top seed with Hutchens and Harrison listed As her top competitors. In the girls u-12 division Kathrine Tolson and Liza Sharpless Are the first and second seed respectively. Rounding out the list of favored players Are the boys 10-under betters. They include John Peddicord of Weston Salem first Daniel Timberlake of Lexington second Mike Corthum of Salisbury third and Lane Schiffman of Greensboro fourth Borg Oro rites move to French net finals Paris apr Boom Borg of Sweden and Spain a Manuel Orantes advanced to the men s singles final of the $200,000 French open Tennis tournament saturday with impressive victories. Borg and Orantes met most recently in the quarterfinals of the italian championships where Borg won 6-2. 7-5. Borg the 18-year-old Marvel who won the italian open earlier this season wore Down Harold Solomon of Silver Spring. My 6-4. 2-6. 6-2. 6-1 after Solomon s game collapsed in the fourth set. Orantes beat Francois Jauffret of France 6-2. 6-4. 6-4 French president Valery Giscard Deestaing was among the crowd of 12.000 banked around the Center court at Roland Garros stadium for the next to last Day of the tournament called the world Clay court championships Solomon a Clay court specialist who hangs tenaciously to the Baseline banging Back everything that comes his Way. Forced Borg to play his game Early in the match. The Ball was hit More than 20 times on Many of the Long rallies before one or the other could Force an opening. The match lasted hours including the break after the third set. Both Borg and Solomon patiently mane Vered with deep shots until an Angle appeared. In the first set. Which lasted 50 minutes Only three of the to games went with a service and Borg had six set Points before he finally made one Good. Solomon tried an occasional move to the net As he played More aggressively than he had in previous matches in this tournament. But he often left an opening for a passing shot smashed the Ball into the net or volleyed out. Borg. However was More consistently effective As he went in for a Volley. In the fourth set it was All Borg. Solomon keep the Ball in play and he collected Only 12 Points in the seven games. In an Effort to change the rhythm he started playing High shots but those were no mystery to Borg and he was Able to move up for winning volleys or smashes Orantes had no difficulty at All with Jauffret. Surprise Winner Over Jan kodes of Czechoslovakia in the fourth round. After going ahead 3-2 in the first set on a service break. Orantes never was behind and never threatened Chris Evert of fort Lauderdale. Fla., and Olga Morozova of the soviet Union won the women a double championship. 6-4. 2-6, 6-1, Over Gail Chanfreau of France and Katja Ebbinghaus of West Germany. In the women s singles final on sunday. Miss Evert meets miss Morozova. 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