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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - June 15, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaCouncil preparing to make cuts in budget property tax hike of 12 cents unlikely by Forrest Gates Enterprise City editor High Point s property tax rate is go ing up in fiscal 1976-77, but probably not the 12 cents proposed in the budget draft prepared by now retired City manager Harold Cheek. Sources with close ties with the City Council Are now projecting an increase of no More than nine cents probably not that much. It will take far More than the usual paring of the budget request by the Council to bring it in balance with fewer tax dollars but Council leaders appear determined to do it. As proposed by Cheek the budget totals a record up Over million from the current fiscal year which ends june 30. It is balanced on the basis of raising the tax rate from 83 cents per property valuation to 95 cents. It would be the biggest single jump in the rate in recent history. The proposed budget provides for Little in the Way of capital improvements except some million in improvements to the electrical distribution system. Officials claim that most of that amount has been saved Over past from electrical sales revenues. City employees will get pay increases but slightly less than usual. The budget proposal was presented to the Council on june 1. The Council As a full body has not met to study it but Strong opposition to portions of it particularly the lax increase appears to be building. Mayor Roy Culler has stated All along that he hoped to keep the tax in crease to about eight cents. Although he has not commented publicly on Cheek s budget he has been closely studying the budget on his own frequently conferring with staffers at City Hall apparently looking for ways to Cut it councilman Joe Patterson chairman of the Council s finance committee has had his committee in one session on the budget. He also reportedly is opposed to raising the tax rate by the record 12 cents which would put High Point s Rale higher than Greensboro s. He probably will Call his committee in another session before the Council starts its own studies. The Council perusal As a body apparently will be delayed until after the Public has had a Chance to express its views on the budget. The Public hearing which is required by Law is scheduled for 10 . Thurs Day a regular meeting Day for the Council. The Council probably won t begin its deliberations until next week. Mayor Culler has asked members to keep the week open Tor meetings on the budget. If the Council makes significant cuts in the budget request it will be a Depar Ture from the Normal. The councils in the past have routinely gone through the budget sometimes Page by Page but Seldom made More than Token cuts. If members decide to reduce the proposed tax increase by four cents they will have to trim from the budget. The full 12-cent hike would bring in an additional in taxes. Summer nutrition program figures Spur rap by Board by John Lowe Enterprise staff writer High Point Parks and recreation commissioners have Learned there is no such Hiing As a free lunch. The summer nutrition program a federally funded Extension of the National school lunch program came under mixed Praise and fire monday when figures toward the program s expenditures were made available. The program serves free lunches at Low income neighbourhood Sites to youths 18 years of age and under. The state has control of the program and has already granted permission to City High Point Enterprise tuesday afternoon june 15, 1976 Section b City area occupational pupils need summer jobs protest at pc when the High Point College cafeteria refused to sell anything to students for breakfast except a full meal for Carl Bimbo left and Joe Mann decided to establish a Coffee and doughnut stand on the Steps of the old student Center for those who did not care to Purchase a full breakfast. Students have been patronizing the stand As evidenced by Ginger Gibson getting her Coffee and Susan Nisbet and Bimbo and Mann Are quite pleased with the response Thev have received. The snack bar ordinarily open to students is closed during summer school. Photo by cons Petrie by Ray hub3ard Enterprise sunday editor most school aged youngsters Are 10 Days or so into their summer vacation and books and studying Are the furthest things from their minds but that s not the Case for All students about 300 students who have registered for the occupational education programs in High Point schools next year would like o gel on with the program now they need jobs which Are also teaching stations to begin the programs Early and to earn Money during the summer. Kenneth Nance director of the program Here said that since the schools have employed coordinators to work during the summer months students can receive supervised on the Job train ing during this period. By employing summer coordinators students under 18 years of age Are protected by Law where they arc employed in hazardous jobs. This allows employers to provide More students with opportunities to be employed and to receive training. N Ance said he urged employers interested in taking part in the occupational program to con tact either of the two High according to Alexander death penalty reduces costs by Carol Wilson Utley Enterprise staff writer the use of capital punishment an increase in local Law enforcement officers salaries and More uniform sentencing were among the major Points of a crime program revealed by Republican gubernatorial candidate Jake Alexander at a Charlotte press conference today. The Alexander plan was described by the candidate As a comprehensive program i sincerely believe can reduce the rate and Cost of crime in our Alexander emphasized in his statement that in order to achieve those goals we must strive to improve All segments of our criminal Justice rather than concentrating on one area. He said that capital punish ment not Only is a de Terent to crime but would reduce the Cost to society of housing those convicted of being too dangerous to live in our he recommended the use of capital punishment As a mandatory sentence for All premeditated crimes which result in the taking of another human life premeditated murder premeditated arson premeditated burglary and premeditated i the minimum salary of local Law enforcement officers should be raised from its july 1976 Standard of 500 to Alexander said. He also proposed limiting the discretion of judges in sentencing convicted offenders and establishing guidelines for departure from the prescribed Campaign funds Light for local candidates by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Greensboro candidates seeking positions on the county s general Assembly delegation District judgeship or county offices did t report Many major expenses in their organizational reports filed with the Guilford county Board of elections. The 74 reports showed Only two with expenses and contributions above the Mark. The great majority of expenses were for filing fees. Thomas b. Sawyer a democratic candidate for re election to the state s House of representatives reported the heaviest expense largely for advertising. He was followed by James Van Hecke a Democrat seeking a House of representatives seat who listed expenses of largely for Adver Tising. Van Hecke listed the largest total of contributions and Sawyer was second with Overall contributions listed in the first of a series of reports candidates must file during the course of the Campaign totalled approximately and expenses were approximately All candidates must file another report aug. 9 and a third report following the August primary on aug. 27. A breakdown shows contributions to candidates for the House of representatives totalled approximately and expenses reached about while Senate candidates listed approximately in contributions and expenses of about District judge candidates listed contributions of about and expenses of approximately in local races candidates for the Guilford county Board of commissioners listed contributions of about and expenses of about while those seeking membership on the Guilford county Board of education showed about in expenses and in contributions. Those seeking the Register of deeds Post listed contributions of and expenses of approximately for most candidates the major expense listed was the fee they paid to file As a candidate and in a great majority of cases this was the Only expense reported. Not All candidates listed this item and six candidates listed no contributions or expenses at All. Contributions reported by Senate candidates included by Rachel Gray by . Mills by Catherine Scio by Campaign on 2b sentence. Oiler Law enforcement improvements Alexander offered included increasing the percentage of Federal Law enforcement assistance administration Leaai on local As opposed to state projects Alexander pointed out that North Carolina currently spends Only the minimum required by the Federal government 45 per cent on local projects in order to Speed up judicial processes so that Cluny cases would be tried 60 Days and mis Demeanour cases within 30 Days Alexander recommended safeguards and guidelines established for plea bargaining of certain offences such As Public drunkenness and a priority schedule for court cases. In terms of corrections improvements Alexander asked that caseloads for Proba Tion and parole officers be reduced and prison rehabilitation programs be offered hut not Force fed to he said that prison overcrowding must be reduced and listed four ways of doing thai. He also advocated the appointment of a special advisor on criminal Justice for the governor while Alexander was addressing himself to the problems of crime democratic candidates George Wood and Jim Hunt were tackling the economic development Issue. Both Wood and Hunt advocated the moving of the North Carolina division of economic development irom i he department of natural and economic resources. But while Wood said he would bring economic development directly under the governor Hunt suggested moving the state s Industry Hunting office to Hie depart ment of Commerce. A third democratic candidate. Edward o Herron has already advocated Mak ing Industrial development a function of the governor s of lice his statement followed the resignation of Robert leak the state s top Industry Hunter who left to take a similar Job in South Carolina saying economic develop ment took a Back seat to environmental concerns at the department of natural and economic resources. Wood told a meeting of the Industrial developers association in Asheville to Day that the operation of economic development needed 10 be consolidated and Given the direction and authority it he added that bringing it directly under the governor s office would help achieve that goal since prospective employers did t want to talk with anyone but the governor or the governor s direct representative. As governor i will provide the Industry the Access it demands to make its decisions. I am a businessman. In my administration we will have businessmen talking with Wood added. Hunt unveiled an economic development position paper at a Raleigh press con Ference saying he would appoint an economic develop ment Board to provide voluntary business leadership in the search for new Industry. He added that he would also favor placing the stale ports authority and its travel and promotion Sec Tion in the department of Commerce along with the division of economic development. He pledged vigorous personal leadership for attracting new Industry. When questioned about state policy toward labor unions Hunt said that was an see death on 2b t schools for additional information. Nance said that about 40 positions Are needed for students registered for the distributive education program. These students need jobs in retail sales or promotion work. About 50 positions Are needed in the Industrial cooperative training program. These students can be involved in All areas of Industry but the jobs need to Lead to a specific skill area or Trade. Nance said. Our greatest need is for jobs in business and office Nance said. Jobs in these areas usually become More plentiful during the late fall months but additional ones Are needed now he added. He also said that there is a shortage of jobs in the Home economics program mainly in the food service and child care Fields. Most of these positions Are for females Nance said. Students in these programs earned during the past school year up from the previous year. Last year students worked an average of 15 hours per week and earned an average of 34 per hour. Council to serve a maximum of meals daily this summer. But Council is scheduled to act on the limit thursday and they Are expected to set the limit at approximately 1.200. The state reimburses the City with Federal funds for meals served. But the City must pick up the Tab for prepared unnerved meals. A report made available monday revealed the City has served Only an estimated 722 out of 7.500 prepared lunches for the past three Summers costing the City for reportedly wasted lunches. Mrs. Robert Davis Parks and recreation com missioner said she under stood there was a lot of additional waste involved because the kids Don t like what is hot and cold lunches Are served on an alternating basis to Cut Down on expenditures. Commissioners Dis cussed the added expense of hot lunches. If he the child is hungry it does t make a dad blamed whether it s hot or commissioner Bob courts said. Parks and recreation director to Morgan said another Handicap of the program was the weather since the lunches Are served outdoors. If it Rains and no one shows you have to throw them he said. You can t keep Morgan also said an added expense resulted in Parks and recreation playground leaders having to serve lunches at playground Sites. Also trash pick up is a major expense he said Morgan was t entirely critical of the program however let s face he said. There Are a number of kids in town that get full free lunches that really need but he also said something had to he done about the waste we Are Only reimbursed for the meals we he Sec summer on 2b Field narrowed for Davidson program chief by Phil Speaks Enterprise staff writer Lexington Davidson county health care commis Sion members have narrowed the Field of 32 applicants for the Job of director of the county mental health program to two remaining candidates. County manager Jim Phillips said today. County commissioners hopefully will choose one of the two applicants to full the position at a meeting on june 24. Phillips said. Of the two candidates one is a native of Pennsylvania and the other a resident of North Carolina. Phillips said. Court costs to increase by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff writer being taxed court costs will mean a Little More Money from those convicted effective july 1. Assistant clerk of Superior court Jack grist said today that he had received a memorandum from the administrative office of the courts in Raleigh informing him of the increase in court costs. According to grist any defendant found guilty and taxed costs of court or any charged person waiving trial with a guilty plea before a magistrate after july 1, will be charged court costs. He said that the Date of arrest did not matter it was the time of trial. Grist said that he had begun contacting local police sheriff s deputies and the Highway patrol to notify them of the change so that when they write tickets on out of town residents they can be sure to Tell them of the increased costs. If these out of town residents Are not told Jim they mail in the old costs of the Money has Jiji to be returned to them with the instructions to add and return it increasing the paperwork and time needed to process the a Ilij cording to grist. Iii All the changes in court costs reflect an in crease in that portion allotted for operating costs Jim for the general court of Justice. Jiji costs for criminal Superior court will increase from to District court civil from to Iii and Superior court civil from to Ilij a breakdown of How the costs of District court where Misdemeanour cases Are heard Are Dis Jim parsed is for processing fee for facilities Jiji fee to the Law enforcement officer s benevolent and retirement fund and to the general court of Justice. Ilij t Phillips declined to specify further which of the two candidates was the first Choice of the health care com Mission. He emphasized that the first Choice of the commis Sion would not necessarily be the final Choice of the co Unity commissioners. Members of the health care commission were delegated the authority by the commissioners to sift the applicants for the Job

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